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13 Tips and Tricks On How To Decorate A Small Bedroom

Tips and Tricks On How To Decorate A Small Bedroom1

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Today we have chosen the problematic topic of small bedrooms and the issues such a space can raise when it comes to its decoration. Difficult in shape and size, we are confronted with the small space topic at least once in our life and the manner we choose to approach this issue will define the way we perceive, understand and appreciated that space. The entire idea of the bedroom revolves around the concept of rest, relaxation and rebooting our system everyday.Creating a stress free environment where the storage problems and the size of the space itself does not overpower us, overcrowding the breathable area is quite a challenge we have to accept and take on in a planned manner, taking into account a series of elements that if approached right will transform our entire understanding of small spaces.Ground colors, lighting, textures, details and accents all come and merge into creating the ultimate picture of relaxation, a true oasis for your body and soul where your personality and personal taste should shine. Go through the 13 Tips and Tricks On How To Decorate A Small Bedroom we have complied for you in the article below and reflect on your own method of approaching this highly spread concern.

1. Let’s start with the basics –  how to choose the background ground color

Imagine you are a painter and your small bedroom walls are your canvas.You have multiple options from the color pallet that can transform your bedroom and turn the entire way of perceiving it by simply choosing a slightly different hue. The first and most obvious choice is leaving the walls stark white and let the rest of your decor, furniture, works or art tell their story, whilst allowing the small space to breath. On the other hand, expressing your taste and personality is of great importance. Your bedroom should be your oasis and relaxation point, the one place where you can disconnect from the daily troubles and reboot your body and mind.Your vibrant personality should leave its mark on your small bedroom design, so don’t hesitate to choose dark hues on a statement wall as well as custom made wallpaper that will show off your headboard. Another option is keeping things right in the middle and opting for a pastel color scheme that will add a little bit of color and keep the interior design neutral at the same time. Choose your weapon of choice from the blank wall canvas painting ideas below.

Go white all the way

simple plain white small bedroom background

SOURCE  A + B Kasha

pastel hues will add delicacy to a small bedroom design

Tips and Tricks On How To Decorate A Small Bedroom homesthetics (2)

SOURCE Vtwonen

opt for an elegant feminine wallpaper
delicate pasteled background


powerful hues such as cobalt blue can add coziness and elegance to a small space, especially during nighttime when the lighting effect will enrich the entire appeal
pure blue cobalt contrast
pure contrast

SOURCES  Sarah’s Curio Filled Studio

2. set the focus to a statement wall

As declared above, a statement wall can be just the right amount of color perfectly used on your walls. You can add contrast, richness and elegance through the right design. A delicate blue Islamic culture motif can add a bohemian vibe to your bedroom corner. A bold color choice will reflect a vibrant, fun personality that will definitely raise your energy levels every single morning. Use a diluted colorful hue on two of your walls and leave the rest of them white, especially the one that includes your window which will reflect the natural light beautifully into the rest of your small bedroom space.

if a general colorful scheme is too much for your small bedroom stick with a single powerful wall

blue hues focus background
SOURCE  Planete Deco.

invest in an unique designed wallpaper
custom made wallpaper


mix and match delicate hues with pure white for powerful contrasts

blue tones for background in small bedroom
SOURCE Steal This Look

have fun with your space and try a bold STATEMENT hue

bold constrasting background


GIRLY pink can look glamorous when merged with gold ACCESSORIES

pink powerful statement wall


3. emphasize the shape of the room

A key element in knowing how to decorate a small bedroom is mastering the understanding of your bedroom layout and taking advantage of its shape and size. A square room is quite easy to organize with a centered bed and a statement contrasting wall exposing your headboard, whereas a narrow room has limited options. In such a case the bed will definitely occupy the wall with the window serving as a headboard and an elegant wooden bench perfectly placed at the foot of the bed decorated with lovely scented candles, magazines, books and other accents will enrich your space.If your bedroom is constructed in a room with multiple other functions and you don’t have the option of having a private one, choose to mask it and offer yourself privacy with a set of white elegant curtains.You can also go the other way around and use one of your windows to construct your alcove bed as a focal point of the room with colorful pillows and beautiful bedspreads.You can add a single string of flickering lights to cozy up the atmosphere.

take advantage of every nook and corner and give it a function in your bedroom

built in bed near the window

SOURCE My Paradissi

an attic space with its exposed woodwork will transform any bedroom into the perfect cozy retreat

attic space bedroom

SOURCE Studio 512

a narrow room where the bed is the main element should be kept rather simple in decor

small bedroom decorating tricks

SOURCE  La Maison D’Anna G

even so, insert contrast and warmth by adding colorful window drapes and wooden elements

Small bedroom bed positioning

SOURCE T Magazine

opt for a delicate separation of the bedroom space for privacy and comfort at night

niche bed protected by white curtain

SOURCE Brit + Co.

4. work light to your advantage

Natural lighting is a key element in a small bedroom design. It can brighten up the space, make it seem larger and more fresh.Work it to your advantage and be careful not to crowd the space by adding heavy curtains.If you do choose this privacy option, opt for floor to ceiling long curtains to provide the sensation of height to your room even if your window is not that large.French windows are beautiful elements that should definitely be put to value in any space. Let them breathe and express themselves freely without any constraints.

natural light is a vital element in a small bedroom space

take advantage of the natural lighting


choose to add your bed facing the wall opposite the primary window

incredible luminous small bedroom


a pallet bed positioned next to a GLASS wall will serve as a perfect relaxation spot in your home

pallet bed facing a glass wall

SOURCE The Classy Issue

filter the income of natural light and dose it by using pastel curtains

elegant pastel small bedroom decor


white furniture and decorations will reflect more of the natural light

filtered natural light in small bedroom


a built in bed near a french window looks lovely

built in bed near french window

SOURCE John B. Murray

5. enlarge space using mirrors

No one can deny the great asset a mirror represents to a small space.They are often used to add the sensation of a double room, reflecting light beautifully along with its surroundings. Opt for tall mirrors with elegantly designed frames that will add value to your interior design. A golden framed vintage mirror will exude opulence and class and if you add a clothing rack and such a beautiful mirror on one of your bedroom walls you have got yourself an open wardrobe.Choose to position the mirror facing the window and invite a wonderful green scenery in.

the right type of mirror placed strategically in your bedroom will make the space look bigger

long mirror enlarging space

SOURCE Alec Hemer

a designer piece should be put to value and accentuated in your small bedroom

elegant mirror framed by curtains

SOURCE Melanie Acevedo

golden framed mirrors look very elegant, ENLARGE space and serve a functional PURPOSE in your bedroom/ dressing room

narrow tall golden mirror

SOURCE Apartment Therapy

a perfectly ARRANGED clothing rack and a narrow tall MIRROR can serve as a dressing room

open wardrobe small bedroom idea

SOURCE Design Sponge

6. opt for compact nightstands

We all have to agree nightstands are a necessity. Whether we use them to hold our smart phone at night, to display our magazine collection or scented candles, they serve a function purpose we can not eliminate from the bedroom. Luckily, creative options exist, varying from compact nightstands in modern designs to narrow wooden nightstands that add a plus in the decor department as well. We especially love the turquoise drawer recycled into a nightstand presented below.

find creative options of adding NIGHTSTANDS to your bed without them OCCUPYING vital space

smart nightstand idea

SOURCE Maze Interior

a wooden nightstand will reflect light BEAUTIFULLY and warm up the atmosphere

wooden nightstand composition

SOURCE Light Sky Designs

recycle old wooden furniture pieces into FASHIONABLE NIGHTSTANDS

old wooden chair recycle into nightstand

SOURCE Design Blogg

an old drawer with a new paint job can serve as a chic nightstand

turquoise drawer turned nightstand



golden accents in small bedroom design



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