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9 Best Palettes for Oil Painting Reviewed

When working with oil painting or other thicker paints, palettes are much more convenient to use.

Best Palettes for Oil Painting

A palette is a tool that is specifically invented for creative minds.

Rather than constantly using alternatives, getting a palette will make the work easier and more organized. It also gives the artist a sense of completion and professionalism.

Anyway, palettes can be of any material including wood, plastic, ceramic, tempered glass, etc.

And, if you’re looking for a palette to match with your style and preferences, you have just entered the right place.

In this article, we shall review 11 different palettes for oil painting; and what each one has to offer.

So without any more delay, let’s get started!

Best Palettes for Oil Painting

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you're sure to find a palette that will meet your needs and help you create beautiful works of art. So without further ado, here's the list of the 9 best palettes for oil painting.

  1. Art Advantage Non-Stick Palette - Best for Easy Cleaning & Lightweight

Art Advantage Palette 15.5x11.75 Peel Up
  • Nonstick plastic palette
  • 11-Inch-By-15-Inch palette made of durable solvent resistant...

Our first on the list is a non-stick palette made of dependable plastic. Its surface measures 11 x 15 inches and it weighs 7.2 ounces.

This oval-shaped white palette also has a thumb hole to make handling easy. Besides that, the palette looks pretty simple, yet has a highly professional appeal. 


The Art Advantage Non-Stick Palette is very small and lightweight, which is good for long hours of work. Working with this palette does not leave your hands feeling deadened later.

We also like that this palette is pretty easy to clean up after work. The smooth plastic surface does not hold any stains.

Whether the leftover paints have dried or still remain wet, removing them only requires water and a sponge. And in the case of dried-up paints, you can just scrape it off with a palette knife and then rinse it.

Although this palette provides ample space (for its size) to mix oil paints, somehow we think that separate allotments would have been better and more organized.

You probably have experienced that some white plastic palettes can face discoloration in the long run, due to long work hours. But with this palette, the sleek plastic surface prevents that from happening.


  • The smooth surface makes cleaning pretty easy
  • It is very light and ideal for long hours of work without stressing your hand 


  • This palette does not contain separate allotments to organize the paints better

Material/Type: Plastic | Shape: Oval | Size (inches): 15.51 x 12.51 | Number of Wells: n/a | Non-Stick Surface: Yes | Peel-Off Capability: No
  1. Mijello Ellipse Peel Off Palettes - Best for Versatile Mixing Space

Mijello Ellipse XL Peel Palette for Acrylic/Oil Paints, 17"...
  • Enjoy a clean palette with each use and 4 non-skid rubber...
  • Dried acrylic paint peels off; oils easily wipe away

This is a palette that’s ideal for oil and acrylic paints. It is constructed from highly condensed plastic and that makes it very durable.

On the palette, there are two separate mixing areas: one surrounding the palette, and the other is a big oval-shaped area in the center. It also has a medium-sized thumbhole.


What’s great about this palette is that it allows you to peel off the leftover dry paint every single time you finish using it.

It is pretty handy at times when you’re busy that you forget to clean up, and you see the paint has dried up. You can just peel it off and this will save you the time you’ll spend scraping, washing, and drying it during busy schedules.

The two separated wells are really helpful when you have to mix different paints.

First, they are both large and they offer a lot of space for mixing oil paints. It’s great when you have to work with multiple colors. This will save a lot of time spent on changing/pouring color after color.

It is also pretty affordable for its quality and service.

However, every time you have to use the palette again (after it’s cleaned), it does not hold paints really well because of its extra slippery surface. And this will create a lot of mess.


  • It is a high-quality and really affordable palette
  • The leftover and dry paints can be peeled off easily to save some time for cleaning and drying 


  • The slippery surface can create a lot of mess on every first use

Material/Type: Plastic | Shape: Oval | Size (inches): 18 x 15 | Number of Wells: 1 Central Well | Non-Stick Surface: No | Peel-Off Capability: Yes
  1. Stephen Quiller Color Wheel Palette - Best for Portability & Versatility

Mini Artist COLOR WHEEL Packaged
  • Illustrations of Color Harmonies
  • Complementary, Split Complementary,

Next is a square-shaped palette which is 14” x 14” wide. It contains 24 small wells, along with 8 larger corner wells and a large paint mixing area in the middle.

The palette comes with a firm lid so that in case you leave wet paint, it’ll prevent them from spilling out.


We love that there are a lot of color plots on this palette. And this helps to sort out colors easily and more precisely.

The mixing pad also has a large space that’s perfect for when you need to use multiple colors for your painting, without having to clean it every now and then.

We love that there is a lid that comes along with this palette. The lid has helped to prevent paint spills or any other possible accidents. It’s very thoughtful from the manufacturer’s side.

However, the palette itself is very thin. So you might have to handle it with care when you’re working with it.


  • There are plenty of color wells that help with better organizing and sorting out colors
  • It comes with a secure lid that helps prevent the potential spilling of paints 


  • The palette’s construction is pretty thin, which requires to be handled with care

Material/Type: Plastic | Shape: Round | Size (inches): 5.98 x 7.87 | Number of Wells: N/A | Non-Stick Surface: No | Peel-Off Capability: No
  1. New Wave Glass Palette

New Wave POSH Glass Artist Palette | Neutral Grey, 12 x 16...
  • The POSH Glass Artist Palette is made of tempered glass for...
  • Uses: The perfect addition to your artist painting supplies....

This palette is made of tempered glass and comes in 3 colors: transparent, grey, and white.

The surface is very wide and allows free mixing of colors. You can rinse off wet paint easily because it is smooth. Otherwise, if it’s dry, it can just be peeled off.

All its four edges are covered with safety guards for protection and safety.


With this palette, cleaning is pretty easy. We can just scrape off dry paint by using a sharp palette knife or a new blade.

We like that the slippery surface receives all types of paints, especially oil and acrylic paints. And blending them becomes pretty easy.

The palette is a bit heavy but it is very comfortable to hold because it is flat and sleek. And we think this is one of the best things about this palette.

Moreover, these palettes come in different sizes and weights. So you can get one according to your preferred size.

To make sure that the palette stays in good shape for a long time, putting it in the freezer will help serve this purpose.

However, the price of this palette is expensive and it might not be ideal for an artist who is on a tight budget.


  • This palette is very easy to clean with water, solutions, sponges, and palette knives
  • It is comfortable to hold and is great for long hours of work
  • The edges are protected with a rubber material to assure safety


  • It is expensive

Material/Type: Tempered Glass | Shape: Rectangular | Size (inches): 12 x 16 | Number of Wells: N/A | Non-Stick Surface: Yes | Peel-Off Capability: N/A
  1. Mijello MAP-3025 Multi-Purpose Palette

Martin Universal Design Multi-Purpose, Airtight Peel-Off...
  • Airtight palette for acrylic or oil paint keeps colors fresh...
  • Features 28 divided wells and one large central mixing area

Here is another palette that comes with a secured lid.  The lid of this palette is airtight to prevent paints from drying off quickly. 

It has got 28 paint wells, and this is great when using multiple paint colors. Besides that, it also has a larger rectangular mixing area in the center. 


Just as the name suggests, the Mijello Multi-Purpose Palette can be used for different kinds of paints.

What we really like about this palette is that it has double shutters on all sides to prevent paint from drying out too soon. This saves a lot of time that you would have spent scraping/cleaning dry paint. It can also prevent the wastage of good paint every now and then.

But in the case of leftover dry paints, you can always just peel them right off the smooth surface, followed by rinsing and drying it.

Unlike certain palettes, you can carry this one around because it has a lid on it to protect the paints. So, this is ideal for artists who like to paint outdoors.

Since the palette is heavy, it can numb the arm after long hours of use. So what we think could have made this palette better is if it has a holder (if not necessarily a thumb hole).


  • The palette comes with a tight lid to protect liquid paints from drying
  • It offers a lot of wells to keep multiple paints


  • It is heavy and it does not have a holder

Material/Type: Plastic | Shape: Rectangular | Size (inches): 9 x 13 | Number of Wells: 24 | Non-Stick Surface: Yes | Peel-Off Capability: Yes
  1. Caran d’Ache Palette Aquarelle

CREATIVE ART MATERIALS Caran D'ache Palette Aquarelle...
  • Manufactured from white plexiglas
  • Convenient size and Weight

Next up is a palette that looks completely different from the regular ones. It’s stylish, sleek, and made from plexiglass.

The Caran d’Ache Aquarelle Palette is pretty light and sleek. It’s ideal for traveling artists and art students.

This palette is smooth on one side while it’s textured on the other.


This palette is fit for carrying around in a bag. It doesn’t consume much space, or any space at all for that matter, because it is very thin and also very light. Students and artists who are on the go will likely find this to be very convenient for their work.

We love that the palette offers two purposes; which is a feature that we don’t normally find with regular palettes.

On its rough/textured side, we can actually use dry, soluble paints. And so far, it has been really good and has given out terrific results. While on the smooth surface, we mix our normal liquid paints.

On top of that, the palette is also very polished on its smooth side. And this makes it very easy to clean or peel off dry paint.

But apart from being a high-quality palette, it is somewhat small and leans a little bit to the expensive side.


  • This palette is pretty flimsy and different in shape
  • It is portable which is great for students/artists on the go
  • It has a smooth and rough side for wet and dry paint mixing


  • The palette comes at somewhat of an expensive rate

Material/Type: Metal | Shape: Rectangular | Size (inches): 10 x 5 | Number of Wells: N/A | Non-Stick Surface: Yes | Peel-Off Capability: N/A
  1. New Wave Posh Tabletop Palette

New Wave Posh Table Top Palette Wood 12x16
  • Handcrafted: Our wooden artist paint palettes are...
  • Material: Hard white maple wood provides the paint palette...

The New Wave Posh Tabletop Palette is made from maple wood. It is completed with a grey finish which adds to its elegance.

What makes this palette unique is that it is entirely crafted by hand and that sets it apart from other machine-made palettes.

Because it is made from polished wood, that makes it water-resistant and warp-free.


We admire this palette because it’s made of wood and that adds to its grand and luxurious looks.

One might think that wood palettes are restricted to indoor use. However, this palette resists both water and outdoor elements. So it is great for outdoor paintings just as it is for indoor use.

The mixing surface accepts all kinds of paints and is also very easy to clean, especially with a damp cloth.

One thing that this palette lacks is a thumb hole. Because it is large, we think that a thumb hole would have completed it since handling becomes a little difficult. Otherwise, keeping it in place will also work fine if you’re working in the comfort of your own home.


  • The palette’s surface is polished and very smooth, making it water-resistant, dust-resistant, and easy to clean up
  • It has got a superior, elegant look
  • Cleaning the palette is pretty easy with a damp/wet cloth


  • It lacks a holder/thumb hole which could make it easier to handle

Material/Type: Wood | Shape: Rectangular | Size (inches): 12 x 16 | Number of Wells: N/A | Non-Stick Surface: No | Peel-Off Capability: No
  1. Richeson Wooden Palettes

Jack Richeson 696037 Wooden Oval Palette, 12" x 16"
  • The Package Length of the Product is: 16.0"L
  • The Package Width of the Product is: 12.0"W

We have another grand wooden palette -- and that is the Jack Richeson Wooden Palette. 

This one is an oval-shaped palette. It accepts all kinds of paints as well because the surface is smoothly polished. 

It is medium-sized and it comes at a fairly affordable and reasonable price. 


The palette is quite sturdy and robust. It does not easily develop scratches from scraping or scrubbing off dried paint.

On being a wooden palette, we think it’s great that it has a thumb hole. It can help reduce numbness caused by handling it for too long.

The surface receives all types of paints beautifully since it is pretty smooth. It can also be cleaned up easily under running water.

Also, the palette shows no signs of damage even after it has dropped a number of times.

However, it can cause them to dry quickly and you have to coat it with oil so that it will prevent the paints from drying faster. This should be done once a while.


  • It is a highly condensed, strong palette that prevents scratches and breakage
  • The surface is very smooth and accepts all paints well, especially oil paints
  • It has a thumb hole for comfortable handling even during long hours of painting


  • Sometimes, it requires you to oil the surface so that the paints do not dry off fast

Material/Type: Wood | Shape: Oval | Size (inches): 12 x 16 | Number of Wells: N/A | Non-Stick Surface: No | Peel-Off Capability: N/A
  1. Pro Art Oil Palette Pad

PRO ART Disposable Palette, 9-inch x 12-inch, 50 Sheet Tape...
  • Pro Art Palette Disposable Pad Oil 9"x 12" 50pc
  • Disposable paper eliminates clean up.

So far we have discussed washable and reusable palettes. However, these next ones are disposable palette papers in a pad. 

The Pro Art Oil Palette Pad contains 50 sheets of tearable palette paper. 

These sheets are made of treated papers to make them impenetrable when mixing oil paints. 


The best thing about these paper palettes is that when you’re done, you can just discard them. There’s no need to set aside time for cleaning them as you do with washable palettes.

Also, you can even use them more than once, depending on how you mix your paints and how you clean them.

These are very light and thin sheets. It makes them convenient and easy to take to the studio or to school, in the case of art students.

Besides being light, all the sheets have thumb holes which, in this case, just adds more to the comfort of handling them.

However, because these are paper palettes, they have the tendency to make your paints dry out much faster than they should. And to solve this, you need to spray spritz water on them to maintain the moisture of the paints.


  • Sheets are both disposable and tearable
  • They receive oil/acrylic paints well since they are impenetrable
  • The pad is very lightweight and thin which makes transporting them easy


  • Since these are paper palettes, they can cause paints to dry off pretty fast

Material/Type: Paper pad with palette shape | Shape: Rectangular | Size (inches): 9 x 12 | Number of Wells: 50 wells | Non-Stick Surface: No | Peel-Off Capability: N/A

Best Palettes For Oil Painting Comparison Table

ProductMaterial/TypeShapeSize (inches)Number of WellsNon-Stick SurfacePeel-Off Capability
Art Advantage Non-Stick PalettePlasticOval15.51 x 12.51n/aYesNo
Mijello Ellipse Peel Off PalettesPlasticOval18 x 151 Central WellNoYes
Stephen Quiller Color Wheel PalettePlasticRound5.98 x 7.87N/ANoNo
New Wave Glass PaletteTempered GlassRectangular12 x 16N/AYesN/A
Mijello MAP-3025 Multi-Purpose PalettePlasticRectangular9 x 1324YesYes
Caran d’Ache Palette AquarelleMetalRectangular10 x 5N/AYesN/A
New Wave Posh Tabletop PaletteWoodRectangular12 x 16N/ANoNo
Richeson Wooden PalettesWoodOval12 x 16N/ANoN/A
Pro Art Oil Palette PadPaper pad with palette shapeRectangular9 x 1250 wellsNoN/A

Guide to Buying the Perfect Palette

Buying Guide For The Perfect Palette

If you are still wondering which features you should look for in a palette, take a look at our few suggestions:

  • Smoothness: A palette that is smooth allows you to mix oil paints really well. Not only that, but they are also very easy to clean up afterward.
  • Comfortable to hold: When looking for a palette, make sure you find one that’s comfortable to hold. Whether it has a thumb hole or not, a palette should not strain your hand.
  • Lightweight: Finally, a good palette should be light. It must be easy to carry around with you. It also shouldn’t take up too much space inside your bag.

Palettes For Oil Painting FAQ's

  • What are the different types of palettes for oil painting?

    There are several types of palettes for oil painting, including plastic palettes, glass palettes, metal palettes, and wooden palettes. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right one for your specific needs is important.

  • How do I choose the right palette for oil painting?

    When choosing a palette for oil painting, consider factors such as the size and shape of the palette, the material it’s made from, the number of wells, and whether it has a non-stick surface. It’s also important to consider your own personal preferences and painting style.

  • Can I use any type of palette for oil painting?

    While you can technically use any type of palette for oil painting, certain types may be better suited to your needs. For example, plastic and glass palettes are easy to clean, while wooden palettes may be better for artists who prefer a more traditional feel.

  • What is the best material for a palette for oil painting?

    The best material for a palette for oil painting will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Glass and plastic palettes are non-porous and easy to clean, while metal and wooden palettes may have a more traditional feel.

  • Do I need a non-stick surface on my palette for oil painting?

    A non-stick surface can be helpful when working with oil paints, making mixing and blending colors easier. However, it’s not strictly necessary, and some artists prefer to work without a non-stick surface.

  • How many wells do I need on my palette for oil painting?

    The number of wells you need on your palette for oil painting will depend on your individual needs and painting style. Some artists prefer a large number of wells for mixing and blending, while others prefer fewer wells for a simpler setup.

  • Conclusion On Palettes for Oil Painting


    Thank you for taking the time to read this comprehensive article on the best palettes for oil painting. We hope you found it both valuable and informative. Our goal is to make sure you choose the right palette that best fits your artistic needs, preferences, and budget.

    Out of these 9 best palettes for oil painting, here are our top three recommendations:

    1. Best for easy cleaning and lightweight design: The Art Advantage Non-Stick Palette is an ideal option for artists who value quick and effortless cleanup after their painting sessions. Its lightweight design also allows for long hours of work without causing hand fatigue.
    2. Best for paint-mixing versatility: The Mijello Ellipse Peel Off Palette is a good option for those who require a larger space for mixing multiple colors. It also offers peel-off capabilities of dried paint, which can be beneficial in terms of efficiency.
    3. Best for portability and versatility: The Caran d'Ache Palette Aquarelle is the right choice for on-the-go artists, due to its thin and lightweight design. The dual-sided feature, offering a smooth side for wet paints and a textured side for dry paints, makes it versatile for different types of media.

    As artists ourselves, we know that each person's preferences vary when it comes to selecting the perfect palette. Consider your own painting habits, the space you have available for work, and your budget when selecting one of these top-rated picks. Ultimately, the key is to choose a palette that enhances your experience, allowing you to fully enjoy and express your creativity in every painting session.

    Remember, the right palette can make all the difference in elevating and simplifying your creative process. We hope our recommendations and insights will help you choose the best possible palette to fuel your passion for oil painting. Happy painting!

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