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Saber Grills R50SC1417 Elite 3-Burner Grill Review Under the Microscope

Not many things can match the joy of a warm American summer. The ideal weather, the longer days, and the perfect blend of family, friends, and food make it the most exciting time in the year. 

Saber Grills R50SC1417 Elite 3-Burner Grill Review

Whether it is an intimate gathering of close friends or family, or an expansive get together featuring distant friends and relatives, the backyard of an American household becomes the center stage of games, fun, and activities. 

A gas grill is the pivot of these gatherings, acting as a force that reunites all friends and family over the love for food. The long stories that Uncle Jim tells or the details of the funny events that older cousin witnessed in his time in Europe become more meaningful and exciting around the gas grill.

Since a gas grill plays a critical role in shaping a fun-filled night and ensuring that our friends and family have a great time, it is only essential to ensure that you get the best of the product. 

Saber Grills R50SC1417 Elite 3-Burner Grill Review

Saber Grills R50SC1417 Elite 3-Burner Grill, Stainless
  • SABER's cooking system allows for even temperature, no...
  • All stainless steel construction - firebox and internal...

Renowned for their gas grills, Saber prides itself on mixing the right dose of both innovation and entrepreneurship. With a reputation formed mainly based on the company's quest for quality, value, and integrity, Saber has become the frontrunner in providing popular leisure lifestyle brands. 


As a premium grill company, Saber is responsible for the creation of various gas grill models to aid a family in living the exciting American Summer. Taking advantage of the infrared technology, Saber launched new products using an superior version of Quantum Infrared technology which increased the BTU output.

However, of all the models offered by the brand, the one that stands out for providing premium technology is the R50SC1417. The product from the model that catches attention instantly and is often presented by Saber as premier of the Elite series is the Saber 3-Burner Infrared gas grill.

Saber Elite Series

The Saber elite series has caught the attention of critics and users alike. With polished edges and a body made of stainless steel, the elite series presents a luxurious and stylish look, justifying the name it has. In addition to the sophisticated look, the elite series features LED lighting over the knob.

Easy to use design and texture and the addition of accessories in the grill make the use of the grill easier in comparison to other series and models.

Saber R50SC1417 3-Burner Infrared Gas Grill

One thing that Saber claims and boasts about is their uncompromising attitude towards the quality of their products, regardless of the price they have to charge for it. The design and quality of the Saber gas grill is a testament of their ambitions because we all know that for most users looks do matter.

In addition to the looks, the significance of the design rests on the ease of use it brings to the customer. What good is a gas grill if the design that adds to the beauty of the product also acts as a hindrance and barrier in using the product.

Made entirely of stainless steel, the Saber Grills R50SC1417 , unlike some other gas grills, is easy to clean. Consequently, the sound cleaning features add to the longevity of the product, making it a long lasting appliance.

You can clean the bright annealed stainless steel by just using a damp cloth. It is not only the cleaning that makes the product easy to use. The presence of sufficient storage cabinet with two stainless steel doors gives the users the option of storing refreshments and condiments. The material used in the formation of the gas grill makes the product considerably heavy, which is why at the base there are gliding caster wheels that aid in the movement of the appliance.

The creativity of the makers is at full display in the form of a systematic control panel. Made of stainless steel, the panel has three knobs in the front and two separate knobs in the left. To aid the use of the gas grill, the Saber Grills R50SC1417  has tables on both sides of the device. The knobs lead to an opening on both side of the gas grill, resulting in a burner on one side and a table on the other.


Like all other gas grills, the Saber Grills R50SC1417  has three stainless-steel tubular at the base. However, a separate compartment for each ensures that the burners have a heat zone of their own. The division of the burners in boxes of their own adds an element of safety to a burner.

At the bottom of the gas grill lays a stainless-steel sheet of perforated metal, the sheet lies just under the cooking grate. The perforated metal is the source where the heat of all the components of the gas grills accumulates. The heat that radiates from the cooking grate and the perforated metal ensures that the food is ready.

Studying and comparing the design of gas grills, you will realize how close you are to an accident when using the products. The grease that is common in all other gas grills does not reach the burner in the Saber patented cooking system; this prevents the risk of a flare-up. The Saber Grills R50SC1417  is one of the few gas grills that don't have any flare up.

The grilling system ensures that there is even heating throughout the gas grill. In addition to eliminating the risk of a flare-up in the system, the Saber R50SC1417  is cheaper to use. The reduced propane consumption limits the operating cost. According to an estimate, the reduction in the consumption of propane in the gas grill is by 30%, making the change a welcome one.

Moreover, just like any other gas grill, the distribution of heat and airflow in the system plays a crucial role in ensuring that there are no or limited chances of food burning in the system. Although the design and the mechanism of the grill ensure the supply of heat and air to all parts of the gas grill, the appliance still able to save gas by giving you the option of heating only the space you need for cooking.

A significant upgrade from the previous installments is the space available. The 675 square inches of grilling space constitutes of 500 square inches of primary cooking area. The abundance of cooking space, the unique cooking grate, and flame tamer design provide an even surface ideal for cooking.

Given above are some of the standard features found in the Saber Grills R50SC1417 . However, before we study the pros and limitations of the gas grill, it is imperative to be aware of the standard specifications found in all Saber Grills model.

Complete awareness of the standard specifications will help us in determining whether the producers of the gas grill have made an effort to go an extra mile with the innovation of the product. 

Common Features

Since the primary motif of the different gas grill models is the same, there are bound to be some similarities in all the products.

1. Mirror Polished Edges

Since the Saber Grills R50SC1417  belongs to the elite series, it takes advantage of what is usually considered an exclusively elite feature.

The mirror polished edges along the lid, control panel, shelves, and doors is a feature that is common amongst all elite gas grills by Saber

2. Stainless Steel

Another factor that adds to the luxury and sophistication of the product is stainless steel. However, it is not the factor that is found exclusively in the product we are reviewing. Stainless steel plays a huge role in the formation of many products that don’t fall under the domain of an elite gas grill.

The 304 stainless steel burners, the emitters, and the grate systems are examples of some of the features that are common in other gas grills too.

3. Simple Cleanup

This is another feature that all of the products of Saber can boast about. The front access ease tray found in Saber aids the cleaning of the grill while ensuring the safety of the user and the environment.

Burning off and brushing away are some of the common ways to clean all of the products from Saber. However, in the case of Saber Grills R50SC1417 , a damp rug will be enough to clean the outer body of the product.

4. Safe to Use

In addition to the quality and reliability of another feature that the makers of the elite series pay special attention to is safety. With the use of the exclusive EZ NG technology the makers ensure that the product is safe to use, the ease of natural gas conversion is another aspect of the technology that makes products from Saber stand out.

An idea of the common standard features found in all gas grill models from Saber will help us in identifying the special features found exclusively in Saber. Giving a positive or negative review solely based on the standard features is unjust, as reviewers, it is imperative for us to assess the product through all aspects and give our feedback once we have developed a conclusive opinion about the product.

Special Features

Some of the special features that differentiate the Saber from other products are as follows. 

1. Dual Control Side Burner

The Saber Grills R50SC1417  has two separate side burners which give the users a remarkable heat output of 18,000 BTUs per hour. The main three burners provide a heat output accumulating to 24,000 BTUs. The side burners aid in warming, boiling, and cooking. 

2. Cooking Zones

As discussed earlier, the Saber Grills  R50SC1417  has three cooking zones. The presence of the three zones gives the user ample space to work with, unlike the other gas grills. A user can now use one, two, or three zones all at once. 

3. Halogen Lights Under the Lid

Although there are LED lights already present in the gas grill, the addition of two halogen lights under the lid is another feature adding to the ease of use of the product. The halogen lights make it easier to use the product, especially in the dark outdoors when there is not much light around. 

4. Stainless Shelf Inside the Cabinet

To add to the storage capacity of the gas grill, the producers have enhanced the storage options allowing customers to store more than they did before. 

5. Reliable Ignition System

With an electrode at every burner, it is safe to say that the ignition of the system is not as dangerous as it once was. The spark or heat generated by the ignition system heats the electrode to a high temperature resulting in the flow of current in the entire gas grill. 

As a whole, the advent of Saber Grills R50SC1417  provides users with innovative solutions to fundamental problems. The storage system and the halogen lights are examples of the convenience the product adds to the lives of the users. 

People can do without both extra storage and light, but it is only when you use the product, the realization of the significance of these factors dawns on you. Similarly, the cooking zones and the reliable ignition system add to the Saber a perfect blend of both creativity and innovation. 

In short, the new product stays true to the identity of Saber gas grills, while experimenting with innovation and making the lives of the user more comfortable. 


Now that we have an idea of the proportion of standard features and new innovative features in the Saber Grills R50SC1417 , we move on to the specifications of the product. An idea of the specs and the dimensions of a product are enough for the user to decide whether the product suits their needs or not. 

The presence of heavy-duty nylon casters makes it easier to shift the 193.12 kg gas grill around the yard. Propane is the fuel source of the product, rendering all other fuel types ineffective on the product.

The broad dimensions of the product (56.5L X 25.0W X 48.4H) are again a testament of the excess available to a user. To adjust for the large size, the gas grill comes with a large carton size. 

The three burners and the varieties of cooking surfaces available are all part of the specifications the product has. 


The most important part of the discussion for all electronic appliances is the warranty. Studies and reviews of electric and gas products are incomplete without the mention of the warranty. Similarly, no brand today is foolish enough to launch and offer products without providing for the warranty. 

As consumers, we want to ensure that the money we are investing in a product has a good value for return and that we can use the product without any difficulty or damage. Similarly, companies offer a warranty as a show of confidence, warranty on a product indicates that a company has full faith on its production methods and there are very low likelihoods of the product not functioning properly after purchase. 

The Saber Grills R50SC1417  offers a warranty on the parts and components of the product. Since there are products which are critical to the proper functioning of the product, they have a higher warranty attached. 

The burner tubes and the carryover tubes responsible for sustaining the flow of heat and air in the grill have a warranty of 10 years attached to them. 

The components found at the base of the grill have a five-year warranty. These components include the cooking grates, warming rack, and emitter and burner box. 

The whole grill, however, has a two years warranty including the painted and other remaining parts. 

Pros and Cons

A detailed analysis of the benefits and limitations of the product always help a user in choosing the best. While the exercise of jotting down the pros and cons of the products is ideal for comparison, it still helps in giving the reader a more profound insight into the brand. 


  • Made entirely out of stainless steel
  • Product comes with a lot of new accessories; the grill has a rotisserie kit and a cover standard
  • Fuel efficient 


  • Water from a leaking pipe may enter the grill and the drip pan
  • According to many consumers, the product is a little overpriced, the accessories and the material of the product contribute to the high price the product has


Like any other appliance, the gas grill also has its fair share of accessories that add to the experience you have when using the product. 

Unfortunately, the accessories are not part of the deal, and if you are looking for the ideal barbecue experience, you will have to purchase the accessories separately. 

1. Premium 3-Piece Tool Set

The toolset is fully equipped with all that you need for making your favorite meals while using the gas grill. The soft grip handles ensure that the user is comfortable while using the tools. The set comes with a stainless steel spatula and fork. Plus locking tongs are also part of the set to aid you in the challenge of locking and releasing grilled items. 

2. Dual Skewers

The 14-inch tine and flat handles of the accessory keep the hands of the user away from the heat and make it easier to turn and flip the product. 

The dual skewers have dual tines that keep the food from rotating too much and falling off. 

3. EZ NG Conversion Kit

The kit helps in converting the Saber Grills R50SC1417  from EZ to Natural Gas. The conversion kit can turn any propane grill which has a model number in 17 or higher.

The Saber has so far received positive reviews; there are doubts over the price of the product, some users have also raised question marks on the flames which, according to them die down easily.

Apart from the one odd poor review, customers are satisfied with the performance of the product and are specifically pleased with the easy to use nature of the gas grill.

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