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5 Best Blowers For Drying Cars This Year

Perhaps the one thing more harrowing than washing a car is drying it properly. As all car owners know, drying your car with a towel or any kind of cloth can lead to scratches. So, to avoid direct contact with the car surface, you should use a blower to dry the water beads off your car.

Best Blowers For Drying Cars

But there is a mind-boggling variety of blowers available in the market. Not every blower is made the same, and the one you buy may not be suitable for your needs. So which is the one that you should go with?

To help get over this problem, we have brought forward a list of the six best blowers that can be used to dry a car. We’ve covered multiple technologies and purposes, so you can be sure to find something of use here. 

Further, to make your job of choosing the right blower even more comfortable, we’ve gone ahead and added a drying car blower buyer’s guide to help with your purchase.

Let’s not wait any further and get going with the best car dryer blower reviews!

Listed below are the 5 best blowers for drying cars from our list:

  • Air Force Master Blaster Revolution. The Air Force Master Blaster Revolution stands out with its significant blowing power, backed by twin fan motors that peak at 4HP each, providing total 8HP power. This blower not only helps in drying the car but also uses filtered air to protect the surface texture and paint.
  • SK-1 Air Force Blaster Sidekick. The Blaster Sidekick's appeal lies in its compact size, weight, and portability, making it ideal for road trips. Its 1.3 HP motor combined with a handheld design makes it a powerful and versatile tool, while the EZ change foam filter guarantees clean air for scratchless drying.
  • Greenworks 24252. Greenworks 24252 is known for its cordless operation, backed by a GMAX 40-volt 2.0 Ah battery that provides higher power output. This blower offers variable speed controls, large sweeping area, and lightweight design for ease of use.
  • WORX WG520. The WORX WG520 captivates with its jet engine-like motor capable of moving 600 cubic feet of air per minute for efficient drying. The blower is designed keeping ergonomics in mind and comes with a convenient extension cord retainer.
  • Adam’s Air Cannon Car Drier. Adam’s Air Cannon Car Drier impresses with its ability to move over 58,000 feet per minute of clean, warm, and filtered air across the vehicle. It features an advanced control system and various rubberized attachments for precise drying. Despite its size, the product assures easy maneuverability due to its swivel wheels.

Here's the list of the 6 best blowers for drying cars that can safely and efficiently dry your car without risking scratches or damage.

1. Air Force Master Blaster Revolution - Best for Powerful Drying

If you are looking for a powerhouse performance that’s sure to ‘blow’ others away, then the Air Force Master Blaster revolution is your best bet. Built with the resilience of a tank, the Master Blaster pushes more significant amounts of heat and circulates air faster than any other blower on the market. But that’s not all there is to this beast!

For anyone looking at blowing power, this is the device to consider. The Master Blaster comes with a pair of twin fan motors that peak at four horse-power(HP) each. This means you get a total of 8HP under your belt when using this monster, which allows drying vehicles within minutes. Each fan motor is controlled by separate switches that provide three different airflow and temperature settings. 

The Master Blaster uses warm and dry air that’s filtered to remove particulates that can scratch and damage your car's surface. Thus, the device not only helps to dry the car but also protects the surface texture and paint. 

One of the most annoying things when drying a car is missing those small spots of water hiding in nooks and crannies. To take care of this problem, the Master Blaster incorporates multiple attachments that can help you reach the tightest corners and weed out the water. And the 30-feet hose certainly helps in this regard.

The most significant change that we’d like to see is a reduced bulk. Notwithstanding all its excellent features and useful attachments, the device is a rather heavy one that can’t be easily stored or transported. This is somewhat offset by the rather convenient swivel wheels, which give the product much-needed mobility. Also, the power cord is not very long, and you might need to use an extension cord if you’re planning to use it far from the power outlet.

Dimensions: 29" x 20" x 16" | Weight: 35.9 lbs | Cordless: No | Voltage: ‎120V | Amperage: N/A | Wattage: ‎160W | Horsepower: ‎4 HP | Air Flow Capacity: N/A | Maximum Speed: N/A | Noise Level: ‎78 dB | Warranty: N/A

2. SK-1 Air Force Blaster Sidekick - Best for Portability

Certainly not as powerful as the Master Blaster, the Blaster Sidekick is better maneuverable due to its compact size and weight. It’s easier to take out and handle, and also simpler to transport and store. Designed primarily for smaller tasks, this is a perfect portable drier to carry on those long road trips.

Perfectly lightweight and convenient to handle, the Blaster Sidekick is perfect for motorcycle aficionados and car enthusiasts. Easily portable, even in your car itself, the durable all-steel body makes this one of the sturdiest products available in the market. The 1.3 HP motor is powerful enough to drive forceful air to those tight spaces where towels can never reach.

Along with that, the smart handheld design of the device lends absolute ergonomic versatility to it. This provides a unique combination of power and portability that is sure to lessen your strain while drying. 

The device comes with a heavy-duty power cord, air flare, and neoprene nozzle, which focuses the air exactly where you want. To top it all off, the product incorporates an EZ change foam filter that guarantees clean air and scratchless drying.

 Despite all the great features of this nifty device, two points of concern stood out for us. The first is the noise. As this product has to move a large volume of air within a relatively small space, the motor gets cranked up. This leads to the production of a higher amount of noise. Along with that, the hot air feature takes some time to get going, which makes the presence of the function only slightly beneficial.

Dimensions: 10.55" x 7.72" x 6.34" | Weight: 3.95 lbs | Cordless: No | Voltage: ‎120V | Amperage: 8 Amps | Wattage: 960W | Horsepower: 1.3 HP | Air Flow Capacity: 18,000 FPM | Maximum Speed: N/A | Noise Level: 78 dB | Warranty: N/A

3. Greenworks 24252 - Best Cordless Option

Greenworks is an established brand in the blower industry, and the 24252 model is just perfect for blow-drying cars. Although primarily designed to blow leaves from yards, this device also works equally well as a car dryer. The following is a detailed analysis of why you should consider this.

With over a dozen years of experience backing its products, Greenworks is one of the best brands in the outdoor tools industry. And the 24252 model is a testament to its expertise. Affordable, lightweight, and cordless, this device can be the perfect aid to dry off those errant water beads from your car surface.

This blower comes equipped with a GMAX 40-volt 2.0 Ah battery that provides higher power output. Due to the large capacity, it also holds a charge for a longer time and allows hindrance-free operation over more extended periods. 

The variable-speed motor provides a maximum speed of around 150 mph, which means you can control the intensity of the wind speed that is being used. There are six different speeds to choose from, so no matter the blowing force required, you can always be sure to get what is needed.

And for those hard-to-reach corners, use the extension tube, which maximizes the blower efficiency. Finally, the lightweight and portable design makes this model very easy to carry, and hence perfect for outdoor use.

The one thing we found a bit troubling about this device is the rather long charging time. To achieve operation times of about 35 minutes, the battery needs to be charged for a full hour; this is a long time for most people. Also, the price is a bit on the higher side.

Dimensions: 20" x 0.12" x 2.25" | Weight: 3.27 lbs | Cordless: Yes | Voltage: 40V | Amperage: N/A | Wattage: N/A | Horsepower: N/A | Air Flow Capacity: 130 CFM | Maximum Speed: 150 MPH | Noise Level: 53 dB | Warranty: 4 Years

4. WORX WG520

Sleek and powerful at first glance, you might mistake this great product from WORX as a tool from the future. WORX is a well-established brand when it comes to car accessories, and the WG520 is one of their best products. But what makes it so unique? Let’s explore.

The highlight of this product has to be its motor, which is comparable to that of a jet engine. Just imagine, the power of a fighter plane in the palm of your hand! Combined with a wide-mouth nozzle, this device is powerful enough to drive 600 cubic feet of air per minute for blow-drying your vehicle. The nozzle also makes it easy to direct the air as and where required.

With such a powerhouse motor, you would expect the device to be a noisy one; but WORX engineers surprise you there as well. The low sound means your neighbors can’t complain about your blow-drying escapades.

When it comes to portability, the device scored full marks in that quarter. At a mere 6.4 pounds, it’s one of the lighter tools available and allows for single-handed operation. Also, the product has been designed keeping ergonomic considerations in mind. This means the wind is funneled in a convenient way that’s easy to control. Adding to the ease of use, the device comes with an extension cord retainer, which means minor snags can’t disconnect the power cord.

When you buy a blower, you expect the device to be always ready and functioning. And while this device delivers in every respect, it falls short when it comes to charging times. WORX would do well to improve the time in which the battery charges, along with paying attention to the lifespan of the battery itself.

Dimensions: 40" x 11" x 9.6" | Weight: 7.2 lbs | Cordless: No | Voltage: ‎120V | Amperage: 12 Amps | Wattage: N/A | Horsepower: N/A | Air Flow Capacity: 600 CFM | Maximum Speed: 110 MPH | Noise Level: N/A | Warranty: 3 Years

5. Adam’s Air Cannon Car Drier

The final item on our list is a monster of a car drier, and we were amazed by the power it was able to deliver. Enough to dry large vehicles, the Air Cannon is one of the best products in this segment to hit the market.

Once you get a load of this beast, you’ll love it too! The product is powerful enough to move over 58,000 feet per minute of clean, warm, and filtered air over your vehicles, thereby drying them with perfect precision. The advanced control system lets you adjust the amount of air that is moving through the dryer system. This gives you greater control over the air volume that is expelled through the nozzle.

And while we are on the subject of the nozzle, it would be best to mention that the device comes with a range of rubberized attachments. These attachments can be used to achieve better precision of drying.

Adam’s Air Cannon is a veritable tank on wheels, but mobility can never be an issue with this device; the swivel wheels allow it to be easily taken from one point to the other. But even if you don’t want to move it, there’s actually no need to! The product comes equipped with a 30-foot hose that makes car drying a breeze, and with a power cord 15-foot long, there’s no need to be tied down near a power source.

Need we say it? This is one of the pricier models on our list and is best for use in professional settings. But if needed, it can be used for personal vehicles just as well. Just be prepared to shell out more than for regular blowers.

Dimensions: 21" x 14" x 16" | Weight: 23.9 lbs | Cordless: No | Voltage: 12V | Amperage: N/A | Wattage: 400W | Horsepower: 3.2 HP | Air Flow Capacity: 392 CFM | Maximum Speed: N/A | Noise Level: 88 dB | Warranty: 1 Year

What is the Best Blower for Drying Cars?

This section offers an in-depth evaluation of top-rated blowers, specifically designed for efficient car drying. The table below provides a comprehensive comparison, focusing on vital attributes including Dimensions, Weight, Cordless operation, Voltage, Wattage, Noise Level, Horsepower, Amperage, Air Flow Capacity, Maximum Speed, and Warranty.

ProductDimensionsWeightCordlessVoltageWattageNoise LevelHorsepowerAmperageAir Flow CapacityMaximum SpeedWarranty
Air Force Master Blaster Revolution29" x 20" x 16"35.9 lbsNo‎120V‎160W‎78 dB‎4 HPN/AN/AN/AN/A
SK-1 Air Force Blaster Sidekick10.55" x 7.72" x 6.34"3.95 lbsNo‎120V960W78 dB1.3 HP8 Amps18,000 FPMN/AN/A
Greenworks 2425220" x 0.12" x 2.25"3.27 lbsYes40VN/A53 dBN/AN/A130 CFM150 MPH4 Years
WORX WG52040" x 11" x 9.6"7.2 lbsNo‎120VN/AN/AN/A12 Amps600 CFM110 MPH3 Years
Adam’s Air Cannon Car Drier21" x 14" x 16"23.9 lbsNo12V400W88 dB3.2 HPN/A392 CFMN/A1 Year

Buying Guide for the Best Blowers For Drying Car

Still not sure which way to go, are you? Don’t worry; the problem doesn’t lie with you. Even after narrowing the choice down to the top six blow dryers in the market, the decision of which one to buy isn’t an easy one. The sheer number of factors to consider can make the task a mammoth one.

Therefore, to help you with the task here’s a handy buyers’ guide that can aid in making the right decision. Once you’ve gone through this guide, all your questions regarding car dryers will be taken care of. 

So why wait? Let’s dive in.

The Weight & Portability

The weight of the blower is the first factor to consider when choosing the right one. If you are comfortable with lugging around a large device or want more power from your product, then go with Adam’s Air Cannon or the Air Force Master Blaster. And if portability is your key deciding point, then the Blaster Sidekick can be the best bet.

The Level Of Noise Produced

 Car blow-dryers are known to produce a lot of noise, and this can often be an irritant. So before you take the leap and settle on one, be sure to research well on the noise levels of your choices. Usually, gas blowers are noisier than electric variants, so if noise is a concern, test and chooses wisely.

Length Of The Hose 

This is an important point, as the hose length determines whether you have to move the central unit around a lot or not. The hose length primarily denotes the range of the device, and a longer hose makes it easier to access the hard-to-reach spaces of your vehicle. However, based on your preference, you might want a shorter hose for better maneuverability.


Attachments are an essential part of blow dryers and must be considered when making the right decision. Blow-dryers that come with regular nozzles are often not able to penetrate the tight corners and dry the moisture hidden there. As a result, attachments become a necessity.

What type of blower is best for drying cars?

The best type of blower for drying cars commonly includes air compressors, leaf blowers, and purpose-built blowers. These devices are specifically designed to concentrate the airflow, enabling enhanced control over air movement, and often feature assorted nozzles for different areas of the car.

How long does it take to dry a car with a blower?

Drying a car with a blower can typically be accomplished in less than a minute, thanks to the considerable power of contemporary blowers, offering a significant time-saving advantage.

Is a blower more effective than a towel for drying a car?

When it comes to swiftly and effectively eliminating water beads, a blower surpasses a towel. The blower offers the added safety benefit of avoiding direct contact with the car paint, particularly beneficial for luxury or show cars.

What is the best way to ensure I dry a car evenly with a blower?

To ensure even drying of a car with a blower, the recommended technique involves starting from the top of the car and moving downwards in a circular motion, maneuvering the blower around the car to guarantee uniform drying.

Can I use a blower to dry a wet car interior?