24 Simple and Cute Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

A happy joyful celebration worldwide is the Easter. It is joyful beyond religious matters, it is joyful because we have a very good reason to craft at home with our loved ones, we have a wonderful reason to spend that quality time with the most important people in our lives. It is imperative to put the creativity of the little ones at work and more importantly to showcase their result proudly in what is about to become a timeless childhood memory for you all. A selection of simple and cute easy Easter crafts is the subject of conversation today, all colorful, all creative.

DIY enthusiasts around the world are acting up on Easter, bringing to the surface of the internet items of great design and in the gallery that follows only 24 have been selected; they come in different difficulty and they require different skill sets allowing you to mix and match a few into a great all around crafting experience. Choose what you like the most, surge inspiration and be sure that you share your results; become a source of inspiration for the entire world through your diy project.

Paint egg shaped paper with Q-tips

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (1)

Simple, easy Easter craft that will sure be worth of framing. Use bold colors and get creative.


paper flower baskets with tiny easter eggs

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (2)

Use colorful paper to shape flower bouquets with your little loved ones. Colorful Plasticine can be used to shape petite Easter eggs for the bouquets basket.


Realize simple easter puzzles with POP-SICKLE sticks

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (3)

Simple stick them with tape temporary to paint a complete picture that could later be called a puzzle. The more pieces the more complex, the better.


Get creative with paper crafts

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (4)

Simple Easter iconic elements can be the subject of your craft session. Help your little loved one to create superheroes out of paper, favorite cartoon characters or Easter related elements.


Shape an easter bunny with MARSHMALLOWS

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (5)

Use edible elements to create kids art. Marshmallow have been planted on colorful paper above. Creativity has not limits, make sure you make the most out of simple elements.


RECYCLE PLASTIC BOTTLES into easter bunnies

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (6)

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (7)

A smile is priceless. Crafts do come with smiles.


Use this simple trick to create highly colorful organic Easter Eggs

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (8)

Simple and efficient trick used to create intricate colorful nail designs around the world can be just as well used to paint eggs. Each pattern obtained will be unique in the world, each color combination, one of a kind.


Easy easter crafts realized with colorful paper plates

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (9)

The items required can be found in most households and the craft itself can take thirty minutes but the huge achievement earned by your child for its own craft may remain in his memory for eternity. Inspire him to simple yet great crafts and encourage creativity to a great extent.


Realize EASTER bunny masks

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (10)

You can craft these in a heart beat, paper, wadding and glue is all you need and the result is fascinating.



easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (11)

These simple elements are great Easter bunnies and they can also be used to create highly creative napkin rings; the crafts can wear any color or texture with ease, stack them up and up-cycle them into great crafts, they can hit the recycle bin after the holidays.


Colorful potato stamping

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (12)

It might not be your first choice when it comes to crafting yet potato stamping can inspire your child into the search of different patterns on the potato; creativity can be found in simple and complex tasks alike. With a simple pattern on the potato, a great abstract image to be framed can surface; inspire your little loved one.


cute egg carton bunny crafts

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (13)

Super simple craft to pursue during Easter and a great resource to create new elements in the play room. An army of Easter bunnies might be interesting.


Recycled paper globe decorations

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (14)

Regardless of holiday or celebration, recycled paper globes can go a long way, great elements of decor, beautiful decorations worth pursuing.


use sharpies to decorate a few easter eggs differently

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (15)

The sentiment of appurtenance has higher occurrence chances when the individual actually participates in the holiday preparations. Invite your little loved one to paint the Easter eggs with colorful sharpies.


Simple paper plates can make great easter bunny sweet storage options

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (16) \

Ingenious and inexpensive craft to be realized within minutes for sweets.


Arrange simple elements into something interesting

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (17)

The simplest elements can become playful elements for your child, let his creativity fly.


The plating itself is a decor piece

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (18)

Prepare the dinner with your friends and family and things will be far more interesting.


use temporary TATTOOS on boiled eggs

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (19)

Make Easter celebration elements appealing to all participants, Disney temporary tattoos might be a great solution for the little ones.


A plastic cup can be transformed into an easter bunny

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (20)

Showcase infinite crafting possibilities.


USe color to summon creativity

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (21)

Painting is an activity like no other, bring creativity on the table through color.


RE-PURPOSE chop sticks into colorful creatures

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (22)

Safety comes first, make sure the items you craft are age appropriate and unable to harm your child.


Personalize your gift boxes for easter

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (23)

Ensure the success of a gift through an original, personal wrapping.


Shape easter bunny eggs with ease

easy-easter-crafts-for-kids homesthetics (24)

The decor on your dinner table should be beautiful and original. Garnish them with white and pink felt or paper elements along sharpie elements on the egg itself.


Simple and cute Easter crafts can take various shapes and sizes. Make sure you have fun in the making of your decor and take your loved ones on the ride as well. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.


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