9 Types of Sheds and Why Your Family Needs One

Types of Sheds and Why Your Family Needs One

When it comes to owning a shed, your family only deserves the best one that can serve its purpose. Whether you are looking for another outdoor space, additional storage, or an extension of the home, a shed can be one addition that will add value to your home life. If you are considering what to get for your outdoor space then there are nine ideas that might interest you and your family. 

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Types of Garden Sheds

types of sheds

A garden shed can provide the focal point in your backyard garden. It can look like a miniature house in the middle or corner of your garden which can entice you more to take care of your plants and flowers. If you are into gardening, you can use a garden shed to store all your gardening tools and equipment. This is where you can house all your plant needs including your fertilizers, seed starters, and your other essentials. This is pretty handy when you need to store supplies for a particular season or keep them away for when the season does not permit blooming and growth. This shed is not only for storing all garden related things but it can also be a mini house where you can rest after a day of trimming and pampering your plants. 

You can even invite some friends or family over to have tea in your shed provided you have made it a relaxing place where you can rest. Make it a work area where you can tend to your plants or start new ones. There are also numerous designs you can think of which are not the typical looking sheds for a garden. You can use materials of different types too to give this place a refreshing look. From an all woodshed to an all-glass one, make sure it complements the look of your botanical oasis and would totally look the part of being a retreat.

Log Cabins

Log cabins are the classic types of outdoor houses that look like a part of old houses. They are literally made of round logs that are fitted together to form the structure. You would often find them as part of vacation homes or in the woods where the materials are rich and you can easily build one from the available resources. This type of shed in your backyard would not look like the typical storage shed but it would actually look like a vacation home right outside your door. 

log shed types of sheds

Although modern log cabins do not have to be made with its original logs, there are alternatives now that let you achieve the look without having to buy the costly and bulky material. Even if you have a smaller place, you can still build your dream log cabin by the yard for there are customized sheds for places as small as 2 meters on all sides. It uses wood too so you achieve the looks and feel of a log cabin and you can expand this if you have a larger place. The wooden structure can be a nice getaway for your family or can be an extra room for when you have family and friends over. Additionally, you can have one with a fireplace so you have a place to stay other than the house when the cold season is near. What more, it leaves a great impression to visitors when they see that you have your own cabin sitting right at the back of your property. 

Summer Houses

During the warm and humid season of summer, one would usually want a place where they can have a quick escape from the house to breathe fresh air or basque in the sun. A summer house type of shed can provide just this without having to go further. Although it is implied in the name, you don’t have to use this space only for one season but throughout the whole year. You can build it in the middle of the yard so you can have an additional living place to sit and relax during the hot season. A summer house should be functional so you can use it continuously and immensely during summer so you can sit peacefully and do your hobby. This could be the perfect place for your afternoon tea alone or with a friend. 

Summer Houses types of sheds

Though it is particularly named a particular season, it can still provide an escape for other seasons or you can keep your summer essentials stored here until it comes again. One of the key features of a summer house that makes it different from others is that they are typically made with more windows and glazed doors to let more light in. This is the reason why it is called a socializing place because you can host events here to let other people enjoy your garden while everything is blooming around you. 

Outdoor Toys

For growing young families, it is important that you have a place where your children can make memories and enjoy their childhood. Sheds that serve as outdoor toys can totally provide them the space to create a lot of fun memories. Your children’s playhouse can be life-sized and filled with a lot of toys and other features. There are sheds that can be small and compact with enough room for them to stand and hide. You can also choose a shed with an additional slide which will become so much fun for the children around. 

For a more spacious place for children to play in, you can have the option of having a multilevel playhouse that can accommodate more than a couple of children. They will surely spend hours here doing things that children do provide you put a lot of their favorite toys and equipment. They would surely leave gadgets aside if they have a whole house dedicated to playing. If you need a more specialized house like a dollhouse for a daughter or a theme house for the boys then there would be shed houses just for that. It could be a sweet surprise for a birthday party. All these houses should be ensured accident-proof to ensure the safety of children playing in it. 

Green Houses

When you have a greenhouse in the backyard, it can be possible to grow certain types of plants all year round. This is perfect for when you have special plants that cannot be exposed to snow or extremely cold environments. A greenhouse is not one of your typical garden sheds because it is more specialized and functional. Its main purpose is not to house people but plants to keep them away from harsh outdoor environments and extreme weather. You can easily spot one because they are mostly glass or transparent material to let light in for the plants you are housing. It is a place that retains heat and moisture so your crops are happy and healthy. 

Green Houses shed

Greenhouses can be built so large for industrial purposes or it can be small enough to fit in your yard. This structure is for people who are more serious with their gardening and have knowledge and skills for the upkeep of a greenhouse and its plants. There are various types too which can suit your house, budget, and type preference. A popular one is the lean-to greenhouse which can be built on one side of your house. You can also opt for a Victorian greenhouse if you have a larger space available. Though three types of sheds seem to be expensive, you don’t have to shell out so much money in order to have one for there are other cheaper alternatives. 

Garden Garage

A shed can be the answer to your garage needs. You don’t have to settle for an ordinary-looking one but you can upgrade to a garage that looks stylish and unique. They can be made of timber so this looks like a log cabin but only for a car. The attractive design can complement your outdoor environment so it doesn’t look out of place. This is perfect for when you purchase a new car or want to build a protective housing for your existing ones. These are actually cheaper than having to renovate your house to fit in a garage. Your garden garage can also be built in any available and accessible space in the garden so you don’t have to spend money on modifying the house. 

garage shed

These are simple structures that can look grand and handsome and you can look for options where you don’t have to spend so much. You can opt for a structure where there are plenty of windows to make the place look brighter or you can also forgo an enclosed one for an elegant carport which has a more open design. A garden garage can be made for any type of vehicle, no matter their size. You can also have a garage for a single car or for a couple of them. These sheds are spacious enough to allow you to work on your car or spend some time in the shed to do your other hobbies. 

Workshop Shed

Sheds have also been typically used as a place where people can work on their wood or carpentry as a hobby. If you want to build a shed to become your workshop, you should install all the equipment you need. This place needs to have an accessible power source and enough lighting so you can work with your craft at any time of the day. There should also be a manageable working surface where you can lay out your stuff and work on your project.

Workshop Shed

To make the place more organized, you should be putting in a lot of organizers where you can easily store and hang your tools and equipment. This place is perfect for when you want to work away from the house and other neighbors because of the noise of a work in progress. This way, you can work quietly and safely away from children too. This is perfect for people who like to do a hobby or those who like to work on their craft at home. 

Outdoor Storage

Sheds can do so much to free your house from space. Having outdoor storage will provide an easy and accessible way for you to store stuff you need and cannot give away. This is perfect for when you want to declutter your house and get rid of so much stuff to make more space for living or additional things.

photo 1504033513093 6fde25eca5c1

This was typically the main purpose of sheds but now they can already be made more stylish in order not to make them look ordinary. It’s not just for home stuff but you can also store other things here to free your backyard of clutter from the equipment you don’t really use on an everyday basis. These can be your grill, outdoor pool, children’s toys, and even your garden mower. In order to make the place neat and organized, install a lot of cabinets and drawers, and label everything for easy access later on. 

Animal Shed

If you have pets then you should consider having an animal shed that will make them happy and comfortable no matter the weather condition. This is a great idea for people who can’t have pets inside the house because of health problems including allergies. You can house them outdoors and not feel guilty by making them their own outdoor living space. Even if you are living with them inside the house, an animal shed is still a pretty addition where they can play and rest during the day. These can be smaller structures perfect as ornaments or big enough to accommodate a group of them altogether. You can install lights, air conditioners, and even cameras for monitoring in them. 

Animal Shed type

A shed for your home can serve so many purposes depending on your needs and lifestyle. It can be perfect for when you need to have to spend your extra hours in or when you need a functional space for your things. It will not just add a greater space to your house but increase its functionality and overall value.


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