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Lasko 2554 Vs 2551 Vs 2511 | Tower Fans Compared + Reviews

Whether you are experiencing a meltdown in the summer heat or just feeling really hot in the room, you can always do better with tower fans.

Lasko 2554 Vs 2551 Vs 2511

Tower fans are one of the few devices that can make the sweltering heat bearable by helping the users in combating the rising temperature. Tower fans are responsible for circulating air around the room while filling it with a cool pleasant breeze to make the long summer days bearable.

In the world of air conditioners and superior technology, tower fans steal the show with their cost-effective performance. In comparison to other cooling devices, tower fans consume much less energy.

This article takes a detailed look at three of Lasko's best tower fans– The Lasko 2554, 2551, and 2511. Although the three models have more similarities, the differences do play a critical role in the performance of each model. Although very few, differences in the fans’ features leave a considerable impact on their overall performance and appearance.

Since you are now aware of the basic functions of a tower fan, here are some of the differences found in the Lasko models.

Lasko 2554 Vs 2551 Vs 2511 | Tower Fans Compared

1. Air Ionizer

2554 and 2551

People living indoors often complain of bad odors and lack of fresh air. The air ionizer deals with this issue by blasting millions of negatively-charged ions in the air. The ions are supposed to recreate the smell and feeling of being outdoors.

Both the 2554 and 2551 have an ionizer in their ranks, helping the tower fans in adding a sense of fresh air inside the home.


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The 2511, however, is not built with an air ionizer. The absence of the air ionizer does not make the 2511 a bad model, as it is not designed to give the user the experience of the freshness outdoors.


The lack of an air ionizer in the 2511 makes the other two models a clear favorite with respect to the purification of air. The absence of an ionizer is not a deal-breaker but it is a significant aspect worth paying attention to when choosing an air ionizer.

2. Three Super-Quiet Speeds Settings

2554 Vs 2551 Vs 2511

Like most fans, tower fans also come with different speed settings that are able to produce stronger or weaker gusts of cool air.

The three models mentioned in this review are equipped with different speed settings that enable the user to combat the scorching heat.

Another quality of these speed settings is that regardless of which one the user activates, the unit does not produce much sound.

Even the high-speed setting produces a noise level of under 50 decibels. Customers often complain of fans that produce a sound louder than TV or Computer. Thankfully, none of the three Lesko models do this.

3. Height

2554 and 2551

Tower fans are designed to be thin and tall resembling a tower. Since users want to place their fans and air conditioners higher, the height of the tower fans provides the luxury of altitude.

The height allows the cold air to replace the floating warm air, changing the temperature indoors. The 2554 and 2551 models are 42-inch taller, whereas the 2511 model is 36-inches tall. Theoretically, a 42-inch model is bound to provide more cooling than a 36-inch model.


Although the model is shorter than the other two, the difference is not significant. A height of 36-inch is still decent enough to provide cooling in an entire room.


In reality, the difference of 6 inches does not make a difference to the performance of the models. When choosing a tower fan, ensure that the model blends into your home’s interior perfectly.

4. Aesthetics


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One significant difference between the three models is the appearance. While all the fans serve the same purpose in more or less the same manner, the difference makes them recognizable.

The Lasko 2554 comes with a woodgrain design that surrounds the vents of the model responsible for delivering cooling blasts of wind.

Although the design is beautiful, it fails to blend in well with the interior designs of many homes.


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The Lasko 2551 is built similarly to the 2554. However, it is made of plastic with a silver coating of paint. In comparison to the 2554, this design is more neutral and does not contradict the colors and schemes of many living rooms.

However, many experts and homeowners consider the design to be rather boring.


The Lasko 2511 is another model that is made of pure plastic. However, the vents are made of silver and the body surrounding the vents is coated black. The design that incorporates shades of silver and black is rather neutral; however, it also adds a dimension of style that fits perfectly with many homes. The design has a futuristic look to it that many homeowners wish to achieve.


Keeping all the designs in perspective there is no clear way to determine which model is the best. There are no set criteria or standards to match the designs of the model; therefore, you can choose a design that suits your needs the best.

5. Remote Control   

Tower fans are futuristic versions of the traditional pedestal and wall-mounted fans. However, one feature that you will not find in the classic fans is the lack of control from a distance. The absence of a remote control can make using traditional fans rather annoying.

In comparison to their traditional counterparts, the Lasko models have the luxury of remote controls in their armory. You can use the models without having to touch the machine. The control over the speed makes the experience of using the Lasko tower fans a convenient one. The fans also come with additional storage space where the user can keep the remote control away from toddlers and pets.

Lasko 2554 Vs 2551 Vs 2511 Conclusion

Tower fans are great for keeping the inside of our homes cool during the hot summer months. As discussed earlier, the three models have more in common than in contrast. The only significant aspect that affects the performance of the fans is the air ionizer which is not available in the 35-inch 2511 model.

The one area that the Lasko models reign supreme is the modern design of the fans which blends perfectly with almost any design and color scheme.

Therefore, these Lasko fans work brilliantly in ensuring that the summer heat stays away from your home. Regardless of which model you choose, you will not end up regretting.    

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