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9 Best Electric Brooms In 2023 | Reviews & Buying Guide 

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Let’s be honest, most people dread the thought of cleaning their homes every day with a broom. 

While the use of brooms has gone down, lugging the traditional vacuum around your home doesn’t sound great either. This has given rise to the creation of electric brooms, which are essentially a blend of traditional brooms and vacuum cleaners. 

These lightweight devices have a built-in brush roll for sweeping dust from bare hard floors and low-pile carpets. Along with that, vacuum technology has been added to suck up dirt efficiently without creating a mess. 

Due to their rising demand, many home appliance companies have now jumped on the bandwagon of launching electric brooms. That’s why we thought of doing some research to come up with this list of the 9 best electric brooms. 

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at these cleaning tools!

Best Electric Brooms

1. Bissell Stick Bagless Vacuum 

Bissell has been making home cleaning appliances for a long time, and this lightweight stick vacuum has a promising modern design owing to its simple streamlined body. Along with its affordability, people seem to enjoy using this electric broom to clean their homes by converting it into a hand vacuum. 

Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum With...
  • Powerful, convenient, and easy to use
  • Powerful suction makes it great for quick pick ups with...

Why Did We Like It? 

Let’s start by saying that this Bissell stick vacuum makes cleaning your home easier through its compact and convenient design. The floor brush in this electric broom works best to clean low-pile rugs and hardwood floors. Also, as it weighs only 3 pounds, you can clean your home daily to keep it free from dust and even pet hair. 

We liked the easy conversion that lets you quickly change it into a handheld vacuum. Moreover, by attaching the crevice tool, you can spot clean upholstery, pick up fine dust from hard-to-reach corners, and clean your car. 

Another great feature is the bagless design that relieves you of the need to change bags. And the easy-to-clean 0.67-liter dust cup can store enough dirt until you are done cleaning a significant part of your home.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only complaint we have about this electric broom would be its short cord length which restricts its maneuverability while trying to clean hard-to-reach places. A longer cord would have also made it easier to move between rooms without needing to hop power outlets. 

  • Lightweight design
  • Good at picking up pet hair
  • Doesn’t require bag changes
  • Easy to use on carpets
  • Cord could have been longer

2. Eureka Stick Vacuum 

This stick vacuum from Eureka might be an excellent choice as its powerful capture nozzle makes your home squeaky clean by picking up all the dirt. It is particularly known for its swivel steering that lets you reach all corners, guaranteeing improved maneuverability. 

Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Powerful Suction 3-in-1...
  • 3-in-1 design with onboard crevice tool allows you to...
  • Eureka's signature swivels steering improves maneuverability...

Why Did We Like It? 

When it comes to electric broom features, this Eureka stick vacuum has most of them, including a long handle that lets you clean the house with ease. The swivel steering adds to the convenience since moving the device becomes easier for you without applying a lot of effort. We were especially pleased by the capture nozzle that can pick up large dust particles as well as cat and dog hair. 

This is also a convertible vacuum that can easily be turned into a stair or handheld vacuum in minutes for quick cleaning. And a crevice tool has been specially provided for use during the handheld mode to pick up dirt from hard-to-reach areas, like the curves of a sofa or bed. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Even though this electric broom works pretty well on hard surfaces and plain rugs, its brush roll can get tangled in high-pile or plush carpets. If possible, remove them before using this device to clean your home or opt for a more traditional vacuum cleaner. 

  • Highly maneuverable
  • Easily picks up large dust particles
  • Hassle-free filter cleaning
  • Excellent suction power
  • May get stuck on high-pile carpets

3. Dirt Devil Stick Vacuum 

Dirt Devil is a brand that makes several types of vacuum cleaners, and this stick vacuum is one of its inexpensive models. It has been designed for easily tidying up hardwood floors and area rugs, thanks to its washable filters, which eliminate the cost of regular filter changes needed in usual vacuums. 

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum Cleaner, 3-in-1 Hand and Stick...
  • 3-IN-1: Tidy up your hard floors and rugs with powerful...
  • EASY TO USE: Take the chore out of cleaning with this...

Why Did We Like It? 

First of all, let’s appreciate the exterior design of this bright red Dirt Devil electric broom that stands out compared to other stick vacuums. It weighs less than 4 pounds, ensuring that moving it around your home wouldn’t be too tiring. You can even change it into a handheld vacuum to easily collect dust and debris from under the carpet. 

We were especially interested in this product as the main brush works for hardwood floors and low-pile rugs. Besides, the straight suction feature ensures that the dirt can be sucked up in a single pass. 

This is also a low-maintenance electric broom due to its removable and washable filter, which requires cleaning only once in a while to maintain its efficiency. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

While going through the reviews for this Dirt Devil electric broom, we learned that it might get hot with constant usage, which is particularly evident when using it on carpets. If you experience something similar, let the device rest for some time before cleaning again. 

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easily turns into a hand vacuum
  • Good for light carpet cleaning
  • Easy to move around hard floors
  • Can get hot to touch on heavy usage

4. Bissell Cordless Sweeper 

Do you have little to no space left in your storage closet? Don’t worry, as this sleek cordless electric broom from Bissell fits in tight spaces, and its powerful brush keeps your bare floors squeaky clean. It’s definitely a must-have broom as it reduces the time required for everyday cleaning. 

Bissell 28806 Perfect Sweep Turbo, Grey
  • Every BISSELL purchase helps save pets. BISSELL proudly...
  • Dirt cup capacity - 480 ml. Powerful Cordless...

Why Did We Like It? 

One of the first things you should know about this lightweight and versatile electric broom is that it sports a brush that works for multiple surfaces. So, you can use this broom to clean your hardwood floors, carpets, and even rugs. 

We found out that the brush is quite efficient in picking up all kinds of dirt and debris, including pet hair or food items. And you can easily clean bare floors or bend the cleaning head to access hard-to-reach areas under furniture or narrow corners of your home. 

As it’s a cordless model, you can also move it around without worrying about pulling on a power outlet. Plus, the battery lasts for up to 60 minutes on a single charge, which is enough to clean several rooms of your home.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

Our only gripe about this electric broom is that it takes around 12 hours to charge fully, which is a hassle if you don’t have much time for household chores. So, to maintain its battery life, make sure to recharge the broom after each use. 

  • Easy to store
  • Doesn’t make much noise
  • Good for cleaning under furniture
  • Battery lasts long
  • Long charging time

5. Shark Stick Vacuum 

The basic electric broom may often fail while power cleaning homes, but this one from Shark is different due to its powerful suction. Besides, it has been specially designed for homes with pets and guarantees cleanliness by picking up as much pet hair as possible from floors and carpets. 

Shark HV322 Rocket Deluxe Pro Corded Stick Vacuum with LED...
  • POWERFUL SUCTION: Thorough deep carpet cleaning, and...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT VERSATILITY: Ultra-lightweight and converts into...

Why Did We Like It? 

Soon after getting your hands on this electric broom, you’ll realize that it has been built to be a powerful cleaning tool, owing to its strong suction power. This model has been designed for floor-to-ceiling cleaning, made possible by the long wand. You can even convert it into a handheld vacuum for cleaning stairs or upholstery. 

Another notable feature of this device has to be the XL 0.68-quart dust cup which lets you clean for a long time. And emptying it is hassle-free when the cup gets full in-between cleaning. 

We also liked the attachments provided with this unit, especially the duster crevice tool that lets you pick up dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas. Not to mention, the pet multi-tool helps you collect embedded pet hair from all types of surfaces.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

Compared to the other electric brooms we mentioned, this one can seem a bit heavier as it weighs around 9 pounds. But, there’s no need to worry since cleaning your home becomes easy due to its high maneuverability, and you wouldn’t need to apply too much effort. 

  • Large dust cup
  • Great for deep cleaning
  • Removes pet odors
  • Requires less storage space
  • A bit heavy

6. Tineco Stick Vacuum 

Are you tired of using stick vacuums that don’t have enough power? Don’t worry, as this model from Tineco is designed with a powerful suction, which makes multi-surface cleaning a breeze. It even has a four-stage HEPA filter to make the air within your home fresh and free from harmful particles. 

Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick/Handheld Vacuum Cleaner,...
  • High performance 350W motor provides powerful suction for...
  • Lightweight, cordless design easily maneuvers through every...

Why Did We Like It? 

One of the main reasons for selecting this product was its powerful design that provides 80% stronger cleaning with 2.5 times more power than other similar models. It has even been tested according to ASTM-F608 standards to prove that its power brush can effectively clean carpets and hard surfaces. 

Furthermore, as this cordless vacuum weighs under three pounds and has a long wand, you can easily maneuver it for floor-to-ceiling cleaning. There’s also an option to convert it to a hand vacuum helpful for cleaning furniture, cars, and stairs. This mode is especially efficient when the device is paired with attachments like the mini power brush or crevice tool. 

You also need not worry about charging, as this vacuum comes with its dock, which keeps it charged for instant hassle-free cleaning.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

One of the things to be wary of while purchasing this cordless vacuum is that the battery life isn’t great. The battery may last for only eight to ten minutes when running it at max speed. However, you may buy extra batteries to keep cleaning without interruptions. 

  • Easy to clean dirt cup
  • Compact design
  • Simple conversion to handheld vacuum
  • Works for multiple surfaces
  • Low battery life

7. Dyson Stick Vacuum 

The brand name of Dyson has become synonymous with futuristic gadgets devised to keep your home spotless. This is one of its cordless vacuums that come with enhanced power and an advanced filtration system to improve the quality of all living spaces. It even comes with improved attachments to make cleaning your home or car effortless. 

Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead Lightweight Cordless Stick...
  • Upto 60 minutes run time when using a non motorized tool
  • Lightweight and versatile, to clean right through the home;...

Why Did We Like It? 

Most electric brooms or vacuums have a stationary brush roll, but this model from Dyson comes with a motorized head to make cleaning even more powerful. When run on the max suction mode, you can be assured that the device picks up every last bit of dust and debris. The head can even dig deeper into carpets to remove ground-in dirt. 

Moreover, its slim design with an elongated wand and a low-profile head lets you effortlessly reach under the bottoms of furniture. This vacuum has a lightweight body with proper balancing, so you can use it for floor-to-ceiling cleaning without breaking your back. 

Always worried about running out of charge in-between cleaning? Don’t bother, as this model has a runtime of up to 60 minutes when used with non-motorized heads, and it comes with a docking station to always maintain power.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

This is one of the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaners you can get to keep your home clean. But, it does come at a hefty price that feels a bit much compared to other electric brooms with a little less power. 

  • Multiple suction modes
  • Provides cleaner air
  • Perfect for deep cleaning carpets
  • Helpful attachments for quick cleaning
  • Expensive

8. ORFELD Stick Vacuum 

Even after being a pretty new name in the vacuum industry, ORFELD has consistently produced great appliances, one of them being this cordless device. Its tiltable handle soon caught our attention as the feature is seldom seen in any other electric brooms. So, we had to check out its overall features. 

Cordless Vacuum, ORFELD Stick Vacuum Cleaner 4 in 1...
  • Dust and Debris Go Efficiently Directly Into the Easy to...
  • Our Powerful 2200mAh 6-cell Battery, 2 Ball Bearing Motor...

Why Did We Like It? 

Let’s start with its unique folding function, which is the highlight of using this cordless vacuum. You can tilt its handle at three different angles, eliminating the need to bend yourself or break your back while reaching corners or under furniture. We would also like to add that there are six LED lights in front of its brush head to make the dark corners and crevices visible. 

This brings us to the all-terrain brush that can be used on multiple surfaces, including hard flooring, low-pile carpets, tiles, marble, and short ceilings. Irrespective of its highest suction speed of 120 watts and the type of flooring, you can expect the vacuum to perform at a quiet noise not exceeding 65 dB.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

We feel that with all its advanced features, a little more suction power would have made this vacuum great for clearing big messes. However, at its maximum suction, the device is still useful to pick up big and small dirt particles, including pet hair.  

  • Easy to use
  • Simple dust removal from cup
  • Foldable for better storage
  • Efficiently picks up cat litter and hair
  • Suction power can be better

9. BLACK+DECKER Floor Sweeper 

Last but not least, we have an affordable cordless electric broom from BLACK+DECKER that will make everyday cleaning hassle-free. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, this broom will sweep up big and little messes without leaving any dust behind. And, it can easily lay flat, making storage easier than other brooms. 

BLACK+DECKER Floor Sweeper, 50 Minutes Runtime, Powder White...
  • Dustbin capacity 12.5 ounces; Leave no mess behind with up...
  • So lightweight, sleek and maneuverable, you can easily clean...

Why Did We Like It? 

This cordless electric broom from BLACK+DECKER is quite useful, especially for small spaces with a lot of furniture, as it can easily glide into corners. You can even bend its swivel head to maneuver the brush under tables, cupboards, or your bed. And all this can be done while holding its handle in one hand. 

Coming to its cleaning power, the brush in this broom is good enough to pick up big and small dirt particles from hardwood floors in one go due to the 360-degree swivel head. And as there’s no cord you can go on cleaning rooms without bothering about changing power sockets. 

This floor sweeper also has a self-standing design, so you wouldn’t have to worry about it toppling over when not used.  

What Could’ve Been Better?

Compared to other electric brooms, this one doesn’t fare well when it comes to picking up a lot of pet hair. Yes, it may still work if your dog or cat has minimal shedding, but big chunks of hair may get tangled in its brush. 

  • Easy-to-clean dustbin
  • Efficient for cleaning under furniture
  • Hassle-free storage
  • Doesn’t make much noise
  • May not work for pet hair

Electric Broom Buying Guide 

Before investing in an electric broom, it’s always better to know what you should look for in a product to make it worthy for your home. Yes, we have already recommended some items, but this buying guide will clarify some key points to look for in every electric broom. So, let’s check them out. 

1. Suction Power 

One of the first things to check in an electric broom is its suction power, as it will give you an idea about its capacity to pick up dust. Compared to a traditional broom, the electric stick vacuum not only sweeps dust but also picks it up. Selecting a model with a powerful motor and strong suction power will reduce the time taken to clean your home. 

Furthermore, if you have pets at your home, pick an electric broom with a brush and suction capacity designed for removing pet hair. 

2. Versatility 

Are you looking for those all-in-one vacuum cleaners? If so, then an electric broom might be an excellent option as many models let you convert them into handheld or stair vacuums. Just make sure that the process is uncomplicated so that you can actually use the feature in day-to-day life. We also prefer models with extra attachments, such as brushes or crevice tools, to efficiently pick up dirt in handheld mode. 

3. Maneuverability

Another feature to look for in an electric broom would be enhanced maneuverability. Technologies like advanced swivel steering are often added to make moving the brooms easier without applying too much pressure. Some models are even built to completely lay flat on the floor, letting you easily clean under beds or cupboards. 

4. Corded Vs Cordless 

Yes, even stick vacuums are available in corded and cordless models. The main difference is that the cordless vacuums come with an in-built rechargeable battery that can last for 20-60 minutes on a single charge. This provides the convenience of not worrying about the cord pulling on the outlet with the added benefit of maneuverability. 

On the other hand, corded vacuums allow you to clean for longer, but there might be a need to hop outlets due to short power cords. We recommend looking for devices with at least a 20 feet cord to make cleaning easier, especially in large rooms. 

The decision to go for either version should rest on your need for convenience and the budget, as cordless versions may cost five times more than the corded models. 

5. Dirt Cup 

An inconvenient thing about traditional brooms is the need to have a dustpan or stationary vacuum to collect the particles after sweeping a space. But, that isn’t necessary for vacuum cleaners due to the presence of a cup or bag to hold the dust after it gets sucked up. 

While traditional vacuums mostly had changeable paper bags, the latest electric brooms typically come with a dust cup for holding the dirt. So, do check the capacity to ensure that you can clean your home without the container getting full midway. 

Electric Broom Frequently Asked Questions?

Q1. Can you use an electric broom on upholstery?

Well, most of the attachments provided with an electric broom wouldn’t be suitable for soft surfaces like upholstery. But, you can look for special attachments that can be bought for convertible models. Some even come with crevice tools to pick up dirt from the curves of your sofa or bed. We would also recommend not using the floor brush on upholstery as the brush roll may still have some dirt.

Q2. Can an electric broom be used to pick up pet hair?

Most electric brooms come with a brush roll that can pick up pet hair. Some high-end models are specifically designed for households with pets. We recommend picking up a traditional vacuum with pet hair attachments, especially for homes that have high-pile carpets or other similar surfaces.

Q3. Can an electric broom replace a traditional vacuum?

To be honest, stick vacuums or electric brooms aren’t really here to replace traditional larger vacuums. The main aim of electric brooms is to make everyday cleaning efficient and straightforward. On the flip side, the big traditional vacuums are often more powerful and have the ability to deep clean a space. They also have higher capacities to tackle big messes.

If you have a big house with several carpeted rooms and a few pets, there’s no chance of avoiding a traditional vacuum cleaner. Also, homes with mostly high-pile carpets benefit more from the high cleaning capacity and special brush attachments present in larger vacuums.


So, that’s everything that we had to tell you about the best electric brooms. We hope that this guide will make cleaning your home easier with the help of a powerful and versatile broom.

Among our recommendations, we will suggest the Bissell stick bagless vacuum to anyone looking for an affordable and lightweight device with increased maneuverability. 

Meanwhile, the Eureka stick vacuum is better suited for someone looking to keep their homes clean from large particles like pet hair. But this appliance is mainly suited for spaces with hard flooring and area rugs. 

With that, we come to the end of this guide. Make sure to refer to the buying guide for additional advice on buying a useful electric broom. 

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