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10 Tips on Small Bedroom Interior Design

10 Tips on Small Bedroom Interior Design

Every home should be bound to the owner`s needs and every owner should respect his home, his shelter, his own little shield from the outside world, with both advantages and disadvantages.

No matter if your home was built from scratch or bought, in time the functionality of the spaces is going to change, everything  gains new values as we change, get older, technology and materials are evolving and so on. Even though our home will suffer changes, the one space that will keep its functionality ( a very important function for each one of us ) is the bedroom. The bedroom comes in all shapes and sizes as a room and we are not even going to refer to personal taste here. We will touch some general alternatives only to small spaces. Most of these considerations can be applied to every space in the house not just the bedroom so read them wisely and if possible, let us know your opinion in order to complete this list.

1. Clean up unnecessary things, declutter

By far one of the most important aspects is the clutter in the room. You should be always be able to see the floor baseboard clean, this will enlarge your space automatically. Plane clean surfaces tend to enlarge the space at all times and the floor is one of those planes found in every room obviously. Consider making a yard sale with unnecessary stuff, to remove carpets if they`re fragmenting the space and to throw personal belonging from dressers, night tables and even entertainment centers if they`re not well organized, for example the wire are destroying the apparel of many spaces.Unless in a group or collection, make sure you have space around every object and that everything breaths, making it less stressful even to watch. Choosing the right carpets for your house adds to the aesthetics.

1. Clean up unnecessary things, declutter 


2. Maximize your wall space

That`s a well known alternative which is avoided by most of us. Due to installation issues, we avoid wholes in the walls and everything that would damage it. Also the shelves and cantilevered furniture is most of the time more expensive if it looks well and you don`t have many alternatives so it`s hard to mix and match.
Even though maximizing your wall space is a challenge, it’s one that we should all accept and conquer because it brings much benefits to the room, it creates plane surface if used wisely and therefore seems to enlarge the space while hosting lots of stuff behind it. Always avoid curved furniture when you are trying to make a room seem bigger. Another great aspect are hung night stands which seem to flow by the bed, a great alternative to maximize the ocean around your bed, the footprint in the bedroom.

3. Scale furniture to the bed size

By far the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom interior design is the bed. Therefore the bed should clearly dominate the furniture around him and be the main focal point. It should further be dominated by the size of the room, placing a huge bed into a small room will take both air space and comfort from you so consider this aspect from the very beginning. The bedroom interior design should gravitate around the bed even if this is placed on a side and not in the “center” of the room. You should read the function by the size of the bed and not of the desk (that use occasionally, to write an old fashion letter). The floor should be a pedestal for the bed and the rest of the furniture should gravitate around these two.

10 Tips on Small Bedroom Interior Design suspended bed

4. Ceiling Visual Interest

These days people are trying to express themselves more then ever trough versatile designs from which we should be able to read they`re personality as much as possible. Therefore adding a fifth dimension to the room is highly effective, if done tastefully. We are not talking here about spots and such “innovations” but about methods used by our elders to maximize the volume of a room with visual Technics. Some are rather easy to apply and demand only two colors, for example painting the ceiling white and the rest of the room white yellow or olive green for example would make the room seem lighter, brighter and higher then usual. Vice versa using a darker color on the ceiling will create the anxiety effect, closing in the room and raising the weight feel of the ceiling.

5.The Reading Nook

Most of us are misunderstanding the concept of a small room. A small bedroom design will never encourage the owner to use the bedroom less( to just change and sleep in) it will actually do the opposite if done well, it will create unique opportunities of enjoying the space. A small corner can be easily be dedicated to reading, a comfortable chair and a high lamp, hopefully near a window with a good view will definitely make your bedroom more of a bedroom then it already is. A reading nook where you can relax and watch your beautiful sunrise.

10 Tips on Small Bedroom Interior Design homesthetics (8)

10 Tips on Small Bedroom Interior Design homesthetics (4)

10 Tips on Small Bedroom Interior Design homesthetics (3)

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6. Dressers and Armoires

A important actor in the bedroom scene is the dresser, reason for which it must be choose carefully. As stated above the furniture must be scaled to your bed size and room size even if you have lots of clothes. Consider including the TV in an armoire and save the entertainment unit space. The more versatile the setting behind the doors, the more space saved and the lighter the room.

7. Creative uses for storage

Probably the biggest advantage that Ikea brought in front of it`s rivals are the unique space saving solutions and creative uses of storage. Modest boxes that can merge with any environment in a very simple and stylish way. Epic. Decorative baskets in a bookshelf unit or sustainable boxes made out of plants, storage bins under your bed and so on. Keep in mind to organize the objects by how common you are using them and by accessibility, maybe your kid should not easily reach  everything, but vice versa you do not want him to climb up for his toys and fall.

7. Creative uses for storage 



Most doctors and therapist are advising us to keep mass media and electronics away from the bedroom as much as possible because they cause stress and anxiety to some people. Even so…the TV is most of the time present in the bedroom and it has an impressive dimension from time to time(thing that should not happen). The entertainment unit should be in the living room not bedroom, but if you really need it, try to buy some output device for your smartphone, netbook or mp3. This way you`ll still have radio, music, even a small screen, and keep the silence in the bedroom when needed. It`s also a great way to save space.

9. Use Color Wisely

We all know that stark white it`s a clear choice in order to make the room larger and brighter but that does not mean that you’re tied to white for the rest of your life. Dark colors should be avoided though unless you have a special inclination to the goth design and apparel. Dark colors can generate strong accents on pillows, area rugs, drapery or bed linen but should be kept away from the walls if possible. As stated above consider using a lighter color on the ceiling then the one of the walls and grant special attention to the natural light source.

9. Use Color Wisely


10 Tips on Small Bedroom Interior Design homesthetics (7)


10 Tips on Small Bedroom Interior Design homesthetics (5)


10. Artwork and Focal Points

Most of the time the bed will dominate the bedroom, but it would be really useful to distract views to one desired focal point. For example: a mesmerizing painting, a one of a kind lamp in your reading nook, a hand made bed linen that you are proud of, an antique dresser or colorful vases. They are all  strong accents that will lighten up your interior.

10. Artwork and Focal Points

10 Tips on Small Bedroom Interior Design clean cozy atmosphere white interior design colorful accents


10 Tips on Small Bedroom Interior Design clean cozy atmosphere white interior design bedroom


10 Tips on Small Bedroom Interior Design clean cozy atmosphere white interior design tidy space


10 Tips on Small Bedroom Interior Design clean cozy atmosphere white interior design space saving solution

source unknown

10 Tips on Small Bedroom Interior Design clean cozy atmosphere white interior design space saving solution suspended bed


10 Tips on Small Bedroom Interior Design clean cozy atmosphere white interior design space saving solution modern design modern desk and chair


Imagination and personal taste are the most important aspect in this challenge. In the end you are the only one that can judge how good of job you`ve done or not. You`re the one that has to live with it and be able to enjoy it. So ready or not, make the first step and accept the challenge. How do you decorate a small bedroom? Do you find it challenging? Feel free to share your ideas in the comment section below.

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