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Traeger Renegade Pro Review – Traeger Pellet Grills

Pellet grills are also called pellet smokers are outdoor cooking systems that bring together elements of a gas grill, oven and charcoal smoker. The pellet grill works by using a hot rod that ignites the pellets along with a combustion fan that helps keep the fire burning. There are vents that line the interior of the firebox which creates a rounded airflow. The fan that’s placed in the pellet hopper helps maintain pressure and prevents any burn-back inside of the auger tube.  

Traeger Renegade Pro Review

Using a pellet grill is the preferred choice for many who love outdoor cookouts in the summer for the variety and ease of use that it offers. An added advantage of using a pellet grill is that using this type of outdoor cooker can actually be good for your health. Keeping the benefits of using a pellet grill in mind, here we are going to review the Traeger Renegade Pro Grill.

Traeger Renegade Pro Grill Reviewed

Traeger Grills Pro 22 Electric Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker,...
  • Never use gas or charcoal again: cooking with wood just...
  • Versatile barbecue cooking: hot and fast, or low and slow,...

Traeger is a brand that has been involved with grills for a long time. In fact, the company was the first one to invent the wood-fired grill over 30 years ago. Traeger continues to lead the way being the number one builder of wood-fired grills in the world. Spending years mastering their craft, the company is expected to deliver an exceptional level of quality with every wood-fired grill they produce and the Traeger Renegade Pro Grill is no exception.

One of the main benefits of cooking with wood is that it makes the food tastier. Apart from that, the Traeger Renegade Pro Grill is powered by top quality hardwood pellets and the temperature is controlled by a digital pro controller. This makes it possible to cook on a low heat and fast grilling. Thanks to the integration of the digital controller, all you have to do is to turn it on and set the temperature you want to cook on, and you’re good to go.

Some of the standout features of the Traeger Renegade Pro pellet grill are the digital pro controller, the duel meat temp probes, and the company’s patent advanced grilling logic. Other important features of the Traeger Renegade Pro pellet grill includes a convenient hopper clean out for easy maintenance along with sturdy all-terrain wheels.


  • Dimensions: 39 x 27 x 50
  • Cooking Area: 380 square inches
  • Hopper Capacity: 18 lbs.
  • Weight: 109 pounds
  • Max temp: 450 degrees (F)

The Design

The design plays a big part while choosing a pellet grill. The first thing one notices with this grill’s design is its rounded shape that is large enough to cook in but small enough not to seem bulky. The brand name has been embossed in large letters right at the front of the lid. It’s underlined by an orange handle that’s used to slide open the cover once you’re ready to start cooking.

The pellet grill features a large 22” barrel where you can bake, smoke, grill, braise, BBQ and roast. The grease is discarded from the cooking area via a tube that runs into a cup on the side of the grill. On the other side of the unit is the mechanics of the pellet grill, which includes the temperature gauge that offers multiple temperature options for cooking. The addition of precision temperature control technology maintains the temperature within the grill ensuring precision while cooking.

The Traeger Renegade Pro is supported with a combination of two sturdy legs that are rounded at the bottom and a set of all-terrain wheels to pull it through grass or gravel. The stainless-steel handles on the side and on the lid have been well-built. It’s easy to see that Traeger used high-grade metal for the design, which ensures long-lasting service.

The Features

Traeger grills have always been known for their versatility as outdoor grills. The inclusion of pellets rather than charcoal means that you get food that’s tastier and healthier. For those who prefer that smoky taste, the pellet grill not only cooks the food but smokes it as well. The following are some of the features of the Traeger Renegade Pro pellet grill.


One of the main features of this pellet grill is its versatility. With this grill, you can easily cook with a low of high flame. Its 6-in-1 cooking options means you can either grill, bake, roast, BBQ, braise or smoke your food with precision.

Precision Temperature Control

Being pioneers of the wood-grill, Traeger is always pushing the envelope when it comes to grill design and functionality and the Renegade Pro is no exception. Expect to get excelled precision while you cook using this pellet grill with a feature called Precision Temperature Control. According to the company, the control uses advanced grilling logic which helps maintain the temperature in the cooking area at (+/-) 15 degrees Fahrenheit for unmatched precision while cooking.


Starting the Traeger Renegade Pro pellet grill is as easy as pushing a button. The design of this pellet grill features an electronic auto-start ignition, so you are not going to have any problems firing up this grill.

High-Grade Wood Pellets

Being a pellet grill, the Renegade Pro uses high-quality wood pellets as a source of fuel for cooking. Each bag of wood pellets can power the cooking system for up to 20 hours on the ‘smoke’ setting and up to 6 hours on ‘high’ mode. The pellets can deliver a maximum temperature of up to 450 degrees.

Ideal Size

One of the main standout features of the Renegade Pro is its grilling area which measures at 380 square inches, making it the perfect size for cooking foods, ranging from burgers to ribs.

Hopper Clean Out

The hopper clean out has been included in the design of this pellet grill which makes it easier to replace the pellets. Whether you’re looking to replace the pellets in the grill or just change the flavor of the pellets, the hopper clean out makes it easy to clean and maintain the grill. It should be noted that the hopper has a capacity of 18 pounds, which should not be exceeded.


  • Solid steel construction
  • Versatile 6-in-1 cooking options
  • Dual meat temperature probes
  • Features a Digital Pro Controller with AGL for cooking precision


  • Not big enough to cook for larger families

Traeger Renegade Pro Conclusion

The Renegade Pro is the ideal size for cooking meals outdoors for family and friends. The Traeger Renegade Pro is one of the latest models from the company that has been building wood grills for more than three decades. In short, the Renegade Pro delivers unmatched quality when it comes to its build and functionality, which makes it a must-have for those who love summer barbecues in the backyard.

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