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8 Best Telescopic Pool Poles | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A pool in the backyard looks gorgeous and can be the perfect place to hang out in summer. However, you need to maintain it well. 

Best Telescopic Pool Poles

Now you may want to book professional services, but hiring professionals yearly or half-yearly works fine as they can be expensive. For the rest of the year, it is best to have the necessary pool supply accessories at home to clean it yourself. 

Purchasing a sturdy telescopic pole is essential to use the other pool supply materials. You will need to reach the middle of the pool as well as clean the floors and walls, so the best telescopic pool pole will prove useful. 

Read on to learn about our top options before purchasing. 

Listed below are the 5 best telescopic pool poles from our list:

  • HydroTools By Swimline Telescopic Pool Pole: Distinguished by its ease of use with a sturdy and lightweight design, adjustable mechanism, and compatibility with most nets, ensuring it will not slip during cleaning operations.
  • U.S. Pool Supply Professional Telescopic Pool Pole: Unique for its compatibility with all kinds of pole attachments like skimmers, nets, rakes, and brushes, the pole offers durability with three telescopic pieces that can adjust from 4 feet to 12 feet.
  • YEECHUN Professional Swimming Pool Pole: Identified as a great choice for heavy-duty cleaning because of its robust load-bearing capacity, resistance to bending, and three-section design that extends to a maximum of 15 feet.
  • ProTuff Pool Pole: Stands out with its unique “Lock Right” spring-loaded locking technology for swift locking and unlocking, and a lifetime replacement guarantee for any broken or defective parts.
  • CKE Upgraded Telescoping Swimming Pool Pole: Features rust-proof and corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum for longevity, a non-slip hold, and versatility in its compatibility with multiple cleaning accessories.

Here is the list of the 8 best telescopic pool poles that you can use to keep your swimming pool clean and free from debris.

1. HydroTools By Swimline Telescopic Pool Pole - Best for Ease-of-Use

The HydroTools by Swimline Telescopic Pool Pole is a brilliant option for all those looking for a sturdy telescopic pole to clean their pools. You can fit it with most nets and use it to collect leaves and other foreign objects from the water's surface. 

First of all, the pole is sturdy and lightweight, which makes it easy to use since you can easily skim the water without experiencing discomfort. It will allow you to pick up bugs and leaves, while the aluminum and thick plastic construction of the pole ensures it will not slip out of your hands. 

We also found that it is easy to adjust, and you will just have to turn the plastic knob into place to lock the pole in the preferred position. Moreover, the pole does not bend easily and will last for a long time despite extending it to the maximum point. 

And this is an affordable option, and all you need to purchase is a fitting net for cleaning the pool, to begin working immediately. 

The only problem with this pole is that all kinds of nets may not fit the knob. Do not purchase large nets as they will not fit, but opt for small or medium-sized nets that can be used easily with the pole. If you have any confusion, you can always call customer care for help. 

Weight: 1.65lbs | Length: 6ft to 12ft | Diameter: 1-1/4'' | Thickness: N/A | Number of Sections: 2 | Material: Commercial-Grade Aluminum | Warranty: N/A

2. U.S. Pool Supply Professional Telescopic Pool Pole - Best for Attachment Versatility

Up next is an option that will fit all kinds of pole attachments, skimmers, nets, rakes, brushes, and vacuum heads. The U.S. Pool Supply Professional Telescopic Pool Pole is a handy item, and we are impressed with the durability and robustness it offers. 

To begin with, you will get a professional-grade pool cleaning pole that can expand from 4 feet to 12 feet. 3 telescopic pieces connect with each other to provide this extra reach. 

Additionally, the pool pole comes with a 1-1/4th-inch diameter end, which can be used to connect it with all kinds of accessories. This makes it highly versatile, and you can use it for all types of in-ground and above-ground pool cleaning tasks. 

That is not all; two slip-resistant cams will help you lock the pole length while working. Along with the adjustable length, you can prevent it from slipping thanks to the locking cams. And in case you are not satisfied, the company provides a one-year satisfaction guarantee, so you can get a replacement or a refund when needed. 

While this is perfect for cleaning the pool floor, we faced some difficulties with the fasteners. Once you have extended the pole, do not tighten the fasteners too much, as a lot of consumers have said that they faced difficulty while trying to loosen them. 

Weight: 1.5lbs | Length: 4ft to 12ft | Diameter: 1-1/4" | Thickness: N/A | Number of Sections: 3 | Material: Anodized-Aluminum | Warranty: 1 Year

3. YEECHUN Professional Swimming Pool Pole - Best for Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Up next is a heavy-duty pool pole that is 1.30mm thick and has a very strong load-bearing capacity. The YEECHUN Professional Swimming Pool Pole will not bend even while you use it to clean the bottom of your pool, making it a reliable and durable option. 

This telescoping pole features a 1-¼-inch diameter end, which can fit almost all pool accessories, including rakes, skimmers, vacuum heads, and brushes. We loved the smooth silver finish and anodized aluminum construction that added to its strength.

You will find that the pole has 3 pieces connected by external locking cams. These are resistant to slipping and will keep the pole locked at the desired length. Additionally, you can extend it to a maximum length of 15 feet while working.

It is also ribbed and lightweight, which makes it easy to hold. Anybody can use it to maintain their pool in top condition but if you are not satisfied with the quality, the company offers a two-year guarantee. You can get a replacement or a refund at any point without any hassle.

Before purchasing the product, you should know that it takes time to elongate this telescopic pool pole. You may have to fidget a little while adjusting it, but once you have extended it to the desired length, it will lock in place. Rest assured, with regular use, it can loosen up and become easier to extend. 

Weight: 2.4lbs | Length: 5.5ft to 15ft | Diameter: 1-1/4" | Thickness: 1.30mm | Number of Sections: 3 | Material: Anodized-Aluminum | Warranty: 1 Year

4. ProTuff Pool Pole

The ProTuff Pool Pole has made it very easy to clean the pool, as it prevents accidental collapsing altogether. You can lock or unlock the telescoping mechanism with a simple click of a button. Buy it for yourself and enjoy a smooth experience while cleaning the pool. 

The “Lock Right” option is truly unique as we have not seen this spring-loaded locking technology in any other pole yet. It performs better and quicker than the twist lock systems that other products use, making it perfect for continuous use. 

Added to that, one of the brand’s policies is that any defective, lost, or broken part is immediately replaced by the company, and this offer is valid for life. You will even be impressed by the smooth gliding mechanism of the aluminum-coated pool pole, as it is 1.8mm thick. This ensures it is ribbed and 3x stronger than other options. 

Also, you can extend it from 8 to 16 feet when required without worrying about the pole breaking, cracking, or bending as you use it. 

The only thing you need to remember is that the pole weighs 4 pounds and is slightly on the heavier side. This is because it comes with thick aluminum walls, which weigh more than most other pool poles. People who are not physically strong may not be able to work with it for extended durations.

Weight: 4lbs | Length: 8ft to 16ft | Diameter: 1-1/8" (Inner) | Thickness: 1.8mm | Number of Sections: 2 | Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum | Warranty: Unlimited Free Replacements For Life

5. CKE Upgraded Telescoping Swimming Pool Pole

Up next is a lightweight option that is made of high-quality ribbed material. The CKE Upgraded Telescoping Swimming Pool Pole features an aluminum construction that is anti-skid in nature. You can easily use it with wet as well as dry hands to clear all the debris from your pool. 

This anodized aluminum pole is very durable and will not crack, break, or bend even after constant use. It has a width of 1.3mm and is thick enough for use with different accessories. Also, the rubber-coated ripple will allow you to hold it firmly, ensuring it will not slip out of your hand. 

The aluminum alloy is corrosion-resistant and rust-proof in nature, adding to the benefits. There are also three sections that make up the pole, so length adjustments are easily possible. Plus, with the two locking cams that are resistant to slipping, extend the pole up to a maximum of 12 feet and lock it in position. 

Lastly, the pool pole has a 1-¼-inch diameter end, which offers a universal fit. You can use it with all cleaning nets, brushes, skimmers, and vacuum heads. 

This pool pole has a maximum length of 12 feet, which means it is not suitable for cleaning large or deep pools. You may be able to remove the leaves and other debris from the top, but it will be challenging to reach the pool floor. 

Weight: 2.05lbs | Length: 4ft to 12ft | Diameter: 1-1/4" | Thickness: 1.3mm | Number of Sections: 3 | Material: Anodized-Aluminum | Warranty: 2 Years

6. BLIKA Telescopic Swimming Pool Pole

One of the most affordable options is the BLIKA Telescopic Swimming Pool Pole. It is extendable up to 16 feet and can be used for pools of all sizes. You can also reduce it to 6.5 feet and store it easily when you are not using it, so read on to know more about its brilliant features. 

If you are looking for a lightweight option that can fit almost all accessories, then this telescoping pool pole will be a perfect choice. It weighs just 2.7 pounds and can be used by senior citizens as well. 

Aside from that, this is a three-section pole with two locking cams, which ensures you can lock the pole at the desired length. It can be used for cleaning above-ground pools and in-ground pools because of its length which guarantees greater convenience.

The product also features an aluminum alloy body with a thickness of 1.30mm. This anodized aluminum will not get deformed or break and has good load-bearing capacity. It is even corrosion-resistant and does not rust easily, while the anti-skid design makes it easier to work with. 

We believe pool supplies should be easy to handle as they are used on a regular basis. However, you may have to struggle a little while using this product, as the locking cams will take time to loosen, so you need to be patient. 

Weight: 2.7lbs | Length: 6.5ft to 16.5ft | Diameter: 1-1/4" | Thickness: 1.30mm | Number of Sections: 3 | Material: Aluminum Alloy | Warranty: 2 Months

7. POOLWHALE Telescopic Swimming Pool Pole

We know how important it is to be able to grip your swimming pool pole tightly without having it slip. This POOLWHALE Telescopic Swimming Pool Pole stands out among other products for its rubber-coated handle to provide you with a firm grip. 

The product has a “smooth glide” mechanism which will make it super easy for you to adjust the length. It can be extended from 4 feet to 12 feet, and you can clean the pool from any angle. 

Moreover, the smooth pole is made of anodized aluminum and is meant for professional use. It is resistant to rust and corrosion, and the body is pretty lightweight, so people of all ages can use it easily. That is not all; the external locking cams are easily adjustable and resistant to slipping. 

You can also control the length by simply rotating and fixing the pole in the preferred position. It fits with most standard pool tools, enabling you to just attach them to begin cleaning. 

This pool pole is very thin, with a thickness of 1 mm, and it may not be able to support heavy nets with a lot of leaves or debris in it. It is best not to attach any big pool net to the pole so that you do not end up damaging the structure.

Weight: 1.7lbs | Length: 4ft to 12ft | Diameter: 1 1/4" | Thickness: 1.0mm | Number of Sections: 3 | Material: Anodized-Aluminum | Warranty: N/A

8. LXun Professional Swimming Pool Pole

Next, we have another sturdy pole that can fit all pool brushes, hooks, skimmer nets, rakes, and vacuum heads. The LXun Professional Pool Pole will ensure you can clean your spa or pool easily without it cracking or breaking, thanks to its slip-resistant locking cams and lifting ring.

We will begin by talking about the material that it is made of and you will find that the pole is 1.30mm thick with an anodized aluminum body. It can meet all your cleaning requirements and can collapse conveniently for easy storage. While storing, you can bring it down to 6.5 feet from 16.5 feet and keep it anywhere without any difficulty. 

This telescoping pole is also ribbed so that you can grip it well since the ribbed part ensures you can hold it with wet hands as well. Moving on, it is known for its longevity and strength, as it is resistant to corrosion and does not wear out easily. 

It comes with a two-year 100% satisfaction guarantee, for smooth replacement or refund if it does not meet your requirements. 

While this is one of the best telescopic pool poles, it is slightly on the expensive side. You may need to spend more than you would for other products, but if you can afford it, it is a worthwhile investment. The product proves efficient and is quite durable making it a great choice for long-term use. 

Weight: 2.29lbs | Length: 6.5ft to 16.5ft | Diameter: 1-1/4" | Thickness: 1.30mm | Number of Sections: 3 | Material: Aluminum Alloy | Warranty: 2 Years

What is the Best Telescopic Pool Pole?

Featured below is a comparison table that incisively breaks down the critical characteristics of the foremost telescopic pool poles on the market. This detailed comparison takes into account weight, length, diameter, thickness, the number of sections that make up the pole, what materials were used during construction, and the terms of the product warranty.

ProductWeightLengthDiameterThicknessNumber of SectionsMaterialWarranty
Swimline HydroTools Telescopic Pool Pole1.65lbs6ft to 12ft1-1/4''N/A2Commercial-Grade AluminumN/A
U.S. Pool Supply Telescopic Pool Pole1.5lbs4ft to 12ft1-1/4"N/A3Anodized-Aluminum1 Year
YEECHUN Swimming Pool Pole2.4lbs5.5ft to 15ft1-1/4"1.30mm3Anodized-Aluminum1 Year
ProTuff Pool Pole4lbs8ft to 16ft1-1/8" (Inner)1.8mm26061-T6 AluminumUnlimited Free Replacements For Life
CKE Telescopic Pool Pole2.05lbs4ft to 12ft1-1/4"1.3mm3Anodized-Aluminum2 Years
BLIKA Telescopic Pool Pole2.7lbs6.5ft to 16.5ft1-1/4"1.30mm3Aluminum Alloy2 Months
POOLWHALE Telescopic Pool Pole1.7lbs4ft to 12ft1 1/4"1.0mm3Anodized-AluminumN/A
LXun Swimming Pool Pole2.29lbs6.5ft to 16.5ft1-1/4"1.30mm3Aluminum Alloy2 Years

Buying Guide for the Best Telescopic Pool Pole

Now that you know all about the best telescopic pool poles, we will tell you about some of the essential factors to remember. 

Length and Width

An important factor when purchasing telescopic pool poles is the size up to which they can be extended. This will depend on the size of the pool that you have. For bigger pools, opt for telescopic pool poles that are longer than 15 feet but for small or medium-sized pools, a shorter pole measuring 12 feet will work well. 

Also, the pool poles should be easily retractable for convenient storage, such as models that can be adjusted to 4 to 6 feet. Next, you need to check the diameter of the pole and it is best to purchase thick ones that can withstand the weight of heavy nets.

Thin pool poles may not be able to bear the weight of these nets. It is best to opt for poles with a diameter of more than 1 mm for the best results.


A good telescopic pool pole will be made of heavy-duty aluminum with holes drilled into it so that accessories can be attached easily. Also, a ribbed design can make it easier to hold the pole with wet hands. Since it will not slip easily, you can clean the pool with it without any hassle. 

Stay clear of flimsy poles that may bend or break easily, as they will not last long and it will be challenging to use them when fully extended. 


You may need to use a wide range of accessories, including a skimmer head, nets, or vacuum, and it is best if they can all be connected to the pool pole. So, while looking for options, select one, which offers a universal fit. This will make it easier for you to use it, and you do not have to purchase separate nets or skimmers for it. 


Working with a heavyweight long pole may be strenuous if you are not physically strong. Also, pool maintenance can take a long time, and working with a heavy pole can cause hand fatigue. The pole needs to be lightweight so that you can use it for long hours easily. 

Locking Cams

All telescopic poles will have a locking cam at every joint and the different parts of the pole can be attached with the help of these cams. Now, if you want to adjust the pole height, these cams need to be adjusted and locked in place. Before purchasing, ensure that these are not flimsy to prevent the pole from slipping while working.

How to use a telescopic pole?

To use a telescopic pole, you will have to adjust the locking cams to the right length before attaching the skimmer, net, or brushes to the end. Once they are fixed in place, you can use the pole to reach the pool water and clean it by removing debris. It can also be used to clean the side walls and floor of the pool.

Can one pool pole be used with many accessories?

When the pool pole arrives, remember to check if all the accessories fit the pole end. If they do not, then exchange the pole for another one that fits. But usually, the best pool poles have a universal fit and firmly attach to the necessary components, like skimmers, nets, etc.

Will the pool pole bend if used after extending it fully?

If the pool pole is not thick enough, then it can bend under pressure. Try to purchase a thick and long pole that will not bend easily, but when you have a thin pole, do not use large nets. Big nets collect a lot of leaves and debris, which can cause the pole to bend.

Selecting a telescopic pool pole is crucial to efficient, easy, and convenient pool maintenance. A reliable pool pole can significantly reduce the effort involved in keeping your pool clear of debris and clean for your relaxation and enjoyment. Based on an elaborate analysis of reviews and evaluation of product features and usability, the top three choices from the eight best telescopic pool poles would be:

The HydroTools by Swimline Telescopic Pool Pole is an ideal option given its simple design, ease of use, and affordability. Its sturdy build allows for easy collection of bugs and leaves from the surface of your pool. It also offers good durability thanks to its aluminum and thick plastic construction.

For those needing varied attachment options, the U.S. Pool Supply Professional Telescopic Pool Pole is a good choice. This pole's impressive versatility allows it to accommodate different types of accessories, making it a handy tool for all types of pools. Moreover, it boasts a 1-year satisfaction guarantee, giving you confidence in your purchase.

The YEECHUN Professional Swimming Pool Pole is the right choice for heavy-duty cleaning. With a 1.30mm thickness and substantial load-bearing capacity, this pole can withstand the weight of attachments needed for more demanding cleaning tasks. Its solid construction and two-year guarantee ensure it will serve you well in maintaining your pool.

Each of these telescopic pool poles stands out for its specific features, meeting different requirements to serve diverse pool maintenance needs. Therefore, your final choice should be based on your specific pool cleaning requirements, your budget, and additional features that you may find beneficial. Just remember that regular and efficient pool cleaning can considerably prolong the life and aesthetic appeal of your swimming pool, and these pool poles can be a valuable ally in this task.