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6 Best Dado Blade Sets Of 2024 [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]

People in the woodworking business look for three things when choosing a tool - power, precision, and durability. 

Best Dado Blade Sets

But the latest Dado blade sets offer all this and more, making them the go-to products for DIY enthusiasts. We were surprised by the many quality additions allowing you to adjust the width and cutting depth depending on the type of task. 

Moreover, the high rpm and durable teeth permit users to complete work quickly. Speaking of durability, most models undergo heat treatment while featuring a carbide construction for long-lasting performance. 

There's much more to like about it, but before that, we need to answer an important question. How do you choose the best Dado blade set from the numerous options available out there? We've narrowed down seven premium-quality models and added a buyer's guide to help you make an informed decision. 

So, without further ado, let's get to work.

Listed below are the 5 best Dado Blade Sets from our list:

  • Mibro Dado Blade Set: Exhibits outstanding versatility from its impressive slot width range varying from ¼ inches to 13/16 inches along with negative hook angles that prevent splintering, making it suitable for various tasks.
  • Freud Dado Set: Known for its clean cuts, with its negative hook angles and silver ICE coating on the blades that prevents overheating and reduces debris build-up, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • DEWALT Dado Blade Set: Valued for its durability and reliability, with its stainless-steel construction, heavy-gauge laser-cut plates for accurate cuts and micro-grain carbide-teeth blades to reduce splintering, promising consistent output daily.
  • Oshlun Dado Set: Its unique selling point is the professional-grade C-4 carbide blades which have 42 teeth, making them ideal for cutting through most materials with ease whilst also featuring full-body chippers for smooth performance.
  • IRWIN Dado Blade Set: Appreciated for its lightweight yet durable design with resharpenable, oversized carbide teeth and a heat-resistant, non-stick coating that enhances lifespan and reliability.

Here's the list of the 6 best Dado blade sets of 2024, offering power, precision, durability, and adjustable features to cater to the needs of woodworking enthusiasts.

1. Mibro Dado Blade Set - Best for Versatility

While looking at dado blades, this set from Mibro immediately caught our attention. So what makes it special? Well, its components feature a sturdy construction complemented by a terrific slot width, ensuring that it's one of the top models in the market.

First things first, this set is available in two different packs, and obviously, the price varies accordingly. But irrespective of your choice, the engineers have manufactured a tool with precise grooves and clean edges for smooth cuts. Similarly, the square shoulders and flat bottom prove useful in delivering the desired results. 

Now, what are the components available with it? You'll notice that it has two 8-inch outer blades supported by five two-wing chippers and seven metal shims. All three components work together, allowing you to make fine adjustments, which allow your projects to stand out. 

We loved the slot width range varying from ¼ inches to 13/16 inches, with 1/16-inch increments for greater versatility. Also, the carbide-tooth blade and chippers come with negative hook angles, preventing splintering making it suitable for various tasks. 

Finally, the designers have added a sturdy case complete with internal dividers to store all the components safely.

The only gripe we've is that the flat bottom cuts need improvement. You won't face any problems while cutting through thicker materials, but occasionally, the accuracy in the flat bottom cuts leaves a lot to be desired. This is why users may have second thoughts before purchasing this set. 

Number of Teeth: 24 | Max RPM: 5000 | Blade Diameter: 8 inches | Kerf Size: 1/8 inches | Tooth Design: Flat Top Grind | Material: Carbide | Package Contents: 2 outer blades, 5 chippers, shim set

2. Freud Dado Set - Best for Clean Cuts

Looking at the name, you might wonder whether we intend on journeying into the depths of our subconscious. Rest assured, we're here to talk about a fantastic dado blade set that shares its name with the famous Austrian neurologist. Now that we've piqued your interest let's take a closer look at what this product offers.

This multicolored tool has been making all the right noise, thanks to its 6-inch blades and ⅝-inch arbor. So, it's suitable for most tasks, ensuring that you can work from various angles for the best output. In that regard, users will love that the manufacturers have added all the relevant components, meaning there's no need for additional purchases. 

As seen with other units, the Freud Dado Set also comes with two blades, three chippers, and a shim set. Along with that, you'll find spacers for improved precision, giving it an edge over other products. And with the durable carrying case, storing the components is easier than ever. 

What's more, the negative hook angles add to the versatility, allowing you to make clean cuts without any splintering. Thus, the silver ICE coating on the blades prevents overheating and reduces debris build-up, keeping the blades in top condition for long-lasting performance.

Although there's not much wrong with this blade set, the chart provided by the manufacturer is inaccurate. The chart tells users which components to use for the desired width and precise output. So, any negligence on their part could prove costly, especially for first-time users, causing user experience to take a hit. 

Number of Teeth: 10 | Max RPM: N/A | Blade Diameter: 6 inches | Kerf Size: 1/8 inches | Tooth Design: Flat Top Grind | Material: Carbide | Package Contents: 2 outer blades, 6 chippers, shim set

3. DEWALT Dado Blade Set - Best for Durability

DEWALT is a well-known brand that has made significant strides in developing user-friendly tools. Not surprisingly, this Dado blade set promises precise output, making it highly popular in the market. It's worth the investment and will be an excellent addition to your tool shed.

We'll begin by discussing the stainless-steel construction, proving convenient for several reasons. Firstly, the durable design guarantees reliability, ensuring it doesn't break down in the middle of work to produce consistent output daily. Also, despite its sturdy construction, the engineers have done well to reduce the weight for greater maneuverability. 

Furthermore, the heavy-gauge laser-cut plates come in handy for making fast yet accurate cuts. So, it's suitable for working on different projects, highlighting its incredible efficiency. Another noteworthy aspect is its micro-grain carbide-teeth blades that help reduce splintering. 

Moving on, we found that the 4-tooth chippers prove ideal for smooth performance, allowing you to work on flat-bottom cuts. But that's not all, as the stainless-steel shims improve range, permitting users to make intricate width adjustments. 

Lastly, we must mention the robust storage case that keeps the blades safe from damage and chipped teeth.

We came across a couple of minor issues that need to be mentioned. The shims have a burr on their edges, meaning you'll need to store them flat before working. Secondly, one or two of the chipper teeth might be unaligned, which is frustrating and could be a deal-breaker for perfectionists. 

Number of Teeth: 24 | Max RPM: 7000 | Blade Diameter: 8 inches | Kerf Size: 1/8 inches | Tooth Design: ATB & Raker Grind | Material: Carbide | Package Contents: 2 outer blades, 6 chippers, shim set

4. Oshlun Dado Set

We're at the halfway point in our guide, but the quality products keep coming. Our next recommendation is the Oshlun Dado Set which has 42 teeth and carbide C-4 blades for a powerful performance. No wonder customers are rubbing their hands in glee and can't wait to try out its functions.

Let's start by looking at the blades before discussing its other features. The professional-grade C-4 carbide blades have 42 teeth, making them ideal for cutting through most materials with ease. Hence, you can quickly complete work without compromising on precision, thanks to the carefully designed carbide tips. 

We loved the full-body chippers, reducing effort while improving accuracy, and permitting you to work for extended periods. But despite its many components, this is a lightweight model weighing barely 9.94 pounds. Meaning users can work from different angles and maneuver the blades according to the type of task. 

What's more, the shim set allows you to carry out fine adjustments to make your projects stand out. In that regard, the 8-inch diameter, supported by the ⅝-inch arbor and six chipper teeth, comes in handy for delivering the best results. 

Finally, the carrying case keeps the components damage-free for long-lasting performance. 

If we've to nitpick, we would say that it cuts slightly wider on plywood. This error is seen with the instruction manual as it fails to highlight the maximum slot width when working on different materials. On the other hand, if the width had been narrower, adding a shim would have solved the issue. 

Number of Teeth: 30 | Max RPM: 9500 | Blade Diameter: 6 inches | Kerf Size: 1/8 inches | Tooth Design: FTG Grind | Material: Carbide | Package Contents: 2 outer blades, 6 chippers, shim set

5. IRWIN Dado Blade Set

Another unit that has ticked most of the right boxes is this IRWIN Dado Blade set. The striking aspect is its lightweight design supported by 12 carbide teeth, generating fantastic output in most situations. Plus, the designers have included the relevant components, ensuring it has the most bases covered. 

DIY enthusiasts looking for variety will love working with this IRWIN Dado Blade Set. And, thanks to its innovative design, users can make tongue and groove cuts with ease. On top of that, you can focus on Rabbets and Shelving for table saws or radial arm saws as well.   

The blade has 12 teeth taking the overall weight of the model to a mere 1.8 pounds. However, more importantly, these carbide teeth are resharpenable, ensuring that their oversized nature doesn't lead to wear and tear. As a result, users can make cuts ranging from ¼ inches to ⅞ inches without any hassle. 

Furthermore, the heat-resistant and non-stick coating enhances longevity for reliability in your tasks. All the components, including its two outer blades, three chippers, three spacers, and seven shims, deliver consistent output. They won't break down suddenly and can withstand various internal and external conditions.

We should tell you that working with this model isn't without its concerns. Users have reported that as the blades cut through, metal slivers fly in your direction. Consequently, these get stuck in the skin, causing bleeding and cuts, so you need to wear protective gear like gloves and goggles. 

Number of Teeth: 12 | Max RPM: N/A | Blade Diameter: 8 inches | Kerf Size: 1/16 inches | Tooth Design: ATB Grind | Material: Carbide | Package Contents: 2 outer blades, 4 chippers, shim set

6. Amana Tool Dado Set

The Amana Tool Dado Set is an industrial-grade high-performing product, and users have taken a liking to its state-of-the-art construction. It's a common occurrence on most wish lists, receiving a positive response from customers. As a result, it has generated substantial buzz in the market.

Right off the bat, the 4-wing chippers prove ideal for cutting dadoes, grooves, and tenons, highlighting the versatility of this model. As a result, it delivers smooth and accurate flat-bottom cuts along the grain, making it the preferred unit for DIY enthusiasts. 

The significant addition is that of the anti-kickback design, providing stability and preventing overfeed for smooth performance. Moving on, the steel plates, along with their D-10 carbide teeth, allow users to get precise output, thanks to the ATB grind geometric construction. This ensures it can remove chips with ease while lasting a long time for the best results. 

Other than that, you can increase the cutting width by 1/32 inch when needed with help from the shim set. Therefore, your work won't be hampered by ragged edges or tear-outs, making it a highly dependable unit.

Besides, we must mention the six interior chippers ranging from ⅛ inches to 29/32 inches, offering more variety during your tasks. 

Despite Amana solving issues related to accuracy, the chippers might be unaligned, which isn't ideal. This issue also plagues other models, and understandably, you'll have problems getting flat-bottom grooves. Other than that, the chipper width isn't visible, meaning you'll have to mark it for future reference. 

Number of Teeth: 24 | Max RPM: N/A | Blade Diameter: 8 inches | Kerf Size: 1/8 inches | Tooth Design: Flat Top Grind | Material: Carbide | Package Contents: 2 outer blades, 4 chippers, shim set

What is the Best Dado Blade Set?

Presented below is a comparison chart meticulously crafted to bring to light the essential characteristics of the finest dado blade sets available. The table factors in the number of teeth per blade, maximum revolutions per minute (RPM), blade diameter, kerf (cut width) size, tooth design, material, and the contents of each package.

ProductNumber of TeethMax RPMBlade DiameterKerf SizeTooth DesignMaterialPackage Contents
Mibro Dado Blade Set2450008 inches1/8 inchesFlat Top GrindCarbide2 outer blades, 5 chippers, shim set
Freud Dado Set10N/A6 inches1/8 inchesFlat Top GrindCarbide2 outer blades, 6 chippers, shim set
DEWALT Dado Blade Set2470008 inches1/8 inchesATB & Raker GrindCarbide2 outer blades, 6 chippers, shim set
Oshlun Dado Set3095006 inches1/8 inchesFTG GrindCarbide2 outer blades, 6 chippers, shim set
IRWIN Dado Blade Set12N/A8 inches1/16 inchesATB GrindCarbide2 outer blades, 4 chippers, shim set
Amana Tool Dado Set24N/A8 inches1/8 inchesFlat Top GrindCarbide2 outer blades, 4 chippers, shim set

Buying Guide For The Best Dado Blade Set

The product reviews are over, but there's no time to waste as we've arrived at a critical juncture in our guide. Let's progress to the buyer's guide, where we'll be discussing the essential attributes of Dado blade sets. 

Are you ready with your notepads? Then, let's begin.


At the very outset, we've to mention durability because it offers reliability for you to work uninterrupted. Most of the products on our list feature a carbide construction coupled with silver coating and heat-resistant design for the best results. 

Also, the sturdy case keeps the components in top shape for long-lasting performance.


Next, let's talk about power owing to which users can complete work quickly. You can also operate the dado blade set on different materials like plywood and softwood without compromising on accuracy. 

Moreover, certain models are corded-electric, delivering a steady supply of power for consistent output.

Ease of Use

Another important factor is user-friendliness, allowing users to work for extended periods while experimenting from various angles. The unit must be easily maneuverable, ensuring it's suitable for first-time users and professionals alike. 

How many blades come in a Dado blade set?

Dado blade sets typically come with two outer blades and a set of chippers, which are small blades that fit between the outer blades to remove material. Some sets may also include shims to adjust the width of the dado.

What materials can be cut with a Dado blade set?

Dado blade sets are designed for use on wood, including hardwoods and softwoods. However, some sets may also be used on materials like particleboard, MDF, and plywood.

What's the difference between a stacked Dado blade set and a wobble Dado blade?

A stacked dado blade set consists of multiple blades and chippers that are stacked together to create a wider cut. A wobble dado blade, on the other hand, uses a single blade that tilts back and forth to create a wider groove. Stacked dado blades are generally considered to be more precise and produce cleaner cuts than wobble dado blades.

Can dado blade sets be used on a table saw or a radial arm saw?

Yes, dado blade sets can be used on both table saws and radial arm saws, but you need to make sure that the saw is compatible with dado blades and that the blade can be safely installed and used on the saw.

How do I determine the width of the dado I need to cut?

The width of the dado you need to cut depends on the thickness of the material you’re working with and the type of joint you’re creating. Measure the thickness of the material and subtract the width of the tenon or tongue that will be inserted into the dado. The resulting number is the width of the dado you need to cut.

How do I properly set up and use a dado blade set?

Proper setup of a dado blade set includes installing the blades and chippers correctly, selecting the correct width for the dado, and testing the setup on a scrap piece of wood. When using a dado blade set, always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wear appropriate safety gear.

Can dado blade sets be sharpened?

Yes, dado blade sets can be sharpened, but it’s important to have them sharpened by a professional to ensure that they’re properly sharpened and balanced.

What are some safety precautions to take when using a dado blade set?

When using a dado blade set, make sure to wear eye and ear protection, use a push stick to keep your hands away from the blade, and keep your fingers and loose clothing away from the blade. Also, always turn off the saw and wait for the blade to stop spinning before making any adjustments to the setup.

Those were our picks of the best Dado blade sets, and, hopefully, the guide was interesting and informative. 

Do you feel like you've developed a better understanding of this tool? Well, if the answer is no, there's no need to worry as we've decided to offer additional help before signing off. First and foremost, feel free to refer to the buyer's guide for any confusion between top models. 

If that doesn't solve the issue, we've highlighted our favorite products in different categories for your benefit. After a lot of thought, we feel that the Mibro Dado Blade Set is a complete unit, providing the perfect blend of power and precision. 

Apart from that, the Freud Dado Set has cemented a place among the top products with innovative additions and improved versatility. That's all the time we've got, but we'll be back with more exciting product reviews. 

Till then, take care and bye!