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Learn How to Install a Spa Cover Lifter

We all know that even the idea of installing a spa cover lifter yourself sounds like a scary one. However, all of this is a myth as the installation process is much easier than you think. The installation process is not too long, it takes about an hour at most and does not require any power tools.  

Learn How to Install a Spa Cover Lifter

Before we discuss the process of installing a cover lifter, here is a brief introduction summing up the need for a spa cover lifter.

How to Install a Spa Cover Lifter

Why Do You Need a Spa Cover Lifter?

You might think that you can move the cover of a brand new hot tub by hand. One look at the size and shape of the hot tub cover is enough to make you rethink the need for a hot tub cover.

The enormous size and shape of the hot tub cover make removing and stowing the cover a challenge for most people. Additionally, you are also at risk of facing serious back injuries if you lift the heavy object without any support.

Given the challenge ahead, it makes complete sense to opt for a spa cover lifter. Even the simplest of the models allow the user to cover the spa with little effort.

The frequent use of a spa cover means that, after a time, the cover will absorb water vapor from the spa. After absorbing the vapor from the barrier, the weight of the cover will start to move upwards, as the evaporation process continues. It is not until the cover becomes waterlogged that you should consider replacing it. Till the cover becomes completely waterlogged, a little mechanical help will make your life considerably more comfortable.

The use of a spa cover lifter means that you have the help of an extra pair of hands for opening and closing the spa. With the help of a spa cover lifter, you can use the spa to carry out quick water checks without hassle. The use of a lifter also eases the cleaning process because you don't stand the chance of hurting yourself in the process.  

The life and performance of the hot tub are influenced by the maintenance routine you follow. The maintenance routine becomes more comfortable if you install the spa lifter following the procedures mentioned below.

Step-By-Step Installation Process

  1. The first part of the procedure is to figure out whether the lifter comes with a mounting system or bracket. Follow the instructions mentioned in the instruction manual regarding the nature of the lifter. Given the nature of the product, you may be required to drill holes to screw the lifter in. Use a drill bit that is narrow for the purpose and ensure that you don't drill holes too far as it can damage the tub.
  2. Once you are done drilling the holes, you will not face many problems in attaching the mounting bracket. You can use a drill or screwdriver to assist you during the process.
  3. The package that comes with the cover lifter includes support arms that are responsible for connecting the two pivoting arms. You can then attach the pivoting arms with the brackets that are placed on the free pivots. Hydraulics are also available with some packages, especially if you order a powerlifter.
  4. The next step is to ensure that the cover lifter is attached to the cover of your spa. Before you go about carrying out this step, it is imperative to discuss the issue with the manufacturer. Different lifters specified for various models have contrasting ways of finishing the act.
  5. Most cover lifters also come with handgrips. You can slide the handgrips to whichever position suits you. You should look for convenience in this matter as the hand grips need to function effectively for you and work in a manner that is best for you. Additionally, if the package comes with any other components, be careful when attaching them. In the case of electrical components, avoid contact with water.
  6. If, for one reason or the other, the spa cover lifter is not working, go through the directions, and rectify the mistake.  

Required Materials

Here is a list of materials that you should possess if you are willing to install the cover by yourself. If you are looking to install a hot tub cover lifter, we advise you to purchase an entire cover lift package.

These are some of the essential elements that are required to aid the smooth operation.


Before you set out installing the spa cover lifter, take note of the following precautionary methods.

  • Use all the appropriate tools
  • Before following the instruction manual, ensure whether it offers the right advice
  • Don’t forget to wear protective gear
  • Be cautious throughout the process to prevent damage.

The installation of a hot tub cover lifter will ease the process of removing the cover. The installation will simplify the process by making it faster and easier. Keeping the lifter clean does not require much work.

The process of installing a spa lifter is not as challenging as it sounds. Once you start the process of installation, you’ll realize that it’s not as tough as it seems!  

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