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6 Best Glue For Marble | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Using marble for decoration purposes is a great idea, but it becomes quite a headache when it chips or breaks. 

Best Glue For Marble

With use, regular wear and tear is nothing but inevitable. No matter how strong the marble surface is, it is practically impossible to ensure that it will not encounter any damage. And when it does, you need to have the right glue to fix the problem in a jiffy. But, finding the right one is not as easy as it sounds. 

The market is filled with different types of glues, and picking the best one among them can be quite challenging. So, to help you, we have compiled the top five glue for marble you can try. There’s a buyer’s guide at the end to help you further. 

So, without any more delay, let’s dive right in!

Marble is a beautiful, but delicate material. If you’re looking for a reliable adhesive to get the job done, then you’ve come to the right place.

Listed below are the 5 best glues for marble from our list:

  • Epox-Sci. The Epox-Sci 112920k Instant Install is celebrated for its excellent value, versatility and capability to glue marbles effectively in a short span of 29 minutes. Perfect for minor repairs like cracks and fractures, it is composed of non-toxic ingredients and can even be used around children. It does not dry clear, leaving an opaque finish that may require coloring for better aesthetics.
  • HIMG Surface Repair. Known for its fast curing and delivering a powerful bond, the HIMG Surface Repair is a top choice to fix marble countertops, rocks or granite. It delivers a transparent finish, is completely non-toxic and does not turn yellow over time. It's slightly pricier compared to other standard epoxy glues but worth the investment.
  • Loctite 1451588. The Loctite 1451588 stands out for its durability and versatility. It delivers a strong bond, eight times stronger than regular construction adhesives, and can be used on several surfaces from marble to other building materials. Nonetheless, the drying result tends to be translucent which can be addressed with a coat of paint.
  • Loctite PL 530 Mirror, Marble, and Granite Adhesive. Uniquely suited for moist environments like kitchens and bathrooms, the Loctite PL 530 Mirror offers a lasting bond for glued marble countertops. It's resistant to water, mold, and mildew, ensuring the bond's longevity. It's also stain-resistant and user-friendly. The only potential downside is its longer drying time.
  • Akfix Stone and Marble Fast Adhesive. The Akfix Stone and Marble Adhesive offers versatility and a solution for projects requiring quick drying and strong bonds. Its high viscosity is especially effective for vertical applications and it can be used with different materials. It's waterproof and heat-proof, making it suitable for various applications. However, it's not suitable for high-impact applications due to its low resistance to shock and impact.

Here is the list of the 6 best glues for marble for your projects.

1. Epox-Sci - Best Overall

For starters, we have the Epox-Sci 112920k Instant Install. Users love this epoxy glue as it provides excellent value for money. This product offers a number of solutions and is highly effective when it comes to gluing marble. 

Gluing stone becomes much simpler when you have the right repair tools at your disposal. Some people might feel that fixing marble is difficult, but this marble epoxy glue will take all your worries away. 

The first thing that caught our eye was the claim that it can repair cracks on marbles within a short span of 29 minutes. Hence, you will be able to bond marble surfaces without waiting for hours. This stone glue takes 15 minutes to work and another 14 minutes to dry. 

Moreover, it is made of completely non-toxic ingredients and, therefore, can be used in the kitchen too. You can consider using it in areas that children access, as this epoxy resin won't cause any harm to them. 

Apart from that, this is one of those epoxy glues that can be used on a range of materials, including quartz and granite. And most people prefer using it for more minor repairs like cracks and fractures.  

When we used this item to glue marble, the only problem we faced was that it did not dry clearly. We noticed that the finishing was opaque, and that made it evident that the marble tiles had been glued. To deal with this problem, you can consider adding color to the glue. 

Adhesive Type: Epoxy | Application: General | Color: Clear | Heat Resistance: High | Curing Time: 24 hours | Strength: High | Shelf Life: 2 years

2. HIMG Surface Repair - Best Non-Toxic

We would recommend that you try the HIMG Surface Repair to fix marble countertops, rocks, or granite. It can fix broken marble in a jiffy and is also great for repairing minor cracks and fractures. And once it dries, you can rest assured that it will deliver a powerful bond. 

If you are on the lookout for a solution that can effectively help in gluing marble, then this product may fit the bill. It delivers a completely transparent finish and is excellent for fixing cracks and broken marble tiles. When it comes to repairing chipped surfaces, this one works like magic. 

We would suggest that you opt for this glue for marble if you hate dried-up glue surfaces turning yellow over time. This option is entirely non-toxic, and you can use it anywhere in your house without having to worry about safety. Plus, you do not need to wear any safety gear when using this item. 

Moreover, it is essential to note that, unlike other light-cure acrylics, this self-cure option dries up very fast within a matter of a few minutes. This glue marble cures on its own and heals in a short time span.

The only complaint that we have with this product is the fact that it is a little pricey when compared to other standard epoxy glues. This marble glue comes in a small pack, and it is best that you use it judiciously to prevent any wastage. 

Adhesive Type: Polymer composite | Application: Surface repair | Color: White | Heat Resistance: Medium | Curing Time: 2 hours | Strength: Medium | Shelf Life: 1 year

3. Loctite 1451588 - Best Durability

The Loctite 1451588 can be your best bet to provide glued marble surfaces with optimum durability. It has a low viscosity, which makes it effective for bonding, and is an excellent option when you have to repair marble. What’s more, this adhesive can handle both light and heavy objects. 

What makes this product stand apart from the glues manufactured by other brands is the fact that it delivers an extremely strong bond. From the tests that we conducted, we gathered that it is eight times stronger than regular construction adhesives. 

In fact, this polyurethane adhesive is at par with any high-quality gorilla glue and is a perfect choice to glue marble together. 

Other than that, the versatility that it puts on the table is nothing short of incredible, as you do not have to restrict yourself to using it just on marble. Instead, you can apply it on other surfaces such as stone, hardwood, treated wood, slate, brick, and other building materials. So, you do not have to buy separate glue for different materials, and that would save you a lot of money. 

And the versatility extends to other aspects of use as well. For example, you can use it in cold climates too, and it would dry without any problem. Once it gets cured, you can even paint on it if you wish to.  

Despite delivering a solid bond, the problem with this glue is that it does not dry clear. So, there's a chance that the final output might not look that great once it dries up. To prevent that, it is best that you follow it up with a coat of paint. 

Adhesive Type: Super Glue | Application: Multi-purpose | Color: Clear | Heat Resistance: Medium | Curing Time: 10 seconds | Strength: Low | Shelf Life: 2 years

4. Loctite PL 530 Mirror, Marble, and Granite Adhesive

The Loctite 1693636 PL 530 Mirror, is an excellent choice if you are working with marble in the kitchen or bathroom. Once you glue the marble countertop with this item, the bond will last for years to come. 

What makes this item stand out among its contemporaries is the fact that it can be used in moist environments. It is true that for most glues, drying up in humid areas is a problem - but not with this one. This is the best glue for marble if you are working in moist areas like in your bathroom or kitchen. 

Moreover, you can rest assured that it won't stain the surfaces that you are working on. That makes it a great addition to your DIY kit and reduces your cleaning work to the minimum. Besides, it doesn’t leave any nasty stains and you can wipe the finished surface to get rid of any dirt. 

Other than that, what enhances the durability of the glue is that it is resistant to water, mold, and mildew. That is what makes the bond last for a long time. And, coming to the ease of application, the simple applicator tube gets a perfect ten from us.  

There is no doubt that the bond this glue delivers is super-resistant. However, you need to keep in mind that it takes some time to dry up. So, if you have a short deadline, this might be a problem. Keep this factor in mind before purchasing. 

Adhesive Type: Polyurethane | Application: Stone and marble | Color: Gray | Heat Resistance: High | Curing Time: 24 hours | Strength: High | Shelf Life: 1 year

5. Akfix Stone and Marble Fast Adhesive

Akfix Stone and Marble Fast Adhesive is a versatile adhesive designed specifically for bonding marble, stone, and other materials. This product is particularly useful for basic repairs and small applications where fast drying and strong bonds are required.

One of the primary reasons we took a liking to this adhesive was its high viscosity, which proved to be incredibly effective for vertical applications. This quality allowed it to be utilized with an assortment of materials, such as marble and stone. Due to its adaptability across different projects, we found it to be an incredibly versatile and practical choice for many users.

Another factor that greatly impressed us was the adhesive's quick drying time and the strong bonds it could form. This feature ensured that projects were not only completed efficiently but also resulted in reliable and durable outcomes. The adhesive's performance exceeded our expectations, which furthered our admiration for the product.

Lastly, we appreciated the adhesive's resilience upon curing. It demonstrated exceptional water resistance, making it 100% waterproof, and remained unfazed by heat. This capacity to endure various environmental conditions without compromising the integrity of bonds made it an excellent option for numerous applications. Overall, the adhesive's comprehensive range of features, performance, and durability helped solidify our favorable impression of the product.

While its performance is excellent in terms of being waterproof and heat resistant, it lacks resistance to shock and impact, making it less suitable for high-impact applications.

Adhesive Type: Cyanoacrylate | Application: Stone and marble | Color: Clear | Heat Resistance: Low | Curing Time: 5 minutes | Strength: Low | Shelf Life: 1 year

6. PC Products Two-Part Heavy Duty Epoxy Adhesive Paste

The PC Products Two-Part Heavy Duty Epoxy Adhesive Paste is perfect for heavy-duty applications that involve complex bonding, including large marble projects. With its extreme resistance to various damaging factors and its ability to bond with multiple materials, this adhesive is ideal for various scenarios.

One aspect of the adhesive that we found particularly noteworthy was its exceptional strength, boasting a remarkable 2150 PSI tension resistance. This incredible level of strength ensured that bonds created with this product were reliable and secure, making it a suitable choice for various projects needing a robust adhesive solution.

Another reason why this product impressed us was its resistance to multiple damaging factors. As a result, it could withstand various external elements without affecting the adhesive's performance. Additionally, this adhesive proved great for sealing and filling gaps or cracks, which further expanded its range of applications, making it a highly versatile choice.

Finally, the slow drying feature of the adhesive allowed users to engage in careful, accurate work. In scenarios where precision was paramount, this attribute proved invaluable, giving users the opportunity to make adjustments and corrections before the product was fully set. Overall, the combination of exceptional strength, superior resistance to damaging factors, and a slow drying time for precision work made this adhesive stand out as an impressive and reliable choice.

This amazing adhesive has one drawback: it dries with a grey color, which makes it less ideal for visible surfaces where aesthetics matter.

Adhesive Type: Epoxy | Application: General | Color: Gray | Heat Resistance: High | Curing Time: 4 hours | Strength: High | Shelf Life: 2 years

What is the Best Glue for Marble?

The following table presents a comprehensive comparison of the finest adhesives specifically designed for marble. It evaluates crucial attributes including Adhesive Type, Application, Color, Heat Resistance, Curing Time, Strength, and Shelf Life.

ProductAdhesive TypeApplicationColorHeat ResistanceCuring TimeStrengthShelf Life
Epox-SciEpoxyGeneralClearHigh24 hoursHigh2 years
HIMG Surface RepairPolymer compositeSurface repairWhiteMedium2 hoursMedium1 year
Loctite 1451588Super GlueMulti-purposeClearMedium10 secondsLow2 years
Loctite PL 530 Mirror, Marble, and Granite AdhesivePolyurethaneStone and marbleGrayHigh24 hoursHigh1 year
Akfix Stone and Marble Fast AdhesiveCyanoacrylateStone and marbleClearLow5 minutesLow1 year
PC Products Two-Part Heavy Duty Epoxy Adhesive PasteEpoxyGeneralGrayHigh4 hoursHigh2 years

Buying Guide for the Best Glue For Marble 

Even after going through the top products in detail, some of you might still be a bit confused about which one to pick. There are a few other factors that you need to look into in order to make the right decision. 

Let’s look at some of them!

1. Glue Type: Epoxy Adhesive And Epoxy Cement 

The most common type of adhesive that people use to glue marble is epoxy cement or marble epoxy glue. 

It is true that epoxy glue offers great hold, but it can be a bit challenging to work with as it shrinks and dries pretty fast. Some people do not prefer to go for them because they do not offer much color variation. 

On the other hand, epoxy cement contains a bit of cement or rubber in the mix. You can use this for both repair purposes and directly as an adhesive to glue marble countertops. We suggest that you go for epoxy cement only when you are working on large projects and require a stronger hold. 

2. Drying Time

Another very important consideration when buying adhesive to glue marble is to check its drying time. Drying and curing time depends on factors like the weather as well. In most cases, it takes around 12-24 hours for glues to cure completely. 

However, drying time is generally less, and the bond should be dry to touch within a few minutes of application. 

Some of the adhesive options come with an activator spray that can help to effectively speed up the drying process. Depending on the type of project, you have to determine how much drying time you can afford. 

Bear in mind that quick-dry options might be a little difficult to work with as they do not give much time to work. In case you go for them, you need to be super deft and manage time effectively. 

3. Material Compatibility

Most of the glues that are used on marble can be used on granite and stones too. It is always best to invest in a product that is versatile and can be used on a range of materials, like glass, wood, etc. There are some options that work fast and can help glue metal to marble as well. 

Before you make a purchase, always ensure that you read the label well to know what materials the product is compatible with. 

How do I prepare the surfaces of the marble before gluing?

You can prepare marble for glue in 4 easy steps:

1. Dampen a soft cloth with denatured alcohol and use it to wipe the marble surface.

2. Rinse the marble with clean water.

3. Apply acetone to the marble and remove any coating.

4. Wipe away any excess acetone and allow the marble to dry.

How do I apply the glue to the marble?

To apply glue to a marble, use a small brush or toothpick to spread an even layer of glue on the top and bottom of the marble to ensure proper adhesion.

How do I clean up the excess glue from the marble?

To clean up excess glue from marble, use a damp cloth and a mild detergent or all-purpose cleaner. For very stubborn glue, use a razor blade to scrape it off. Be sure to move the blade in the same direction as the grain of the marble.

If this doesn’t work, acetone can be used to dissolve the glue. However, test the acetone on an unseen part of the marble first, to make sure it won’t discolor the area.

Is there any special technique for gluing marble?

Gluing marble requires evenly spreading the glue and applying pressure to the glued area for a few minutes. Use high-quality glue that is designed to bond with marble for the best results.