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13 Brilliant Flower Arrangement Tips and Tricks For Your Event

The brilliance of a flower arrangement and the energy of the whole ought to be conserved as much as possible. The article that follows contains ideas able to mend the drying process and emphasize your next event through simple solutions for the arrangement process and the flowers alike. Cast a glance over the flower arrangement tips and tricks that follow and feed your imagination .

13 Brilliant Flower Arrangement Tips and Tricks For Your Event 1

Brilliant Flower Arrangement Tips and Tricks

1.  The basics in floral arrangements

Bowls and wide vases alike are known for their capabilities of boosting floral arrangements yet the setup itself is often underestimated. The solutions are simple and a household trick would encourage the organizer to use scotch tape to create a grid to function as an organizing structure. Important is to have the bowl already filled with water and the edges of the bowl or vase dry, the scotch should have the perfect grip on the surface, no accidents should occur during special events.


via Martha Stewart

In the same chain of thought, Budable produced a silicone mask that would top smaller vases to solve this problem on a larger scale. Aimed for big events yet infinitely efficient in small alike the Budable top is definitely an option worth considering. Keep in mind that in this case too the edges should be clear and dry to the extreme to avoid unwanted occurrences. Special attention is to be paid to flowers with thorns as well as these can damage the silicone easily making it unusable, simply remove the thorns of a rose before placing in the vase. The mask will also accommodate flowers that have been cut short easily, super functional, simple design.




3. Use the Easy Arranger Pack

The easy arranger is a metallic transparent solution that can be featured in simpler designs where sculptural flowers would not be harmed by the simple metallic margin on the vase. The Budable silicone solution might not be a great fit for three simple roses for example.The single slight disadvantage is that the water is harder to change than with Budable yet they serve different scenarios.


13 Brilliant Flower Arrangement Tips and Tricks For Your Event


Mason jars are used all around the world in hundreds of projects happily today and vases are one of the most common uses, featuring exemplary looks at little to no cost. The mason jar lids have been adapted to this use offering entertainers the chance to boost floral arrangements inexpensively at a large scale, today they`re entitled flower-frog lids. At a smaller scale any lid can be adapted to emphasize the usage, get crafting and beautify you arrangement in a matter of minutes.




5. Double vases setup ready to transform your event

Inserting a vase into a vase can be far more productive than one would imagine as it allows you to customize the outside container to a great extent. Natural elements such as limes, lemons and oranges can be used for a really fresh, extraordinary look while for a fall decor centerpiece leaves, acorns, rocks or your fall harvest can be nestled. In this setting large flower arrangements are recommended to cover the edge and with the smaller vase in place you will have an easier time designing the whole arrangement.


via Cosmopolitan

6. Invite greenery to support greenery

Invite graphic wide leaves such Aspidistra to hide your stems and emphasize your arrangement. A very simple and beautiful look that can also be achieved with faux leaves, highly graphic inexpensive solution.


via eHow

7. Memorable arrangements with bubble skirts

Floating flowers are something different entirely and whether you are looking to change the setting in a special event or simply beautify your dinner setting, they`re worth considering. Happily most flowers float very well by themselves but by using bubble skirts you will be able every flower in the perfect position; the trick will also make your extraordinary centerpiece last longer.


via christinedebeer.ca

8. Construct a flower tower

A flower tower can be constructed through the variation of different flower vases vertically and the craft can have extraordinary results. Use this in your backyard setting or on your patio to graphically display address. Flowers and greenery are emphasizing every setting, embrace them.


via Flickr

9. Change the scale - change the setting

Use a single flower nestled in a glass container as a showcase and change the scale of things. On the bottom rocks can be used to ground the design and create a slight contrast.


via Midwestliving

10. Redefine the vase

The floral arrangement sure carries weight but equally important is the recipient that carries it. Vase can be named everything that can hold water, from tin cans to large glasses and wine bottles you can use anything that fits your setting, adapt and beautify your setting.

redefine floral arrangements with airy vase

11. Floral foam saves the day



via The Budget Savy Bride

12. Learn how to make flowers last longer

Time should be invested in a memorable floral arrangement well after the piece is finished as well. There are numerous tricks that can help one`s beauty last longer and we have curated few of the most efficient ones. The real clear winner in this department is the fridge, every respectable flower shop is cold upon entering for a reason, storing the flowers in your fridge can almost double the time your arrangement can look fresh, simply do this at night.

The way the stem is cut is also important, a simple flower ought to have its stem cut at angle to absorb water easier where a woody stem can be crushed with a hammer or rock to nourish itself easier, regardless, water should be changed as soon as it`s anything but crystal-clear. Several things can be added in the water to extend  the life span of a flower ranging from one daily tablet of aspiring  to bleach, vinegar, sugar and even vodka; a few drops of vodka in each arrangement will kill the bacteria in the water so taking a moment and having drink with your plant can do more good than harm.


how to make flowers last longer

13. Transform a mundane flower into something memorable

The shape of the  arrangement can make or break everything, airy the floral crown and create a volumetric presence to obtain a stunning look.


Instructions at Earnest Home

What do you think? What tips and tricks do you use with your flower arrangements? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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