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5 Best Charcoal Air Purifying Bags [Review & Buying Guide]

If you are looking for a natural solution for removing the smells from corners of the house; you've come to the right place.

Best Charcoal Bags

We assume that indoor air is healthier than air on the street, but this is not always true. Some studies show that air pollutants in a house can be pretty high due to mold, stagnation, and water damage.

There are various options on the market to deal with indoor air pollution - from dehumidifiers and spray cans to electric filters. But the most cost-effective and organic way to remove the odor is to use bamboo charcoal air-purifying bags that contain activated carbon.

One significant benefit of these products is that they remove the small particles of pollutants from the air by absorbing them. Compare this to a spray can air freshener, which only masks the smell of odor with its own strong and sometimes unpleasant scent.

This is why we will be looking at the best options for charcoal air purifiers available these days.

Listed below are the Best Charcoal Air Purifying Bags:

  • House Edition: The House Edition Charcoal Air Purifier is ideal for households with children and pets, this cotton and bamboo purifier prioritizes safety and style. Note, that it lacks any added fragrance.
  • PURGGO: The PURGGO's PGCARMINI2 distinguishes itself with a 365-day lifespan. One package contains two bags, meaning larger homes may require multiple packs.
  • Yumybom Bamboo: The Yumybom Bamboo Charcoal Bags are recognized for eco-friendliness, recyclable, biodegradable, and last two years. The absence of convenience hooks slightly limits versatility.
  • MOSO NATURAL: With a wide coverage area and a design that blends easily, MOSO NATURAL 0860002989112 targets larger rooms. Each purchase includes one bag.
  • BASIC CONCEPTS: A set of 4 bags ensures coverage of various areas. BASIC CONCEPTS Charcoal Air Purifying Bags provide lifetime product replacement, but it does not include an instruction manual.

Here's the list of the 6 best charcoal air purifying bags for a natural and effective solution to remove odors from your home.

1. House Edition Charcoal Air Purifier- Best for Style and Functionality

One of the charcoal air purifiers we liked was the lightweight and compact product by House Edition. They come in lovely packages with activated charcoal in each bag to hang in different spaces of the house. It is an excellent option for eliminating odors and decreasing air pollutants.

The first thing we liked about this charcoal air purifier was the use of natural ingredients for making the bag. Since the outer covering is made of cotton fabric and bamboo, the product is safe for use around kids and pets. Furthermore, people with sensitive skin can handle the bags without worries about allergies.

Apart from that, these compact bags can be hung and can be used in different areas of the house, including - kitchens, bathrooms, and smoking areas. Each bamboo bag contains 200 grams of activated charcoal and absorbs air impurities from up to 90 square feet. What's more, since there are four bags, you can designate each one to a particular area.

This air purifier effectively traps odors and moisture and has a higher absorption rate as compared to other brands. Moreover, they are versatile and can be kept in purses, cars, or even inside the fridge to freshen the air.

We thought this charcoal air purifier was a good pick for eco-friendly folks and those who prefer a handy option. (It comes with ropes to hang just about anywhere). Although there aren't any major drawbacks to this option, it doesn't have any fragrance. However, this is might be a plus for some individuals.

Coverage Area: 90 sq. ft. | Material: Bamboo | Filter Type: Activated Charcoal | Weight (oz): 14.4 | Odor Elimination: Yes | Reusability: Yes

2. PURGGO PGCARMINI2 - Best for Eco-Friendly Longevity

Next on the list, we have a charcoal air purifier by PURGGO. This model, PGCARMINI2, might be one of the most long-lasting options out there because it does not need recharging every month. Also, it is made of a tough covering that doesn't wear out quickly.

The most distinctive feature of this option is its long life span. It is one of those rare charcoal air purifiers which lasts for 365 days without needing any replacement. Thus, this option saves a lot of time and money since it doesn't need any expensive refills.

The next thing we liked about this product was the powerful activated carbon it contained. Not only does it have extensive room coverage, but it also has the ability to reduce dust particles, smoke, odor, and other airborne pollutants in the air.

Speaking of odor, it does not mask the smells with a more pungent fragrance like other air sprays. It instead acts as an air sponge. As air passes through the Porous Bamboo Charcoal, odor particles are trapped on the surface of the charcoal. Lastly, the outer covering is made of bamboo and hemp, which are renewable natural resources making it a sustainable option.

You could definitely consider this option if you are tired of spraying artificial and strong-smelling air fresheners around the room. And, while this is a valuable product, it is not perfect. One package consists of only two bamboo/hemp bags, so you can only utilize it in two areas of the house.

Coverage Area: 100 sq. ft. | Material: Linen | Filter Type: Bamboo Charcoal | Weight (oz): 7.7 | Odor Elimination: Yes | Reusability: Yes

3. Yumybom Bamboo Charcoal Bags - Best for Easy-to-Use Recyclability

Another odor-removing bamboo charcoal purifier comes from the brand Yumybom. This product is the perfect size for any room, closet, or drawer and has a lovely grey hemp covering. If you are looking for a recyclable option for a purifier, read further to know details about this product.

The first thing we like about this product is its sleek and simple design. The bags are made of eco-friendly micro-porous bamboo material with a high-quality linen covering. Each beautifully stitched linen bag is around 6.5 inches in height and 3 inches wide, making it easy to place in any corner of the room.

Other than that, they do a fine job of reducing air impurities like dust and smoke in medium to large rooms. Bamboo charcoal is especially effective in removing odors from cars, closets, refrigerators, pet litter boxes, and bathrooms.

Furthermore, these charcoal bags are environment-friendly and last for two years. Within these two years, you can recharge the charcoal by keeping it in the sunlight every month. After its life span is complete, it can be mixed with dirt in the garden because it is bio-degradable. Lastly, it is available at a reasonable price.

Since it is a natural product, there aren't any significant drawbacks. However, there is one thing which could be improved. In case you want to hang the charcoal purifier in your car on a door, you might be disappointed. They do not have ropes or holes to hang on walls.

Coverage Area: 500 sq. ft. | Material: Bamboo | Filter Type: Activated Charcoal | Weight (oz): 10.6 | Odor Elimination: Yes | Reusability: Yes

4. MOSO NATURAL 0860002989112

Up next, we have an air-purifying bag by the brand Moso Natural. The distinctive feature of this product is that it is designed to look like a jute bag. Its neutral color and neat handbag-like appearance will fit in any room of the house and blend in easily.

This product is an all-natural, eco-friendly option ideal for improving the air quality for larger rooms. Place it in the corner of the room or at the center table and it will cover around 250 to 300 square feet to maintain clean air in the surroundings.

If we talk about the bag design, it must be noted that it is larger than other options on this list. It is a 600-gram bag that is designed to stand upright and filled with bamboo charcoal. The bag itself lasts for two years with regular rejuvenation, and after that, you can sprinkle it in the garden as a fertilizer for plants.

Most importantly, it is incredibly effective in removing dust, odors, smoke, and moisture, thereby reducing the growth of mold spores in the air. This charcoal air purifier doesn't merely mask odors for the room but removes them entirely from the air.

Moso Natural is a charcoal air purifier that is a safe alternative to artificial and harmful to health. Although it is reasonably priced and absorbs the odors well in large rooms, one package provides only one bag. For separate rooms, you need to purchase them separately.

Coverage Area: 300 sq. ft. | Material: Bamboo | Filter Type: Moso bamboo Charcoal | Weight (oz): 8.8 | Odor Elimination: Yes | Reusability: Yes

5. BASIC CONCEPTS Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

Here we have another choice product by Basic Concepts, which provides a total of 4 bags of pure bamboo charcoal. Each bag weighing 200 grams is small enough to conveniently place in cars, refrigerators, and even gym bags. Let's take a look at some of the details in the next section.

To begin with, we need to talk about the practical way this product deals with foul odors, VOCs, and dust in the environment. This option comes in a packet of four air purifying bags which can be placed anywhere in the house to reduce musty smells.

The activated carbon in the purifying bag loses its efficiency in three or four weeks. But the benefit of charcoal is that it can be reactivated by placing it underneath bright sunlight. Whenever you feel the bags are losing the power to reduce foul smell, put the bag near a window with ample sunshine for a few hours and reuse it.

Apart from that, the bag comes in a neutral grey color which blends in any setting without looking out of place. Finally, we'd like to mention their strong customer support service which even offers lifetime replacement of the product.

While organic air purifiers have become more popular over the years, not everyone knows how to use these activated charcoal air purifiers. Some online reviews had a difficult time understanding the reactivation process because the packaging did not include an instruction manual.

Coverage Area: 1000 sq. ft. | Material: Non-woven fabric | Filter Type: Activated Charcoal | Weight (oz): 11.2 | Odor Elimination: Yes | Reusability: Yes

What Are the Best Charcoal Bags?

Charcoal bags, also known as activated charcoal air purifiers, are gaining significant popularity for their ability to cleanse the air, alleviate odors, and offer health benefits. The table below offers a comparison of some of the best charcoal bags available on the market, providing detailed insight over a range of factors from Coverage Area (in square feet), Material they're constructed of, Filter Type (the specific type of charcoal used), Weight (in ounces), effectiveness towards Odor Elimination, and their Reusability status.

ProductCoverage AreaMaterialFilter TypeWeight (oz)Odor EliminationReusability
House Edition Charcoal Air Purifier90 sq. ft.BambooActivated Charcoal14.4YesYes
PURGGO PGCARMINI2100 sq. ft.LinenBamboo Charcoal7.7YesYes
Yumybom Bamboo Charcoal Bags500 sq. ft.BambooActivated Charcoal10.6YesYes
MOSO NATURAL 0860002989112300 sq. ft.BambooMoso bamboo Charcoal8.8YesYes
BASIC CONCEPTS Charcoal Air Purifying Bags1000 sq. ft.Non-woven fabricActivated Charcoal11.2YesYes

Buying Guide For The Best Charcoal Air Purifier

Using bamboo charcoal for purifying air has a list of benefits - it is non-toxic, organic, eco-friendly, and replaces chemical-laden sprays. This is why it has seen an increase in popularity for those who do not want to continue using conventional air fresheners.

But considering the dozens of options, how do you know which one is right for you? For this reason, we have created this buying guide so that your selection for a charcoal air purifier is simplified.

Here are a few things you need to consider when choosing a charcoal bag.


Most people think of buying an air purifier when there is a specific problem they want to fix. It could be the car smelling off for a few days or new furniture which gives off a chemical stench strong enough to give headaches. Others want to improve the quality of air, especially to combat pet smells.

Ultimately, defining your purpose for buying an air purifier will help to begin with your decision-making. If you are sensitive to fragrances, opting for an organic solution over a chemical/ spray one is a no-brainer.

Finally, the size of the room needs to be considered if you are looking to use the bag for an entire room. Most large rooms will need 3 or 4 air purifying bags weighing 500 -600 g to keep the whole room fresh, but this varies across brands.

Charcoal Purity

Many users do not know this, but activated charcoal in the bags comes in two kinds - powder and chunks. Since the actual bamboo charcoal is always covered by an opaque cloth covering, distinguishing them is challenging. Charcoal chunks are more porous than the powdered form and thus make a more potent air purifier as compared to powdered activated charcoal.

Another factor that matters is the source. Charcoal can come from various sources - wood, coal, and bamboo. What is unique about bamboo charcoal is the plant's sustainability. Bamboo plants proliferate quickly, and they aren't a non-renewable resource like coal.

Bag Material

Almost always, activated charcoal pieces or powder come in small bags. For proper ventilation, most companies use natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and jute hemp. Linen is most commonly used for making bags of activated charcoal because the material is breathable and sturdy.

Since this fabric will not go in the washing machine, the bag needs to be placed in a dry place lest it gets dirty. Some charcoal bags are sealed, and you cannot open them even if you want to check the charcoal. There isn't much you can do in that case, but if the charcoal bags do open, you can wash only the fabric.


The packaging includes all the add-ons that the air purifier comes with. Bamboo charcoal bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different applications.

For example, a small cylindrical one or a tubular-shaped bag is ideal for putting in shoes to remove the stench of used shoes. And while most charcoal bags are rectangular or square, some of them are small and flattened out to fit in tiny spaces like purses.

If we talk about bag sizes, the amount of charcoal that fits into the bag varies for different companies, but the standard amounts are - 50 g, 120 g, 200 g, and 500 g.


There are two types of people in the world - those who prioritize function and others who cannot compromise on aesthetics. There might be a third kind who wants an equal balance of both. Now depending on which person you are, the type of charcoal purifier you select will differ.

Sometimes it's not about personal preference but location. If the hidden corner of your basement is musty, there is no need to purchase a decorative bag for that spot. But, if you need one in your living room or somewhere the product is visible, then you can select a fancier one.


Suppose you are on a budget; it's wiser to buy a small but genuine product for testing. Test it in a closed space to see if this one is right for you. If you like it, you can buy another one from the same brand.

The best quality charcoal bags last for around two years with frequent rejuvenation from sunlight. Don't make the mistake of buying an inferior quality product because, at the most, it will last up to 3 or 4 months.

Besides, even though high-quality charcoal purifiers are more expensive, they will last longer and prove to be an economical option in the long run.

Customer Support

While you are considering the quality, budget, and other factors for some of the best air purifiers, do remember to note the service provided after the purchase is complete. Any company worth its salt offers basic customer support for feedback and inconsistencies, if any. You can write an email or chat with them in real-time if you have difficulty with instructions or quality.

Also, before purchasing, check the terms and conditions at the back of the package or online descriptions to check the warranty. Many good companies provide a replacement guarantee or a money-back policy for two or three years.

What is a charcoal air purifier?

A charcoal air purifier, also known as activated charcoal or activated carbon air purifier, is a device that uses activated charcoal to absorb and remove impurities and pollutants from the air.

How do charcoal air purifiers work?

Charcoal air purifiers work by trapping impurities and pollutants in the tiny pores of the activated charcoal. As air passes through the purifier, the impurities become trapped in the charcoal, leaving clean air to circulate back into the room.

What are the benefits of using a charcoal air purifier?

The benefits of using a charcoal air purifier include removing odors, reducing allergens and pollutants in the air, improving air quality, and helping to maintain a healthy living environment.

Can charcoal air purifiers remove all pollutants from the air?

While charcoal air purifiers are effective at removing many types of pollutants, they cannot remove all pollutants from the air. Some pollutants, such as viruses and bacteria, require specialized air purifiers to remove them.

How often do I need to replace the charcoal filter in my air purifier?

The frequency of replacing the charcoal filter in your air purifier depends on the level of pollutants in the air and how often the purifier is used. It is recommended to replace the charcoal filter every 3-6 months for optimal performance.

Can charcoal air purifiers be used in large rooms?

The effectiveness of charcoal air purifiers in large rooms depends on the size and power of the purifier. It is recommended to choose a purifier that is designed for the size of the room it will be used in.

Do I need additional filters for my air purifiers?

While you can settle for a conventional charcoal air purifying bag if you want, those are not sufficient for completely purifying the air. And so, you will need additional filters if you want cleaner indoor air quality.

How does activated charcoal work?

Activated charcoal is porous charcoal that has a significant surface area due to the presence of numerous pores. These pores effectively trap any gases and VOCs that are made of larger particles, thereby purifying the air.

Is activated charcoal and activated carbon the same thing?

Charcoal is a form of amorphous carbon that is obtained by burning organic substances in the presence of little air, while charcoal is activated by burning it in the presence of gases to develop pores. In this regard, both activated charcoal and activated carbon share the same properties and can thus be regarded as the same thing.

Wow, you've made it all the way to the end! Thank you for taking the time to read our comprehensive article on the best charcoal air purifiers. These extraordinary products can help eliminate unpleasant odors, reduce airborne pollutants, and purify the air in your living spaces, making them great assets for any home.

Out of these 6 best charcoal air purifiers, here are our top three recommendations:

  • For those who prefer stylish and functional designs, the House Edition Charcoal Air Purifier is an ideal option. With its safety features, such as being safe for children and pets, along with its attractive packaging, it caters well to households with a keen eye for aesthetics.
  • If you're looking for a long-lasting and eco-friendly product, the PURGGO PGCARMINI2 is a good option. With its one-year lifespan, powerful activated carbon, and renewable natural resources, this purifier offers a sustainable choice for those concerned about the environment.
  • Finally, for those in need of an easy-to-use, bio-degradable option, the Yumybom Bamboo Charcoal Bags is the right choice. Its sleek design, recyclability, and affordability make it an excellent addition to any room in the house.

Everyone deserves a living space filled with fresh and clean air, and these charcoal air purifiers are wonderful solutions for achieving just that. We hope that our recommendations help you make an informed decision about which product suits your needs the best. So go ahead, give one (or all) of them a try, and enjoy your transformed living spaces while taking a step towards a cleaner and healthier environment!