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12 Best Small Corner Tables to Consider in 2023

If you thought that the tiny corners in your house would never be useful, it is time to bring in a change!

Home sofa with objects of cozy decor in the living room on a chair . The concept of decor and home atmosphere .

Highlight your corners with a beautiful table that will provide you space for storage and amp up the decor as well. Use it as a statement piece or place one in the bathroom to hold your essentials and bid goodbye to clutter forever.

If storage is a serious problem, there are tables with multiple shelves too. Stack up your books and magazines and you can place a vase or frame on top to complete the look.

While there are many benefits, the problem that occurs is that there are multiple choices in the market, and it is challenging to choose one. But we are here to save you from this tedious process by providing a detailed guide of the 13 best small corner tables to consider.

Grab a cup of coffee and keep reading to know all about them.

Best Small Corner Table

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Each table on this list has been carefully selected based on its design, quality, durability, and customer reviews. Get ready to transform your corner spaces with these stylish and practical additions. Without further ado, here's the list of the 12 best small corner tables that will elevate your interior design and maximize your space.

1. Furinno Turn-N-Tube Corner Display Rack - Best for Multipurpose Storage

If you are looking for a table with adequate storage space, the Furinno Turn-N-Tube Corner Multipurpose Shelving Unit is a brilliant choice to make. It will give your corner the perfect look with its espresso-colored body and will fit in perfectly with dark-colored furniture. Revamp your living room with this option!

Furinno Turn-N-Tube 3-Tier Corner Display Rack Multipurpose...
  • Simple stylish deisng: Unique open shelf design suitable for...
  • Easy assembly: Just turn the tubes and no tools are needed...

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, we will talk about the body that is made from high-quality materials to make it more sturdy. You will find composite wood and thick plastic tubes that hold the wooden surfaces. The wood is very durable and can take a weight of 10 lbs per shelf quite easily. We have been using it for a few months now, and the shelves have not bent at all.

Coming to the design, it is pretty impressive and gave us a lot of empty space to explore. The open shelf design will allow the wall to show from behind. And if your house has light-colored walls, the dark color of this product will look good with it. The open spaces will also prevent the shelves from looking clumsy even after they are filled to their full capacity.

Overall, we found this to be a great addition, and it came at a very reasonable price too. We assembled it ourselves, and the process took us a few minutes only.

What Could've Been Better?

Although it has a strong body, we would suggest that you do not place very heavy objects on it. Stay within the weight limit, and make sure that you keep the relatively heavier objects on your bottom shelves and lighter weight on top. This will prevent the product from tipping over. Maintain this balance and you should not be facing any troubles with it.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable product
  • Can hold up to 10 lbs on each shelf
  • No tools required


  • Not for heavy objects

Material: Particle Board | Dimensions: 11.6"W x 11.6"D x 29.66"H | Number of Shelves: 3-5 | Assembly Required: Yes | Weight Capacity: Up to 10 lbs per shelf

2. Casual Home 4-Shelf Corner Folding Bookcase - Best Lightweight Option

Next up is a product that will fit in seamlessly with your existing decor. The Casual Home Corner Folding Bookcase is a very lightweight option that is perfect for home decor and has 4 shelves of space. Decorate it with planters and frames and give your living room the cozy corner that it needs.

Casual Home 4-Shelf Corner Folding Bookcase, Natural
  • Four (4) shelves to maximize storage and decorative displays...
  • Foldable design makes for effortless transport and storage...

Why Did We Like It?

We loved the 3 legged design, which helped support the 4 shelves and ensured that we could keep medium-weight items on it. The legs are very strong and will not skid at all.

The whole body, including the legs, is made of solid wood, giving it a lot of firmness. While plastic tubes cannot be trusted with too much weight, we found that wood provided a sturdy base for family heirlooms to be kept.

Also, the foldable design makes it a great choice if you are looking to occasionally move the table. Once it is folded, the table becomes quite compact, and you can store it easily inside wardrobes or your storage room.

Besides, the unit came assembled, and we did not need to work on it. This is a great benefit, especially for those who already have a very busy schedule.

What Could've Been Better?

We have been using it for a few months, and there are no issues with its quality. But we would like to mention that this is a bigger unit and may not look good in a tiny space. If you have a very small room, this may look a little awkward in it. But this should not be a hindrance at all if you place it in an average-sized room.


  • Perfect for home decoration
  • No assembly required
  • Solid wood construction


  • Not fit for tiny rooms

Material: Solid Wood | Dimensions: 12.5"W x 12.5"D x 38.75"H | Number of Shelves: 4 | Assembly Required: Yes | Weight Capacity: Up to 25 lbs per shelf

3. Convenience Concepts American Heritage Wedge End Table - Best for Narrow Spaces

It should come as no surprise that this is one of our top recommendations, given how it's known to have some of the best features in the market. The Convenience Concepts American Heritage Wedge End Table is the perfect pick and will complement your mid-century furniture. It is designed to adjust to narrow spaces and enhances the ambiance in the process.

Convenience Concepts American Heritage Wedge End Table with...
  • COLLECTION PIECE: Introducing the American Heritage...
  • MULTIPLE FINISHES: Choose from a variety of finishes to...

Why Did We Like It?

Firstly, we loved the different available color choices. You can easily pick the one which will fit with your home decor. There are light and dark-colored options for your convenience. We kept a light-colored table between two black chairs, and it looks perfectly in sync.

Wondering how it will fit inside tiny spaces? The wedge-shaped design is the solution to all kinds of space issues. It will fit in the right places and will provide enough space for you to keep beverages or decorate it with a vase or table lamp.

Besides, the body is very sturdy as it is made entirely of wood. It also comes with an additional storage option in the form of a shelf below the table. You can arrange coffee table books and magazines on it neatly.

Overall, we found this to be an elegant combination of classic and modern design, and the affordable price makes it totally worth it.

What Could've Been Better?

We would recommend not assembling the parts on floor surfaces that get scratched easily. Although the assembly process is very simple, the top of this table left a few scratch marks on our hardwood flooring. We fixed it with a scratch removal pen, but you can prevent it altogether by putting paper in between or working on a different surface.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Functional and decorative
  • Fits in well with the decor
  • Additional shelf storage option


  • Can leave scratch marks on hardwood floors

Material: MDF, Wood Veneer | Dimensions: 24"W x 16"D x 24"H | Number of Shelves: 2 | Assembly Required: Yes | Weight Capacity: Up to 50 lbs

4. Winsome Liso Corner Desk, Espresso - Best as Charging Station

If you were looking for an accent table or one which could be used as a charging station, the Winsome Liso Corner Desk would be perfectly suitable. Place it in your living area and keep a lamp and plants on it to enhance the look of the room.

Winsome Liso Corner Desk, Espresso
  • Liso solid/composite wood corner desk
  • 20-1/2 by 20-1/2 by 31.1H

Why Did We Like It?

We will begin with the versatility of this unit. Not only can you use it in the living room, but customers have also used it as a TV table in their bedrooms. It will give you the perfect place to keep laptops or printers in the study room too.

Made of composite wood with a dark walnut-colored finish, we loved how it matched with the interiors easily. In case you have lighter-colored furniture, you can still keep it with a light-colored table runner. Place a few white baskets with flowers on the shelf below, and it should fit right in.

Besides, there is an additional slot in the middle to keep books or documents. You can keep the set-top box inside if you are going to use it as a TV table.

Furthermore, the product can hold ample weight, and you do not need to worry about using it as a TV table or for your desktop computer.

What Could've Been Better?

One issue that we had with this product is with the assembling process. Although the kit comes with all the hardware needed, it does not have a good user guide. We had to watch videos online to set it up properly. The company could provide a more detailed manual, which would make the assembly process easier.


  • Tools and hardware for assembly included
  • Dark walnut color
  • Can hold ample weight


  • The user manual is not sufficient

Material: Solid Wood | Dimensions: 20.5"W x 20.5"D x 31.1"H | Number of Shelves: 3 | Assembly Required: Yes | Weight Capacity: Up to 75 lbs

5. IRIS USA, 596487 Inc. CX-3C Corner Shelf Organizer - Best for Small Spaces

Up next is a multi-shelf unit that will provide you with ample space and sports a curved design. The IRIS USA, Inc. CX-3C Corner Shelf Organizer will charm you with its ability to fit into corners very easily. If you are searching for space-saving furniture, look no further!

IRIS USA 3-Tier Corner Curved Shelf Organizer, Gray
  • Space-saving design fits into tight corners, and small...
  • Curved bookshelves provide a polished look

Why Did We Like It?

Design-wise, we're very impressed with the sleek surfaces and the matte finish. It has some table space on top for you to keep a vase or a photo frame while there are three shelves below where you can tuck away other items easily.

We have been using it as a bookcase, and we can assure you, it works brilliantly well. It boasts a weight capacity of 12 lbs per shelf, which is enough for you to keep a number of books stacked on every shelf. Keep them neatly arranged and place a low chair beside it to create the perfect coffee table corner.

Furthermore, the body was super easy to assemble, and it came with all the additional parts. You will not have to buy anything separately except for a screwdriver, and the process of assembling the parts will not be of any hindrance.

Long story short, this is the perfect solution for every house with space issues. It is super affordable, too, and will not make you spend more than your budget.

What Could've Been Better?

This product has some room for improvement when it comes to the screw-hole covers. You will get black small plastic pieces that do not look good with the overall product. If you have opted for a lighter wood color, the plastic stands out too much. But again, for the price that it comes in, this is still a great option to pick.


  • Space-saving design
  • Meets CARB regulation 93120 – Phase 2
  • Weight capacity of each shelf is 13 lbs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Screw hole cover was very flimsy

Material: MDF, Wood Veneer | Dimensions: 11.4"W x 11.4"D x 34.6"H | Number of Shelves: 4 | Assembly Required: Yes | Weight Capacity: Up to 10 lbs per shelf

6. Furinno 16098EX/BK Turn-N-Tube Corner Desk

Are you a home decor enthusiast who might want to move furniture around a lot? The Furinno 16098EX/BK Turn-N-Tube Corner Desk will allow you to do just that. It is super easy to assemble and disassemble, giving you the option to move it around easily.

FURINNO Turn-N-Tube Space Saving, Corner Desk,...
  • Simple stylish corner Desk with Espresso Finish
  • Fully utilize corner space with the 2-shelf multipurpose...

Why Did We Like It?

If your mantra is to live simply, this product will be the perfect touch of elegance that you need. It is very compact and will fit into most corners easily. With 2 shelves, this will not only serve as a table, but you can also use it for storage. Keep your files on the lower shelves while you place a decorative item on top to complete the look.

Also, this will work great in small bedrooms where there is no space for a big dressing table. You can use this in the bedroom to keep makeup and hair essentials.

Besides, we loved the dark espresso black color that it sports. This makes it look authentic while it matches dark-colored furniture very well. In case you have lighter-colored furniture, keep it beside a white-curtained window and fill it with lighter-colored books and decorative pieces. Guests will love the combination, and the table is bound to stand out in almost any room.

What Could've Been Better?

Although we could keep books and magazines easily, it is best to steer clear of heavier items like a TV. The product may not be able to hold it, and we would not suggest that you take the risk. It is the perfect choice for lighter items and medium-sized books.


  • Space-saving design
  • Clear instruction booklet
  • Large storage space


  • Cannot take a lot of weight

Material: Particle Board | Dimensions: 31.1"W x 22.5"D x 28.5"H | Number of Shelves: 4 | Assembly Required: Yes | Weight Capacity: Up to 40 lbs

7. Safavieh American Homes Collection Corner Table

If you are looking for a unique solution for the cluttered mess in your living room, the Safavieh American Homes Collection Corner Table will help out. It blends in perfectly with the decor and will give you the combined advantage of efficiency and style. Read on to explore the other amazing features.

Safavieh American Homes Collection Gomez Vintage Grey Corner...
  • The vintage grey finish of this side table is sure to update...
  • This beautiful table is the perfect accent for the corner of...

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, we loved the Victorian vintage design and color. It has a Victorian grey color, which will add a classic touch to your living room. This is an excellent option to be used as an accent table. Keep it in the entryway or in your living room and add a large flower vase with pastel-colored flowers. It will enhance the space in your living room and will look like a family heirloom.

Shifting from the style to the ease of assembly, we found it to be very easy to assemble, and we did it ourselves in less than 10 minutes. A user guide will help you through the process.

Coming to the materials used, it is crafted from solid pine wood and is extremely sturdy. The pinewood is resistant to wear and tear, and we have not seen any marks on it even after a year.

What Could've Been Better?

We have no complaints about the product itself, but the packaging material can create a mess. It has several layers of packaging, and a lot of styrofoam is used. Our whole house needed to be cleaned thrice before we got out all of it. Try unpacking it in front of your house, and you will have nothing to complain about.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Adds a vintage Victorian touch
  • Can be used as an accent table
  • Drawer for storage


  • Packaging material creates a mess

Material: Pine Wood | Dimensions: 33.9"W x 17.3"D x 28"H | Number of Shelves: 2 | Assembly Required: Yes | Weight Capacity: Up to 50 lbs

8. SRIWATANA Vintage Corner Table Shelf

Add a retro piece to your living room and let it nestle comfortably in one of the corners. The SRIWATANA Vintage Corner Table Shelf is an excellent choice to make and will give you the perfect display rack for your decorative items. Not only that, but it can also be a great addition to bedrooms or bathrooms.

SRIWATANA 3-Tier Corner Shelf Stand for Small Space,...
  • Built for Extended Use: Different from other corner tables...
  • Vintage & Elegant Style: Matte black iron tubes with...

Why Did We Like It?

We loved the tubes and the unique bulbiform design that it sported. While most products have round tubes or maybe square ones, this one has bulbiform bulges instead. This gives it a vintage touch, and it looks rustic and elegant.

Adding to it, the wood that has been used is dark walnut colored, which looks rustic. It will not only look elegant but will also complement the other furniture in the room.

To give it proper support, the unit has a three-legged design that holds the multi-tiered display in place. Keep plants, books, photo frames, and family heirlooms on it without the risk of the shelves toppling over. We would suggest keeping heavier objects at the bottom and lighter ones on top to maintain the perfect balance.

Lastly, we should tell you that the assembly process is really simple, and you can do it in a breeze. Let your tools rest as you put together the items without needing any equipment.

What Could've Been Better?

Overall, this product served us really well, but we have one suggestion to make. Make sure that you do not tighten the screws too hard. We had initially done that for the bottom shelf, and the body started cracking. Keep the screws adequately tightened, and you should face no problems.


  • Vintage wood look
  • Tubes with unique bulbiform design
  • Hassle-free assembly process
  • Efficient customer service


  • Tightening of screws can cause damage

Material: Metal, Wood | Dimensions: 12"W x 12"D x 30"H | Number of Shelves: 3-5 | Assembly Required: Yes | Weight Capacity: Up to 15 lbs per shelf

9. Elegant Home Fashions AELG-587 Adriana Cabinet

Up next is a cabinet that is specially designed for bathrooms and kitchens. The Elegant Home Fashions AELG-587 Adriana Cabinet can either be kept on the ground or mounted up on a wall. Keep all your essentials inside while you place a wicker basket on top with a frame and planter to enhance the look.

Teamson Home Glancy 22.5 in. x 24 in. Removable Corner Wall...
  • STYLISH CABINET: Featuring a faux louvered door, interior...
  • UNIQUE STORAGE OPTION: Take advantage of unused space in...

Why Did We Like It?

The white color and the mid-century design is very attractive and will immediately lift up your room’s ambiance. It fits in excellently well in bathrooms, providing vibrancy to the space. The oval-shaped door knobs add to its elegant body and complement the vintage design too.

Furthermore, the compact triangular design will allow you to use the corner space in your room efficiently. Made of MDF, it is strong enough to hold all your bathing essentials or kitchen cleaning equipment and towels in one place. Since it is a closed cabinet, anything you keep inside is not going to be visible. It is indeed the perfect place to stash away all your mess secretly!

Also, the kit is sufficient and is stocked well with everything that you may need to build the shelves. The door magnets, hinges, and screws are all a part of the kit.

Overall, we felt this to be a great addition to our house, and it fits into our budget as well.

What Could've Been Better?

While assembling the product and putting it up, we found that the guidebook mentioned only two screws to be attached to its top. This proved to be insufficient, and we would suggest that you use at least 4 screws to stabilize it. This would make sure that it hangs safely without any risks of falling.


  • One interior shelf
  • Made of MDF material
  • Can be wall mounted too


  • Needs more anchor points

Material: MDF, Glass | Dimensions: 21"W x 14"D x 22"H | Number of Shelves: 1 | Assembly Required: Yes | Weight Capacity: Up to 15 lbs

10. Leick 9016 Corner Accent Table

Did you think that the tiny corner space in your room is unusable? The Leick Corner Accent Table will prove you wrong with its super compact body and ample storage space. It is time to turn that tiny corner into a gorgeous space with an accent table that stands out.

Leick Home 9016 One Corner Accent Table with Drawer and...
  • Unique corner design brings function to unusable space
  • Made of hardwood solids and wood veneers

Why Did We Like It?

First of all, the hand-applied glossy finish on its body brings out the vibrancy of its deep hardwood color. Trained artisans have painted it over to perfection, and you will be getting a very even finish.

Not only that, but the high-quality construction is also very impressive. The wood grain polished oak surface adds warmth to the space and will fit in with dark and light-colored interiors. French dovetail joints add to the beauty of the product.

Furthermore, it is very easy to assemble, and you can do it yourself without the help of any tools. Made to address the dilemmas of small space, it comes with a drawer and a shelf below the table that will give you space to keep books and magazines. The compactness makes it a great fit for studio apartments and condos.

What Could've Been Better?

Make sure that you do not put too much pressure on the top or use it as support at any point in time. The product usually stands straight but may wobble if pressure is applied. We would recommend not keeping heavy items on the top to prevent any mishaps.


  • Compact and fits small corners
  • Easy assembly process
  • Triangular design


  • Rocks slightly if pressure is put

Material: Solid Wood | Dimensions: 20"W x 16"D x 30.5"H | Number of Shelves: 2 | Assembly Required: Yes | Weight Capacity: Up to 40 lbs

11. RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection 06-075

Now that we are nearing the end of this list, it is time to introduce the RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection 06-075, which will keep the clutter hidden behind closed doors. Keep all essentials inside the cabinet and surprise your guests with a minimalist look. Place a planter on top to complete the look.

RiverRidge Corner Cabinet, Espresso
  • Features traditional shutter door design
  • Hides toiletries and towels behind cabinet doors for a clean...

Why Did We Like It?

If storage is one of your major concerns, this product will address your issues with 3 shelves. One of the shelves is fixed at the bottom and cannot be moved while a second one is an adjustable interior shelf. You can adjust its height according to your needs. The third and topmost one is excellent for storing all the essentials that you may need on a daily basis.

Coming to the design, we loved the two-door shutter design, which this free-standing cabinet cum table has. It has a very modern look and will be a great addition to the entryway in your house or to your living room.

Made of sturdy engineered wood, you can trust this unit to be able to hold a lot of weight without collapsing. We loved the sleek and shiny finish, and the dark espresso color fit in extremely well with our decor.

What Could've Been Better?

We have no complaints about the performance of this unit, but we were annoyed with the putrid foul smell that came from its surface. The smell was very strong and lasted for weeks before it finally faded out. Once it did, you should not have any problems but be prepared to deal with this!


  • Engineered wood used
  • Shutter door design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Provides ample storage


  • Smelled bad for days

Material: MDF, Glass | Dimensions: 22.5"W x 18"D x 31.25"H | Number of Shelves: 2 | Assembly Required: Yes | Weight Capacity: Up to 25 lbs

12. Winsome Wood Zena Media/Entertainment 92634-WW

If floor space is an issue and there is no additional space to keep a TV cabinet, the Winsome Wood Zena Media/Entertainment 92634-WW will help you regain some of it. With a very compact body designed to fit into corners perfectly, it will help you use your corners in the most efficient way possible.

Winsome Corner TV Stand, Screens up to 27", Espresso (92634)
  • Sold as 1 Each.
  • TV Stand. Cabinet with flip-down door. Parts replacement...

Why Did We Like It?

We loved the traditional design that this product sported. It has one shelf and a drawer below it. You can hide the clutter behind closed doors in the bottom drawer while its top shelf can have decorative items.

Besides, it has enough weight capacity to hold a TV easily, and you can place the set-top box on the shelf. We placed our 27" TV on it, and it sits perfectly. The flip-down door of the bottom cabinet makes it more convenient for us to open it.

Also, it is made of solid and composite wood, and you will love the dark color and feel of this product. It will easily blend in with traditional and mid-century furniture.

Overall, the unit does its job brilliantly well and will help you create storage space out of small corners. And the best part is, it is not too expensive and can be afforded easily.

What Could've Been Better?

The one issue which bothered us was the assembly process. Although they do send a booklet along, you will not be able to assemble it alone. We took almost two hours and three pairs of hands to complete it. If you live alone, it is best to get professional help for a worry-free experience.


  • Can hold a 27″ TV
  • Flip-down door for more convenience
  • Made of solid composite wood


  • Assembly process is difficult

Material: Solid Wood | Dimensions: 34.65"W x 23.94"D x 22.28"H | Number of Shelves: 2 | Assembly Required: Yes | Weight Capacity: Up to 50 lbs

Best Small Corner Tables Comparison Table

ProductMaterialDimensionsNumber of ShelvesWeight Capacity
Furinno Turn-N-Tube Corner Display RackParticle Board11.6"W x 11.6"D x 29.66"H3-5Up to 10 lbs per shelf
Casual Home 4-Shelf Corner Folding BookcaseSolid Wood12.5"W x 12.5"D x 38.75"H4Up to 25 lbs per shelf
Convenience Concepts American Heritage Wedge End TableMDF, Wood Veneer24"W x 16"D x 24"H2Up to 50 lbs
Winsome Liso Corner Desk, EspressoSolid Wood20.5"W x 20.5"D x 31.1"H3Up to 75 lbs
IRIS USA, 596487 Inc. CX-3C Corner Shelf OrganizerMDF, Wood Veneer11.4"W x 11.4"D x 34.6"H4Up to 10 lbs per shelf
Furinno 16098EX/BK Turn-N-Tube Corner DeskParticle Board31.1"W x 22.5"D x 28.5"H4Up to 40 lbs
Safavieh American Homes Collection Corner TablePine Wood33.9"W x 17.3"D x 28"H2Up to 50 lbs
SRIWATANA Vintage Corner Table ShelfMetal, Wood12"W x 12"D x 30"H3-5Up to 15 lbs per shelf
Elegant Home Fashions AELG-587 Adriana CabinetMDF, Glass21"W x 14"D x 22"H1Up to 15 lbs
Leick 9016 Corner Accent TableSolid Wood20"W x 16"D x 30.5"H2Up to 40 lbs
RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection 06-075MDF, Glass22.5"W x 18"D x 31.25"H2Up to 25 lbs
Winsome Wood Zena Media/Entertainment 92634-WWSolid Wood34.65"W x 23.94"D x 22.28"H2Up to 50 lbs

Buying Guide For The Best Small Corner Table

Small corner tables can be used anywhere around the house. Wherever there is a shortage of space but a need for more storage, this will play a vital role. But before you make a purchase, it is important to compare the features and take note of the ones that are required by you.

Now that you have gone through the 13 best products, you will have noticed that every one of them has some unique features. To help you make a choice, we have detailed the critical points that need to be kept in mind. We hope this is helpful in making a decision.

  1. Storage Space

How much storage space do you require? If you want a table with large storage space, it is best to opt for one with 3 shelves or more. If you live in a smaller apartment and need a compact device, there are rectangular-shaped tables. These come with a single shelf below, providing you with some storage while not taking up too much space.

Remember to check the dimension of every unit before making a choice. Measure the amount of space that you can spare and compare it with the dimensions to get a better understanding.

  1. Color and Style

Are you looking for a chic country option, or do you want a modern-looking unit to match the rest of the furniture? There are a number of options available, and you will find French, Victorian, classic, and modern contemporary designs to choose from.

Choose well as it should fit in well with the kind of interior that you have. You can also look for an accent table that may be in a contrasting color and will stand out.

The choice of color is also vital as it has a match with the rest of your house. We have provided enough options that cover most shades and colors.

  1. Material

These units are mostly made of engineered wood, MDF or plastic, and steel. The ones with plastic are very lightweight and can be a good choice for those who plan to store them or move them around a lot. These are cheaper, too, but will be less sturdy than wooden alternatives.

The ones made with engineered wood or MDF have a greater weight capacity and will be sturdier. They come in a number of styles ranging from modern and mid-western to traditional. But they could be more expensive. So, choose accordingly.

Small Corner Table FAQ's

  • What are the uses of small corner tables?

    Small corner tables have versatile uses. They can serve as decorative display stands for plants, photos, or artwork. They can also function as side tables next to sofas or beds, providing a surface for lamps, books, or beverages. Additionally, small corner tables can be used as workstations, study desks, or storage units, depending on their design and features.

  • What materials are small corner tables made of?

    Small corner tables can be made of various materials, including wood, metal, glass, or a combination of these. Each material offers different aesthetics and durability. Choose a material that suits your style preferences and complements the overall decor of your space.

  • Are small corner tables easy to assemble?

    Most small corner tables come with assembly instructions and necessary hardware. The ease of assembly can vary depending on the design and complexity of the table. It is recommended to carefully read the instructions and follow the steps provided. Some tables may require basic tools for assembly.

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  • A vertical shot of a yellow chair and tall lamp near a wooden table with books and plant pots on it


    Let's face it, every corner table will not be a great fit for every room. But if you can make the right choice, this can be a very fruitful addition. There are multiple features and variations to consider, and you should also pay attention to the existing decor of the room.

    With this, we come to the end of our detailed guide to the best small corner tables. We hope that it has given you enough insight and will help you make a decision.

    However, before concluding, let's go for a quick recap of our favorites. The Furinno Turn-N-Tube Corner Display Rack is our favorite overall because of its adequate storage space, which is surely a win-win.

    If you are looking for a product that can be folded, go for the Casual Home 4-Shelf Corner Folding Bookcase. And if you want a small product that can be used as an accent table, it has to be the Winsome Liso Corner Desk.

    With this, we will take our leave. Happy shopping!

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