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5 Best Heat-Resistant Glues for Metal | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Tired of trying to find the best heat-resistant glue for metal objects to fix? Some substrates demand stronger adhesives to be bonded, and this is where heat-resistant glue helps. These adhesives bond different materials and are essential to many industrial, commercial, and manufacturing applications. 

Best Heat-Resistant Glues For Metal

As these adhesives can resist extreme temperatures, they are extensively used for automobiles, batteries, and various electrical items that need to operate in high-temperature conditions. These adhesives are also suitable with various other materials like rubber, ceramic, etc. 

Let’s take an example of bonding metal to wood; here heat resistant adhesive is a must. Because without proper adhesion, the metal or wood can tear off. If you search for highly-rated glue for metal to wood, you can find most of them are heat-resistant. 

But, with all that information, you must be wondering which is the best heat-resistant glue that will fulfill all your needs. You can opt for super glue that works on metal, but remember, not every adhesive for stainless steel is resistant to heat. That’s why we have compiled this list to help you choose the best heat-resistant glue among all the options out there. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

Listed below are the 5 best heat-resistant glues for metal from our list:

  • J-B Weld ExtremeHeat: This heat-resistant metallic paste from J-B Weld provides a strong bond that can withstand high temperatures, replacing the need for torch welding. Its main advantages include its environment-friendly, non-flammable formula, versatility in metal repair, and capacity to seal and repair pipelines and appliances extensively.
  • Rutland Silicone Sealant: This heat-resistant silicone adhesive works excellently in highly humid areas. It creates permanent rigid and flexible bonds with various materials, including metals, plastics, rubber, and ceramics, and its dark color helps it blend in with surfaces such as granite and stone countertops.
  • Henkel Corporation Loctite Stik n' Seal: Distinguished for sticking and sealing in extreme conditions, this adhesive from Henkel Corporation is ideal for outdoor objects. It resists harsh weather, moisture, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. It bonds a range of materials, even wet surfaces, making it perfect for outdoor repairs.
  • J-B Weld 8297 HighHeat: Known for its high performance, J-B Weld HighHeat epoxy glue is versatile and known for bonding various materials under extreme temperature conditions. Its high resistance to temperature fluctuations, fast curing time, and post-curing versatility are its main selling points.
  • KDGENG Metal Repair Gel: An excellent welding substitute, KDGENG's metal repair gel creates a strong, permanent bond on smooth, clean metal surfaces. Set apart for its high-temperature resistance and ease of use, it provides a durable bond suitable for repairing anything made from metals.

Here is the list of the 5 best heat-resistant glues for metal that can be used to securely bond metals together, even in the toughest conditions.

1. J-B Weld ExtremeHeat - Best for High-Temperature Repairs

The first heat-resistant glue we have for you is the 37901 heat-resistant metallic paste from J-B Weld, a brand well-known for manufacturing metal adhesives. This heat-resistant metallic paste was developed as an alternative to torch welding, and as promised by the brand, it can withstand temperatures as high as 1300 °C. 

This J-B Weld high-temperature resistant metallic paste is formulated to repair metals like steel, iron, and other metal surfaces at maximum temperatures. This easy-to-use glue is non-flammable as it contains no solvents or VOCs, making it environment-friendly.

Also, this adhesive is water-based, which means it will not harm your health if you are exposed for a long time. It’s also very lightweight and requires less time to create a stronger permanent bond than steel.

The best part about this glue is that it provides a powerful bond after being cured. And, the cured glue can go through drilling, machining, or sanding. Moreover, this glue is also suitable for repairing crevices, tiny gaps, cracks, and holes in pipelines or appliances, etc.

One major drawback of this metallic paste is that it doesn’t handle expansion well. Many customers have pointed out that even though the glue provides strong adherence, it cracks open where the expansion happens in exhaust manifolds and fireboxes, which is an inconvenience. 

Quantity: 1 Container | Volume: 3oz | Set Time: 1 Hour | Cure Time: At Least 24 Hours | Dry Color: Gray | Resistance: Withstands Up to 1000°F

2. Rutland Silicone Sealant - Best for Humid Areas

The heat-resistant silicone glue from Rutland can be an ideal choice if you are searching for an adhesive that can work in extremely humid areas. This silicone adhesive will work to create a permanent bond and seal any item. 

This silicone adhesive from Rutland forms rigid and flexible bonds and works well with a range of materials including metals, plastics, rubbers, and even ceramics.

So, whether you’re looking to seal a gap between your stove and the counter or trying to repair a chimney, this is the product you can bank on. It cures to form a tough and strong seal, which ensures the longevity of the joints.

We also like how the formula is water-based, which means any stains or spills can be wiped away easily. The dark color ensures it blends in with surfaces such as granite and stone countertops.

The one flaw we found was that the product emits a nasty smell like vinegar upon application. However, the good news is that it goes away after some time, so you shouldn’t have to bother about it for long. 

Quantity: 1 Tube | Volume: 2.7fl oz | Set Time: N/A | Cure Time: ‎24 Hours | Dry Color: Black | Resistance: Withstands Up to 500°F

3. Henkel Corporation Loctite Stik n' Seal - Best for Outdoor Objects

The next item on our list is the Henkel Corporation 1360784 Stik n' Seal adhesive, which has a Flextec formulation that bonds surfaces faster than any ordinary household adhesive. Its low odor, which contributes to a safer work environment, sets this product apart from other glues available on the market. 

One of the many reasons why we like this product is because it creates long-lasting bonds even in the most extreme conditions. This adhesive has excellent resistance to harsh weather, moisture, UV rays, and extreme temperatures, making it a reliable product for fixing outdoor objects.

Also, this heat-resistant adhesive seals and repairs almost all materials, including glass, mirror, ceramic, plastic, wood, fabric, concrete, metal, and porous surfaces. It’s also capable of creating a solid bond on wet surfaces.

This adhesive is an excellent option for sealing or repairing wooden frames and other household materials. Besides that, you can use this glue for creating crafts and DIY projects at home because it provides a superior bond that is hard to break.

The one problem we faced when using this glue is that while dispensing it from the applicator, it tends to roll into a glob. This can quickly harden and block the applicator opening, making it tough to use.

Quantity: 1 Tube | Volume: 0.58fl oz | Set Time: 5 Minutes | Cure Time: ‎24 Hours | Dry Color: Clear | Resistance: ‎Waterproof, Resists UV, Extreme Temperatures, Vibration, & More

4. J-B Weld 8297 HighHeat

The J-B Weld High-Heat 500 Degree Epoxy Glue is a versatile, high-performance adhesive designed for bonding various materials under extreme temperature conditions. Known for its strength, heat resistance, and durability, it has become a top choice for individuals and professionals alike. We put it to the test and evaluated it based on the factors that matter most to users.

The J-B Weld High-Heat 500 Degree Epoxy Glue performs exceptionally well in bonding different materials such as metal, plastic, PVC, wood, concrete, ceramic, tile, and fiberglass. Its strong formula creates a high-tensile-strength bond that withstands temperature fluctuations.

With impressive continuous heat (450°F) and intermittent heat (500°F) resistance, it remains functional under demanding conditions.

The glue requires just an hour to set and about 8 hours to cure fully, providing convenience to users who may want to sand, paint, or drill the coated surface. Its fast curing time and post-curing versatility are standout features.

The only noticeable drawback of the J-B Weld High-Heat 500-Degree Epoxy Glue is that it does not dry clear. Instead, it cures to a machine gray color, possibly affecting the aesthetic of certain applications. However, if appearance is not a primary concern, this issue should not deter users from choosing this high-performing adhesive.

Quantity: 1 Stick | Volume: 2oz | Set Time: 1 Hour | Cure Time: ‎8 Hours | Dry Color: Gray | Resistance: Withstands Up to 450°F (Continuous Heat), 550°F (Intermittent Heat)

5. KDGENG Metal Repair Gel

This set of glues from KDGENG is an excellent substitute for welding as it can repair cracked or damaged metals without any blemish. Formulated to create a strong and permanent bond, you can use this adhesive to glue all smooth and clean metal surfaces. 

The KDGENG metal repair gel is a premium adhesive that can withstand high temperatures of up to 150 ℃. This glue provides an extremely solid and long-lasting bond when it gets fully cured. Just give it 24 hours, and it will become strong enough to be machined. 

Furthermore, this adhesive is easy to use. You just need to mix the two pastes, apply the mixture to a surface, and allow it to dry for a few hours. Note that you must follow the volume ratio of 1:1 for the glue to cure effectively. 

Another great aspect of this product is that it can be used for repairing anything made from metals, such as filling in casting defects, cracks in plumbing, or even fuel tank repairs. Overall, this is one of the better metal adhesives on the market today.

It was hard for us to identify a limitation of this product. But in the end, we discovered that this product doesn’t have a scraper to mix the two products and apply it to a surface. The only solution to this is buying or DIYing one.

Quantity: 2 Tubes | Volume: 3.52oz Each | Set Time: N/A | Cure Time: 24 Hours | Dry Color: Light Gray | Resistance: Withstands Up to 302°F, Resists Aging, Waterproof Insulation

What is the Best Heat-Resistant Glue for Metal?

In this section, we present a detailed analysis of the finest heat-resistant glues tailored for metal applications. The subsequent table outlines a comparative study that focuses on essential characteristics, including Quantity, Volume, Set Time, Cure Time, Dry Color, and Resistance.

ProductQuantityVolumeSet TimeCure TimeDry ColorResistance
J-B Weld ExtremeHeat1 Container3oz1 HourAt Least 24 HoursGrayWithstands Up to 1000°F
Rutland Silicone Sealant1 Tube2.7fl ozN/A24 HoursBlackWithstands Up to 500°F
Henkel Corporation Loctite Stik n’ Seal1 Tube0.58fl oz5 Minutes24 HoursClearWaterproof, Resists UV, Extreme Temperatures, Vibration, & More
J-B Weld 82971 Stick2oz1 Hour8 HoursGrayWithstands Up to 450°F (Continuous Heat) & 550°F (Intermittent Heat)
KDGENG Metal Repair Gel2 Tubes3.52oz EachN/A24 HoursLight GrayWithstands Up to 302°F, Resists Aging, and Waterproof Insulation

Buying Guide for the Best Heat-Resistant Glue for Metal

You might have picked the glue that meets all your requirements by now. If not, then don’t worry. We are far from the finish line. To ensure you end up with the right glue, below are some FAQs and a buyer’s guide that will answer all your doubts about heat-resistant glues. 

A. Higher Temperature Resistance

Before buying any metal glue, you need to check its ability to resist breakdown at higher temperatures. 

The best heat-resistant adhesives are formulated to resist higher temperatures exceeding 300 ℃. So, it’s best to ensure that the metal glue you buy has the highest heat resistance. 

B. Drying Time

Another significant factor you must consider before buying any metal glue is drying time. This will depend on the type of project you are working on, but the faster the drying time, the more efficient the work will be. 

C. Exposure to Environmental Elements

You must know that environmental factors might affect the bonded surfaces. Metal glues should stay put if the repaired surface is exposed to dust, water, heat, and other elements. However, some adhesives crack when they are exposed to extreme heat. 

For this reason, when choosing the best metal adhesive, it’s essential to keep weather resistance in mind. Any glue that’s not weather-resistant is one you should avoid. 

What are heat-resistant adhesives?

Heat-resistant glues are formulated to resist higher temperatures of over 300 ℃. These adhesives are alternatives for welding metals which is a costly as well as a risky process.

Are heat-resistant adhesives durable?

Heat-resistant adhesives are highly durable sealants that retain their strength even when exposed to extreme temperatures. They can also withstand aggressive environments because of their thermo-oxidative stability and their resistance to chemical reactions.

Are hot glue and heat-resistant glue the same?

Hot glue is partially heat-resistant. This means the temperature resistance varies depending on the formulation.