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Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Review

Gas grills come in all shapes and sizes. From the small compact grills to the large grills that cater to larger families. But, how do you know which grill suits your needs? In this article, we are going to take a look at one of the large grill options that are available in the market today. In fact, if you’re looking for a large gas powered grill then the Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 is an easy choice.

Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Review

Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Review 

Napoleon PRO500RSIBPSS-3 Prestige PRO BBQ Propane Gas Grill,...
  • 80, 000 BTU's, 4 Stainless Steel main burners, 900 in total...
  • Dimensions: 66.50" W x 25.50" D x 51.75" H (Lid Closed)...

While the brand Napoleon is a relatively new arrival in the niche of high-quality gas grills, the brand has made quite a splash in the industry by releasing one great product after the other. This puts the Prestige Pro 500 in good company.

With the Prestige Pro 500, Napoleon is looking to make its entry in the large grill niche that caters to large families or commercial use. For this, the company has decided to go with extra-large cooking space along with six burners that make cooking fast and hassle-free.

Napoleon has had a good track record of delivering premium quality grills at an affordable price and the Prestige Pro 500 is no exception. From the looks of it, the company has gone the extra mile in making sure it delivers a superior product that’s all set to become an instant hit with its fans.


  • Six stainless steel burners
  • 900 square inches of a total cooking area
  • Four stainless steel burners: 80,000 BTUs.
  • Side burner: 14,000 BTUs
  • Rotisserie kit with smoking channel: 18,000 BTUs
  • Four caster wheels

The Design

Like all the other grills by Napoleon, the first thing you are going to notice is the premium quality feel that this grill offers. The company has used 100% stainless steel for the body and frame of the grill, which gives it a top-shelf look right off the bat. But, another selling factor of the Prestige Pro 500 is its imposing design which will easily stand out in any setting. The high-grade stainless steel grill can easily pass off as a commercial unit in terms of both style and functionality.

Talking about style, the Prestige Pro 500 offers a large cooking space that’s larger than most other grills that are available in the market today. Its sleek design and smooth edges make it a great choice for families that have small kids or just don’t want to get cut by sharp stainless steel metal.

The Prestige Pro 500 features interior lighting which is a nice addition to the overall design. The addition of a cutting board across the sizzle zone infrared burner is also a nice addition and allows you to hook useful utensils and tools off the side.

But, the reason we are all here is because of the impressive cooking capacity of the Napoleon Prestige Pro 500. The propane/gas grill features up to six burners and can pump out an impressive 80,000 BTUs in cooking power.

The cooking area features an infrared side burner that’s used for searing along with an infrared rotisserie-style rear burner. The Prestige Pro 500 also features detachable stainless plates, making hibachi style cooking possible. In total, users get up to 500 square inches of cooking space with 260 square inches of warming area.

The Features

Six Stainless Steel Burners

Napoleon boasts of being one of the most powerful gas grills that are available in the market today. The six primary burners can generate an outstanding amount of heat for faster more efficient cooking. If you’re searching for a grill that has a large capacity and makes you cook fast then the Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 should be a no-brainer.

Built-In Electronic Ignition

Napoleon has decided to go with a built-in electronic ignition system this time around. This simple tweak has made a major difference in the overall experience of this grill. With the help of the new electronic ignition system, users have complete control over the primary burners and the rear rotisserie burner as well. This ensures you get to cook more foods at different temperatures quicker than most other gas grills, making it the ideal choice for large families.

Oversized Warming Rack

As if all these features weren’t enough to get buyers to purchase the Prestige Pro 500, the company has also included a super large warming rack, which makes this the ideal grill when hosting parties or large get-togethers at home.

Heavy-Duty Accu-Probe Temperature Gauge

The Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 features a heavy-duty Accu-Probe temperature gauge that makes it easy to find out just how hot the grill is before cooking.

Other Features

The Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 grill offers a complete grilling experience in more ways than one. From the easy to use side storage shelf that makes it easy to store away utensils or other accessories neatly to the nifty drip pan which is easily detached to get rid of the grease, juices or moisture collected from the grill. You also get a large storage space that features a bottle opener and built-in ice bucket. In short, the Prestige Pro 500 just makes it easier to carry out any type of cooking you would normally do in a grill outdoors.

Multiple Warranties

It’s clear that the Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 has been designed and built to last you a lifetime. This can be seen with the impressive ten-year warranty that the company offers for its stainless-steel burners. Other warranties include a five-year warranty for the stainless-steel sear plates and other parts. You also get a three-year warranty for the rotisserie burner coupled with a 50% discount on burners you purchase for five years.


  • Great quality of burners and large cooking space gives full marks in utility 
  • Build with stainless steel provides a classic look and is easy to clean 
  • With inbuilt illumination, gives you the freedom to cook any type of food whether at daylight or night 
  • Large storage cabinet
  • Four heavy-duty caster wheels that lock in place


  • The price tag 

Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Conclusion

With the Prestige Pro 500, Napoleon has managed to deliver a superior product that’s unlike anything that is available in the market today. You get a premium quality 100% stainless steel grill that offers extra large cooking space for versatile cooking and all the bells and whistles you would want to have in an outdoor grill.

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