Nine Ways to Incorporate Industrial Chic Interior Design

industrial chic

Industrial chic is an interior design style commonly seen in old apartments that have exposed piping, an open concept with a loft, and lots of natural light to illuminate what would otherwise be an overpoweringly dark space. It’s a minimalist approach to design that has a huge impact overall.

For most people, having an industrial chic design scheme is dependent on their living arrangements. However, there are various elements of industrial chic that you can pull into your living space, whether you’re in a bachelor apartment or a split-entry family home. Here are nine industrial chic trends to try today.

Ways to Incorporate Industrial Chic Interior Design

Steel Rail Stairs

There’s something about stainless steel stairs with rails that give a space an industrial, factory vibe without compromising style. When installing stairs, you get the added benefit of allowing the light to come through. When you have wooden stairs, the light gets absorbed or blocked in the heavy material.

Industrial Chic

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Not only does light come through the open design of stainless steel rail stairs, but the reflective surface also helps spread that light around the room. These stairs are especially effective in loft-style setups, as you can extend the railing across the loft to pull the two floors together in a cohesive, stylish way.

Hanging Light BulbsHanging Light Bulbs

Replacing ceiling fixtures with an assortment of hanging bulbs, particularly when using Edison bulbs, is one of the easiest ways to incorporate the industrial chic look into your home. This approach works especially well in the kitchen, either over the table or the center island where you do your food prep.

There are various approaches to the hanging light bulb look – you can even get fixtures that are made to look like industrial lighting. For an added touch, opt for a brushed, cast iron inspired finish for added elegance.

Exposed Brick

The long adored look of exposed red brick has been lost over the past decade, as homes become more modern and sleek lines with bright walls become more favorable. However, exposed red brick is something that will never quite go out of style.

exposed brick industrial chic

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Fortunately, you can purchase partial bricks that apply to the walls like tile. Many use this for a backsplash, while others incorporate them into the corners to give the illusion of exposed brick or even better, white brick walls or backsplash. If you have a large entryway, you can add brick tile to one area for an unforgettable accent wall.

Simple Floors

When you’re going for the industrial chic look, whether you opt for the warm colors of exposed brick or opt for a modern upgrade with white and stainless steel, you’ll have to be selective in your flooring. Rather than opting for something elaborate and eye-catching, you should incorporate something that fades into the background, leaving the focus on the rest of the aesthetic.

simple floors for industrial chics

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Plank-style hardwood floors with a simple finish are a great way to ensure your attention is drawn to the other design elements of your home. In many industrial-style homes, cement floors are the go-to to bring the design scheme together. Again, you can get tiles that fit together seamlessly for a cement-like look that isn’t as heavy or challenging to work around.

Natural Lighting

Big windows are a must for industrial-style homes, especially as the colors tend to be dark and stark. While the hanging lights are beautiful to look at and add a relaxing ambiance, they don’t throw a lot of light around a dark room. Tall windows with no curtains or basic, white sheers are the way to go when using this decor scheme.


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An alternative to large windows is to install skylights to get the natural light from above. This is especially helpful in interior areas where large windows aren’t an option, such as a hallway or bathroom.

Sparse Furniture

To really capture the minimalist aesthetic that improves the flow of the room in an industrial-style home, you’ll want to keep furniture sparse. This means cutting back on both the amount of furniture you have and how elaborate those pieces are. A common look in an industrial chic room includes a single couch– often leather– with a simple coffee table and rug to piece the room together. Bookshelves tend to be open and dominated by metal rather than wood.

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Kitchens take the same simple approach, offering the necessities without clutter. Consider adding pushcarts and trolleys for additional storage and use a blend of distressed wood and cast iron to invoke a sense of calm.

Large Art Pieces

Large art pieces add contrast to the sparse surroundings. It’s also important to note that smaller prints and photos often get lost in the overpowering elements of the room, such as brick walls and dim lighting.large pieces industrial chic

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Look for large prints in monochromatic colors that have a vintage feel, such as inspiring quotes processed through a traditional printing press. If you prefer to have photos on the wall, use black and white whenever possible and enlarge them to stand out against the industrial surroundings.

Design the Bathroom Accordingly

The bathroom should follow the trends of the rest of the house. If you buy a place that is already finished, you may need to create a faux industrial look rather than pulling pipes out of the wall. Consider adding a brass vessel sink you your decor and adding a concrete finish around an enclosed tub. Glass shower doors are more preferable than curtains.

industrial chic bathroom

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You can purchase towel racks and hangers that have the appearance of industrial piping. Again, keep things simple and sparse, focusing only on the necessities rather than superfluous extras.

Skip the Bright Paint

If you can’t imagine living in a home that doesn’t have bright paint colors, the industrial chic look may not be for you. Stick with charcoal grey, white, and even some black accent walls to keep the focus on the room itself rather than the walls. The benefit of sticking with this color scheme is that it will fit with anything– your furniture won’t clash, and it’s hard to find a piece of art that looks bad on a monochromatic background.


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Your home doesn’t need to look like a picture-perfect definition of a design scheme; you can personalize it in any way you like. Many of those who live in industrial-style homes add personality through pops of color, such as a cheery yellow throw blanket and pillows on a couch or bright pieces of art that don’t fit the design theme but look good against the colorless walls. Do what works for you.


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The industrial chic look isn’t for everybody, but the results of using this simple design scheme are incredible for those who are inspired by this look. Remember, keep it simple and take a minimalist approach for the best results.

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