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7 Best Electric Hand Planers of 2023

The WEN 6530 hand planer is the electric powerhouse for electric hand planing, while the PORTER-CABLE PC60THP smoothly shapes surfaces with finesse. Meanwhile, the Makita XPK01Z unleashes cordless freedom while effortlessly sculpting wood. All are great tools for precision woodworking. 

Best Electric Hand Planers

Welcome to the world where power and precision meet harmoniously, where the scent of freshly cut wood dances in the air. 

Behold the realm of electric hand planers! With the revolutions per minute spinning like a waltz, these marvelous tools transform rough lumber into a symphony of smoothness. So, check out this article to discover the secrets of the electric hand planer, unleash your creativity, and build wonders that stand the test of time. 

Discover the best electric hand planers for woodworking at home:

  • WEN 6530 electric hand planer: The WEN hand planer, with a 3-1⁄4-inch cutting width and adjustable depth settings, is a versatile choice for woodworking projects. Its ergonomic handle ensures comfort during extended use, while the included dust collection bag maintains a clean workspace. Backed by WEN's warranty, it combines precision and reliability.
  • PORTER-CABLE hand planer: The PORTER-CABLE hand planer, powered by a 6-amp motor, excels in hardwood with ten positive depth stages for accuracy. Despite some noise, its dual-side dust extraction system, ergonomic design, and robust construction make it a versatile and durable choice, ensuring a clean and efficient woodworking experience.
  • Makita XPK01Z cordless planer: The Makita planer, with an 18V motor, offers cordless convenience and portability for various woodworking projects. Despite limited battery life, its aluminum foundation ensures planing accuracy, making it suitable for smoothing door edges or crafting stick-free surfaces.
  • JELLAS electric planer: The JELLAS planer stands out with high-speed steel cutting blades, a powerful motor, and a dual dust-out system for flawless woodworking. Its ergonomic design provides maximum control and comfort, and the all-mirror-grade aluminum construction ensures durability. JELLAS backs this tool with a generous warranty for peace of mind.
  • SKIL electric corded planer: The SKIL electric corded planer, with a 6.5-amp motor, delivers precision and efficiency in woodworking. Its dual chip exhaust and dust bag guarantee efficient dust collection, maintaining a tidy workspace. With easy-to-use depth adjustment and cutting width, this planer offers complete control over projects, making it an excellent value-for-money option.
  • TOPSHAK electric hand planer: The TOPSHAK electric hand planer is a game-changer with a 10A/120V/1200W motor and adjustable cutting width. The dual-side dust outlet and powerful motor cater to both rough lumber and hardwood projects. Despite its noisy operation, it remains budget-friendly, ideal for woodworking.
  • AOBEN cordless electric hand planer: The AOBEN cordless electric hand planer is a cordless convenience with high-speed performance and adjustable planing depth. Powered by a 7A motor, it operates at 18,000 RPM, making it ideal for fast stock removal. While it has limited battery life, its affordability and included features make it a valuable choice for woodworking projects.

1. WEN electric hand planer - Best precision hand planer

Step into the world of woodworking perfection with the WEN 6530 electric hand planer, a true marvel of craftsmanship and innovation. Crafted to transcend the boundaries of ordinary hand planers, this remarkable tool guarantees an extraordinary experience that will leave you spellbound.

The WEN 6530 boasts a cutting width of 3-1⁄4 inches, ensuring you can easily tackle any woodworking project. Its cutting-depth adjustments offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to achieve the perfect shaving thickness for your desired outcome. Whether you’re working on rough lumber or seeking to chamfer those door edges, this planer has got you covered.

But that’s not all. Drawing from experience, the WEN 6530 cares for your comfort as much as it does for your craftsmanship. The ergonomically designed handle, paired with a parallel fence bracket, ensures that your strokes are parallel to the edge of the wood and allows extended use without fatigue. The dust collection bag, which comes along with this product, ensures a clean and safe working environment.

And here’s the best part: WEN stands behind its product with a generous warranty, providing peace of mind and confidence in your investment. You can trust in the quality and reliability of the WEN 6530, knowing that it is backed by a brand renowned for excellence in the realm of power tools.

Power and Motor: 6A/120V | Blade Size and Quality: 3.25" cutting width, two HSS reversible blades | Depth of Cut: .125" | Speed: 17,000 RPM | Ergonomics and Grip: Lightweight, ergonomic handle and parallel fence bracket | Dust Collection: Dust bag, reversible dust chute | Safety Features: Safety lock, kickstand

2. PORTER-CABLE hand planer - Best power tool for versatile woodworking

Crafted with utmost precision and powered by a robust 6-ampere electric motor, this hand planer unleashes a symphony of revolutions per minute. It effortlessly glides through hardwood like a maestro conducting an orchestra. Its high-speed steel cutting blade rotates with finesse, producing delicate wood shavings that rival the strokes of an artist’s brush.

Its unwavering dedication to human factors and ergonomics sets the PORTER-CABLE hand planer apart from its counterparts. The ten positive stages of the overmold depth knob allow for precise depth adjustments, enabling you to sculpt your workpiece with unrivaled accuracy.

The versatility of this power tool is another feather in its cap. Whether you’re working on door edges, countertop chamfering, or tacking rough lumber, the PORTER-CABLE hand planer effortlessly handles it all. Based on our first-hand experience, the three chamfering grooves allow for quick and efficient edge chamfering.

Moreover, this PORTER-CABLE hand planer understands the importance of cleanliness in the workshop. Its dual-side dust extraction system, equipped with a dust bag, ensures that every stroke yields not only a masterpiece but also a pristine environment. No sawdust will dare interrupt the rhythm of your craftsmanship.

In terms of durability, this hand planer sets the bar high. Its robust construction, fortified by the sturdy aluminum shoes, guarantees longevity despite challenging projects. Backed by a generous warranty, the PORTER-CABLE hand planer stands as a testament to its manufacturer’s confidence in the lasting performance of the tool.

Power and Motor: 6A/120V | Blade Size and Quality: N/A | Depth of Cut: .078" | Speed: 16,500 RPM | Ergonomics and Grip: N/A | Dust Collection: Dust bag, dual side dust extraction | Safety Features: N/A

3. Makita cordless planer - Best for efficient wood shaping and smoothing

The Makita XPK01Z is an ideal tool for all your woodworking projects.

This cordless model has a brushless DC electric motor that delivers a maximum cut of 3-¼ inches and 14,000 revolutions per minute, making it perfect for fast stock removal. The cutting depth can be easily adjusted with the front knob. It has an aluminum foundation that has been precisely milled for planing accuracy. It can also be used to smooth door edges or stick-free surfaces.

The Makita XPK01Z is lightweight and easy to handle, especially during prolonged use. This electric hand planer has a spring-loaded stand that protects the blade and workpiece when the tool is not in use.

Our analysis of this product revealed that this planer is versatile and can be used for various woodworking projects. It’s excellent for rough lumber, construction lumber, or thinner and softer woods. The double-edge carbide blades ensure longer blade life, and the powerful brake and electric motor make it easy to stop the blade quickly for added safety.

The Makita XPK01Z has a warranty and is built to last, making it an excellent investment for your woodworking projects.

Power and Motor: 18V | Blade Size and Quality: Planes up to 3.25" wide, 2-blade cutterhead and double-edge carbide blades | Depth of Cut: .078" | Speed: 14,000 RPM | Ergonomics and Grip: Lightweight, ergonomically-centered balanced design, rubberized soft grip | Dust Collection: N/A | Safety Features: Powerful brake to stop the blade quickly, spring-loaded stand

4. JELLAS electric hand planer - Best tool with reversible HSS cutting blades

Craftsmanship meets innovation in the remarkable electric planer by JELLAS. A true game-changer in the realm of woodworking, this power tool unveils a world of possibilities for both professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. 

At the heart of this woodworking marvel is its high-speed steel (HSS) cutting blades, meticulously engineered to deliver a flawless cutting experience. With a powerful electric motor, the planer effortlessly glides through hardwood, leaving a smooth surface behind. The 16,500 revolutions per minute (RPM) ensure fast stock removal, making it ideal for various woodworking projects. 

What sets the JELLAS electric planer apart from the rest is its dual dust-out system, designed to keep your workspace clean and free of debris. Equipped with a dust collection bag, multi-directional dust chute, and a sawdust ejector, the planer efficiently collects wood shavings and sawdust, preventing them from littering your work area. This thoughtful feature not only saves you valuable time but also protects your health by minimizing the inhalation of harmful particles. 

The ergonomic auxiliary push dual-handle design of the JELLAS electric planer ensures maximum control and comfort during operation. Whether working on rough lumber or fine carpentry, this planer effortlessly adapts to your needs, making it the go-to tool for a wide range of woodworking tasks. 

With JELLAS, durability is a given. The electric planer boasts all-mirror-grade aluminum construction, ensuring longevity and reliability. This sturdy build, coupled with the inclusion of a reversible blade, means you can tackle any woodworking project with confidence and ease. 

And rest assured, JELLAS stands behind the quality of their product with a generous warranty, giving you peace of mind and the assurance that your investment is protected. 

Power and Motor: 7.5A/120V | Blade Size and Quality: 3.25" cutting width, HSS reversible blades | Depth of Cut: .125" | Speed: 16,500 RPM | Ergonomics and Grip: Auxiliary push handle, ergonomic soft grip | Dust Collection: Dual side dust extraction bag, multi-directional dust chute, sawdust ejector | Safety Features: Safety switch, protective kickstand

5. SKIL electric corded planer - Best value for money hand planer

Crafted with utmost precision, this electric hand planer surpasses all expectations.

First and foremost, let’s talk about power. Equipped with a robust 6.5-ampere electric motor, the SKIL planer is an unstoppable force in the realm of carpentry. It effortlessly glides through hardwood and construction lumber with every stroke, ensuring fast stock removal and unparalleled precision. The powerful electric motor ensures maximum power and efficiency, leaving other planers in the dust.

When it comes to dust extraction, this planer takes the crown. The dual chip exhaust, combined with a dust bag, guarantees a clean and tidy workspace. No longer will you be bothered by the pesky wood shavings that once invaded your personal space. Instead, you’ll revel in the tranquility of a dust-free environment, enabling you to focus solely on your craftsmanship.

Plus, the easy-to-use depth adjustment and cutting width give you complete control over your woodworking project, ensuring a smooth surface and the perfect cutting depth every time.

As an ideal tool for both professional woodworkers and enthusiastic hobbyists, the SKIL planer provides an extraordinary combination of precision, power, and convenience. Whether you’re tackling rough lumber or refining delicate pieces, this planer effortlessly rises to the occasion. With its impressive features, meticulous craftsmanship, and a warranty that guarantees peace of mind, the SKIL planer is an investment worth every penny.

Power and Motor: ‎6.5A | Blade Size and Quality: 3.25" planing width | Depth of Cut: .078" | Speed: 16,000 RPM | Ergonomics and Grip: N/A | Dust Collection: Dust bag, dual chip exhaust | Safety Features: Lock-off switch

6. TOPSHAK electric hand planer - Best electric planer with efficient dust extraction system

The TOPSHAK TS-EP3 electric hand planer is a true game-changer in the world of woodworking. It is perfect for both rough lumber and construction lumber, as well as hardwood and softer woods. This powerful tool boasts a 16,500 RPM electric motor, making it ideal for any woodworking project. 

Moving on, it features a precision-machined bottom made of mirror aluminum, which ensures the flatness of the cut. Additionally, this electric hand planer has a front knob that makes depth adjustments quick and easy. The cutter head has three v-shaped chamfering grooves that can create edge chamfering and rabbet cuts. 

One of the most impressive features of this electric hand planer is the dual-side dust outlet with dust chutes mounted on the sides and the dust collection bag. These planer features are designed to collect dust and shavings as you work, leaving you with a very smooth surface and minimizing cleanup time. The dust collector also makes it easier to work with thicker doors or sticking doors and allows you to collect dust from door edges or countertops. 

As such, the TOPSHAK TS-EP3 is ideal for professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. This corded electric hand planer is also budget-friendly and perfect for those needing a reliable tool for their woodworking projects. 

Power and Motor: 10A/120V/1200W | Blade Size and Quality: 4.4” planing width | Depth of Cut: .062" | Speed: 16,500 RPM | Ergonomics and Grip: Ergonomic handle | Dust Collection: Dust bag, side-mounted dust chutes, can be connected to a vacuum cleaner | Safety Features: Lock/lock-off switch

7. AOBEN cordless electric hand planer - Best cordless electric hand planer

The AOBEN cordless electric hand planer is an impressive addition to any woodworking enthusiast’s arsenal. With a powerful electric motor and a lithium-ion battery, this cordless electric hand planer is perfect for those who want a smooth surface finish on their woodworking projects.

This hand planer boasts a high no-load speed of 18,000 revolutions per minute, making it the ideal tool for fast stock removal. It also features a planing width of 3-¼ inches and a maximum cut depth of ⅗ inch, making it suitable for construction lumber, rough lumber, hardwood, and softer woods.

This electric hand planer also includes a dual-side dust outlet with a dust collection bag to collect dust. It prevents the dust from spreading all over your workspace. The stand also doubles as a kickstand, making it easier to put the planer down without damaging the blade or workpiece. Additionally, it has reversible cutting blades that can easily be replaced when it becomes dull.

The price is one of the most notable differences between the AOBEN cordless electric hand planer and other planers. It’s affordable, making it an ideal option for both professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts on a budget. Moreover, it comes with a carrying case and a warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re getting a quality product.

Power and Motor: 7A | Blade Size and Quality: 3.25" planing width | Depth of Cut: .078" | Speed: 18,000 RPM | Ergonomics and Grip: Ergonomic handle | Dust Collection: Dust bag, dust outlet, can be connected to a vacuum cleaner | Safety Features: Lock-on button

Which electric hand planer is right for your home woodworking needs?

Explore the key features of these electric hand planers to help you make an informed choice for your home woodworking projects. From power and blade quality to ergonomics and safety features, this table provides a handy comparison for your needs.

Electric Hand PlanersPower and MotorBlade Size and QualityDepth of CutSpeedErgonomics and GripDust CollectionSafety Features
WEN Electric Hand Planer6A/120V3.25" cutting width, two HSS reversible blades.125"17,000 RPMLightweight, ergonomic handle and parallel fence bracketDust bag, reversible dust chuteSafety lock, kickstand
PORTER-CABLE Hand Planer6A/120VN/A.078"16,500 RPMN/ADust bag, dual side dust extractionN/A
Makita Cordless Planer18VPlanes up to 3.25" wide, 2-blade cutterhead and double-edge carbide blades.078"14,000 RPMLightweight, ergonomically-centered balanced design, rubberized soft gripN/APowerful brake to stop the blade quickly, spring-loaded stand
JELLAS Electric Hand Planer7.5A/120V3.25" cutting width, HSS reversible blades.125"16,500 RPMAuxiliary push handle, ergonomic soft gripDual side dust extraction bag, multi-directional dust chute, sawdust ejectorSafety switch, protective kickstand
SKIL Electric Corded Planer6.5A3.25" planing width.078"16,000 RPMN/ADust bag, dual chip exhaustLock-off switch
TOPSHAK Electric Hand Planer10A/120V/1200W4.4” planing width.062"16,500 RPMErgonomic handleDust bag, side-mounted dust chutes, can be connected to a vacuum cleanerLock/lock-off switch
AOBEN Cordless Electric Hand Planer7A3.25" planing width.078"18,000 RPMErgonomic handleDust bag, dust outlet, can be connected to a vacuum cleanerLock-on button

Buyer’s guide for electric hand planers

When buying an electric hand planer, several key features must be considered. 

1. Power

Electric hand planers are compact yet powerful tools that offer exceptional performance and versatility. With their robust motors, they deliver an impressive amount of power. While buying one, look for a powerful motor, preferably a brushless DC electric motor, that can handle various woodworking projects and provide smooth cutting action. 

2. Cutting depth

The cutting depth of electric hand planers refers to the maximum cutting depth at which the tool can remove material from the workpiece. It determines the amount of material that can be planed off in a single pass, affecting the efficiency and versatility of the tool. 

Electric hand planers typically offer adjustable cutting depths, allowing users to customize the thickness of shavings. Consider the maximum depth a planer can cut in a single pass while buying. 

3. Cutting width

The cutting width of an electric hand planer refers to the width of the material that the planer can remove in a single pass. Typically, electric hand planers have cutting widths ranging from two to four inches, although some models may offer wider options. 

The cutting width determines the speed and efficiency of material removal. Choosing the appropriate cutting width ensures that your electric hand planer matches your project requirements. 

4. Speed

Electric hand planers are versatile tools that excel in removing excess material and smoothing surfaces. Equipped with powerful motors, they can swiftly and efficiently shave off layers of wood or other materials. Check the revolutions per minute (RPM) or no-load speed of the planer to ensure efficient and fast cutting. 

5. Blades

The durability and sharpness of the blades of electric hand planers are vital for achieving smooth finishes and reducing tear-out. Look for reversible blades made of durable materials like high-speed steel or tungsten carbide, which provide longer-lasting sharpness and smoother cuts. 

6. Dust collection

Electric hand planers often come equipped with a dust collection feature, enhancing their functionality and user experience. It also contributes to a healthier work environment by reducing airborne dust and minimizing the risk of respiratory issues. 

Look for electric hand planers with a dust collection bag or dust extraction port, as they’re essential for keeping your work area clean and free of sawdust and wood shavings. 

7. Ergonomics

Electric hand planers are designed with ergonomics in mind to ensure user comfort and efficiency. Consider the design and comfort features such as a comfortable grip, placement of controls and switches, ergonomic handle, and vibration reduction for extended use without fatigue. 

9. Depth adjustments

The depth adjustment feature in electric hand planers allows users to precisely control the amount of material being removed from the workpiece. This feature is typically operated by a depth control knob or lever, enabling you to make fine or coarse adjustments depending on your requirements. While buying, ensure the planer offers easy and precise depth adjustments, allowing you to achieve the desired cutting depth for different woodworking projects. 

10. Fence or guide

Fences or guides of electric hand planers enhance precision and control during woodworking tasks. By aligning the material against the fence or guide, woodworkers can achieve smooth, even surfaces and maintain the desired shape. Look for a planer with a parallel fence or guide to help maintain a consistent cutting width and ensure accurate edge chamfering. 

11. Corded vs cordless

Corded models of electric hand planers provide a consistent and uninterrupted power supply, making them ideal for longer projects and heavy-duty tasks. On the other hand, cordless electric hand planers offer unmatched portability and flexibility. Before buying, decide whether you prefer the convenience of a cordless model or a continuous power supply of a corded electric hand planer. 

12. Brand and warranty

A strong brand with a comprehensive warranty ensures a satisfying experience with your electric hand planer. While buying one, choose a reputable brand known for its quality power tools, such as Jellas, Makita, Skil, Wen, DeWalt, Bosch, or Porter-Cable. Also, check for a warranty that covers any potential defects or malfunctions. 

Remember, the best electric hand planer for you depends on your specific needs, budget, and woodworking projects. Consider these features to make an informed decision and find a planer that suits your requirements. 

What are the advantages of using an electric hand planer for woodworking projects?

A few advantages of using an electric hand planer for woodworking projects are fast stock removal, precise depth adjustments, and the ability to create a very smooth surface. It is a powerful tool that can handle various types of wood, making it ideal for both professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts.

How does a cordless electric hand planer differ from a corded model?

A cordless electric hand planer differs from a corded model mainly with its power source. While a corded model requires a power cord, a cordless planer operates on a rechargeable electric battery. Cordless planers offer more mobility and freedom of movement but may have slightly less power and shorter battery life compared to corded ones.

Is a dust bag or dust collection port better for collecting sawdust from an electric hand planer?

A dust collection port is generally better than a dust bag for collecting sawdust from an electric hand planer as it is more effective, especially when paired with a dust collector. That being said, a dust bag is more convenient for small jobs or when working in tight spaces.

Can corded electric hand planers be used as jointers, stationary planers, molding planers, or benchtop planers?

No, electric hand planers, corded or cordless, cannot be used as jointers, stationary planers, molding planers, or benchtop planers. It is designed for portable and handheld use, making it unsuitable for tasks requiring precision offered by these tools. Each serves a specific purpose and should be used accordingly. 

After careful consideration, the verdict is clear. The WEN electric hand planer shines as the all-around performer with its powerful motor and versatile 3-¼ inch blade. For smaller projects, the PORTER-CABLE hand planer, with its 6-ampere motor and 5/64-inch cut depth, is the ideal choice. If mobility is your priority, the Makita cordless planer takes the spotlight, offering cordless freedom.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional, there's a planer to suit your needs and lead you to woodworking success. If you found this article helpful, explore our guides on stationary planers and benchtop planers for more woodworking insights.