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4 Best Glue To Fix Fridge Plastic | Reviews + Buyer’s Guide

One of the most frustrating things to encounter is a broken home appliance right when you are in the middle of housework. 

Best Glue To Fix Fridge Plastic

On that note, a refrigerator is a regularly used appliance found in most homes, and it's safe to say that we aren't always too careful about using it. So, there can be incidents when parts of the fridge break and come off loose. 

This leads to the problem of finding a fresh component to replace the broken part, but that can be expensive. Therefore, your next best option is to glue the broken plastic pieces together for the time being. 

But, which is the right kind of glue to use for fixing fridge plastic parts? That's where this handy guide can help you — we have gathered some excellent suggestions so that you can choose the best glue to fix the plastic parts of your fridge. 

One of the most common issues that arise with fridges is the plastic parts breaking or becoming loose, which can affect their functionality. Fortunately, there are various types of glue available in the market that can help you fix these issues. But with so many options out there, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. To help you out, here’s the list of the 4 best glues to fix fridge plastic.

1. J-B Weld - Best for Plastic Parts

J-B Weld is a well-known brand available on the market when it comes to quality adhesives. This product from the company is no different as it comes with an extra-strong bond and versatility, allowing you to use it with different materials. On that note, let's see how this can be useful for your fridge. 

First, let's start by talking about the strength of this adhesive. This two-part glue has a tensile strength of 3770 psi, which guarantees a strong bond that ensures joined plastic parts won’t budge under normal pressure. 

On top of that, the glue comes in unique syringe packaging with a resealable no-waste cap. So, you can get multiple uses from the product or take a break while working on a big project. 

Anyhow, this multipurpose urethane-based adhesive is a handy household tool as it can be used to join materials like glass, plastic, and fiberglass. That said, this product can be utilized for different needs, like fixing automotive parts or DIY crafting. 

For us, the best feature of this high-strength glue is the fast drying time, as it sets within 15 minutes of application. 

Overall, this is one of the best glues for plastic that you can use to fix any broken refrigerator part. Having said that, you will need to experiment with the glue a couple of times to get better with the application as it isn't a premixed product. 

Type: Epoxy | Size: 0.85 oz | Color: Dark grey | Material: Epoxy | Waterproof: Yes | Heat Resistance: Yes (500°F) | Sandable: Yes | Paintable: Yes | Dry Time: 4-6 hours | Cure Time: 15-24 hours | Strength: Very strong

2. Gorilla - Best for Quick Fixes

When it comes to quick fixes, you can't do better than the superglue from Gorilla. This product comes in an enhanced gel formula to give you more control during the application process. Anyhow, the super glue from this household name can make any repair job a piece of cake, even for someone who isn't used to DIYing jobs.

Right off the bat, what makes us appreciate the Gorilla super glue has to be the convenience. There's no need for learning how to apply the glue, as it comes in a tube with a tip meant for precise application. 

Furthermore, compared to other super glue options available on the market, the product is a bit different because of its gel consistency. So, you can use it for attaching broken plastic pieces with ease. Also, as it's a gel formula, there's no need to worry about the glue getting everywhere. 

Coming to the strength of this super glue, it can stand quite a bit of impact due to its reinforced formula. Therefore, it can be easily used to fix a broken handle of a fridge or a freezer. 

Even though this is a great glue to fix broken fridge parts, we wouldn't recommend it for use on internal plastic items. That said, refrain from using it on elements where food items are stored. Other than that, it's a durable adhesive for a quick fix. 

Type: Super Glue | Size: 0.71 oz | Color: Clear | Material: Cyanoacrylate | Waterproof: Yes | Heat Resistance: No | Sandable: No | Paintable: No | Dry Time: < 10 sec | Cure Time: 24 hours | Strength: Very strong

3. Silco - Best for Food Safe Repairs

Do you have a broken refrigerator shelf? If so, then the Silco Sil-Bond RTV adhesive is an excellent product to glue the plastic parts together. You can apply it yourself, and the glue is certified safe for use on areas where food items might be kept. Read on to know more. 

When it comes to the quality of this silicone sealant, it definitely ranks over several other adhesives we have seen on the market. On that note, this glue stands out because of its food safety, making it suitable for fixing fridge shelves and other internal components. Moreover, this is a 100% eco-friendly product and VOC-compliant. 

One of the common complaints about silicone-based glues is that they take a long time to dry. But, that isn't the case with this silicone sealant, as it dries relatively fast and cures fully within 24 hours. And since this glue is self-curing, there's no need to clamp it down. 

Furthermore, this silicone sealant has a high tolerance level and can withstand temperatures between -62°F to 350°F while maintaining a strong bond. And that’s not all; this adhesive is waterproof, so you won't need to worry about the plastic part coming loose due to moisture. 

The only drawback we found was that it doesn't dry clear and leaves a slightly unsightly finish. So, it might not be an ideal product if you want to fill a crack or repair a shelf while preserving a clean look. 

Type: Silicone | Size: 2.8 fl oz | Color: Clear | Material: Silicone | Waterproof: Yes | Heat Resistance: Yes (350°F) | Sandable: No | Paintable: No | Dry Time: 30 min | Cure Time: 24 hours | Strength: Strong

4. Bondic

To be honest, this isn't glue but a plastic welder as described by the brand, Bondic. You get to have more time while applying the liquid on any surface and cure it within seconds using the UV light provided in the kit. So, let's check out the features of this plastic bonder. 

There are several reasons for liking this Bondic plastic welder, the first being that it has a non-toxic formula. As it's free from harmful solvents or any other chemicals, you can use this plastic bonder to fill cracks or repair broken fridge plastic pieces. 

What's more, it's pretty easy to use this product as it comes in a handy tube. And, you only need to shine the LED UV light for five seconds on the liquid to cure it for a strong bond. This plastic bonder can be applied in layers if you feel that the initial application isn't enough. 

Furthermore, you do get the benefits of other plastic glues in this product as it's waterproof and heat-resistant. However, as this product isn't a true glue, you don't need to worry about the liquid drying out inside the tube. 

Compared to the other glues we have mentioned on this list, this is definitely more expensive. The reason is that it has superior quality, and the bond that's created can last for a longer time. However, the product does come as a whole kit, making it a worthy purchase.

Type: UV Resin | Size: 4 oz | Color: Clear | Material: Resin | Waterproof: No | Heat Resistance: No | Sandable: Yes | Paintable: Yes | Dry Time: N/A | Cure Time: N/A | Strength: Strong

What is the Best Glues to Fix Plastic Fridge?

Mapped out underneath is a comprehensive table that deciphers essential features of the top-rated glues suitable for fixing a plastic fridge. The table offers a breakdown of the glue's type, size, color, base material, and whether it's waterproof, heat resistant, sandable, paintable, and its dry and cure times and it estimates the adhesive strength.

ProductTypeSizeColorMaterialWaterproofHeat ResistanceSandablePaintableDry TimeCure TimeStrength
J-B WeldEpoxy0.85 ozDark greyEpoxyYesYes (500°F)YesYes4-6 hours15-24 hoursVery strong
GorillaSuper Glue0.71 ozClearCyanoacrylateYesNoNoNo< 10 sec24 hoursVery strong
SilcoSilicone2.8 fl ozClearSiliconeYesYes (350°F)NoNo30 min24 hoursStrong
BondicUV Resin4 ozClearResinNoNoYesYesN/AN/AStrong

Buying Guide for the Best Glue to Fix Fridge Plastic 

Are you still confused about which would be the best glue to fix fridge plastic parts? There's no need to worry, as we have gathered some essential points to make your decision easy. So, let's have a look at them. 

1. Food Safety 

One of the first things to remember while picking any adhesive is that it might have chemicals that are not suited to be near food. Hence, if you look forward to fixing plastic parts like fridge shelves, it's crucial to pick a food-safe glue. It might be a bit hard to find them, but using the wrong glue can pose a health hazard. 

2. Strong Bond 

If you want to fix fridge plastic parts, it's a must to look for an impact-resistant glue. This is necessary as common parts like the handle or fridge shelves would go through regular wear and tear. On top of that, if you're looking for glue to fix internal plastic parts, make sure it's cold-resistant and waterproof. Without these features, the bond may end up coming loose within a few days. 

3. Formula 

Another feature to check in the glue to fix fridge plastic parts is its formula. We like glues that come in a thicker consistency as they don't tend to drip during the application process. Moreover, if you are searching for precise application on plastic, it's best to choose a gel formula as it works well to fix cracks. 

Can I use regular glue to fix the plastic parts of a fridge?

No, regular glue may not be suitable for fixing plastic parts of a fridge as it may not have the strength to withstand the temperature changes and moisture in the fridge. It’s important to use glue specifically designed for plastic and one that can withstand the specific conditions of the fridge.

How long does it take for glue to dry when fixing plastic parts of a fridge?

The drying time for glue may vary depending on the type of glue and the size of the plastic part being repaired. Generally, it’s best to allow the glue to dry for at least 24 hours before using the fridge. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific glue being used.

Will glue hold up in the cold temperature of a fridge?

Yes, certain glues such as silicone sealants or J-B Weld Plastic Bonder Structural Adhesive can withstand the cold temperature of a fridge. It’s important to choose a glue specifically designed for plastic that can withstand temperature changes.

Is it safe to use glue in areas where food is kept in a fridge?

Yes, it’s safe to use glue in areas where food is kept in a fridge as long as the glue is safe for use on surfaces in contact with food. Check the label of the glue for any limitations or recommendations. Silco Silicone RTV 4500 Food Contact Safe High Strength Silicone Sealant is a glue specifically designed for food-safe repairs.

That's everything we had to tell you about finding the best glue to fix fridge plastic parts. We hope you will get your product of choice from our suggestions. However, do remember to pick a glue based on the component you're looking forward to fixing. 

Among our recommendations, we would suggest the J-B Weld plastic bonder structural adhesive to anyone looking for a strong, long-lasting bond. 

On the other hand, the Gorilla ‎super glue gel is perfect for those who are looking for convenience to fix a broken fridge part. But, you have to work swiftly as the glue dries fast. 

With that, we come to an end. Do remember to refer back to our suggestions and the buying guide when in doubt about picking a suitable glue for fridge plastic parts.