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7 Best Gun Paints to Consider in 2023 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Best Gun Paints

After years of use, it is common for firearms to lose their paint and finish.

Whether it’s a family heirloom or a gun that has made you feel secure for years, repainting your arms is an easy way to restore their quality. It also saves them from moisture and corrosion, prolonging their lifespan.

Now, you can’t just use ordinary paint on your firearms because such colors aren’t meant to adhere to heavy elements used in the structure. It’s important to use gun paints because they are specifically formulated to last long and give a beautiful coat. 

Moreover, a lot of factors are to be considered before buying paint for your arms, including durability, finish, ease of use, etc. It’s easy to get in a rut choosing the correct one, but we have simplified the process for you with a list of the seven best gun paints currently available on the market. 

Let’s get into the details. 

Best Paint for Guns

Whether you’re looking for camouflage patterns, heat resistance, or corrosion protection, choosing the right paint can make a significant difference. To help you make an informed decision, here’s the list of the 7 best paint for guns.

  1. Brownells Aluma-Hyde – Best for Fast Drying

We’ll kickstart our list with this epoxy-based gun paint in a matte black finish by Brownells. Perfect for AR lowers, this spray paint has a globular consistency that later transforms into fine droplets. You can cure it in a preheated oven or simply using a hairdryer, and it dries to the touch in just under ten minutes.

First and foremost, the highlight of this gun paint is its ultra-smooth black finish. It appears shiny when it’s still wet but eventually dries to give a matte finish. Despite the classy flat touch, it has the right amount of subtle shine, preventing it from appearing too dull.

Owing to the epoxy formula, the spray paint is incredibly durable and versatile. Not only does it give an elegant new look, but it also saves the firearm lowers from high impact, moisture, grease, abrasions, and chemicals. 

What’s more, the painted item dries to touch super quickly, just under ten minutes, and the entire curing period is also fast, taking only twelve to fourteen hours. You will find that the brand offers twelve ounces of spray paint per unit, which is sufficient to cover an area of eight to ten square feet. 

Naturally, this gun spray paint will last for a long time. Lastly, a comfortable grip and a large nozzle pad are other handy qualities of this paint. 

In all honesty, there’s nothing amiss with this well-rounded product. The only restriction is that it cannot be used over a primer-painted part. Therefore, make sure you don’t go the extra mile of priming unnecessarily before using it. This will save you time, money, and effort.

Color Options: Multiple colors | Volume: 12 oz | Finish: Matte | Durability: High | Heat Resistance: Yes | Application: Spray-on
  1. Krylon ColorMaster K05150107 – Best for Variety

Next up, we have enamel-based paint from a trustworthy and established brand on the market. Founded in 1947, Krylon is one of the earliest and largest manufacturers and suppliers of spray paints worldwide. Its products very well represent the prestige of the brand.

This gun paint is known for its versatility and large availability of options. You can choose from eight different looks, metallic, gloss, semi-gloss, flat, semi-flat, matte, and satin. Now those are a lot of options, but you’ll get to choose exactly the type of finish you want on your gun lowers.

In addition to that, you get to pick from an array of vibrant colors available in two volumes. The gun paint comes in eleven-ounce and twelve-ounce spray cans, and you can choose the one better suited for your needs.

Furthermore, the spray has a combined paint and primer formula with an enamel base, making the color long-lasting. We found that its flat and gloss finishes are ideal for painting firearms as they adhere to metal, wood, and wrought iron effectively. 

Moving on, the Covermax technology provides premium coverage and has an EZ touch conical grip, specially designed for convenience and control.

Once again, we don’t have any complaints. Even the price is reasonable considering the qualities and the options. The only thing is that you’ll have to apply two coats of the paint or use a finishing layer on top of it. Since it’s quick to dry, recoating won’t be much of a hassle. 

Color Options: Multiple colors | Volume: 12 oz | Finish: Gloss | Durability: Moderate | Heat Resistance: Yes | Application: Spray-on
  1. DupliColor Engine DE1613 – Best for Durability

This budget-friendly gun paint comes with the trust and assurance of the brand DupliColor. This US-based company has been manufacturing automotive paints, equipment, and supplies since 1938. Backed up by the highest customer ratings on Amazon, the Engine color range is an ideal choice for painting your firearms. Let’s get to know more about it.

The gun paint has an enamel-based formula that makes it super fast to dry. The richness of enamel doesn’t let it drip all through the process and offers a near-perfect smooth surface with a subtle sheen. If you are a clumsy person, you won’t have to worry about creating a mess on your floor since the formula is thick and drip-free.

We are calling this one the most cost-effective option because you get a volume of sixteen fluid ounces at a nominal price. You might think there must be some catch here because a large volume at a reasonable price is a rare find. But the excellent customer reviews and the high ratings don’t leave any room for doubts.

Generally, people opt for black or metallic finishes for repainting arms, but we have good news for you if you don’t want to be restricted to those shades. DupliColor Engine is available in twenty-nine vibrant colors for you to choose from.

While testing it, we noticed that this paint takes a little longer than the others to dry and cure. It dries to touch in half an hour and takes a good forty-eight hours to cure. We wouldn’t recommend using it for a quick touch-up, but it’s a viable option in the long run.

Color Options: Gloss Black | Volume: 16 fl oz | Finish: Gloss | Durability: High | Heat Resistance: Yes | Application: Spray-on
  1. VHT Caliper Paint

Specially crafted for high heat resistance, VHT caliper paints can sustain a temperature of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Along with firearms, you can use them to paint drums, brakes, calipers, and rotor custom detailing, making it a deal worth grabbing. Want to know more about it? Keep on reading then.

Primarily, it is the only gun paint out there that guarantees resistance to such high temperatures. We tested it not only on firearms but on brake calipers too, and despite the heat, it didn’t peel off or even flake.

The VHT caliper paint is available for three different purposes, cleaning, coating, and finishing. It is ideal to use the finishing type with a primer and transparent coat process. The spray paint is available in nine colors, but the clear gloss shade is best for the guns.

It is available in a pack of six spray cans, each having a volume of fifteen fluid ounces. This quantity is sufficient to cover an area of ten to twelve square feet. Additionally, just like the DupliColor Engine, it has very high customer ratings and is cost-effective when bought in a pack of six.

Our only complaint is that it’s quite messy to use. The formula is runnier rather than thicker, which demands careful application. Our advice is not to get carried away while spraying and do it slowly and cautiously, allowing the droplets to settle down a little.

Color Options: Multiple colors | Volume: 11 fl oz | Finish: Gloss | Durability: High | Heat Resistance: Yes | Application: Brush-on
  1. Rust-Oleum Camouflage 1920830

Suitable to use on plastic and vinyl along with gun lowers, this paint from rust oleum comes in a unique army green camouflage shade. Rust-Oleum is one of the leading brands in the paints market, one you can count on. Founded in 1921, it has been a go-to choice for homeowners, industrialists, and professionals.

Since rust-oleum is one of our favorite brands, we expected nothing less than perfection. The ultra-flat non-reflective finish Camouflage 1920830 makes it stand out from the others. It is one of the few options that offer a matte finish. 

Available in six different shades, all suitable for camouflaging, this gun paint is perfect for your hunting equipment. The colors effortlessly blend within natural surroundings, and you’ll be able to take down bigger games. The “dead-flat” color that is inspired by nature doesn’t stand out or draw attention.

Along with guns, this spray paint can be used on boats, nature blinds, vehicles, etc. Natural habitats differ in different geographical areas. Therefore, you can combine multiple shades for painting different patterns according to the terrain you’re visiting. 

Each can contain twelve ounces of paint and can be bought in a dual pack, a pack of three or six units. Buying a collective package is perfect if you want to use more than one color.

We found the spraying nozzle a little tricky to work with since it got uncomfortable after a while. The tip has a circular spray pattern that is slightly complicated to apply compared to the fan spray pattern. Other than that, it is a fantastic product, and your firearms will become as good as new.

Color Options: Multiple colors | Volume: 12 oz | Finish: Matte | Durability: Moderate | Heat Resistance: Yes | Application: Spray-on
  1. Wheeler Cerama-Coat

If you are familiar with the gun business, you must know about our next paint company. Wheeler produces not only paints but also gunsmithing tools for all types of firearms in unparalleled quality. These tools include the delta series, screwdriver sites, optics, and alignment kits.

The ceramic-infused formula of Wheeler Cerama-Coat is versatile and can be used on stainless steel, alloys, ferrous metals, and synthetics. The maintenance of guns is a huge task, and you must be familiar with various gun solvents. 

These solvents, however important for cleaning purposes, do have an abrasive effect on firearms. The paint is highly resistant to these gun solvents and does not let it corrode the surface. It also provides protection against chipping and scratching. 

You can use this spray paint for waterproofing your guns and other accessories. That’ll help you keep your equipment safe from rust and moisture. Furthermore,  It has a sleek and non-reflective matte finish and is available in four different shades ideal for customization.

There is nothing faulty in this handy spray paint since it has all the ideal qualities. Perfect finish, sufficient quantity, durability, and compatibility are a few of those. However, it’s only logical that a product with all these features will have a higher price tag. But in our opinion, it’s worth its cost.

Color Options: Multiple colors | Volume: 4 fl oz | Finish: Matte | Durability: High | Heat Resistance: Yes | Application: Spray-on
  1. DuraCoat Aerosol Kit

Last but not least, we have an aerosol kit from DuraCoat, owned and operated by the Lauer custom weaponry. The DuraCoat firearm finishes offer user-friendly paint options and the company guarantees 100% satisfaction. Meaning, users will get to enjoy offers, refunds, and returns if the expectations aren’t met.

The kit includes a can of DuraCoat UV aerosol paint, one TrueStrip degreaser, and one preparation or scrubbing pad. Isn’t it really convenient to have all the essential equipment in one package? If you’ve run out of your gun cleaning supplies, then this kit is assured to be a budget buy for you. 

Talking about protection and durability, the paint has a composition that makes it UV-resistant. You can use your firearms outdoors without running the risk of color fade or sun damage. It is also waterproof and prevents rusting. 

Moreover, each spray can contain twelve fluid ounces of paint, which is enough to cover an area of eight to ten square feet. The degreaser aerosol also has a reasonable quantity of six fluid ounces. Additionally, the scrubbing pad offers spotless cleaning and is far better than using a cloth or a cotton pad.

One crucial feature that didn’t seem up to mark is that the paint doesn’t offer a real “matte” black finish. Rather, it just adds a “semi-gloss” or “satin” sheen coating to the surface, which was kind of a disappointment. So, if you want a perfect matte look, consider investing in other options.

Color Options: Multiple colors | Volume: 6 oz | Finish: Matte | Durability: High | Heat Resistance: Yes | Application: Spray-on

Best Gun Paints Comparison Table

ProductColor OptionsVolumeFinishDurabilityHeat ResistanceApplication
Brownells Aluma-HydeMultiple colors12 ozMatteHighYesSpray-on
Krylon ColorMaster K05150107Multiple colors12 ozGlossModerateYesSpray-on
DupliColor Engine DE1613Gloss Black16 fl ozGlossHighYesSpray-on
VHT Caliper PaintMultiple colors11 fl ozGlossHighYesBrush-on
Rust-Oleum Camouflage 1920830Multiple colors12 ozMatteModerateYesSpray-on
Wheeler Cerama-CoatMultiple colors4 fl ozMatteHighYesSpray-on
DuraCoat Aerosol KitMultiple colors6 ozMatteHighYesSpray-on

Buying Guide for the Best Paint for Guns 

Alright, folks! Having covered all the top gun paint options, we’re more than halfway through our guide. The next section will focus on all the key features and parameters you need to consider for a smart purchase.

We completely understand that simply knowing all the best picks is not enough to buy something confidently without making errors. Here are a few points you should pay attention to while shopping for gun paint.

  1. Finish and Texture

The touch and finish of the formula play an important role while choosing the right gun paint. There are different types of textures available in the market, and you can decide whether you want a high-end glossy finish or a flat-end matte finish. We suggest using matte paints with a light sheen and enamel-based formula for firearms. It provides a better grip and easy handling.

  1. Drying and Curing Period

The drying period is the time that the paint takes to dry to touch, while the curing period is the total time that it takes to harden and set completely. For ideal spray paint, the drying period should be half an hour to one hour. 

Curing takes a little longer and lies between twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Check the product description well for these details beforehand.

  1. Durability

It is essential to invest in long-lasting paint that won’t require re-touching for a long period. It is prudent to buy waterproof and heat-resistant spray paint like VHT Caliper Paint and CeramaCoat. These are tough and don’t flake or peel off for years.

As we mentioned earlier, the VHT caliper can sustain a heat of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit without chipping or any damage. Furthermore, the Wheeler CeramaCoat is immune to all gun solvents and does not corrode even after being exposed to moisture. Such options will be better in the long run.

What type of paint should I use for my gun?

It is recommended to use high-quality enamel or ceramic-based paints specifically designed for firearms. These paints offer durability, heat resistance, and protection against corrosion.

Can I use regular spray paint for my gun?

Using regular spray paint on firearms is not recommended. Firearm-specific paints are formulated to withstand the unique conditions and stresses associated with gun use, such as heat, solvents, and wear.

How do I prepare my gun for painting?

Proper preparation is essential for a successful paint job. Clean the gun thoroughly to remove dirt, oils, and residues. Disassemble the gun as much as possible and mask off any areas that should not be painted. Sand the surfaces lightly to promote paint adhesion.

Do I need to use a primer before painting my gun?

While using a primer is not always necessary, it can improve the adhesion and durability of the paint. A primer designed for firearms can provide a smooth base and enhance the paint’s performance.

Can I apply the paint by hand or do I need to use a spray gun?

Both methods can be used, depending on your preference and the type of paint you choose. Spray guns generally provide a more even and professional finish, but hand application can also yield satisfactory results with careful brushwork.

How many coats of paint should I apply to my gun?

The number of coats depends on the desired finish and the specific paint product. In general, applying multiple thin coats is recommended for better coverage and durability. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended number of coats.

How long does the paint take to dry on a gun?

Drying times vary depending on the type of paint and environmental conditions. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended drying time. Typically, it can take a few hours to several days for the paint to fully cure.

How can I ensure the durability of the painted finish on my gun?

To enhance the durability of the painted finish, avoid harsh solvents and abrasive cleaning methods. Regularly clean the gun using mild soaps or specialized firearm cleaners. Additionally, store the gun in a cool and dry place to prevent excessive heat and moisture exposure.


Woah, what a ride! Finally, we’ve come to the end of our review-based guide. Now you have all the information you might need to get a perfect gun paint. However, before bidding you goodbye, we’ll quickly drop our favorite models to help you.

Our top pick is the Krylon ColorMaster because of its variety of colors and finishes. It comes with a combined primer and paints formula with a durable enamel base. Closely following Krylon is the Engine DE1613 by DupliColor because of its extensive coverage area and budget-friendly price.

Other than that, Brownells Aluma-Hyde has the best matte black finish and comes with a comfortable nozzle pad. It’s ideal for painting bigger firearms, tools, and accessories. 

On that note, we’ll be signing off. We hope you liked our guide and will make the correct decision after reading it. See you next time!

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