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7 Best 80-Gallon Air Compressors to Consider

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Is your standard 30-gallon compressor falling short? If you’re planning for a major upgrade, take a look at our top-performing 80-gallon options.

You’ll be pleased to know that while compiling our list, we consulted with several industry experts, conducted thorough research, and individually tested each unit.

It was only after all that groundwork that we ended up with the 7 best 80-gallon air compressors, engineered to deliver high power and precision. Also, to ensure fair ranking on our part, we judged each unit across different parameters, thereby highlighting their advantages and areas that need work.

Now, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Best 80-Gallon Air Compressors

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Here’s the list of the 7 best 80-gallon compressors for you to explore and choose from.

1. DeWalt DXCMLA4708065Best Overall Performance

Our top product from Dewalt is a beast and is often dubbed as one of the most powerful single-stage air compressors on the market. Made out of solid cast iron, this 230V heavy-duty stationary unit is designed to satisfy customers with superior performance without compromising on safety or efficiency.

DeWalt DXCMLA4708065 80-Gallon Stationary Air Compressor
  • 16.1 CFM at 40 psi and 14.0 CFM at 90 psi with 4.7 RHP
  • 155 PSI max pressure for optimum tool performance

Why Did We Like It?

This compressor is engineered to provide maximum power to support several heavy-duty tools at the same time. Also, it’s capable of delivering up to 16.1 CFM at 40 PSI and 14 CFM at 90 PSI, taking care of all the pneumatic tools you have in the workshop.

Furthermore, this 230V product features 3 cylinders and a Hi-Flo pump, streamlining high air pressure needs in a snap. Other than that, we’re very impressed with the integrated control panel on the DXCMLA4708065, allowing access to pressure gauges, airflow regulator, pressure relief valve, and quick-connect air outlets. 

Besides, this high-tech compressor yields maximum pressure at 155 PSI, which makes it ideal for an extended run time while using air tools such as ratchets, impacts, sanders, and cutting tools. But that’s not all; design-wise, we like the incorporation of the oil-level sight glass, oil fill, and large intake silencers, contribute to the model’s exceptional durability and functionality.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We’re absolutely stoked with the performance of this reliable compressor and recommend using this if you’re a heavy tools person. However, it’s quite bulky and not the most convenient when it comes to portability. Also, if you’re buying this, make sure to arrange sufficient storage space at the workshop.

  • Powered by 230V induction motor
  • Maximum pressure capacity of 155 PSI
  • Comes with an integrated control panel
  • 3 cylinder pump model includes an oil level sight glass
  • Too heavy and difficult to move
Motor: 4.7 HP | Maximum Pressure: 155 PSI | Air Flow Capacity: 14 CFM | Weight: 345 Pounds

2. Emax ES05V080I1 Best for Heavy-Duty Tasks

The Emax ES05V080I1 is a top-performing product that has us thrilled with its high capacity and extended working life. This latest addition from the brand is a two-stage, patented pressure-lubricated pump that ensures oil flow to all critical components, thereby minimizing wear and tear.

EMAX E350 Stationary Air Compressor - 5hp 80 Gal. 2 Stage...
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE - This 2-stage air compressor delivers...
  • HIGH CAPACITY - With an 80-gallon vertical tank, this...

Why Did We Like It?

The USP of this resilient unit is its unique mechanism of delivering 19 CFM at 100 PSI at as low as 100 RPM. And the best part – the manufacturers promise a life expectancy of about 50,000 hours, which is nothing short of extraordinary. Therefore, owing to such remarkable specs, this model is genuinely useful in factories, heavy industries, and large-scale workshops.

Feature-wise, we’re very impressed with the cast iron flywheel, crankshaft, and rebuildable connecting rods that contribute to the smooth operation of the unit. Also, it comes equipped with an oil pressure gauge that allows users to monitor the running oil pressure with low oil pressure shut down. 

Besides, this 5 HP compressor incorporates Cool-Tek technology that lowers the operating temperature by 35% and reduces moisture build-up. Lastly, we like its quiet functioning as it dissipates intake noise and brings down the sound level by 25%. All in all, it’s an excellent product that offers great performance combined with precise tolerances.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Well, there’s no sugarcoating this, but the ES05V080I1 is one giant compressor and takes up a lot of storage space. Therefore, if you’re short on space and cannot accommodate such a bulky unit, it’s better to invest in something more compact and easily manageable. Regardless, it’s still an excellent option and will serve you well throughout your lifetime.

  • Provides 50,000 working hours
  • Cool-Tek technology lowers operating temperature
  • Quiet operability with 25% less noise
  • Motor runs lowest at 100 RPM
  • Takes up a lot of storage space
Motor: 5 HP | Maximum Pressure: 175 PSI | Air Flow Capacity: 19 CFM | Weight: 715 Pounds

3. Industrial Air IV5048055 – Best for Industrial Applications

The Industrial Air IV5048055 model is an excellent acquisition for large projects involving multiple power tools. So if you’re looking for a dependable model that you can easily store somewhere at your workspace, get cracking with this superior two-stage compressor, resolving air pressure needs in a pinch.

Industrial Air IV7518075 Vertical 80 gallon Two Stage Cast...
  • Offers Either 22.1-CFM at 100 -PSI or 21.2-CFM at 175-PSI
  • Features a Heavy-Duty, Industrial Design that Protects the...

Why Did We Like It?

First off, this commercial-grade unit is designed to meet demanding needs at the busiest of work sites. That being said, this model can produce up to 17.0 CFM at a maximum pressure of 175 PSI, which is enough to support several high-demand tools at once. Also, we’re thrilled about its rugged construction that makes the pump ideal for harsh industrial applications.

The other outstanding feature of the IV5048055 is the thermal overload protection system that protects the motor from voltage inconsistencies. Additionally, this mechanism enables the unit to shut down automatically when the temperature level rises above its threshold value during operations.

Other than that, the oil-lube pump comes equipped with aluminum fins that prevent overheating and keeps the compressor cool while running. What we like best is that the model comes with a pre-wired and mounted magnetic starter, providing hassle-free function from the get-go. Therefore, we recommend this badass machine to tradesmen and industrial users who need faster and proven results each time.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Well, this is a monster air compressor that is primarily meant for industrial purposes, but it’s futile trying to have a conversation anywhere near it as the unit is astoundingly loud. So if you can make peace with noisy mechanical sounds while working, you wouldn’t regret investing in this otherwise top-notch option.

  • Maximum capacity of 17.0 CFM at 175 PSI
  • Motor has a thermal overload protection system
  • Aluminum fins on the pump prevent overheating
  • Comes with in-built magnetic starter
  • Model is way too loud
Motor: 5 HP | Maximum Pressure: 175 PSI | Air Flow Capacity: 17 CFM | Weight: 623 Pounds

4. DeWalt DXCMV5048055

The DeWalt DXCMV5048055 Two-Stage Air Compressor, a premium choice for industrial applications and serious DIY enthusiasts. In this review, we will dive deep into the features that make this air compressor a top contender, as well as the areas where it could improve.

DEWALT DXCMV5048055 Two-Stage Cast Iron Industrial Air...
  • The DEWALT 2 stage air compressor is built with a 5-HP TOPS...
  • The integrated control panel has a tank and pressure gauge...

Why Did We Like It?

The DeWalt Industrial Air Compressor stands out due to its performance and functionality. Equipped with an 80-gallon tank and a 2-stage pump, it can deliver air pressure up to 175 PSI, making it suitable for a wide range of air tools such as sanders, ratchets, impacts, and cutting tools.

This powerful air compressor is perfect for heavy-duty tasks and can operate multiple air tools simultaneously without any issues.

Its – HP motor runs on 230 volts, which is sufficient to power your air tools efficiently and effectively. In addition, the compressor features thermal overload protection. This not only protects the engine from voltage fluctuations to prevent overheating and overloading but also increases the lifespan of the unit, ensuring you get years of reliable performance.

When it comes to noise levels, this air compressor is quite impressive. While it may not be completely noiseless, its sound emissions are tolerable, allowing for a comfortable working environment.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As for areas that could use improvement, the main drawback of the DeWalt Industrial Air Compressor is its size and weight. Due to its large dimensions and heavy construction, this unit will require a significant amount of storage space and may be challenging to move around your workspace. So, if portability and storage space are high on your priority list, this might not be the perfect match for you.

  • Thermal overload protection for enhanced durability
  • Strong construction for long-lasting use
  • Easy to operate with minimal learning curve
  • Relatively quiet operation for a comfortable working environment
  • Heavy, making it challenging to move around
Motor: 5 HP | Maximum Pressure: 175 PSI | Air Flow Capacity: 17.9 CFM | Weight: 470 Pounds

5. Schulz Single Stage Air Compressor

The Schulz Single Stage 80 Gallon Air Compressor is a top-notch, heavy-duty air compressor that offers versatility and power to tackle a variety of pneumatic tasks. It gives the DeWalt system a run for its money, with impressive performance, durability, and safety features. Though a bit heavier and louder than our top pick, it still boasts a compact design, making it an excellent choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Schulz 580HV20X-1 Piston Air Compressor; Cast Iron...
  • Cast iron construction
  • Auto start/stop pressure switch operation

Why Did We Like It?

One of the standout features of the Schulz air compressor is its compact shape, which makes it ideal for tight spaces and areas where other large compressors might not fit. Despite its size, it remains an affordable option compared to other industrial-grade air compressors. Its robust cast iron construction results in a durable and long-lasting system.

With an easy-to-read pressure gauge and the auto start/stop pressure switch operation, this air compressor is user-friendly, allowing for precise operation while enhancing safety.

Additionally, several components of the Schulz air compressor contribute to its durability and safe operation, making it a worthwhile investment. The noise output of merely 70 dB is another strong selling point, as this makes it the quietest air compressor on our list.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Despite its numerous advantages, there are a few drawbacks to the Schulz air compressor. Due to its loud noise output, it may not be suitable for use in certain locations. Also, its weight, heavier than most air compressors, can make it challenging to transport and move around. Lastly, the pump is prone to oil leaks, which require constant monitoring.

  • Compact size for tight spaces
  • Affordable compared to similar options
  • Easy-to-read and adjustable pressure gauge
  • Safer and more durable components
  • Heavier than most air compressors
Motor: 5 HP | Maximum Pressure: 175 PSI | Air Flow Capacity: 20 CFM | Weight: ‎524 Pounds

6. Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressor

The Ingersoll-Rand 80 Gallon Two-Stage Compressor is a powerful and durable air compressor designed for various industrial applications. As a versatile tool, it is perfect for construction work, metalwork, and other commercial tasks. With its efficient performance and sturdy design, it’s time to take a closer look at this air compressor and see how it performs.

Ingersoll Rand - Air Compressor 7.5HP 2 Stage (2475N7.5)...
  • Long-Life: Durable cast iron construction, long-lasting...
  • Maximum Power and Flexibility: 100% continuous duty, 7.5 hp...

Why Did We Like It?

One of the main reasons we liked this air compressor is its powerful performance. It can deliver 24 CFM at 90 PSI, with a maximum of 175 PSI, making it ideal for tools such as Tire Hammer. This is mainly due to the 7.5hp motor and 100% running power at 230 volts.

Another standout feature of this unit is its cast iron crankcase, which adds to its durability and overall build quality. Additionally, the one-piece connecting rod and overhung crankshaft make maintenance much more accessible and less time-consuming.

Furthermore, the manufacturer promises over 15,000 hours of trouble-free use, thanks to the synthetic oil-lubricated system which only requires oil changes every 15,000 hours instead of the typical 2000 hours. This not only ensures longevity but also lower maintenance costs.

Lastly, the radial fins paired with the Cooper intercooler contribute to a cooler-running compressor, extending its life even during heavy use. The two-year warranty also provides users with added peace of mind and confidence in their investment.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Despite its impressive features and performance, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider. Firstly, the Ingersoll-Rand 80 Gallon Two-Stage Compressor does not include start-up kits, which means an additional cost for customers. Moreover, this compressor isn’t considered portable, potentially limiting its application in certain scenarios where mobility is required.

  • Powerful 7.5hp motor with a high PSI output
  • Durable cast iron crankcase construction
  • 15,000 hours of trouble-free use and extended oil change intervals
  • Radial fins and Cooper intercooler for cooler operation
  • Does not include start-up kits, which adds extra costs
Motor: 7.5 HP | Maximum Pressure: 175 PSI | Air Flow Capacity: 24 CFM | Weight: ‎‎611 Pounds

7. EMAX Vertical Air Compressor

Finally, the EMAX Vertical 80-Gallon 2-Stage Air Compressor – is a robust, high-performing, and impressively quiet air compressor. Designed for both outdoor and indoor use, this air compressor stands out among its competitors with its solid construction, powerful motor, and remarkable 5-year warranty.

7.5 HP Quiet Air Compressor, 2-Stage, Vertical, 1 Phase,...
  • Quiet, Industrial Air Compressor designed for up to 50,000...
  • Super Quiet Air System — Built to last!

Why Did We Like It?

The first thing that caught our attention with the EMAX air compressor is its outstanding 5-year warranty and guarantee of 50,000 hours of use. This is provided that you maintain the air compressor properly and regularly. Another point worth noting is the compressor’s ability to produce 36 CFM at 90 PSI, far exceeding the airflow requirements of most regular air tools.

What sets this air compressor apart is the integration of the Whisper 100 technology. This feature effectively dissipates noise through pre-filter media and baffles plates with a noise reduction channel, ensuring a quieter environment even with its powerful 7.5 HP motor that can deliver 175 PSI.

Furthermore, the EMAX air compressor is designed to have a solid cast iron crankshaft and a precision balance for smooth and efficient operation. With its splash lubrication system, this air compressor guarantees a satisfying user experience.

What Could’ve Been Better?

There are a couple of areas where the EMAX air compressor could improve. Firstly, the manufacturer might consider enhancing its duty cycle, as it currently offers a 70% duty cycle. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the air compressor is a bit heavy, which could make transportation more challenging.

  • Impressive 5-year warranty and 50,000-hour guarantee
  • High airflow of 36 CFM at 90 PSI
  • Whisper 100 technology for quiet operation
  • Solid construction with cast iron crankshaft
  • 70% duty cycle could be improved
Motor: 7.5 HP | Maximum Pressure: 175 PSI | Air Flow Capacity: 36 CFM | Weight: ‎‎620 Pounds

Best 80-Gallon Air Compressor Comparison Table

ProductMotorMaximum PressureAir Flow CapacityWeight
DeWalt DXCMLA4708065 Air Compressor4.7 HP155 PSI14 CFM345 Pounds
Emax ES05V080I15 HP175 PSI19 CFM‎715 Pounds
Industrial Air IV5048055 Air Compressor5 HP175 PSI17 CFM‎623 Pounds
DeWalt DXCMV5048055 Two-Stage Air Compressor5 HP175 PSI17.9 CFM‎470 Pounds
Schulz Single Stage Air Compressor5 HP175 PSI20 CFM‎524 Pounds
Ingersoll-Rand 80 Gallon Two-Stage Compressor7.5 HP175 PSI24 CFM‎611 Pounds
EMAX Vertical 80-Gallon 2-Stage Air Compressor7.5 HP175 PSI36 CFM620 Pounds

Buying Guide For the Best 80-Gallon Air Compressor

Knowing all about the 10 best 80-gallon air compressors available right now may seem like an information overload. However, we don’t want to leave you all confused and worked up with all this detail, and that’s why we went ahead and put together this brief and informative guide.

Following is a list of factors that you must consider before investing in one of these high-performing options. Take a look now!


This may seem like a no-brainer, but an 80-gallon air compressor is a substantial machine that you can’t just buy in a blink. Since most of them come with a considerable price tag, it’s essential to weigh in on the purpose and usability of one before selecting an option.

For instance, if you need a unit for minor tasks around the home or workshop, like inflating tires, mattresses, or powering tools like grinders, nailers, etc., a simpler model will suffice. Conversely, you can go for something heavy-duty if you need a model for commercial use.

Two-Stage vs. Single-Stage

By now, you already know that there are mainly two types of models in the market: two-stage and single-stage compressors. As the name suggests, the dual-stage units go through two cycles to compress the air and deliver higher pressure and power to the tools. However, they take quite some time to implement said power since the compressing mechanism is performed twice.

Conversely, single-stage compressors are faster but provide lesser power. So depending on your priorities and budget, make your choice wisely.


If you want a unit for home purposes, make sure that it’s quiet, especially if you will also be using it inside the premises. Also, the larger the model, the louder it will be is the usual norm for most heavy-duty appliances. Nevertheless, you can find 80-gallon units that operate almost noiselessly and yet pack in a lot of power.

Even for industrial use, we recommend using models with quieter operation as they not only reduce noise pollution but also ensure a comfortable work environment.


Horsepower is the unit for measuring the power that the motor provides to the pump. Obviously, the more horsepower, the higher the air pressure will be, but it’s essential to have a clear judgment to assess how much is enough. High horsepower can be dangerous in unskilled hands and is not necessary for minor tasks.

Usually, a 7 HP 80-gallon air compressor is sufficient for industrial purposes, but you can always buy anything lower than that.

Durability and Longevity

While evaluating durability, you must take into account the construction of the unit and the quality of the built-in motor. While all our options are cast iron air made, they differ in their weight, proportions, and design. Some options come with aluminum parts that ensure low wear and tear while some feature enclosed metal belts for added protection.

Other than that, learn about the motor mechanism and its capacities as the air pressure ultimately depends on motor functions. Also, consider the working span of the unit and select the one that will serve you best.

80-Gallon Air Compressors FAQs

  • How much power do I need for an 80-gallon air compressor?

    The power requirements for an 80-gallon air compressor will depend on the compressor you select, as they can vary. Most 80-gallon air compressors require a 230V electrical supply and can have horsepower ratings ranging from 5 to 7.5 HP.

    You should consult the manufacturer’s specifications to determine the power required for your specific air compressor.

  • What is the difference between single-stage and two-stage air compressors?

    A single-stage air compressor compresses air in one cylinder and delivers it directly to the storage tank. In contrast, a two-stage air compressor has two cylinders – the first cylinder compresses the air and then transfers it to the second cylinder for further compression before sending it to the storage tank.

    Two-stage air compressors typically have a higher maximum pressure and are more efficient, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications.

  • How often do I need to maintain my 80-gallon air compressor?

    The frequency of maintenance for your 80-gallon air compressor depends on usage and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Regular maintenance tasks may include changing the oil, checking and cleaning air filters, and inspecting the drive belt.

    Generally, it is advised to check and maintain your air compressor monthly or after every 200 hours of usage, whichever comes first. However, always refer to the owner’s manual for specific maintenance guidelines.

  • Can an 80-gallon air compressor be used for sandblasting?

    Yes, an 80-gallon air compressor can be used for sandblasting, provided it has enough capacity and air pressure to meet the requirements of the specific sandblasting equipment being used. Generally, sandblasting requires a high volume of air, around 20-25 CFM, and a pressure of 80-100 PSI.

    Check the specifications of your compressor to ensure it can deliver the necessary air pressure and volume for your sandblasting needs.

  • 10 Best 80 Gallon Air Compressor to Consider 4


    An 80-gallon air compressor is an ideal investment, especially if you have to work with multiple power tools most of the time. But it’s important to choose a unit that gives value for money and consistently delivers across all critical parameters.

    On that note, we have come to the end of this comprehensive guide. And we hope you were able to select the ideal option from our all-star selection that will best meet your needs.

    For those who desire maximum power and support for heavy-duty tools, the DeWalt DXCMLA4708065 Air Compressor is an ideal option. Its solid cast iron design and high-pressure capacity make it perfect for extensive work in any workshop. However, keep in mind its bulkiness and storage requirements.

    If you’re looking for an air compressor that promises extended working life with minimal wear and tear, Emax ES05V080I1 is a good option. It is specially designed to cope with demanding industries and large-scale workshops, delivering an extraordinary 50,000 hours of working life.

    Lastly, for commercial-grade usability with a thermal overload protection system, consider the Industrial Air IV5048055 Air Compressor. This powerful and dependable model can fulfill large project requirements involving multiple power tools.

    No matter which air compressor you choose, remember that selecting the right one depends on your specific needs and requirements. Take your time to weigh the pros and cons before making the final decision.

    Armed with the knowledge from this article, you can confidently find the ideal 80-gallon air compressor that caters to your needs and enhances your work efficiency.

    Till next time! 

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