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6 Best Liquid Pool Covers and Why You Need Them

We are all in agreement that pools are the most valuable outdoor amenity in a house. They let you add fun but high-endurance physical activity to your day through swimming. Then, you can use them as an instant open-air getaway by complementing them with the right hardscaping and furniture.  Also, pools add a lot of substance to the curb appeal of a house.

Best Liquid Pool Covers

In short, pools have a great deal of ROI in both tangible and intangible ways.

Nonetheless, having a pool that is also functional all year round is not as easy as dipping in it. You need to take care of a lot of things to make sure your pool remains functional without giving you overhead headaches. Pool covers are one accessory that makes it easier to run a pool.

In summer, they minimize the evaporation. In winter, they help in containing the water’s heat. However, using traditional plastic covers is a task in itself. You need to roll out and roll back those heavy sheets every time you want to use the pool. Moreover, they also cast a literal shadow on the original eye-catching appearance of the pool. Also, you can’t use the pool when they are on.

The innovation of liquid pool cover is the answer to all the shortcomings of traditional polymer and nylon covers. You can use them to prevent evaporation and heat loss without ruining the look of the pool and while keeping it swimmable all the time.

If you have a pool, then you need a liquid pool cover. Therefore, we are going to review six of the best liquid pool cover products available in the market right now. But before we delve into this discussion, it is important to have a quick introduction to what liquid pool covers are and how they work.

Quick Introduction to Liquid Pool Covers

Liquid pool covers have been around for over two decades. However, homeowners are still waking up to its supreme utility. A liquid pool cover is a hydrocarbon solution, usually alcohol, that contains ultralight molecules lighter than water molecules.

When you pour it onto the pool surface, its molecules rise to the surface due to the mass gradient and float on top of water molecules to give them a solar blanket. Their sideways movement ensures they don’t pile up on each other and spread over the entire pool instead.

This is the reason why even a small quantity of liquid pool cover solution is enough to swathe an entire pool surface.

Here is the list of the 6 best liquid pool covers to help you prevent water evaporation and preserve heat in your swimming pool.

1. Natural Chemistry Cover Free Liquid Solar Blanket - Liquid Pool Cover For Sensitive Skin

Natural Chemistry Liquid Pool Cover is a modern mono-layer liquid solution with a high surface tension value. It can reduce evaporation by 85% and water heat loss by up to 70%. Its application can significantly bring down the power use that solely goes into keeping the pool water warm during winter.

The higher surface tension enables the solution to remain in shape and regain its place even when the pool is in use. It comes in a 32-ounce bottle, and just four ounces of this mono-layer solution is enough for a 667 sq-feet pool surface or 20,000 gallons of water (weekly).

Moreover, the neutral pH of the Natural Chemistry Liquid Solar Blanket makes it a perfect option for people who have sensitive skin. 

Volume: 32 fl oz | Evaporation Reduction: Up to 85% | Dosage: 4 fl oz/20, 000 Gallons | Frequency of Dosage: Once Every Week

2. SeaKlear Solar Shield - Liquid Solar Cover with Evaporation Formula

Evaporation is the main culprit behind heat loss from the pool water. For that matter, SeaKlear has designed its liquid pool cover to provide maximum protection against evaporation. Its patented solution formula offers best-in-class evaporation reduction. You can use this solution weekly or monthly to considerably reduce the evaporation of the pool water.

As per SeaKlear’s claims, its use can save up to 1,500 gallons of water by cutting down 24/7 evaporation. Moreover, SeaKlear Liquid Pool Cover is also brandished as the best option for pools with irregular shapes because of the omnidirectional sideways movement of its molecules.

Its 32-ounce packaging ensures you can use it for all pool sizes.

Volume: 32 fl oz | Evaporation Reduction: N/A | Dosage: N/A | Frequency of Dosage: Once Every 30 Days

3. Tropical Fish Liquid Solar Blanket LiquidHeat - Easy-to-Use Liquid Pool Cover

It has been established that evaporation is the major cause of heat loss from pool water. In fact, in some cases, 90% of heat loss happens due to evaporation. This solar blanket has an evaporation protection formula that can go on to cut down 30% of the power consumed in keeping the pool water warm.

This percentage eventually translates into saving hundreds of dollars in annual energy bills. Moreover, its formula remains non-reactive in the pool until it biodegrades. It is not going to change the pH and alkalinity of the pool water. Nor is it going to react with chlorine present in pool water. This passive chemical composition of the solution also keeps it ideal for pool components and plumbing systems.

Tropical Fish Liquid Solar Blanket LiquidHeat comes in a self-measuring 310-ml bottle so you can use it directly from the bottle. A weekly addition of four to five ounces of LiquidHeat is enough for pools with a capacity anywhere between 15,000 and 20,000 gallons.

Volume: 10.48 fl oz | Evaporation Reduction: Up to 50% | Dosage: 2, 4, or 6 fl oz (Depends on Pool's Size) | Frequency of Dosage: Once Every Week

4. LO-CHLOR Aqua Blanket - Most Cost-Effective Liquid Pool Cover

LO-CHLOR Aqua Blanket is a concentrated solar blanket formula. With just three ounces of it, you can protect your pool of 500 sq ft from all the extensive evaporation and heat loss for an entire week. Such a small dosage makes it one of the most cost-effective solar blanket solutions on the block.

Like any good liquid pool cover, LO-CHLOR is an absolutely non-reactive formula. It doesn’t mess up with the original chemical composition of your pool water. Whichever sanitization method you are using for your pool, LO-CHLOR Aqua Blanket is compatible with it.

The best thing about LO-CHLOR’s liquid pool cover is its economical application. A single bottle (32-ounce) of it can provide your pool with effective cover against evaporation and consequently heat loss for over two months.

Extend your swimming season with this cost-effective liquid pool cover.

Volume: 32 fl oz | Evaporation Reduction: Up to 40% | Dosage: 3 fl oz/15, 000 Gallons | Frequency of Dosage: Once Every Week

5. Pool Basics 2706PB - Liquid Pool Cover Offering Fortnightly Solar Blanket

Pool Basics is another 1-quart liquid pool cover that ticks all the boxes of a high-quality and effective non-solid solar blanket. By cutting down the evaporation of your pool, you can actually extend your swimming season and Pool Basics Heat Trapper Solar Blanket will help you with that.

It is important to mention here that half the effectiveness of Pool Basics Liquid Pool Cover is in how you use it.  Shake well before opening the bottle and then pour 4 ounces of solution into the pool when the filtration system is on. Try to pour it near the water jets of the pool or the skimmer to get the best results.

This 4-ounce dose will be enough to protect your 15,000-gallon pool from evaporation losses for the next fortnight.

Volume: 31.99 fl oz | Evaporation Reduction: N/A | Dosage: 4 fl oz/15, 000 Gallons | Frequency of Dosage: Once Every 2 Weeks

6. Aquapill Solar Pill Liquid Solar Blanket -  Liquid Pool Cover with Unique Packaging

The last liquid pool cover on our list also comes in unique packaging. As the name suggests, it is a large pill-shaped container that you need to put in the pool skimmer after popping out the pre-marked holes given on its surface. The solution gradually releases from the pill and eventually spreads out on the entire pool surface.

The formula of the Aquapill Solar Blanket is non-toxic and not strong enough to cause any damage to the vinyl components of the pool construction. Similarly, its non-toxic nature makes it an ideal option to be used in pools that remain packed with swimmers all the time.

Each Aquapill is enough for a 12,000-gallon swimming pool for an entire month. The 5-out-of-5 star rating on Amazon shows that customers are a fan of its unique application. 

Volume: N/A | Evaporation Reduction: N/A | Dosage: 1 Pill/12, 000 Gallons | Frequency of Dosage: Once Every 30 Days

What is the Best Liquid Pool Cover?

This table provides a comprehensive comparison of liquid pool covers based on key attributes including product volume (measured in fluid ounces), evaporation reduction percentage, recommended dosage (in fluid ounces or pills), and frequency of application.

ProductVolumeEvaporation ReductionDosageFrequency of Dosage
Natural Chemistry Cover Free Liquid Solar Blanket32 fl ozUp to 85%4 fl oz/20, 000 GallonsOnce Every Week
SeaKlear Solar Shield32 fl ozN/AN/AOnce Every 30 Days
Tropical Fish Liquid Solar Blanket LiquidHeat10.48 fl ozUp to 50%2, 4, or 6 fl oz (Depends on Pool's Size)Once Every Week
LO-CHLOR Aqua Blanket32 fl ozUp to 40%3 fl oz/15, 000 GallonsOnce Every Week
Pool Basics 2706PB31.99 fl ozN/A4 fl oz/15, 000 GallonsOnce Every 2 Weeks
Aquapill Solar Pill Liquid Solar BlanketN/AN/A1 Pill/12, 000 GallonsOnce Every 30 Days

Reasons You Need a Liquid Pool Cover

You may have found the answer to this question in the above discussion. Nonetheless, we are going to list the benefits of using a liquid pool cover more discreetly.

Lesser Evaporation and Heat Loss

A high-quality liquid pool cover ensures lesser evaporation and heat loss just like a solid plastic cover. With lesser evaporation, you can maintain the water volume without any addition. Moreover, less evaporation also results in lesser loss of heat from the water. Some estimates suggest that a well-applied liquid pool cover can keep the heat in the water by four degrees.

Efficient Chlorine Consumption

Chlorine is the most popular sanitization material for pool water. However, outdoor pools often experience rapid degradation of their chlorine content due to direct exposure to UV rays from the sunlight. With a liquid cover on the pool surface, you can protect the chlorine content of your pool to keep delivering sanitization for an extended period.

Reduced Leaf Load and Consequent Blockages

When a pool is covered with invisible non-water molecules, fallen leaves landing on its surface don’t get soaked and submerged into the pool so easily. Many of these leaves are blown again and those that don’t can easily be dealt with a leaf blower. In other words, a high-quality liquid pool cover can reduce the workload of the skimmer and prevent flow blockages.

Maintaining the Appearance of the Pool

We all know that plastic covers can mess up the look of your pool. If you are one of those concerned homeowners who don’t want to make any compromise on the curb appeal of their abode, the liquid pool cover offers an invisible solar blanket to its surface to keep its look intact.

We hope that this comprehensive buying guide proves to be enough for you to pick the right liquid pool cover product for any type of swimming pool.

Is swimming possible in a pool with a liquid cover?

Yes, that's the whole point of using a liquid pool cover. The ultra-light molecules of the cover float to the top of the pool, creating a protective barrier while maintaining the feel of regular water. You won't notice any difference while being immersed in the pool covered with the liquid solution.

The higher surface tension of the liquid cover allows it to effectively shield the pool water from evaporation, even amidst surface movement and agitation.

Do liquid covers pose any threat to living beings?

No, reliable liquid pool cover products are composed of eco-friendly and biodegradable chemicals. This means they do not pose any health risks to individuals swimming in a pool with the cover.

Even if some of the cover solution is ingested along with pool water, it won't lead to any serious problems. However, it's worth noting that the pool water itself can sometimes cause allergies and mild digestive discomfort.

Do liquid covers affect pool chemicals, accessories, and equipment?

Liquid pool covers are designed with consideration for potential interactions with pool accessories. They have a neutral pH and inert nature, ensuring they do not have any adverse effects on skimmers and filters.

In the rare event of any reactivity in the solution, it doesn't come into contact with pool accessories or sanitization chemicals, as it quickly rises to the pool surface.

Where is the use of a liquid pool cover suitable?

You can use a high-quality liquid solar blanket in any type of pool, regardless of its design or construction. Whether it's an indoor or outdoor pool, a liquid pool cover provides effective protection. It's important to note that even indoor pools experience evaporation and heat loss, making a cover beneficial in those situations as well.

After exploring the various options and features of liquid pool covers, it's clear that these solutions are a great way to minimize water evaporation, heat loss, and energy consumption. Plus, they are compatible with various pool designs, making them a versatile addition to your pool maintenance routine.

From the above 6 best liquid pool covers, here are the top three expert recommendations:

If you have sensitive skin, the Natural Chemistry Cover Free Liquid Solar Blanket is an ideal option, as its neutral pH formulation offers a safe and effective solution.

For those looking for a durable and effective evaporation and heat loss reduction formula, the SeaKlear Solar Shield is a good option, especially for pools with irregular shapes.

Lastly, if you're on the hunt for a cost-effective yet high-quality liquid pool cover, the LO-CHLOR Aqua Blanket is the right choice, as it provides impactful coverage without breaking the bank.

By utilizing these expert-recommended liquid pool covers, you can extend your swimming season and enjoy a more eco-friendly and energy-efficient pool experience. So, consider diving into the world of liquid pool covers and relish the benefits they offer.