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Blackstone Griddle 28 Review – Best Flat Top Grill

For many folks, celebrating the weekend during summer means having a family barbecue. After all, what better way to celebrate the summer than with food: lots and lots of food? I think we can all agree that the barbecue grill, as wonderful a cooking tool it may be, does have its limitations. As in, the grill grates that are responsible for those beautiful marks across your steak tend to let smaller foods fall through the gaps and into the burning flames below. 

Blackstone Griddle 28 Review

While some folks would just shrug off the shrimp that fell through the cracks with a sip of beer, others come up with solutions, and the result is the griddle. Assuming you aren’t familiar with what a griddle is, it’s a smooth, flat surface with a heat source underneath, which makes it similar to a hotplate. 

The difference between a hotplate and a griddle is that the former is round while the latter is rectangular in shape. While you could get the same thing with a skillet, because of its large surface area, griddles are the ideal option if you’re cooking for a crowd. 

If you love those summer barbecues in the backyard, but haven’t invested in this nifty piece of equipment, then you are seriously missing out. Keeping the importance of a griddle in mind, here we are going to review the Blackstone 28” Griddle to find out if it’s worth the investment. 

Blackstone Griddle 28” - Best Flat Top Grill Reviewed

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While the larger Blackstone 36” griddle is the preferred choice for those who are cooking for large crowds or the extended family, the smaller Blackstone 28” griddle has a lot going for it too. In the case of a griddle, bigger isn’t always better. Some people just one a griddle that’s smaller, more compact and easier to handle. In case you were wondering, the accessory package that comes with the 28” griddle is the same as the 36 inch variety. 

At the top of the griddle sits the smooth surface, heavy-duty flat top. While the 28” inch griddle is considered to be on the smaller side as compared to other options, it still offers more than enough space to cook for yourself or for parties. 

The griddle makes it easy to cook everything from pancakes to burgers and steaks. Due to the adjustable heat zones, you can also keep foods warm while others cook. This alone makes the Blackstone 28” griddle an indispensable tool for family get-togethers or other events. 

The 28” griddle features two burners that have been split into an H-shaped configuration. This means that the griddle has four burners for heating 470 square inches, which is similar to the larger 36” version with four burners. Apart from the two stainless-steel burners that offer equal distribution of heat, another standout feature of the Blackstone 28” Griddle is its steel base that’s been powder coated. 

The powder coated steel base doesn’t just do wonders for its appearance, but also makes it easier to clean after use. But the main benefit of adding a powder coated base to the design of this griddle is that it prevents food from sticking to the surface. As a result, what you get is a griddle that’s not only well made but conveniently priced, which promises to create many happy afternoons and evenings. 


  • Height: 33.5 Inches
  • Width: 46 Inches
  • Depth: 18 Inches
  • Weight: 45 Pounds (20.4 kg)
  • Burners: Two 15,000 BTU/hr. burners = 30,000 BTU/hr
  • Fuel Type: Propane


Blackstone has been known for its efficient designs and superior functionality when it comes to griddles, which can clearly be seen in its 28” griddle variety. Even though the appearance of a griddle isn’t an important factor, the manufacturers have decided to design a product that is well-built and offers the best functionality. 


The Blackstone 28” griddle offers excellent value for money by offering a sturdy and well-built design. Not only does the griddle have a powder coated black steel frame that’s going to last for years to come, but the cooktop is also made from heavy-duty cold rolled steel. And as if that wasn’t enough, you also get stainless-steel burners for better efficiency and longevity. 

Considering the amount of effort that has been put into its functionality along with the high-grade materials in its design, it’s safe to say that the Blackstone 28” cooking station is going to last you for years to come. 

Sufficient Cooking Area

The design of the griddle offers a sufficient amount of space for the cooking area, which is great because of the small size of the griddle itself. The 470 square inches of flat top offers a restaurant-like cooking experience and allows you to cook more food at a time. 

The griddle’s design is pretty straightforward, you get the flat top which offers a decent amount of space for cooking food. There are the two knobs for controlling the two burners. 

Heavy-Duty Control Knobs

The heavy-duty knobs give you complete control over the temperature. But, you might be thinking how does one fire up the griddle. For that the manufacturers have added a push-button igniter on the left-hand side of the griddle. There are also some instructions that have been slapped on the front of the griddle if there’s any confusion with operating the griddle. 

Below the smooth cooking plate and the control knobs, there’s a shelf that has been included. This nifty addition makes it easier to store any tools or foods while you’re cooking if the space on the side table isn’t enough. The battery-powered push-button ignition makes turning the griddle on and off a breeze. 

Adjustable Heat-Zones

One of the main selling points of the manufacturers of this griddle has been the adjustable heat zones. There are two adjustable heat zones that have been built into this griddle. These heat zones make it easier to cook and prepare different foods at different temperatures simultaneously. This is made possible due to the inclusion of two solid stainless-steel H-shape burners that makes it easier to set two cooking zones on the cooking plate. The ability to prepare foods on multiple temperatures at a time makes this a highly versatile cooking system. 

Grease Collection

The grease collection groove runs along the front of the cooking area and collects the grease or oil in a tray that’s attached to the side. If you’re wondering where the propane tank goes, there’s a tank holder that can be attached to the other side of the griddle. The tank holder ensures that the tank remains secure at all times. 

There’s also a heavy-duty handle that is on the opposite side of the side shelf. The inclusion of wheels at the bottom of one side of the griddle makes it easier to move around, although you will have to lift up the side where the legs are, which is what the handle is for. 

The Blackstone 28” Griddle boasts of a simple, yet efficient design. Nothing that has been included in its design is unnecessary or placed awkwardly. Every feature of the 28” griddle has been added with the purpose of improving the overall function of the griddle. 

High-Grade Steel

One of the first things you realize right out the box is that the Blackstone 28” griddle boasts of some heavy-duty steel. The inclusion of tempered steel to its design ensures that the steel doesn’t warp with time due to the temperature. It also ensures that the cooking plate retains its surface structure for years to come. 

Two-Heavy-Duty Caster Wheels

The Blackstone 28” griddle features two sturdy wheels on one side and normal legs on the other. This is to avoid the griddle from moving from side to side while your cooking. With this design, the griddle only moves when you want it to, as in, by lifting up one side of the unit and pushing or pulling the handle. The inclusion of caster wheels is another safety feature that keeps the system from moving by locking the caster wheels in place. 

PRO TIP | Seasoning the Griddle

Before using the Griddle, it will need seasoning. When most people think about seasoning, what comes to mind is: the seasoning of food. But, it is also important to season a griddle too. This is done prior to the initial use and after cleaning. Seasoning is also important since it helps remove the thin coat of mineral oil that’s rubbed on the surface of the griddle to prevent rusting during shipping and storage. Seasoning removes that coat of oil, replacing it with a thick non-stick coat that adds flavor to everything that you cook on the griddle. 

For seasoning the griddle, first you need to cook bacon on the griddle. As its cooking, the grease will collect in the grease dripping tray. Remove the bacon and take a turkey baster to suck up some of that grease and then drip it all over the cooking surface of the griddle. You will want the coating to be as equal as possible for the best results. 

Now, let the bacon grease cook on for 25 minutes, which will give it enough time to reach its smoking point and turn black. At that point, the actual seasoning process begins. This process needs to be repeated four to five times to ensure your griddle has been properly seasoned. 


  • Durable black steel frame
  • Produces no smoke, unlike a charcoal grill
  • Does not have a drain hole
  • Features a welded knob at the bottom of the drainage tunnel at the end
  • The drain channel has been angled upwards so that the cooking area doesn’t automatically drain into the drain pan
  • 90-day warranty
  • Perfect for preparing eggs, pancakes, toast, bacon, hotdogs, hamburgers, veggies steak BBQ chicken, etc
  • Thumb screws makes assembly easy
  • Compact design and foldable legs makes it easy to store
  • It is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for camping or a cross-country trip
  • Black powder steel on the top surface keeps food from sticking and makes cleaning easy
  • Easy to move with 2 caster wheels


  • Grease dripping system on this griddle makes cooking messy
  • Those who prefer a smoky taste to their foods might not like the results of this griddle
  • Does not have a drain funnel tip at the end of the channel that pushes the grease in the drain pan
  • Since the drain funnel is raised, grease/oil needs to be moved manually towards the drain funnel

Blackstone 28” Griddle Conclusion

When it comes to design and functionality, the Blackstone 28” Griddle is definitely a device you will want to break out every time you’re having a backyard barbecue or family brunch. The super-hot surface of this griddle is perfect for cooking up bacon, pancakes, and eggs etc., but it’s also good for preparing burgers and steaks as well. In fact, just about anything that can be cooked on a fillet can be cooked on the griddle with ease. 

In short, the main difference between a barbecue grill and a griddle is that the former has grills and the latter doesn’t. This means if you’re preparing smaller size foods and don’t want them to slip through the cracks, then you are going to need a griddle to complement your barbecue grill. 

The reason why Blackstone gets full marks for the 28” griddle is because of its superior quality build and smart design. The griddle has been designed keeping the user in mind and takes care of all those issues that users normally face while cooking food on other griddles that are available in the market today. The dual-zone heating control and built-in grease catcher makes it a truly versatile griddle that offers you the best value for money. 

If you haven’t already invested in the Blackstone 28” cooking system then it’s time you did since this griddle boasts of a long-lasting durable design and unmatched functionality. 

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