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18 Creative DIY Ideas That Revive Old Objects


Creative DIY Ideas can be found everywhere and our daily life is a strong, powerful inspiration in our projects. Or at least it should be. Homesthetics loves digging up new, fresh ideas that seem quite easy to do for everyone and that can add a little bit of color and life to your interiors. Especially if those projects require little of your time and effort and make use of old things you may lave laying around the house or garage. every objects can be a source of inspiration and can be revived into something new but with a strong history in the background. We have previously featured 10 DIY Project Ideas That Creatively Repurpose Old Objects  and with that same idea in mind we present you today with a small collection of 18 Creative DIY Ideas That Revive Old Objects. They focus mainly on ordinary daily life objects found in every home which , with a little twist transform completely. None of the selected projects require a huge amount of time invested in them but we think that the end results are beautiful, creative ideas that can inspire.

1. DIY Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

We just love this vintage appeal the Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser exudes. It might actually be a great gift also.

jack daniels soap dispenser


2. DIY Wood Pallet Coffee Table

This is already a classical DIY idea. You can use white pallets and if you can’t find ones clean enough just give them a good scrub and paint them in whatever color your heart desires.

Creative Ideas pallet table


3. Book Shelves Out Of Plumbers Pipe

This idea is perfect for an industrial look or a shabby chic decor. And the result is quite beautiful, don’t you think?

Creative DIY Ideas pipe shelf


4. A Beer Barrel Made Into A Bed

Well, this was one of the oddest ideas we had found and we must admit we are not particularly fond of the idea of sleeping in a beer barrel. But, hey, if you really love beer, I guess why not? Still you need quite a big door to fit that through it and bring it to your bedroom.

 barrel bed


5. Steampunk Table

I am a huge fan of steampunk designs and this table seems like a real piece of art. If you do want to use it as a normal coffee table just add some glass on the top.

Creative DIY Ideas steampunk table


6. DIY Tiled Floor Using Pennies

This DIY idea is not for the faint-hearted. It requires a lot of patience and calm in order to tile an entire room in pennies. Be sure to have some friends around willing to help you finish this project faster.

Creative DIY Ideas penny flooring


7. Make A Balanced Bookshelf

A balanced bookshelf looks so fragile and elegant and quite easy to do. Just be careful not to remove all the books at once.

Creative DIY Ideas balanced bookshelf


8. Turn Old Suitcases into Wall Shelving

Old suitcases take you back in time and are always fun to keep around. As you can see you can even use them as wall shelves.

suitcase shelf Creative DIY Ideas


9. DIY Pallet Swing Garden Bed

This is by far our favorite DIY idea. It requires little money and fits perfectly in any garden decor. So serene and relaxing!

garden swing bed Creative DIY Ideas


11. Pallet Chandelier

Another great idea that involves pallets is the pallet chandelier. It helps covering up all the unaesthetic bits of an artisan chandelier. And it look rustic too.

pallet chandelier Creative DIY Ideas


12. Ladder Shelf

The ladder shelf is by last the easiest DIY project from this list. All you need is an old ladder cleaned and painted and you are all done.

ladder shelf Creative DIY Ideas


13. Pallet Garden Chair and Table

Pallets are great raw materials, don’t you think? Just add some color and some pillows and you have your little fresh corner on the deck to relax and enjoy your flower garden.



14. Old Bottle Lamps

As you can see, old bottles can be re-purpose into beautiful colorful lamps very easy and cheap and the result is one equivalent with a store-bought lamp.

old bottle lamp Creative DIY Ideas


15.Reuse Corks

Corks are fun to hold on to and can be reused into a multitude of ways. We encourage you to give 15 Easy DIY Ideas On How To Reuse Corks  a look for further inspiration.

15 Excellent And Easy DIY Ideas To Reuse Corks


16.DIY Desks

Desks are a necessity but who says you have to buy one? 18 DIY Desks Ideas That Will Enhance Your Home Office

18 DIY Desks Ideas That Will Enhance Your Home Office


17. Re-purpose old cutlery

Old silver forks or teaspoons are so precious and beautiful but we see no use in keeping them hidden away in storage. Display them in different ways, including as candle holders. So delicate!

old cutlery Creative DIY Ideas


18.Re-purpose mason jars

Lats but not least, the classical mason jar. Besides its basic purpose of storage it can be used as a decorative lamp like in the picture below and add a little shimmer to the entire atmosphere.

mason jars re purpose Creative DIY Ideas



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