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7 Best Oven Cleaners For Baked-On Grease | Reviews + Guide

Let’s face it, while we all love to host parties in the backyard with barbeque grills, cleaning them becomes a task. 

Cleaning in the kitchen gas stone with foam and sponge. Domestic equipment for health lifestyle

It can involve hours of scrubbing the oven door, grills, floors, and other surfaces. The best oven cleaner will be able to remove all the stains, including baked-on grease, without damaging the surface. 

Most aerosol sprays can dissolve grease, and caked-on food, and deep clean the entire oven. Since there are a number of choices on the market, you need to choose oven cleaners very carefully. 

We made this list of the top oven cleaners to make the task easier. You should have sparkling clean oven racks in no time once you start using one of the options. Also, there are hacks that can be used to get a clean home along with clean appliances. 

So, do not wait any longer and dive in! 

Best Oven Cleaners For Baked-On Grease 

Woman with sponge and rubber protective glove used to wipe down an oven range top

1. Easy-Off

If you are finding baked-on grease difficult to remove, then we have an amazing option for you. The Easy-Off 6233804250 is one of the best oven cleaner options, and it will help you clean tough stains within a very short period of time. 

Easy Off Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner, Removes Tough...
  • HEAVY DUTY OVEN CLEANER: Specially formulated to penetrate...
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Use to clean ovens, oven doors, barbecue...

Why Did We Like It?

If you were trying to work with baking soda, let us tell you that this is a much stronger oven-cleaning option. You will be getting an advanced formula that will cut through grease and grime, leaving you with clean kitchen and oven racks. 

Moreover, this oven cleaner is known to take care of grease stains within 3 minutes of application. All you need to do is spray all over the oven walls for deep cleaning. Then wait for 3 minutes and use a microfiber cloth to wipe it all off. You will get a sparkling clean oven without any additional effort. 

Adding on, you can use this strong formula for cleaning barbeque grills, ovens, and broilers. You will receive a 710 ml container that can be kept handy for use after backyard barbeque parties. The formula is NSF-certified and very safe for home use.  

What Could've Been Better?

In case you have pets in the house, it is important that you keep the formula away from them. It can be very harmful to pets, keep them away from the rooms and wear a mask while using it. Keep this in mind, and you should not face any problems. 


  • Perfect for broilers and ovens
  • Can clean difficult stains easily
  • Easy to wipe away
  • NSF certified and safe for use


  • Keep away from pets

2. Zep Grill Cleaner

Up next is a cleaner that will work perfectly for commercial use. The Zep Grill Cleaner ZUOVGR19 is known to be a restaurant-grade cleaner that can be used on various surfaces easily. You will admire its spot-cleaning capacity along with its versatility when it comes to usage. 

Zep Heavy-Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner ZUOVGR19 (2-Pack)...
  • POWERFUL RESTAURANT GRADE FORMULA: The cleaner is suitable...
  • DISSOLVES GREASE ON CONTACT: Thick foaming formula clings to...

Why Did We Like It?

This oven-cleaning solution will ensure that all your surfaces are cleaned well. It is not just an oven and grill cleaner, but you will be able to take care of ceramic, stainless steel, pans, pots, porcelain, and rotisseries too. 

Next, this oven and grill cleaner contains a tough formula that will help you dissolve grease easily. The thick foam can be sprayed over the needed surface, after which you can use a wet cloth to clean it well. This works for barbeque drip pans, too, where grease can leave marks. The oven cleaner will penetrate deep into the stains and dissolve them. 

Further, you will get 2 packs together, which can be kept at different places. You can use one for the kitchen and another for your backyard grill. This saves you from having to keep moving between the 2 places.  

What Could've Been Better?

Please ensure that you wear gloves before using this product. Gloves will prevent the oven cleaner from touching your hand. We made the mistake of not using gloves, so the formula took around 5 days to remove completely. Be a little careful, and you should face no problems. 


  • For drip pans and burner grates
  • Dissolves carbon and grease easily
  • Penetrates deep within the stains
  • Weighs 38 ounces


  • Have to be used with gloves

3. Diversey

Hardened grease can be very difficult to remove, but with the Diversey CBD991206, you do not need to worry at all. It dissolves grease that is stuck on the surface and will ensure that no baked-on residue remains. We are quite satisfied with this concentrated cleaner, and you can read on to know more. 

Diversey CBD991206 Break-Up Professional Oven & Grill...
  • Simple ready-to-use formula.
  • Institutional formula with heavy-duty cleaning power for...

Why Did We Like It?

While grilling or barbecuing food, there will be oil spills. Now, it is not possible to clean the parts immediately, and the baked-on messes can harden up in time. This powerful oven cleaner can be sprayed from any angle, which will ensure that all the stains are removed. 

It includes burned-on spills, which are usually the most difficult to take out. This spray is such that you can attempt to reach narrow or tough spots that are difficult to work with. You can then take a damp cloth and wrap it around a stick. Use it to reach inside narrow spots to get a clean surface. 

Moving on, this product is perfect for all kinds of use. You can work with it on ceramic tiles, enamel, porcelain, iron, stainless steel, and concrete. People use it for both industrial as well as personal purposes.  

What Could've Been Better?

The only thing that bothered us was the fumes emitted every time we sprayed the formula. It is very strong, and you should not use it in a closed space. Always ensure good ventilation while working with this spray bottle. 


  • Can clean areas that are tough to reach
  • Perfect for commercial and industrial usage
  • Does not contain any CFC
  • Works on cold surfaces


  • Very strong fumes

4. Grab Green

Mostly all oven cleaners will come with a bad smell, but this one stands out. The Grab Green 899696002876 oven cleaner smells like thyme and fig leaf, which makes removing grease a pleasant experience. If you do not own a self-cleaning oven, then this is a product to keep at home.

Grab Green Kitchen Power Degreaser, 16 Ounce (Pack of 3),...
  • Contains: 3- 16 Ounce Spray Bottles of Grab Green Natural...
  • Eco-Friendly: This biodegradable formula is free of solvents...

Why Did We Like It?

While most oven cleaners are not environment-friendly and come with a host of harsh chemicals, this one is safe for the planet. It is made without any ammonia, phosphates, formaldehyde, solvents, dyes, phthalates, or masking agents. 

Furthermore, the brand believes in responsibly sourcing products making this a very good choice. Every item is derived naturally and is biodegradable. 

The environment-safe ingredients will work well in spot cleaning and for taking care of a dirty oven. You can get tough marks off a dirty surface, which will ensure that your kitchen appliances are all cleaned well. 

We were able to clean microwaves, ceramic stovetops, and many other horizontal and vertical surfaces easily. Since it is available in spray form, you will not face any difficulties spreading it over surfaces. It is used by people riding bikes to clean their bike chains. Chefs also choose to have a spotless commercial kitchen.  

What Could've Been Better?

When we first placed an order, we were a little disappointed to see that the bottles were not sealed. Hence, we called customer care to ask for help. They were pretty responsive and agreed to replace the bottles. In case you face a similar problem, do not hesitate to call up customer care. 


  • Biodegradable and naturally-derived
  • Thyme fig leaf essence added
  • Can be used for cleaning bicycles
  • Cuts through tough grease and grime


  • Open bottles received

5. GP66 Green Miracle Oven Cleaner 

Are you looking for a cleaning agent that will offer you streak-free performance? The GP66 Green Miracle Oven Cleaner is an environment-friendly option that can be used on almost all kinds of surfaces. Read on to know more about its bells and whistles. 

GP66 Green Miracle Cleaner Super Size! (32 oz.) Powerful...

Why Did We Like It?

Have you ever heard of an oven cleaner that can double up as a laundry detergent? This product will give you the benefits of both. You can use it to clean ovens, pots, pans, brick, grout, carpets, laundry, golf clubs, airway strips, microwaves, vinyl, glass, pet mess, stovetops, and more. 

Moving on, this is a very concentrated formula that will immediately clean the surface that you are working on. Like most oven cleaners, it will not just create a film on top of the water. Instead, it will penetrate into it and break through the water allowing proper mixing. That, in turn, will remove the stains easily. 

Besides, this is made keeping industrial use in mind. The oven cleaner is not tested with animals and does not contain a strong and harsh smell. There are no phosphates or bleach in the mix, making it safe for use.  

What Could've Been Better?

Ensure that the product does not come in contact with the skin at all. This is very important so as to prevent your skin from itching all the time. Just make sure that you wear gloves whenever you touch it, as the formula is super-concentrated. Remember this, and there should not be any further problems. 


  • Does not contain bleach or phosphates
  • Water-based substance
  • Can make 64 bottles of oven cleaner
  • Perfect for commercial and industrial use


  • Should not come in contact with skin

6. Stax

If you are looking for a versatile oven cleaner for baked-on grease, then the Stax B074QLB1XK will serve you well. It can be used on a cold oven and oven racks, and it will leave you with a completely clean surface. We were able to get rid of all kinds of greasy oven stains with this. 

Astonish Oven & Cookware Cleaning Paste For Glass,...
  • Oven Cleaner - The Astonish cleaning paste works fast;...
  • Multi Purpose Cleaner - Our Oven & Cookware Cleaner makes...

Why Did We Like It?

While most oven cleaning products come in liquid form, which can be sprayed to keep your oven clean, this one is in the form of a paste. It is much stronger than a baking soda mix and can be used for the most stubborn greases. 

This oven and grill cleaner can be used to remove rust from chrome surfaces. Just apply the paste, then wait for a while. Then use a damp sponge or a paper towel to wipe the surface. You will not need to use elbow grease for cleaning. Instead, you can just wipe it clean once the grease has melted. 

Moving on, this grill cleaner also takes care of burnt oil left inside ovens. Just let your oven cool down, and then apply the paste over the oven surface.  

What Could've Been Better?

The only thing that you need to be aware of is that the oven cleaner cannot be used on non-stick pans. The formula is very strong and can damage the non-stick coating. 

So, in case you were planning to purchase a grill cleaner for all your kitchen appliances, keep this in mind. 


  • Works in cleaning grease and stains
  • Elbow grease is not required 
  • Cleans burned oil
  • Can be used for sinks and tiles


  • Cannot be used for non-stick pans

7. Member's Mark Oven Cleaner 

One of our final suggestions is a product meant for commercial use. The Member's Mark Oven Cleaner will make your oven doors look new. It is perfect for cleaning baked-on messes from grills and ovens, and we were very satisfied with the performance. 

No products found.

Why Did We Like It?

This is another powerful restaurant-grade formula that will act as a great oven and grill cleaner. It is often used in bakeries to clean ovens that are used regularly. You will need to spray the liquid on the area needed and wait for some time. 

We will recommend waiting for 15 minutes to see proper results. Then use a soft cloth to wipe the area and clean it well. 

Moreover, this is a perfect oven cleaner for baked-on grease. You can use it for a hot oven too, as the grease is easier to remove then. Just ensure that you have switched off the electrical connection before moving on to it. 

On top of it, there are 3 bottles of liquid measuring 32 ounces each. Hence, you can use oven cleaners to clean all the surfaces of your kitchen appliances.  

What Could've Been Better?

The only thing that bothered us was the odor, which was pretty strong. We will recommend wearing a mask to cover the nose well before you start working. Also, the fumes are not good for the skin, and you should wear gloves while working. 


  • Ready-to-use formula with no mixing needed
  • Can reduce scrubbing and scraping
  • Works in taking off rust
  • Shows results in 15 minutes


  • Very strong odor

Indoor shot of woman washing steel gas stove and oven with Oven Cleaners Buying Guide

Oven Cleaners Buying Guide

The best oven cleaner will be able to clean baked-on grease marks easily. While some of you might be applying baking soda or a homemade oven cleaner to do the cleaning, these are much stronger agents on the market, as you have already seen. They will work to remove burned grease too from inside ovens. 

Now, remember never to use strong commercial cleaners for self-cleaning ovens. They might damage the inner surfaces, and you might then need to spend a lot of money repairing them. 

Choosing the best oven cleaner can still be difficult. Hence, we decided to write down some of the important factors. These need to be kept in mind so that you can make a thoughtful choice. 

  1. Spray V/s Paste 

While most oven and grill cleaner options will come in a spray bottle, some might also be available in a paste form. The paste can be very effective in cleaning oven racks along with the oven door. However, you might not be able to apply it to the inner parts of a cold oven which is generally difficult to approach. 

An oven-cleaning spray, on the other hand, will help in keeping the oven clean completely. It can reach narrow spaces, and you can then wipe it off with a wet cloth. So, we will recommend keeping a watch over the kind of surfaces you can use the product on before purchasing.

Also, there are sprays available, which are made from completely natural ingredients. Some people make these at home to prevent using chemicals. Vinegar is often used to make such natural cleaners

  1. Usage 

Gone are the days when you would be spending hours using baking soda to remove marks. Oven cleaners are meant for various purposes, and most will not just clean an oven. You should be able to use them for grills, racks, along with other kitchen appliances. Please check the description to see what all can be cleaned with the oven cleaning spray before buying. 

Moving on, some oven cleaners work well in removing stains from laundry, carpets, and chrome surfaces too. You might also be able to remove rust without elbow grease if you use certain formulas. 

  1. Safety

Many of the oven cleaners available on the market can have toxic and harsh chemicals, which can lead to chemical burns if they touch your skin. You need to be very careful while choosing a good one. Opting for a fume-free oven cleaner can work out well as they generally contain lesser harsh substances. Also, there are cleaners with natural ingredients, which can be used as an alternative. 

No matter which cleaning agent you choose, it is best if you wear protective gear while working with them. This includes a mask and gloves to protect the nose, mouth, and hands. Some wear goggles too to prevent any damage from mistakenly spraying in the wrong direction. 

Next, you need to be aware of the safety hazards that the product can lead to. Some formulas are so concentrated and powerful that they can remove paint off oven walls. A good oven cleaner should be such that it cleans well without damaging the surfaces. Keep this in mind before choosing. 

  1. Application Time

Please remember to check how fast oven cleaners work in cleaning off messes. It might be different for products from different brands. Please do not wipe off the formula before time as then the marks will not be removed properly. You can also go around and work on cleaning other parts of the house while you wait. 

Woman cleaning stainless steel gas surface in the kitchen with rubber gloves and Oven Cleaners


The best oven cleaner will never lead to marks or corrosion. Please check the description well to see if it can be used on the surfaces that are required. Since these are chemical cleaners, harsh fumes might damage surfaces that the items are not meant for. 

So, cover any other surface around and only then use this spray. The cleaning process should not take long. You can also use other cleaning tricks available on the internet to get a clean home. 

Now, before we wrap up, let us take you through our favorites. The Easy-Off is a very efficient option for tough grease stains. 

On the other hand, the Zep Grill Cleaner is a restaurant-grade oven cleaner, which will leave your oven sparkling clean. The Grab Green smells good and is environmentally friendly. Let us know about your favorites in the comment section below. 

Until then, goodbye. 

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