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13 Best Screws for Particle Boards | Reviews + Guide

The Bolt Dropper flathead screw is ideal when working with particle boards, thanks to its stainless steel construction and full-threaded design. Similarly, the Kreg zinc pocket screw is another good option with self-tapping auger tips and a coarse thread design. 

Best Metal Screws For Particle Boards

When searching for the best screws for particle boards, it is important to understand that such boards have a lower density than regular fiberboards. 

While this makes them easier to drill into, it also makes them more susceptible to damage. And using the wrong screw type can make the board unusable for any project. That’s why we’ve reviewed the best particle board screws in this guide to help you out. 

Listed below are the Best Screws for Particle Boards:

  • Bolt Dropper Stainless Steel Flathead Screw: A corrosion-resistant, durable stainless steel option. Notable for its no-hassle lifetime guarantee. Small head sizes could be a drawback in some applications.
  • Kreg Zinc Pocket Screws: Carbon steel screws are known for their self-tapping ability and user-friendliness. Zinc coating provides rust resistance but may not be as protective as other options.
  • Rok Coarse Deep Thread Pan Screws: Black phosphate finish offers enhanced durability. Ideal for indoor and outdoor uses. The coating texture might feel slightly rough.
  • Phyxology Supply Phillips Head Screws: Exceptionally suitable for small-scale indoor projects due to compact size and magnetic feature. May not be the best choice for composite wood.
  • Hillman Particle Board Screw: Features asymmetrical grooves for improved hold and a distinctive yellow cadmium finish for easy identification. The absence of rust-resistant coating may affect lifetime.

Here is the list of the 13 best screws that you can use to securely fasten and attach your particle board materials.

1. Bolt Dropper Stainless Steel Flathead Screw - Best Stainless Steel Option

When searching for particle board screws, Bolt Dropper is often the first brand many people go with due to its range of high-quality home improvement hardware. These flathead screws from the brand are manufactured using high-quality stainless steel with a coating of black xylan, which makes them resistant to corrosion. 

They are one of the most durable particle board screws on the market, and you can use them in moist environments. Aside from that, this screw features a deep-cut Phillips drive, which prevents the screw head from getting stripped. Stripped heads can make it very difficult to use and even result in the screw getting stuck in the wooden surface.

Then, there is the full course thread which makes these screws very versatile, and you can use them in MDF or composite wooden boards. Since the flat heads lie flush with the surface of the board, they provide a clean and smooth appearance on any surface. 

The best part, however, is that the company offers a no-hassle lifetime guarantee on these screws. So, rest assured that getting refunds or replacements will be very easy.  

Length: 1 1/2" | Head Style: Flat | Diameter: #8 | Material: Stainless Steel 304 | Drive System: Phillips

2. Kreg Zinc Pocket Screws - Best Pocket Hole Screw

If you’re looking for pocket-hole screws, try the Kreg zinc pocket screws manufactured using carbon steel that features a square drive system, ensuring the screws remain in place while driving. This drive system also minimizes the chances of tripping and slipping. 

Aside from that, one of the things we liked most about the Kreg screw for particle board is its self-tapping auger tips. These eliminate the need for pre-drilling your particle board, and the screws can be used directly, helping save a lot of time and effort. 

This ease of use is further enhanced due to the large diameter of the steel shank. The large diameter also makes the Kreg pocket screws highly durable, so you can rest assured they will easily last a long time. 

Speaking of durability, these screws have a zinc coating for rust resistance and can withstand considerable exposure to the elements, and hence, can even be used outside. 

Furthermore, the Kreg zinc pocket screws are available in both fine and coarse styles, making them suitable for several types of wooden surfaces. For softer wood, like particle boards, the coarse-thread ones are recommended since they can easily go through the softer fibers to create a secure hold. 

The Maxi-Loc head style of the screws also helps in this, as they are completely flat to match the flat shape of the pocket holes. These screw heads secure the joint properly without allowing the wood to deform or split.   

Length: 1 1/4" | Head Style: Pan | Diameter: #8 | Material: Zinc | Drive System: Square

3. Rok Coarse Deep Thread Pan Screws - Best Pan Head Screw

Best known for its range of hardware and cabinets, Rok is a brand that also offers some of the best particle board screws on the market. 

The first thing that sets these screws apart from the competition is the black phosphate exterior finish over the steel body. This coating has a ceramic-like texture and appearance for enhanced durability, so the screws can last for an extended period.

What’s more, the coating does not wear off, which is a common issue with such screws from most brands. And durability aside, they’ll keep your hardware installations looking great even after several years. 

Since these are coarse screws, they offer much better resistance to cross-threading and stripping. Moreover, the pan head has a flat underside that offers a significantly larger surface for a more secure hold. This means you can use these screws even with enlarged holes, and the wooden surface of your particle board will not get crushed. 

Other than that, the fully threaded screws are perfect for retrofitting projects since they are suited for stiffer connections where lag screws cannot be used. Because of that, you can use them in various environments and for different purposes. 

We recommend using these screws for putting up signs, installing or restoring cabinets, and mounting music systems or TVs using wooden mounts. 

Length: 1" | Head Style: Pan | Diameter: #8 | Material: Metal | Drive System: Phillips

4. Phyxology Supply Phillips Head Screws - Best for Indoor Projects

Finding tiny screws that offer impressive performance is not easy, which is why we were pleasantly surprised with these Phillips head screws from Phyxology Supply. Earlier known as Nova Pro Supply, Phyxology Supply is a leading manufacturer of hardware tools, and these screws are among the best offerings from the brand. 

Their small size makes them perfect for use in tight spaces, such as hinges and corners, where larger screws cannot be used. And it makes them the perfect option for small-scale projects since they are just ⅝ inches long and have a half-inch thread length.

As for durability, these steel screws feature a coarse thread design, making them perfect for materials like particle boards or medium-density fiberboard. That is why it is a popular choice among woodworking and furniture professionals.  

These screws also come with a magnetic steel coating, a very handy feature that can make working with them incredibly easy. This coating ensures you won’t have to worry about losing the screws while working, and it provides them with a stronger hold when working with other magnetic surfaces.

Similarly, the high-quality construction of the screws provides them with an unmatched level of sturdiness. The brand also offers a 100% no-nonsense Lifetime satisfaction guarantee on these screws, which shows just how much faith it puts in its offerings.

If you’re not satisfied, just send them an email, and the company will respond within 24 hours, offering quick refunds or replacements as required depending on the situation.

Length: 5/8" | Head Style: Flat | Diameter: #12 | Material: Steel | Drive System: Phillips

5. Hillman Particle Board Screw - Best with Asymmetrical Grooves

If you’re frequently engaged in DIY projects and require hardware tools often, chances are you’ve heard of the Hillman brand. This industry-leading manufacturer offers a huge selection of building solutions, such as this top-notch particle board screw. 

These are similar to drywall screws but have been designed specifically for use with particle boards and chipboards. The most notable difference between these and other screws is that these feature asymmetrical grooves. This design provides highly secure holds and makes the screws more resistant to pull-out, ensuring that the completed project holds up better. 

For durability, the Hillman screws are made from high-quality steel, which ensures that they do not damage easily. They also have a flat head, and the head lies flush with the chipboard or particle board surface. This means that the screws can be covered to hide them, helping provide better aesthetics.  

Additionally, these screws have a yellow cadmium finish, which makes them stand out from other screws, which usually have a black coating. This can be very useful when working with multiple screws from different brands and prevents them from getting mixed up.

Designed for use with softer wooden surfaces like particle boards, these screws can be used for many different uses. Whether you are undertaking an installation of a wooden cabinet or repairing your TV mount, these screws are perfect for the job. 

And despite coming from a reputed brand, these are some of the most affordable particle board screws on the market. 

Length: N/A | Head Style: Flat | Diameter: #8 | Material: Steel | Drive System: ‎Phillips

6. Hard-to-Find Fastener Wood Deck Screw

Building decks with boards at home becomes much easier when you have these screws from Hard-To-Find. They are suitable for both exterior and interior applications and can create very strong and durable wood joints. Available in a pack of 100 pieces, they come at a budget-friendly price.

Measuring 2 inches long, these screws are extremely useful for joining thicker boards. Hence, they can be utilized extensively in creating different decks. And much like our previous pick, they have a diameter of #8, thereby enabling better fastening.

Furthermore, it has a unique black phosphate finish that enhances resistance to corrosion and fluctuating weather conditions. This finish also lends them a dense black color that goes well with any wooden shade

Additionally, the sturdy steel material of the screws is praiseworthy as it provides the required intrinsic strength for making the joints more durable. Finally, the flathead and Phillips cross-drive makes for a tighter fit in all boards and also prevent head stripping.

We were a bit disappointed to find that their tip was less sharp than some of our other recommendations. In simple words, this makes predrilling essential before using the screws, so the time taken for projects might increase slightly. But their efficiency wouldn’t be affected due to this minor inconvenience. 

Length: 2" | Head Style: ‎Flat | Diameter: #8 | Material: Steel | Drive System: Phillips

7. Bolt Dropper #10 x 1-1/2" Pro Wood Screw

Here’s another pack of Bolt Dropper screws that we found to be really beneficial for joining boards. Designed with high-quality materials, these pro wood screws ensure that the boards are bound strongly and the fixture remains intact over the years. So, let’s have a look at all the impressive features on offer.

What appealed to us the most was the 10# diameter of these stainless steel screws, which is greater than that offered by most screws in the market. This, in turn, ensures strong fastening and reinforced durability. Plus, their truss head facilitates a tight, snug fit and plays an important role in securing boards completely. 

Another benefit is the 1½ -inch length of these screws, which makes them capable of effectively penetrating thicker particle wood pieces. So, making wooden joints for complicated decking becomes much easier.

On top of that, these screws are highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and changing weather conditions. Built with solid, marine-grade stainless steel, they retain the bright shiny look for the years to come. 

Lastly, the coarse thread running throughout the length gives the screws the much-desired bite that users look for. 

Most customers were satisfied with the performance that these screws offered. However, they complained that it took a little longer to drive the screw into particle boards. They also pointed out that it stripped a little bit during use.

Length: 1 1/2" | Head Style: Oval | Diameter: #10 | Material: Steel | Drive System: Phillips

8. FastenMaster FMGD003-75 GuardDog Wood Screw

If versatility is a primary lookout for you, this pack of screws from FastenMaster is a reliable choice to go for. These screws have earned a reputation for getting you through your DIY furniture-making jobs smoothly. Each pack comes with 75 pieces and a guarantee for the life of the project that you are using it for.

These screws get their versatility from the truss-styled head and the length of 3 inches. Together, these features allow you to install them with a variety of driver bits, including PoziSquare Drive, #2 square drive, and Philips drive. 

As a result, they can be used for a variety of projects, including pressure-treated decking, building stair stringers, and dimensional headers. You’ll also be glad to know that a PoziSquare driver bit is included in the pack. 

Furthermore, the fully threaded design enhances their holding power and allows them to penetrate into the wood pieces more quickly. These screws are also made of a very sturdy material that is pretty resistant to rust and fading. 

Last but not least, we found their piercing point to be quite sharp, facilitating a quicker and easier installation.

If you order the set online, there might be some missing screws in the pack when it arrives. So, you must check the box properly to ensure that it contains the right number of screws. That said, we have no complaints regarding the efficiency on offer. 

Length: 3" | Head Style: Multi-Lobe | Diameter: #2 | Material: ‎Alloy Steel | Drive System: Phillips

9. WoodPro Fasteners AP9X212-1 Deck Screw

WoodPro is another trusted fastener brand in the country, and this pack of screws is one of its most sought-after products. It is a good option if you are looking for a budget-friendly pack of screws that would work well on particle boards. Each pack of these screws contains approximately 110 pieces and weighs 1 lb.

Screws with sharp tips are always advantageous as they make the drilling process much easier. And these fit the bill as their sharp P-17 point tip penetrates efficiently into the wooden surface, making the overall work much faster. 

As for the screw head, it is equipped with a secure star drive that controls stripping and facilitates effortless drilling. Plus, there are special nibs underneath the head that provide a smooth countersink in all materials.  

We also found the Electro-Polyseal coating on these screws to be very durable. In fact, it offers great resistance to both rust and corrosion to prevent chipping. What’s more, their #9 diameter enhances the durability factor and provides enough bearing surface for efficient fastening.

We found the 25 mm driver bit accompanying these screws to be less durable than that of other brands. Also, it might often slip while being used to fasten the screws. This problem can be dealt with by using a spare bit that you may have at home or purchasing another one. 

Length: 2 1/2" | Head Style: Square Torx | Diameter: #9 | Material: Steel | Drive System: Torx

10. Power Pro 48611 Wood Screw

Featuring a Power Pro-patented design, these screws are ideal for outdoor woodworking projects and commercial or DIY decking. Its premium quality build provides great durability, ensuring that the wooden structures are sturdy and long-lasting. They come in a 5-lb tub containing approximately 417 pieces. 

The unique design of these screws plays an important role in ensuring that particles are bound together with optimum strength.

Firstly, the star drive on the head of each screw has 6 contact points that enhance the drive torque, so that the screw is tightened perfectly. It also ensures that the driver never slips out of the head to facilitate a smooth and effortless drive. 

Another great aspect of the design is the countersinking blades beneath the screw head. They help cut a perfectly finished hole by sealing the surface and transporting the wooden fibers. We also loved the twist shank, which helps create slightly enlarged holes and reduces drive friction, thereby preventing wood splitting. 

Finally, their high-quality bronze epoxy coating offers ultimate protection against corrosion and rust. 

The torx driver bit that comes with these screws grips them well, but the grip might overpower the bit magnet sometimes, which may lead to the bit being pulled away from the drilling machine. To deal with this problem, it will be best to use a bit lock while working. 

Length: N/A | Head Style: ‎Flat | Diameter: N/A | Material: Steel | Drive System: Torx

11. Kreg SML-C125-100 Pocket Screws

Our next pick for you is this pack of pocket screws which work with commendable efficacy to create strong and durable wood joints. These can be used for a variety of indoor woodworking projects and are preferred by professionals and DIYers over many of their competitors. These are available in a box of 100 pieces which weigh around 8.6 ounces.

Perhaps, the most noteworthy feature of these screws is their large maxi-loc head with a #8 diameter, which provides a great bearing surface for the screws to pull tight in a wood pocket hole. 

Moreover, the head is flat on the underside and applies force toward the screw tip to hold the joint tightly without deforming the pocket. 

Another beneficial feature is the self-tapping tip which does away with the need for pre-drilling and prevents the bit from slipping. This also ensures that the wood never splits while the screw is being fastened to it. 

Furthermore, the deep and aggressive thread which runs halfway through the screws bites into softwood fibers easily,  providing better-holding power in particle boards, plywood, and MDF. 

The only disadvantage of using these screws is that they might strip slightly around the square drive on the head. Thus, you shouldn’t apply too much force while pressing them into the wood. However, this issue is very rare and it also doesn’t affect its performance to a great extent. 

Length: 1 1/4" | Head Style: Multi-Lobe | Diameter: #8 | Material: Carbon Steel | Drive System: Square

12. Deck Plus 48419 Deck Screw

The Deck Plus 48419 screws help you complete most woodworking projects smoothly, thanks to their set of convenient features. They are suitable for a variety of applications, including commercial and DIY home improvement projects. Available in packs of 62 pieces, these screws come in a tan color and are safe to use for all varieties of wood.

Firstly, the tip of the screws is quite sharp and pointed, which rules out the need for drilling a pilot hole beforehand. Also, the coarse thread that runs through more than half of the length ensures a tighter fitting. 

In addition to this, the star drive prevents the driver bit from slipping out from the screw head while being tightened. An efficient and durable bit that matches the screw is also included in the package. Plus, the head doesn’t extend above the surface of the material, which enhances its safety of use. 

Another advantage is the 4-layered ceramic coating, which provides complete protection against corrosion and rust. Lastly, the #10 diameter offers a sufficient bearing surface to ensure proper fastening. 

We found the drive torque to be less than some other screws as they took slightly more time to fasten on particle boards. This can be a significant disadvantage when you need to finish your woodworking projects within a stipulated time. 

Length: 3" | Head Style: ‎Flat | Diameter: #10 | Material: Steel | Drive System: Torx

13. SNUG Fasteners SNG98 Wood Screws

We’ve also included these wood screws from the popular brand SNUG Fasteners as they offer considerably good performance. These wood deck screws can be used in both professional woodworking projects and for DIY furniture making at home. Sporting a couple of efficient features, they are available in packs of 100 pieces.

First things first, the Phillips drive of these screws is beneficial as it provides efficient gripping with the driver bit. This keeps the latter from slipping out of the head during work and also prevents stripping. 

Furthermore, their #6 diameter provides a sufficient bearing surface for the screw to be fastened properly. This also helps enhance their holding power in boards. 

Additionally, the fine deep thread along the entire length enhances the drive torque and makes the joints strong and durable. We also liked the carbon steel material plated with zinc since it made the screw long-lasting and resistant to corrosion and rust. 

Lastly, the zinc finish gives the screws a shiny look that stays intact for years to come. 

You will need to apply greater force while fastening these screws as they come with a somewhat dull sharp tip, which increases the overall time taken to fix the wood joints. However, you can deal with this issue by pre-drilling a hole in your deck for the screw. 

Length: 3/4" | Head Style: Truss | Diameter: #10 | Material: Stainless Steel 304 | Drive System: Phillips

What Is the Best Board Screw?

This section provides a comprehensive comparison of various board screws, focusing on a range of factors such as length, head style, diameter, material, and drive system. Note that the length and diameter of each screw are described in inches and identified by a number sign (#), respectively.

ProductLengthHead StyleDiameterMaterialDrive System
Bolt Dropper Screw1 1/2"Flat#8Stainless Steel 304Phillips
Kreg Screws1 1/4"Pan#8ZincSquare
Rok Screws1"Pan#8MetalPhillips
Phyxology Supply Screws5/8"Flat#12SteelPhillips
Hillman ScrewN/AFlat#8SteelPhillips
Hard-to-Find Fastener Screw2"Flat#8SteelPhillips
Bolt Dropper Screw1 1/2"Oval#10SteelPhillips
FastenMaster FMGD003-75 Screw3"Multi-Lobe#2Alloy SteelPhillips
WoodPro Fasteners AP9X212-1 Screw2 1/2"Square Torx#9SteelTorx
Power Pro 48611 ScrewN/AFlatN/ASteelTorx
Kreg SML-C125-100 Screws1 1/4"Multi-Lobe#8Carbon SteelSquare
Deck Plus 48419 Screw3"Flat#10SteelTorx
SNUG Fasteners SNG98 Screws3/4"Truss#10Stainless Steel 304Phillips

Buying Guide For The Best Board Screw  

Going through the details of some of the best packs of screws can’t be enough for choosing a suitable one. You must consider certain key features as well as your own needs and preferences, which will ultimately determine their performance to a great extent. 

So, let’s look at some essential factors that should be taken into account before choosing the best decking screw. 

Material And Coating

Generally, screws made for wooden boards like particle boards are manufactured using stainless steel. But the quality of the steel can vary from one manufacturer to the next. Screws made from inferior quality material may not be strong enough, making it difficult to use them and affecting the durability of the completed project.

Aside from the material used to manufacture the screw, you should pay attention to the material used for coating it. Brands use different types of coating, such as magnetic steel, black xylan or phosphate, and others. Each material provides a unique advantage and may have a particular downside. 

So, you need to consider your requirements before deciding which screw to use. For that purpose, we recommend checking the product description and the customer reviews, which can provide information regarding the screw material and its impact on user experience.

As for the outer coating, a variety of materials are used, among which zinc, ceramic, bronze, and electro-poly seal offer great durability.

Deck Screw Size

Without a doubt, size is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing board screws. After all, the size would determine the width of the wood stock that you can use it on. For example, a 2.5-inch long screw will be appropriate for joining boards with a width of 1.5 inches.

Hence, to buy an ideal screw, you should always keep in mind the size of the board that you are working on. In this regard, a rule of thumb used is to add 1 inch to the width of the board to obtain the minimum required size of screw you should go for.

Shank And Thread

The shank of a screw usually has a thread wrapped around it. While some screws come with a full thread covering the whole shank, others have one running till halfway. You may also find some others that have double threads split between the lower and upper sections.

The screws which come with threads running through the entire shank are considered better as they have a stronger and more efficient grip. For boards, you should make sure that you’re using those that have a coarse thread. Likewise, finer threads are more suitable for hardwood.

With regards to the diameter or shank size, it is usually mentioned as a hash symbol followed by a number. The higher the number, the bigger will be the diameter of the screw. So, do check the diameter of the screws that you’re considering.

While thin screws might not give rise to strong joints, thicker ones may create larger holes. Ideally, you should go for a #8 to #10 size while handling boards.

Head Type And Driving Slot

Considering this factor is also a must as screws come with heads of different shapes and different driving bit slots. The upper surface of the head can either be flat or washer-shaped. While those with a flat head fit remain concealed on the board, washer-shaped screws tend to bulge upwards.

As for the slot, it can be shaped like a plus sign, a star, or a square. Those with plus sign and square slots allow more room for the driving bit to grip, thereby preventing campouts. But the Torx style has an advantage over the other two types as it eliminates the chance of slipping altogether.

Money Back Guarantee

Many manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee on screws, and going with such options is always an advantage. If a brand offers such a guarantee, it shows that it is confident about the quality of its offerings, so you can rest assured you are getting a good product. 

Such guarantees help enhance the user experience since they make getting refunds or replacements easy. The warranty period may last for a specific period, or the brand may offer a lifetime guarantee. So, look for such an option on the manufacturer’s website before deciding. 

What sizes and lengths of screws are best for particle boards?

Select the screw size and length based on the thickness of the particle board and the nature of your project. Generally, screws should be 2.5 to 3 times the thickness of the board you are fastening.

Can I pre-drill holes for metal screws in particle boards?

Yes, you can pre-drill holes for screws in particle boards. In fact, it is recommended to reduce the likelihood of splitting or damaging the board. The drill diameter should be slightly smaller than the core of the screw.

Do I need any special tools for installing metal screws in particle boards?

A power drill or cordless screwdriver with adjustable torque settings is handy for installing screws in particle boards. A manual screwdriver works as well, though it can be more labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Can I use glue along with metal screws for better support in particle boards?

Yes, using glue along with screws can provide better support and enhance the overall strength of the joint. Use good-quality wood glue like Titebond or Elmer’s Wood Glue.

Is it okay to use different types of screws for the same project?

It’s important to use consistent screws in one project for stability and aesthetic uniformity. You may use different types of screws for different aspects of the project or construction, but ensure the proper type, size, and length of screw is employed for each specific use.

That brings us to the end of this guide. We hope that by now, you have decided on the most suitable deck board screw according to your needs. 

But before we call it a day, here’s a quick recap of the best deck screws from the list. The Bolt Dropper #8 x 1" Wood Screw will be a great choice if you’re looking for strong and efficient screws for thinner particle boards. However, if durability is the primary lookout for you, the ROK Hardware Screw is a good option to go for. 

On the other hand, if you have to work with thicker boards and need longer screws, the Kreg SML-C250-250 will be an ideal choice.