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11 Best Glues for Miniatures | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


Best Glues for Miniatures

Finding it difficult to put back the pieces of your broken action figure together? It’s about time you got yourself the best glue for miniatures. 

That being said, since the market is flooded with several kinds of glues, choosing a reliable one for gluing metal miniatures can seem like a daunting task. That’s why, to simplify your search, we have compiled a list of the 11 best types of glue for miniatures after hours of research and testing.

Plus, we have included a buyer’s guide towards the end of this review-based article to make things a bit more interesting. So, make sure you read it till the end.   

Now, without any further delay, let’s jump right in!

With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to select the best one for your project. To help you with this task, we have put together a list of the 11 best glues for miniatures.

1. Gorilla - Best Overall

Gorilla is a glue brand that needs no introduction, and the 7700104 Super Glue Gel is yet another quality addition to its repertoire. This product has been designed to provide long-lasting repairs in a jiffy, hence an ideal choice for DIYers looking for reliable glue for miniatures. Keep reading to know more.

To begin with, the Gorilla Super Glue Gel features a thicker and more controlled formula, which ensures it is easy to use on a variety of surfaces. Thus, no matter what your miniatures are made of, they can provide a strong bond that will last for a long time. 

Additionally, it sports an innovative cap with a metal pin inside that ensures that the glue doesn’t dry out inside the bottle, which is great. But especially pleasing is the fact that once it is applied, it dries within 10-45 seconds, unlike other glues that take up to a few hours to completely dry. Thus, it could be your best bet if you are a professional modeler.

Finally, this product has a reasonable price tag, ensuring it is the top choice for many customers.

We didn’t come across any significant downsides to this exceptional super glue during our usage. However, if we had to nit-pick, we’d say that it requires a bit of pushing after a few uses as the liquid tends to get a little sticky with time. Other than that, it does a commendable job. 

Adhesive Type: Cyanoacrylate | Bond Strength: 4700 PSI | Drying Time: 10-30 seconds | Waterproof: Yes | Heat Resistant: Yes | Multipurpose: Yes

2. Loctite - Best in Versatility

Next up, we have the 1363589-6 Ultra Gel Control from the house of Loctite, which is a great option to repair breaks around the office or home. This cyanoacrylate glue features a rubber-toughened formulation, which ensures that it can withstand vibration, shock, and impact without breaking a sweat.   

Without a doubt, we were thoroughly impressed with every aspect of this product. However, what caught our attention right from the start was its unique rubber-toughened formula, which makes the bond flexible and resistant to water and impact. 

And since this glue is on the thicker side, just like our previous pick, it is ideal for porous and vertical surfaces and filling gaps between parts. Thus, whether you want to reattach a broken limb of an action figure, set up a brand new Warhammer, or are looking for the best adhesive for gluing metal figures to a wood surface you can rest assured this product will provide satisfactory results.

Speaking of the control applicator, it sports easy-squeeze sides for pinpoint accuracy and precise dispensing, giving it the edge over other superglues in a similar price bracket. Not just that, the screw-on, self-piercing cap ensures that the glue is kept fresh and the nozzle clog-free. Therefore, you can expect repeated uses if you store the product in a dry place.

This craft glue is undoubtedly one of the best on the market, which is why it is a bit on the expensive side. Therefore, it may not be the right choice for average DIYers and hobbyists. However, given the result it delivers, we would recommend it nonetheless.  

Adhesive Type: Cyanoacrylate | Bond Strength: 3300 PSI | Drying Time: 10-30 seconds | Waterproof: Yes | Heat Resistant: Yes | Multipurpose: Yes

3. Tamiya - Best in Precision

If you are in search of a slightly unconventional option for gluing together plastic models, then we strongly recommend trying out the Tamiya SG_B000BMYWYC_VR3. We call it unconventional because it is a liquid cement, unlike most other options on this list. Let’s move on to the following few sections to see what else it offers.  

Perhaps, the most advantageous feature of this plastic cement is its pointed applicator tip, which allows the users to glue together plastic pieces that need pinpoint accuracy. So, you don’t have to worry about applying too much glue and ruining the project with this plastic cement.     

On top of that, it features an extra-thin formula, which further enhances its accuracy and finesse to glue together small pieces. The thin and runny liquid easily flows into small gaps to rigidly attach separate joints, naturally making it the go-to choice to glue together plastic resin models. 

As far as the volume is concerned, it contains 40 ml of plastic model cement, which is well worth the money if you ask us. Considering how little you have to apply to create rigid joints, it’s safe to say that it can be used across several projects without any issues. 

Plus, a thin formula means it won’t dry up quickly, allowing the cement to last longer even when not used.

Unfortunately, this liquid cement from Tamiya works only on plastic and not metal models, which is a shame, especially considering its top-notch gluing capacity and affordable price tag. Apart from that, it has a strong odor, so we highly recommend using it in a well-ventilated area.     

Adhesive Type: Cyanoacrylate | Bond Strength: Not specified | Drying Time: 10-20 seconds | Waterproof: Yes | Heat Resistant: No | Multipurpose: Yes

4. Glue Masters Super Glue

Glue Masters is one of the leading manufacturers of extra-large and quality cyanoacrylate adhesives in the US. And naturally, this super glue from the brand is no different. Besides offering a relatively stronger bond than most other modeling glues, this product has an extended shelf life, making it one of the best model glue options on the market. 

As a cyanoacrylate glue from such a renowned brand, we are pleased to inform you that this product lives up to our expectations for most parts. Formulated with industrial-grade cyanoacrylate resin, the super glue offers a sustainable and strong bond that can last for years without any issues whatsoever.   

From building models to fixing wood and shoe soles, you can use this product for a variety of general household repairs. Thus, it makes this special glue a must-have item in anyone’s toolbox. 

Beyond that, the product sports an innovative cap design, which ensures that the glue doesn’t get clogged. Thus, it not only extends the shelf life of the product but also keeps it fresh and ready for the next time. Additionally, the applicator tip deserves mention as it provides you with better control over the modeling glue to ensure minimal wastage.

Long story short, the Glue Masters Super Glue is for those looking for a premium-quality model glue at a budget-friendly price to repair miniatures and models.     

While the product description of this glue says that it can be used on fabric, upon testing, we found out that it’s not the case, which was quite disappointing. Also, this product is not as thick as it claims to be; in fact, its consistency is almost like water, so it might take quite a while to cure. 

Adhesive Type: Cyanoacrylate | Bond Strength: 2000 PSI | Drying Time: 10-20 seconds | Waterproof: Yes | Heat Resistant: Yes | Multipurpose: Yes

5. J-B Weld

For over 40 years, J-B Weld has been manufacturing top-quality repair products for different professionals and DIYers alike. So, it should come as no surprise that the 8265S Two-Part Epoxy from this brand is one of the top recommendations on our list. Designed as a substitute for torch welding, the JB-Weld glue can provide long-lasting repairs at an affordable price. 

First things first, these two parts can be applied on a wide range of surfaces, including fiberglass, ceramic, concrete, wood, metal, and a lot more. So, rest assured, no matter how big or small your project is, you can apply this two-part epoxy and restore it to the way it used to be.    

Additionally, it boasts a tensile strength of 5,020 PSI and therefore can resist temperatures up to 550°, petroleum, and acids once it is fully cured. Speaking of the drying time, it takes 6 hours to set in and a day to cure, which is pretty decent, we would say, especially considering the results it offers.  

Oh, and did we forget to mention that it can be further drilled, molded, sanded, and tapped once it’s cured? Naturally, it is ideal for reattaching loosened joints and metal parts for automotive, marine, and craft repairs.

Since it’s a two-part epoxy, first you’ll have to mix it, and only then will you be able to apply it on various surfaces, which can be a little time-consuming. Also, for this, you’ll need a mixing tray and a plastic knife, so be prepared to shell out some extra dough to make the additional purchases.     

Adhesive Type: Epoxy | Bond Strength: 3960 PSI | Drying Time: 4-6 hours | Waterproof: Yes | Heat Resistant: Yes | Multipurpose: Yes

6. Zap PT-02

If you are a hobbyist fond of collecting and building plastic model kits and action figures, then the Zap PT-02 could work out well for you. With its potent adhesion, you can seal pretty much every surface that you can think of. So, let’s dig a little deeper.  

For us, the main highlight of this product is its easy-flowing liquid that seeps deep into the cracks without a hassle. Plus, it dries relatively quicker than most options on the market in a similar range, which is excellent as it allows you to get the job done in a jiffy.  

Upon drying, it forms a clear and reliable seal that helps keep the appeal of your metal, wooden, and plastic miniatures intact. Moving on, the thin nozzle applicator does a fantastic job in ensuring that the product doesn’t clog and lasts till the last drop, which is truly commendable, in our opinion. 

We must also mention that this glue is available in multiple sizes, allowing you to choose the right one per your requirements. Overall, one of the top-rated super glues that any hobbyist can hope to get their hands on.   

The only thing that we didn’t like about this product was the packaging material used. When it arrived, the box was warped, and the glue was slightly leaking, which left us annoyed. Even though it is an exceptional product, the brand should have paid more attention to the packaging as bad packaging makes products susceptible to damage while being delivered. 

Adhesive Type: Cyanoacrylate | Bond Strength: 5000 PSI | Drying Time: 10 seconds | Waterproof: Yes | Heat Resistant: Yes | Multipurpose: Yes

7. Beacon

For over a century, Beacon has been committed to manufacturing quality adhesives that engineers, designers, and crafters alike can count on. On that note, we thought of introducing you to the 314OZ advanced craft glue from the brand that can be your ideal companion for all repair work that demands precision.  

Naturally, being a veteran on our list, this product had set our expectations a little high. And we are glad to say that it didn’t disappoint in most aspects. 

Its multi-purpose formula enables it to deliver super-strong bonds that can be applied on various surfaces such as fabric, plastic, metal, paper, and wood. Thus, it means that you will be able to use it for almost all kinds of projects without facing any problems. Interesting right? Well, it doesn’t just stop there! 

Since the product features an acid-free formula, it is safe to use. Therefore, it could be an ideal choice for children looking for a reliable school glue for assignments and homework. And while it dries in a matter of minutes, it still allows room for correction; just make sure you rub the excess glue away.          

Needless to say, all these factors make this product an investment you will not regret making. 

Some customers have complained that once the product is less than half full, it becomes a bit difficult to shake the glue to the nozzle tip. While it’s nothing derailing, we felt it’s something that needed to be noted. Other than that, we could not find any considerable drawbacks to this glue.

Adhesive Type: PVA | Bond Strength: Not specified | Drying Time: 24 hours | Waterproof: Yes | Heat Resistant: Yes | Multipurpose: Yes

8. Games Workshop Citadel Plastic Glue

We are halfway through the list, and it’s time to talk about the Citadel Plastic Glue from the company called Games Workshop. This super glue has been designed specifically for putting together plastic miniatures; hence it is an option hobbyists and DIYers wouldn’t want to miss out on. 

We were thoroughly pleased to find out that besides filling in the gaps and cracks with ease, the product slightly melts the plastic in order to deliver a strong bond. Now don’t be scared of the melting part, as the glue ensures it leaves a neat and even finish afterward, making the project look brand new. 

Apart from that, the drying time deserves mention. The low viscosity of the glue enables it to melt and cure in five minutes. Even though it is quick, it allows you to make any last-minute changes if required, which is no less than a bonus in beginners’ books. Also, low viscosity means less clogging and drying in the bottle.

Thanks to the narrow applicator nozzle, it truly makes it easy to dispense the glue from the bottle. Finally, it comes at a reasonable price, which ensures it delivers good value for money. 

Overall, the best glue for plastic materials, if there ever was one.   

The only issue with this plastic glue is that it has an incredibly strong odor, which can easily give you headaches if you keep working for prolonged hours. As such, we strongly recommend working in a well-ventilated area if you decide to go with this product.  

Adhesive Type: Plastic Cement | Bond Strength: Not specified | Drying Time: 5-10 minutes | Waterproof: No | Heat Resistant: No | Multipurpose: No

9. Testors

Founded in 1929 in the US, Testors is among the largest producers of high-quality paints, airbrushes, and glues. And this product is a true testament to the quality the brand promises to bring to the table. Compatible with all plastic surfaces, the Testors 3509C Plastic Cement can be the perfect choice for crafters and DIYers.  

Perhaps, the most advantageous feature that this plastic cement has to offer is precision, as it comes with four precision tips to ensure a simple yet accurate delivery. Additionally, it forms an extremely durable bond, so no matter what you’re building, you can rest assured that it will stay intact for life.

Talking about the quantity, it comes in two tubes containing 25.8 ml each, which is more than enough in our opinion for assembling regular plastic kits. Moving on, we were happy to find that it didn’t dry too fast. This gives you the time required to move the little parts around to get the best fit before it delivers a permanent bond.

Lastly, we have to commend the manufacturer for keeping its price affordable, making it a top choice for those looking for quality plastic cement at an economical price.    

While testing it, we noticed that it tends to leave strings, which some people might find annoying. But given the affordable price and the other practical features on offer, we don’t think most users would mind this minor drawback. Thus, you can most certainly keep this product under consideration. 

Adhesive Type: Plastic Cement | Bond Strength: Not specified | Drying Time: 5-10 minutes | Waterproof: No | Heat Resistant: No | Multipurpose: No

10. Bob Smith Industries

Now that we are towards the end of the list, here’s another product that you should consider. Meet the BSI-133H Insta-Cure+ from Bob Smith Industries, which can be a great option if you are looking for reliable glue that will form a long-lasting bond. Obviously, there’s a lot more to it, so keep reading.  

Without a doubt, the wood glue is great; however, the main USP has got to be the screw-on cap with the attached needle. 

While the needle ensures that the glue comes out of the tip smoothly whenever you want it to, the cap prevents it from drying out. As such, unlike other glues, you can use it quite a few times without having to find a paperclip or a needle to remove the dried glue from the tip.

Apart from that, it has a moderate drying time, making it the top choice for projects where you don’t want the material you’re gluing to dry in an instant. And despite having a moderate drying time, if you can call it so, the glue doesn’t leave you holding the parts for prolonged periods, which is an added advantage.   

Moving on, it can be used to bond a variety of surfaces such as glass, leather, rubber, and ceramics, which is great. But more importantly, it doesn’t have a strong odor, unlike other superglues.

A few customers have mentioned that the holding power is average, which is strange because we didn’t counter any such issues during our usage. But if it is, we strongly recommend combining it with any other super glue and then applying it to get the desired results.

Adhesive Type: Cyanoacrylate | Bond Strength: 2800 PSI | Drying Time: 10-25 seconds | Waterproof: Yes | Heat Resistant: Yes | Multipurpose: Yes

11. ZAP PT35

Since Zap products are so affordable and effective, we thought adding another product from this renowned brand to our list would make sense. With that said, allow us to present the ZAP PT35, which is just as good as the other options on our coveted list.  

For starters, the glue has a cure time of just 15 minutes, meaning you can expect faster repairs with this product. Plus, once it’s cured, it can be further sanded to achieve a smooth finish; however, given that it cures clear, you probably wouldn’t need to sand it after all. 

Now, as far as the consistency is concerned, we’d say it’s that of warm honey, which is great as it allows the epoxy to fill gaps with ease. Apart from that, it offers a tough, shock-resistant bond that can last for decades without any issues. So, if you are looking for a permanent fix, you can’t go wrong by choosing this product. 

Lastly, this 15-minute epoxy has a modest price tag, which makes it one of the most sought-after epoxy resins on the market.

While testing this product, we found out that it does not bond that well to glass, which is quite disappointing. However, given the other features on offer, we would certainly recommend that you go for it, especially if you are on a humble budget.

Adhesive Type: Cyanoacrylate | Bond Strength: 3000 PSI | Drying Time: 10 seconds | Waterproof: Yes | Heat Resistant: Yes | Multipurpose: Yes

Which Glue is the Best Choice for Miniatures?

This table provides information on various types of glue suitable for miniature crafting. It includes details on the product name, adhesive type, bond strength (measured in PSI), drying time, waterproof properties, heat resistance, and whether the glue is multipurpose.

ProductAdhesive TypeBond StrengthDrying TimeWaterproofHeat ResistantMultipurpose
GorillaCyanoacrylate4700 PSI10-30 secondsYesYesYes
LoctiteCyanoacrylate3300 PSI10-30 secondsYesYesYes
TamiyaCyanoacrylateNot specified10-20 secondsYesNoYes
Glue Masters Super GlueCyanoacrylate2000 PSI10-20 secondsYesYesYes
J-B WeldEpoxy3960 PSI4-6 hoursYesYesYes
Zap PT-02Cyanoacrylate5000 PSI10 secondsYesYesYes
BeaconPVANot specified24 hoursYesYesYes
Games Workshop Citadel Plastic GluePlastic CementNot specified5-10 minutesNoNoNo
TestorsPlastic CementNot specified5-10 minutesNoNoNo
Bob Smith IndustriesCyanoacrylate2800 PSI10-25 secondsYesYesYes
ZAP PT35Cyanoacrylate3000 PSI10 secondsYesYesYes

Buying Guide for the Best Glues for Miniatures 

Now that you have gone through our top 11 recommendations for the best glue for miniatures, will you be able to make a choice? If you are still having a hard time zoning in on the right glue, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

We understand that selecting the right option from a list of the best ones can get a bit confusing. That is why we have written this buyer’s guide explaining a few important factors that you need to keep in mind in order to make an informed purchase. So, make sure you read it carefully. 

1. Strength

The adhesive strength of the glue is one of the most important factors that you need to consider while making a purchase. You wouldn’t want the feet or arms of the miniatures to loosen while gaming, would you? So, make sure you go with glue that offers a strong and permanent bond. 

Also, we strongly recommend reading the customer reviews of the particular product before buying it, as it will give you an idea of how strong it can hold the pieces.    

2. Drying Time

This is yet another crucial factor that you cannot afford to ignore. The drying time is the period that the glue takes to solidify and become strong enough to hold two or more materials joined together. While some glues can take hours or even a day to fully dry, others dry in a matter of minutes. 

So, depending on the kind of model you are crafting, you should consider the drying time.  

3. Material

We bet there’s nothing more frustrating than reaching the assembling and gluing step only to realize that you don’t have the right kind of glue. So, make sure that you know the material compatibility of the glue that you are purchasing to avoid such a nuisance. You can find this type of information on the product label.

4. Painting

If you are looking to paint the model once you are done building or repairing it, be sure to choose a glue that’s paintable. More often than not, plastic glues are not paintable, so make sure you keep an eye out for those that are and then purchase accordingly. 

Can I use regular glue for miniatures?

It is not recommended to use regular glue for miniatures, as it may not provide a strong enough bond or may damage the miniature. It is better to use a specialized glue designed for miniatures.

What is the difference between super glue and plastic cement?

Super glue is a type of cyanoacrylate adhesive that bonds quickly and strongly to a variety of materials, including plastic. Plastic cement is specifically designed for bonding plastic materials and uses a solvent to melt and fuse the plastic together.

Can I use PVA glue for miniatures?

PVA glue is not recommended for miniatures, as it is not strong enough to hold small and delicate parts together. It may also cause warping or damage to the miniature.

How do I apply glue to miniature parts without making a mess?

One technique is to use a toothpick or a small brush to apply the glue precisely where it is needed. Another technique is to apply a small amount of glue to one surface and then press the two surfaces together, which can help prevent excess glue from spreading.

What should I do if I accidentally use too much glue on my miniature?

If you accidentally use too much glue, you can use a cotton swab or a toothpick to carefully remove the excess glue. Be careful not to damage the miniature in the process.

Can I paint over glued miniature parts?

Yes, you can paint over glued miniature parts once the glue has fully cured. However, it is recommended to prime the miniature before painting to ensure the paint adheres well to the surface.


It’s been a long ride, but hopefully, you are ready to get yourself the best glue for miniatures by now. But hold up, before you make any decision, stick around for a couple of minutes more to know our top picks from the list.

The Gorilla is the best overall, in our opinion, as it sports a reasonable price tag and can be used to bond a wide range of surfaces. Additionally, the Loctite ‎is a great choice since it comes with an innovative control applicator and can be reused multiple times. 

However, if you want a liquid cement that is specifically designed to bond plastic surfaces, then the Tamiya could just be what you’ve been looking for. Not to mention, it offers pinpoint accuracy, which makes it an ideal option for gluing small pieces.