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11 Best Dehumidifier For Bathroom | Reviews + Guide

Moisture and humidity can be like a slow poison for your bathroom as they can accelerate the growth of mold and mildew. 

best dehumidifier for bathrooms

Anyhow, it’s no surprise that your bathroom is more vulnerable to moisture than any other part of your home. The constant use of water makes it increasingly easier for moisture to stay locked inside the bathroom. Hence, the humidity levels of the bathroom are naturally significantly higher than any other room in the house. 

That’s why we recommend installing a dehumidifier to keep your bathroom hygienic, clean, and, most importantly, dry. However, choosing the right dehumidifier can be a daunting task if you don’t know much about this nifty piece of bathroom equipment. 

But, don’t worry because we’re here to help you find a dehumidifier for your bathrooms. A dehumidifier's effectiveness can vary with how big your bathroom is in size to fit a small or big dehumidifier, if you want to know more about this, checkout our exclusive article on the particular subject. 

This article will highlight the best dehumidifiers for your bathroom that are currently available on the market. So, without any further ado, let us get on with it! 

Best Dehumidifier For Bathroom

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1. Pohl Schmitt

Pohl Schmitt Electric Dehumidifiers for Home, 2200 Cubic...
  • Fast & Efficient Dehumidifier: This Electric Dehumidifier is...
  • Portable & Compact Design: With a capacity of 17 ounces...

The first product on our list is the electric dehumidifier from Pohl Schmitt that is identifiable by its compact and lightweight design. You can use it in the bathroom, bedroom, laundry room, or wherever you want  — after all, it is easily portable. Also, it can efficiently remove moisture from any space within 225 sq. ft. 

Why Did We Like It?

You can clean excess moisture from the air in no time by installing this electric dehumidifier, whether you live in a dry or humid area. That said, you can easily cover a bathroom space within 2200 cubic feet and remove up to 10 oz. of water. 

Anyhow, the unit comes with a maximum water capacity of 500 ml, which may be sufficient to dry up small to average-sized bathroom spaces. Furthermore, the small and compact design makes carrying the dehumidifier from one room to another. 

And, through it all, the Peltier technology offers an ultra-quiet performance. So, if you have a baby in the house, you don’t need to worry about waking them up every time you use the dehumidifier. On that note, this dehumidifier can improve the air quality at home, ensuring that all your loved ones breathe in healthier, cleaner, and drier air.

What Could’ve Been Better?

If you’re planning to install this electric dehumidifier in an ample bathroom space, it might not be the best idea. It is not suitable for areas any more than 2200 cubic feet. But considering how bathrooms are generally the smallest rooms in the house, this compact device may be ideal for most buyers. 


  • Covers 2200 cubic feet
  • Compact design
  • Low energy consumption
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Not suitable for large spaces

2. Seavon

SEAVON Electric Dehumidifiers for Home, 2200 Cubic Feet (205...
  • High-Efficiency Work: Small and compact dehumidifier with 16...
  • Auto-Shutoff Function: Compact dehumidifier shut-off...

Next up is this low-maintenance electric dehumidifier from Seavon that is super-easy to operate. You only need to press a single button, and the dehumidifier will work independently. Indeed, no more worrying about switching it off as it is equipped with an automatic switch-off feature. 

Why Did We Like It?

The electric dehumidifier comes with the advanced Peltier technology that ensures thermo-electric cooling and an ultra-quiet performance. This fine piece of equipment produces a sound lower than 40 decibels so that you can enjoy a quiet and comfortable sleep.

Moreover, the product greatly helps in improving air quality by removing around 11.8 oz. of excess moisture from the air. This effective moisture removal can help you have a better and healthier lifestyle. 

Furthermore, you can carry around this mini dehumidifier anywhere in the house. So, why just stick to the bathroom when you can also keep the damp air out of your bedroom? It also comes with a LED indicator that displays when the tank is full. 

Plus, this small and portable dehumidifier releases dry and clean air that helps you breathe comfortably. Hence, it can be an excellent choice for keeping your bathroom fresh, dry, and mold-free. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Patience is a virtue — especially when using this dehumidifier, as it takes a lot of time to remove 11.8 ounces of water from the air. In fact, you might even have to wait for hours for the bathroom to get completely dry. 

Furthermore, its water tank capacity is relatively small compared to similar products. So, you may have to empty the reservoir tank after every 12 hours or so. 


  • Covers up to 2200 cubic feet
  • Utilizes thermoelectric cooling technology
  • Auto-shutoff feature
  • LED indicator light
  • Energy-efficient


  • Dries relatively slowly
  • Low water tank capacity

3. Pure Enrichment PEDEHUM

Pure Enrichment® PureDry™ Mini Dehumidifier - 27oz...
  • IDEAL FOR SMALL ROOMS: The perfect size for petite spaces...

The third product on our list of bathroom dehumidifiers is this small dehumidifier from Pure Enrichment that is equipped with a compact water tank to match. Despite its size, this machine can efficiently remove 300 ml of moisture per day from your bathroom, closets, or any other small spaces in the house.

Why Did We Like It?

One of the most convenient features of this electric dehumidifier is its transparent and removable water tank. You can easily see the water level and change it whenever the tank fills up. Furthermore, with a capacity of 27 oz., the water tank can efficiently absorb 300 ml of moisture per day for three to four days straight.

Additionally, it comes with a single switch, making it easy to operate. Indeed, you need only turn on the button, and the dehumidifier will do the rest on its own. What’s more, it will automatically turn off once the water tank is full to ensure safety and prevent overflowing.

And there’s more; this dehumidifier offers a whisper-quiet performance and won’t disturb the peaceful environment as you take a relaxing bath. It also offers year-round comfort and protects your home from harmful allergens through effective humidity control. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Like other mini dehumidifiers, you cannot use this product for drying up large spaces. Moreover, the drying-up process can take a lot of time if you plan to install this dehumidifier in your bathroom. On that note, some customers have mentioned that it takes hours to remove 60% moisture from spaces as small as 50 square feet. 


  • Transparent removable tank
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced humidity control
  • Whisper-quiet performance
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Doesn’t work in large spaces
  • Slow drying process

4. Trudin Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier - 31oz(900ml) 【40dB Ultra Quiet】 Small...
  • 【High Efficient Dehumidification】- Our small...
  • 【Multi-Purpose But Ultra Quiet】 - This Dehumidifiers for...

As we move forward with our list of best bathroom dehumidifiers, we come to this electrically-powered portable mini unit from Trudin. This pocket-sized device can cover an area of up to 215 square feet and prevent the spread of mold and mildew in your bathroom or any other small damp spaces in the house.

Why Did We Like It?

This mini dehumidifier is small but has multipurpose applications. That said, you can use it to dry bathroom floors, keep your bedrooms clean and dry, and keep the closets fresh. Doing so helps maintain a healthy atmosphere in your home and keeps the growth of mold and mildew at bay. 

Furthermore, the 900 ml water tank ensures effective absorption of moisture and offers you clean and dry air to breathe. On that note, it can easily remove 350 ml of moisture each day from small spaces between 50 and 215 square feet. 

When you look closely, you’ll see that the dehumidifier can be operated with the one-button control, making it very convenient to use. And that’s not all; you can easily remove the water tank, clean it when it is full, and put it back once you’re done. At the same time, the auto-shutoff feature ensures that the tank does not overflow and cause a bigger and wetter mess. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

If you have an utterly wet bathroom floor, this mini dehumidifier might not be powerful enough to make the bathroom bone dry and moisture-free. Moreover, if you live in areas with a high humidity level, this product may not be the best choice.  


  • Noise below 40 decibels
  • Auto-shutoff function
  • Energy-efficient
  • Convenient one-button control
  • Multipurpose mini dehumidifier


  • Weak moisture-removal capabilities
  • Not suitable for high humidity

5. Ayafato Small Dehumidifier 

Dehumidifier Small 35oz Dehumidifier for Home 2600 Cubic...
  • Highly Efficient Dehumidification. Adopts Peltier...
  • 2 Modes & Low Noise. 2 working modes: normal and sleep, to...

The fifth product on our list is the small and portable dehumidifier from Ayafato that comes with seven LED lights. It also has two working modes suitable for your bedroom, bathroom, closet, office, and RV. That said, the dehumidifier can be ideal to dry up small to average-sized rooms in your house. 

Why Did We Like It?

The most impressive feature about this mini dehumidifier is its seven color-changing LED lights, which switch automatically to create a soothing environment. Additionally, the thermoelectric Peltier technology ensures ultra-quiet performance to maintain a peaceful home. 

Moving on, the machine has two working modes — normal mode and sleep mode. You can pick between these, as per your demands for a small dehumidifier for your bathroom. On that note, the dehumidifier noise becomes less than 35 decibels if you select the sleep mode. It will offer a whisper-quiet performance that won’t interfere with your peaceful slumber in any way.

And on top of that, it comes with an auto-shutoff function that prevents overflowing to prevent any accidents. Moreover, the built-in memory chip helps the equipment to continue working as per its former setting. These nifty additions do away with the need to worry about updating the settings each time you use the dehumidifier and give it a truly “ no-mess no-fuss” character. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Even though the mini dehumidifier works wonderfully in small spaces, it is not at all suitable to remove moisture from large spaces with an area of more than 2600 cubic feet. So, it won’t be of any use in keeping the damp air out of your spacious living room. 


  • Large water tank capacity
  • Built-in memory chip
  • Automatic turn-off feature
  • Two working modes


  • Not suitable for large spaces

6. Gocheer Upgraded Dehumidifier

Gocheer Dehumidifiers for Home for Room,800 sq ft...
  • 【High-Efficiency Dehumidification】: Upgrade to a...
  • 【Extra Drain Hose for Continuous Drainage】: Say goodbye...

Next on our list, we have the electric mini dehumidifier from Gocheer that falls under the category of small bathroom dehumidifiers. Hence, it works beautifully in small spaces. Plus, it can offer an ultra-quiet performance that maintains the peace of your house. It can be a good choice for keeping the dampness and moisture out of your bathroom. 

Why Did We Like It?

The dehumidifier starts working when the relative humidity is over 45%. You can clearly feel the air getting dry and damp-free — no more moldy smell in the bathroom. And not just in the bathroom, this portable dehumidifier works wonderfully in any small space, including bedrooms, kitchens, and closets.

Along with that, it comes with the automatic shutoff function to help save your electricity bill and ensure low power consumption while also preventing overflowing. Anyhow, the nifty LED indicator light will warn you when the water tank is full. 

Plus, the dehumidifier is super-quiet as it works without a compressor. The working sound is lower than 45 decibels. Furthermore, this bathroom dehumidifier can easily cover an area up to 480 square feet and absorb 700 to 1000 ml of moisture each day. Thus, it can be an ideal dehumidifier for preventing bathroom mold. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

We think the primary issue with this dehumidifier is overheating. It’s normal for bathroom dehumidifiers to heat up when they are being used. However, this product is often overheated and becomes too hot to touch with bare hands. 


  • Thermoelectric Peltier technology
  • 700 to 1000 ml dehumidification per day
  • 2000 ml water tank
  • Problem of overheating


  • cons
  • cons

7. Pure Enrichment PEDEHLRG

Pure Enrichment PureDry Deluxe Dehumidifier - Mid-Sized 1.5L...
  • TRANSPARENT REMOVABLE WATER TANK: Easily keep track of the...
  • 2 CONVENIENT SPEED LEVELS: Choose from high and low-speed...

Now, we’ve come to the seventh product while discussing the best bathroom dehumidifier. The dehumidifier from Pure Enrichment comes with a 1.5-liter water tank and can remove 500 ml of excessive moisture each day. It offers you better air quality by removing harmful allergens and moisture. It also comes with ultra-quiet Peltier technology that ensures its quiet operation.

Why Did We Like It?

One of the features that really attracted us to this bathroom dehumidifier is its two convenient speed levels. You can choose the speed settings from high to low, and the machine will absorb up to 20 ounces of moisture from the air each day. 

Furthermore, it works beautifully to tackle damp environments in small to mid-sized spaces, starting from small bathrooms and bedrooms to kitchens and closets. Plus, with its safe auto-shutoff feature, it ensures energy efficiency. You can set the timer at four or eight hours, after which the machine will turn off automatically to conserve power.

Moreover, the automatic turn-off option ensures that the water tank doesn’t overflow when it’s full. The transparent water tank also makes it easy to track the water level and remove the tank once it’s full. Additionally, the machine offers a quiet operation without compromising the peaceful environment of your home. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Durability can be a major issue with this small dehumidifier. Many customers have complained that the machine works really well for the first few weeks, but it stops working properly after a few months. Hence, you might just be wasting your money and need to switch to another dehumidifier pretty soon.


  • Extracts 20 ounces moisture per day
  • Auto-shut off feature
  • Quiet performance
  • Transparent water tank


  • Durability is an issue

8. Hysure

Hysure Dehumidifier for Home, 70oz Electric Gun Safe...
  • 【High Efficient Dehumidifier】The Hysure T8Plus...
  • 【Easy to Operate & Auto Shut Off】One-button control...

Moving on with our list of the best bathroom dehumidifiers, we have the electric, portable dehumidifier from Hysure that is ideal for smaller rooms like bathrooms, baby rooms, closets, and so on. It is a compact device that has high moisture extraction capacity and can prevent mold from spreading across the bathroom walls. 

Why Did We Like It?

We were most attracted to the strong dehumidification of the product. Depending on the temperature and relative humidity, it can easily absorb 750 ml of moisture per day. Thus, it can protect your home from unpleasant mildew odor and keep your bathroom air clean and fresh. 

You’ll also see that the product has a sleek and compact design, which makes it an excellent portable dehumidifier. Kitchens, closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, you can practically carry it anywhere. Plus, the dehumidifier has a low energy consumption design that can help you in saving your electricity bill. 

Additionally, it also comes with the advanced Peltier technology, which ensures ultra-quiet performance. In fact, the dehumidifier produces noise less than 35 decibels. It runs so quietly that it won’t hamper your sleep or work. 

What Could’ve Been Better? 

This thermoelectric dehumidifier comes with a LED indicator light that is a bright green that makes the whole unit glow at night. So, this bright LED night can be a hindrance if you’re trying to have a good night’s sleep after a tiresome day at work. 


  • Large water tank
  • Working sound below 35 decibels
  • Energy efficient
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Overly bright LED light


LEEL Dehumidifier, Upgraded 1200ml (42oz) Portable Ultra...
  • Efficient Dehumidification- LEEL small dehumidifier comes...
  • Energy Saving- The dehumidifier with an output of 42W which...

The next product is the portable ultra-quiet dehumidifier from LEEL that covers any room with an area of 2300 cubic feet. You can easily install it to remove moisture from your small bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or closet. It operates best between 41°F to 122°F and can easily extract 28 ounces of water each day. 

Why Did We Like It?

We seriously liked the core patented dehumidification technology that comes with this LEEL dehumidifier. It ensures fast and effective moisture removal from bathrooms, bedrooms, and other spaces around your house. It can also ensure your health and well-being by reducing allergens and air pollutants and improving air quality.  

Plus, it is highly energy-efficient and produces 42 watts of power output for 24 hours by using only 1 kilowatt of electricity per hour. It saves much more energy as compared to any large, desiccant dehumidifier. Also, its compact design and lightweight make it very easy to carry around the house. 

It also comes with an automatic timer option. You can set the timer at 6 or 12 hours, after which the machine will automatically shut down. Furthermore, you can easily clean the water tank once it is full without any hassle. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Even though the dehumidifier works best between a relative humidity of 45% to 60%, it fails to show any satisfactory results when the humidity level is below 40%. It cannot absorb moisture under mildly humid conditions. So, if you’re experiencing moderate humidity, this product might not be your best pick. 


  • 1200 ml water tank
  • 42 watts power output
  • Removes 800 ml of water per day
  • Automatic shutdown option


  • Not effective in moderate humidity


TOSOT 20 Pint 1,500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier Energy Star - for...
  • 1,500 SQ FT: Removes up to 20 pints (30 pints 2012 DOE) of...
  • AUTO DRAIN: This dehumidifier will stop running if the water...

As we are almost at the end of our list of favorite bathroom dehumidifiers, we bring you the energy-star-rated electric dehumidifier from Tosot. It comes with three different speed settings that are pretty easy to control. It also comes with a built-in hygrometer to optimize its performance by monitoring the surrounding humidity levels

Why Did We Like It?

The most impressive feature of the dehumidifier is its speed settings. It has three different speed settings - high, medium, and low. And based on the speed settings, its operating volumes also change. The maximum working sound is at 52 decibels, while the minimum is at 48 decibels. So, if you’re trying to get a peaceful sleep, you can simply set the operating speed at low. 

It is also highly energy-efficient. It comes with an energy star rating, which means that it consumes less power and can help you save your electricity bill, along with removing moisture. Plus, it is UL-approved and meets all the highest safety standards for its use in your home. 

Additionally, it has a spill-proof drain bucket that collects all the moisture. You can easily remove and clean it once it is full. In addition to all this, the dehumidifier has an in-built hygrometer that regulates its operation as per the surrounding humidity. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Even though the dehumidifier is effective in covering large spaces for the dehumidification process, it can be a bit difficult to carry around the house. It has a weight of 32 pounds, which affects its easy portability. Hence, it’s not a small, portable dehumidifier. 


  • Simple control panel
  • Automatic humidity control
  • Silent operation
  • Effective drainage option


  • Not easily portable

11. Ivation Desiccant Dehumidifier

Ivation 13-Pint Small-Area Desiccant Dehumidifier Compact...
  • 13-PINT DESICCANT DEHUMIDIFIER – Highly Efficient...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT POWERFUL – Enjoy Adjustable Humidity...

The last and final product in our list of best bathroom dehumidifiers is the desiccant dehumidifier from Ivation that comes with a continuous drain hose pipe. It works well in small spaces that are up to 270 square feet. Plus, it offers a quiet performance that doesn’t interfere with the peaceful environment of your home.

Why Did We Like It?

The desiccant dehumidifier works well in both high and low temperatures. It can easily dehumidify rooms between 33℉ and 104℉. Plus, it expelled warm air, which is perfect for drying clothes and keeping away the moldy smell from your rooms. So, it helps to keep the air fresh and dry by improving the air quality.

Furthermore, the desiccant rotor technology makes it suitable for use all year round. It can easily adjust to high and low temperatures. The dehumidifier also allows you to adjust the fan speed as per your needs. Additionally, it can easily cover spaces up to 270 square feet for effective dehumidification. 

On top of this, the dehumidifier has an LCD that signals every time the reservoir is full. And once the tank is full, the auto-shutoff feature turns off the machine to ensure safety and prevent overflowing of the tank. Hence, it can be a good choice for keeping the damp and moist air out of your small bathroom. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

When it comes to affordability, this dehumidifier might not be your best option. Although it comes with many advanced features, it is way too costly as compared to other small bathroom dehumidifiers. So, if you’re running on a tight budget, this product isn’t an ideal choice.


  • Works between 33℉ and 104℉
  • Suitable in every season
  • Easy to clean air filters
  • Whisper-quiet performance


  • Not very affordable

Top Dehumidifiers For Bathroom Buying Guide

Top Dehumidifiers For Bathroom Buying Guide

Choosing the right bathroom dehumidifier can be an overwhelming ordeal if you don’t know the key features that make up a good dehumidifier. So, in this section, we’ve highlighted some of the important factors that you can consider to make a well-informed purchase decision. Let’s take a look at the best dehumidifiers for bathrooms!

1. Coverage Area

While purchasing air purifiers and dehumidifiers, it is essential to consider how much space they can cover while purifying the air and improving the air quality. In the case of small and portable dehumidifiers, they mostly work well in small to average-sized rooms that are around 250 to 270 square feet. 

There are also bigger dehumidifiers that can cover spaces as large as 1200 square feet. Hence, you need to choose the right dehumidifier depending on your room size carefully. 

2. Moisture Removal Capacity in the Tank

The moisture removal capacity of the dehumidifiers depends on various environmental conditions such as temperature and the relative humidity level. It is always better to choose the dehumidifiers that remain functional under both high and low temperatures. In that way, you can use the dehumidifier every season and all year round. 

3. Quiet Performance of the Bathroom Dehumidifier

If you’re planning to install a dehumidifier in a small bathroom, make sure it doesn’t make too much noise. Thermoelectric dehumidifiers come with the Peltier technology that helps in offering an ultra-quiet performance so that the peaceful environment of your house isn’t hampered. Furthermore, you can also choose a dehumidifier that comes with a sleep mode to minimize its working sound further. 

Best Dehumidifier For Bathroom FAQ

  • When should I run the dehumidifier inside my bathroom?

    If your bathroom constantly stays humid and easily attracts moisture throughout the day, even when you are not showering, run the dehumidifier for around 30 minutes twice a day. It’ll help to reduce the humidity and dampness in the bathroom. 

    You can also keep away mold and mildew from the bathroom and maintain your hygiene by using a dehumidifier to keep the moisture in control. Choose the right dehumidifier, depending on your bathroom space, for the best results. 

  • Are bathroom dehumidifiers better than exhaust fans?

    Both exhaust fans and bathroom dehumidifiers come with unique benefits that cannot be entirely replaced by the other. Dehumidifiers are designed to keep your bathroom moisture-free to prevent dampness. They work better than exhaust fans in removing moisture. 

    However, dehumidifiers are not as effective in maintaining bathroom ventilation as exhaust fans. These fans facilitate easy air circulation throughout the bathroom to keep it well-ventilated. So, dehumidifiers might be better for keeping your bathroom dry, but exhaust fans ensure better aeration inside the bathroom. 

  • Is it safe to run a dehumidifier while showering?

    Yes, you can use a dehumidifier while taking a shower so that machine can remove all the steam and moisture from the bathroom. You won’t be left with a steamy mirror or water droplets on the bathroom floors and walls. 

    Also, it’s best to run the dehumidifier for around 15 to 20 minutes after showering to eliminate any moisture buildup inside the bathroom. It will help to promote some air circulation in your bathroom. 

  • What’s the ideal dehumidifier for an average-sized bathroom?

    If your bathroom is around 250 to 270 square feet, you can go for a small and portable dehumidifier that’s easy to install and carry around. It should be good enough to cover your entire bathroom area and remove excess moisture. 

    However, you might need to look for bigger models if you have a large bathroom space of about 1200 square feet or more. So, carefully measure the floor coverage of your bathroom before choosing the best dehumidifier. 

  • How often do I need to empty the dehumidifier in the bathroom?

    If your bathroom tends to get overly humid, it’s best to empty the dehumidifier twice a day to avoid overworking the machine. The capacity of the machine will also determine the frequency of emptying it. 

    For instance, if you have a large dehumidifier, you can empty it once every two to three days without going through the hassle of doing it daily. Also, if your bathroom stays relatively dry, you don’t need to worry about emptying the dehumidifier every day. 

  • Bathroom Dehumidifier Buying Guide 

    Verdict on the Best Dehumidifiers for Bathrooms

    It is alright to feel a little confused while selecting the best bathroom dehumidifier. Anyhow, after going through our reviews, we hope you’re feeling a little more confident about your final decision. 

    If you ask us about our favorite bathroom dehumidifiers, we will definitely go with the Pohl Schmitt or the Seavon because of their performance quality and affordability. Indeed, you don’t have to break the bank to get access to excellent bathroom dehumidifiers. 

    However, you can also pull up your sleeves and do some more research before making any final decision. 

    And on that note, we’ll be signing off. Until next time! 

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