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11 Best CNC Routers of 2022 [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]

Best CNC Routers of 2021

Having a hard time with chopping wood? A good CNC router always helps you out in this regard.

CNC routers are relatively sturdy, and they are generally used for the sole purpose of chopping up timber or even giving shape to any such material.

CNC routers usually have a powerful build and can easily be used for various purposes that range from turning, milling, and cutting. These machines are perfect for your timber chopping needs and get the job done without any delay.

That said, picking the best CNC router can be rather challenging. Some machines get outdated over time, and some may not be ideal for the purpose you had in mind.

After long and thorough research into it, we’ve picked out the 11 best CNC routers of 2022.

Let’s take a look at each of them in detail.

Best CNC Routers 

Engineer with touchpad and lathe machine

  1. Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router

Genmitsu is well known for its CNC milling machines and routers. The 3018-PRO is a different version of the previous 3018 model. The new model has been upgraded to reduce difficulty while assembling.

Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Router Kit Milling Engraving Machine +...
  • What You Get: Genmitsu 3018-PRO CNC router kit; 40pcs ball...
  • Premium Power Adapter: The 3018-PRO has brought safety...

Why Did We Like It?

For a beginner in wood carving, the Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO is precisely what the doctor ordered. If you have hobbies like woodworking, then this device works perfectly for you.

Students who are just learning CNC will find the machine especially useful. Engraving models using wood for codes and designs comes quite easily with the device.

It is an excellent self-learning device that is useful for a number of standalone projects. We found that it is predominantly a cost-effective option that allows you to work without inflicting damage on the equipment. That is especially true if you are new to this.

Furthermore, it is perfect for engraving mainly due to the 1.8 inch depth it offers. The machine cuts through a number of materials like soft aluminum, wood, PVCs, PCBs, and acrylic, to name just a few.

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What Could’ve Been Better?

One of the troubles with the machine is that though it works well, it is a little slow. This is problematic if you’re working on intricate projects that take time. Moreover, the clamps that hold the project in place are fixed a little awkwardly and need frequent adjustments.

  • Small and easy to use
  • Suitable for first-time use
  • Engraves through materials easily
  • Easy to assemble
  • Works a little slow
  • Clamps need frequent adjustments
  1. BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC Router

The BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC Router is one of the most identifiable devices. This is probably due to the decades of experience that the company has in this area. The Evolution 4 has had a serious upgrade, and each of the upgrades has been quite impressive.

BobsCNC Quantum CNC Router Kit with the Makita Router...
  • A rigid laser cut 5-Ply Baltic Birch frame with SG20U...
  • GT2 9mm belt drive on X and Y-axis and Tr8 Acme Rod mounted...

Why Did We Like It?

The Evolution 4 has been made with a birchwood frame and is an improvement on BobsCNC’s previous designs, which are no longer available.

One of the first things you notice about the Evolution 4 is its spacious workstation. The space offered by the Evolution 4’s cutting area gives you plenty of range to work with. So, an expert in woodwork will find it to provide the perfect area to create new projects.

Another aspect that raises brownie points for the Evolution 4 is that it comes with a manual that gives you a step-by-step guide on putting it together. That is hardly surprising since the Evolution 4 is technically a kit. What makes the Evolution 4 even better is that the company offers you excellent customer services in case you need help in putting it together.


What Could’ve Been Better?

While the Evolution 4 is an impressive CNC router, one flaw that we noted was with the Z drive screw. To be more specific, the Z screw tends to wobble a little when you take up projects that need intricate designs. This tends to mess with the machine’s work alignment.

  • Comes with a detailed manual
  • Excellent customer service
  • Spacious workspace
  • Has a faster cutting speed
  • Z Screw tends to wobble
  1. Genmitsu 3018-PROVer

The Genmitsu 3018-PROVer is the latest in the company’s 3018 series. The version released in 2020 is an upgrade on the Genmitsu CNC Router 3018-PRO. Unlike other machines in the series, this device is ideal for anyone who wants to take baby steps in the world of woodwork without splurging too much.

SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer Desktop CNC Router Machine...
  • Class leading values got even easier to use. Pre-assembled...
  • Still based on open-source Grbl v1.1 the PROVer has stepped...

Why Did We Like It?

The first thing that attracted us to the SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router 3018-PROVer is its highly premium design. The look is an upgrade when compared to the previous models. With its aluminum body and oxide blue features, the 3018 PROVer has an entirely different feel from the standard CNC Router.

The latest addition to the Genmitsu CNC 3018 series, the 3018-PROVer, is pre-assembled, which is quite a relief for anyone familiar with such machines. Since it is pre-assembled, you can start running the machine within an hour instead of the usual time it takes for a lot of other machines.

The 3018 PROVer also has an upgrade of an offline controller that comes with a 1.8″ display. This gives you the freedom to read and view the CNC router without the need for a computer.


What Could’ve Been Better?

The 3018-PROVer is a very classy-looking machine and hardly has a hiccup. The only doubt we had with the machine was that a newbie to this arena would actually be lost. The machine doesn’t offer a detailed guide since the machine is pre-assembled. So, it takes a lot of trial runs before you get everything perfectly on your machine.

  • Offers up a premium look
  • Has digital display for better control of projects
  • Comes with better safety features
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Takes time for beginners to understand
  1. Mcwdoit GRBL3018 PRO

The Mcwdoit GRBL 3018 PRO CNC Router is upgraded from the previous 3018 PRO CNC Router from Mcwdoit. The upgraded version comes with specific instructions on how the machine needs to be installed. All you need to do is follow the steps to install the device and begin working on projects.

CNC Router Machine 3018 Pro, mcwdoit Simple Assembly...
  • ♞【CNC Router User Manual】Please view or download the...
  • ♞【Easy Assembly Version CNC 3018 Pro】We have UPDATED!...

Why Did We Like It?

The Mcwdoit GRBL 3018 PRO CNC Router may not be easy on the eye as some of the other devices of this nature. But it is an ideal device, especially for beginners to wood carving and engraving.

The Mcwdoit GRBL 3018 PRO CNC Router comes with a complete set of spare parts. This makes it easy for users to install following the manual instructions. The 3018 PRO CNC Router is ideal for spindle engraving and has provisions for it in the kit. The router is ideal for beginners to learn and understand how woodwork can be handled. It gives first-time users enough confidence to work.

The kit also has a paper manual for understanding how the machine works and has a USB flash drive with the control software. The machine makes up for the perfect method for beginners who want to understand woodwork.


What Could’ve Been Better?

While the device is ideal for beginners, we felt that it did have a few limitations. This is the case if you want to learn more about milling steel or such materials; it doesn’t work as well as you would expect it to.

  • Sturdy casing protects control board
  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent customer service
  • Has straightforward instructions
  • Can only be used for smaller projects

The idea of a budget CNC router at home that can craft materials for your liking seems just like a pipe dream. MYSWEETY DIY CNC 3018 PRO is the ideal machine for that particular idea. This is a good product if you have plenty of DIY projects in the pipeline. The machine can fit easily into your workshop without needing to move things around too much.

MYSWEETY 2 in 1 5500mW CNC 3018 Pro Engraver Machine, GRBL...
  • 🛠️【2-IN-1 CNC 3018 Pro】 - Designed for the absolute...
  • 🛠️【Offline Controller】- The offline controller is...

Why Did We Like It?

One of the first things we noticed about the MYSWEETY DIY CNC 3018 PRO is that it is built for the absolute beginner. It is relatively easy to install, and customer service specifies that if you’re stuck while installing it, they’ll help out.

Another aspect you notice about the machine is that it is lightweight. You won’t sweat out trying to carry the machine around. In addition to this, it’s also compact enough that it doesn’t take a lot of space in your workshop. This makes it convenient for you to practice your woodwork without a lot of stress.

Another aspect we liked about the device is that it is ideal for a number of different materials. This includes wood, bamboo, paper, leather, and ivory, to name just a few. This gives you enough ideas to create a number of projects.


What Could’ve Been Better?

Of course, while the MYSWEETY DIY CNC 3018 PRO offers a lot of positivity to the beginner in woodwork, we found that it had a slight disadvantage to it. While it works on a number of different materials, it does not work on metal, limiting your project range a little.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Solid aluminum built extends machine life
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Cannot work with metal
  1. VEVOR CNC 3018

The VEVOR CNC 3018 CNC Router offers you an easy-on-the-pocket engraving machine. The machine is ideal for a lot of DIY projects and has been built especially for self-learning. With this machine at your disposal, you can work on understanding and practicing woodwork better.

VEVOR CNC 3018 CNC Router Kit 3 Axis CNC Router Machine GRBL...
  • CNC 3018 Router Machine: CNC 3018 PRO is an upgraded version...
  • Large Working Area: The effective engraving area of this...

Why Did We Like It?

The first thing we observed about the VEVOR CNC 3018 CNC Router is that it seems to be the perfect machine that will get a beginner excited about woodwork. The machine has been built to accommodate the needs of beginners, giving them enough space to learn.

Another significant advantage offered by the VEVOR CNC 3018 CNC Router is that it is quite durable. The machine offers you enough space to work and is built to suit the needs of a beginner. The machine’s frame is made of aluminum which helps ensure that it lasts longer. In addition to this, the joints are fixed firmly enough so that it doesn’t fall apart.

A lot of people agree that if there was a machine that would help them move around the nuances of woodwork, it is the VEVOR CNC 3018 CNC Router. It is built so that it can be used by people who aren’t too familiar with CNC routers.


What Could’ve Been Better?

The VEVOR CNC 3018 CNC Router is ideal only for beginners. But that means that intermediate users will be disappointed that they cannot use it to engrave materials such as metal since this works perfectly for wood, leather, plastic, and similar materials.

  • Ideal equipment for beginners
  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly versatile use
  • Helps beginners understand the basics of CNC
  • Cannot be used for metal
  1. Mophorn CNC 2418

The Mophorn CNC 2418, like other machines of this caliber, works quite efficiently. The package comes with assembling instructions, and once it is put together, the machine works quite well, especially for users who are not experts in this area.

Mophorn CNC 2418 CNC Machine GRBL Control CNC Router Kit 3...
  • 【PREMIUM QUALITY】- Working Travel: 24(X)x18(Y)x4(Z)cm...
  • 【CONVENIENT CONTROL】- Simply connect to computers via...

Why Did We Like It?

One of the biggest highs from the Mophorn CNC 2418 CNC Machine is that it is widely regarded as one of the finest woodwork machines. The motor is high performing and functions quite smoothly. In addition to this, the machine has strong aluminum frames, making it quite durable.

Another thing we liked about the Mophorn CNC 2418 CNC Machine is that it is easy enough for beginners to get a hang of. The machine can be used on a number of soft materials like wood, plastic, and PVCs, to name a few. Operating the device is definitely not going to be a problem for first-time users.

Moreover, the Mophorn CNC 2418 CNC Machine comes with offline controls. You can connect the device to a computer and work with it. Or, if you prefer, you can work without making use of a computer, making it easy enough to handle.


What Could’ve Been Better?

While we liked several aspects of the Mophorn CNC 2418 CNC Machine, the machine does not work well with harder metals since it is built for softer materials. Another problem we found was that the routing software wasn’t included, and you might have to search for a good one online before working with it.

  • Excellent durability and performance
  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of application
  • Has offline controllers
  • Cannot work with metal
  • Routing software not included
  1. Genmitsu 3018-PROVer Mach3

The Genmitsu 3018-PROVer Mach3 is quite different from others of its kind. A significant change that one can see is that the machine is compatible with Mach3. Mach3 is a professional software that can turn your computer into a CNC controller, making this machine a game-changer.

Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-PROVer Mach3 with Mach3...
  • Built for Power Users: Compatible with Mach3, DrufelCNC, the...
  • Pre-assembled: It is mostly pre-assembled and no fuss with...

Why Did We Like It?

One of the main reasons to love the Genmitsu 3018-PROVer Mach3 is that it comes pre-assembled. This means you don’t have to spend too much time picking apart the components and putting it together. You just have to take it out of the package, set it up, and use it.

Another thing we liked about the Genmitsu 3018-PROVer Mach3 is that the machine has excellent quality components that make working with it an outstanding experience. The device is made of an all-aluminum body that is quite durable. This allows your machine to last longer.

In addition to durability, the Genmitsu 3018-PROVer Mach3 is also excellent for many applications. You can use it on a number of soft materials such as aluminum, wood, and plastics. Moreover, the machine has enough safety measures in place that don’t interfere with your work.


What Could’ve Been Better?

While the Genmitsu 3018-PROVer Mach3 is a good machine that lets you work effortlessly, we found that it isn’t compatible for working with metals. The machine cuts through soft materials easily but doesn’t work on metals at all. We hope the next model solves that little hiccup.

  • Perfectly pre-assembled device
  • High quality, durable machine
  • Has in-built safety measures
  • Has a wide range of application
  • Cannot work with metal
  1. Yofuly 3018 Pro CNC Router

If you’re looking for a high-end CNC router that fits effortlessly into the garage without burning a hole in your pocket, then go for the Yofuly CNC 3018 Pro CNC Router. The installation mode on the device is far superior to its predecessor, and it makes for a good machine. The machine is designed specifically for beginners who are learning the craft.

3018 Pro CNC Router Kit with 5.5W Module, Yofuly GRBL...
  • 🦄【New Version Control Board】- The new control board...
  • 🦄【New Version Offline Controller】- Upgrade to 1G...

Why Did We Like It?

The biggest advantage of using the Yofuly CNC 3018 Pro CNC Router is that it is ideal for beginners. The machine is easy to install, and you don’t need to rack your brains on the instructions. Using the machine is also not a hassle because a lot of the instructions are relatively straightforward.

As we mentioned, this is an ideal machine for people who are just getting into woodcraft. You have a lot of time to learn new things with it. The machine doesn’t give you a lot of trouble, and a lot of the instructions on using the device are also straightforward. This means you get the hang of the device fairly quickly.

Another aspect we liked is that the machine, though made for beginners, has excellent durability. The motor on the machine is quite powerful, and the spindle works effortlessly to help you get the hang of woodcraft.

41zAT6PpTAL. SL500

What Could’ve Been Better?

While the machine works perfectly for beginners and people who are just learning woodwork, it’s not the case for people who know their way around CNC routers. The machine seems to be made mainly for beginners. Another problem we found was that while the machine works well for soft materials, that’s not the case for metals.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Ideal starter machine for beginners
  • Has excellent durability
  • Powerful machine that works efficiently
  • Does not work on metal
  • Works slow for intermediate users
  1. TopDirect CNC 3018 Pro-M

The TopDirect PRO-M Engraving Machine is a CNC router that helps you make 3D objects with the help of soft materials such as wood, plastic, and softer aluminium. The machine has everything that helps you start on your projects. It works perfectly if you’re a beginner.

2-in-1 5500 m W Module Engraver CNC 3018 Pro-M Engraving...
  • ⚒ 〖Double Safety Design〗New version - The protective...
  • ⚒ 〖Offline Controller Included〗1. DO NOT need to...

Why Did We Like It?

One of the biggest advantages of the TopDirect PRO-M Engraving Machine is it’s rather sturdy and durable aluminum base. The solid base guarantees that the machine will be firmly in place while you’re working. The machine’s strong base guarantees that it will last longer and is quite durable.

In addition to durability, we felt engraving with this machine is quite effortless as the laser on the machine is quite powerful. The 5500 mW laser is a cutting-edge addition to the CNC router, and if you’re a woodworker with a lot of laser projects, then you’ll be pleased with the machine.

Another reason we love this device is that you can work quickly in offline mode, meaning you don’t need to depend on computers all the time. Moreover, the machine works well for beginners and is quite easy to use.

51 U18Ud1nL

What Could’ve Been Better?

While the machine works quite well, we did feel that working with the spindle made the machine rather loud. Another problem we encountered was that the laser was powerful, meaning you always need to be careful with safety measures. It does make for a few tense hours if you’re a novice user of this machine.

  • Has a sturdy and durable aluminum frame
  • Powerful Laser that makes engraving effortless
  • Works in offline mode
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Machine can be loud with the spindle
  • Needs extra safety measures while working
  1. CNC 3018 Pro Max 3

The CNC 3018 Pro Max 3 is one of the best DIY CNC Routers. It is a machine that fits perfectly on your table in your workspace. The machine works well with your needs and is ideal for woodwork.

CNC 3018 Pro Max 3 Axis Desktop DIY Mini Wood Router Kit...
  • ♞【Upgrade Version CNC3018 Pro Max】Mini CNC machine...
  • ♞【Working area】30x18x4.5cm;Frame size:...

Why Did We Like It?

One of the first things we noticed about the CNC 3018 Pro Max 3 is that it is quite easy to use. Since it is smaller than most machines, it can be maintained perfectly. The machine is made of strong aluminium frames, making it quite durable.

Another reason to love this machine is its compact size. It fits perfectly in your workspace and is also powerful enough for your woodwork. The size is enough of an advantage when you’re working with limited space. Despite the size, the machine works powerfully enough that it cuts through soft materials effortlessly.

The router works ideally for beginners who need to practice on their woodwork. The machine works well for soft materials like wood, plastic, and acrylic, to name a few. Since it is easy to use, first-time users are sure to get the hang of it quickly.


What Could’ve Been Better?

While the size of the machine is an advantage in some cases, it has its limitations. We found that intermediate users of the device will find it impossible to work on larger projects. This is mainly due to its compact size. Moreover, working with tougher materials like metal is impossible with this machine.

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Compact but powerful machine
  • Works well for soft materials
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Can be used only for smaller projects
  • Cannot work with metals

Best CNC Routers

CNC Router Buyer’s Guide

Making the right decision regarding the CNC router for your needs might be a little confusing. You must have taken a look at our list by now. If you’re still confused about the CNC Router for your needs, we’ll break it down in simple terms.

  1. The Ideal Size

The first criteria you need to be aware of is size. Some CNC routers are compact enough that they work well on a regular table in your garage. But there are larger CNC routers that need more space. So, make sure you check this parameter before making a purchase.

  1. Strength And Durability

After the right size, the next box you need to tick is strength and durability. As our list suggests, there are CNC routers made of materials that are not just solid aluminum. Their durability might differ; naturally, this affects its shelf life.

  1. Versatility Of Use

Another important criterion that you need to be aware of regarding your CNC router is the machine’s versatility. Not all machines can work with any materials. If your chosen router is for a specific task, then you need to be sure that the machine actually does that task. If you want a device that does everything, then you might need a larger CNC router.

Laser cutting beam over plywood sheet


Reading this article might have given you enough food for thought regarding the right CNC router for your needs. If you’re going for a budget CNC router, then the MYSWEETY DIY CNC 3018 PRO is an ideal choice. If you want a more professional router which provides an elaborate work space, then the BobsCNC Evolution 4 has a workstation that fits the bill.

If a longer lasting product that doesn’t need too much time for assembly is your requirement, the Genmitsu 3018-PROVer is ideal for you.

Everything that you need for a CNC router actually narrows down to your usage and experience. A professional in this area needs a machine with more features, while a beginner needs a smaller machine.

So, choose a CNC router that works well for you. On that note, we come to the end of our article.

Take care and see you again!

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