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67 Surreal Castle Concept Art Depictions to Surge Inspiration From

Imagination has no limits, it wonders freely, it roams our world feeding on everything deemed "interesting" to creatively grow and feed us. Imagination and creativity nurture our minds and souls, they invite us to step into a world without boundaries where everything is possible an artist would say. In here we can change Dracula's castle to our pleasing, we can imagine Orc villages and towns a tad different than the Warcraft universe depicted it, we can change Stormwind or Darnassus or we can surge inspiration from both to create our own city.

Castle Concept Art

In these times, the possibilities of digital arts are pushing boundaries more than ever, challenging us with each Game of Thrones episode or World of Warcraft expansion to see castle concept art and medieval buildings or whole towns concept art depictions differently, we are challenged to re-imagine imagined worlds, our creativity is fed with steroids and we cannot get enough of it.

Every now and then, we take a step back, we gaze at all the castle prints, disconnect the internet and start sketching, we often fail, we rarely succeed, we always grow though; creative experiences for us are nothing short of a great victory. Thus, in the following gallery, we have curated no less than 67 simply breathtaking creating efforts of artist we love, cherish and surge inspiration from. Every art piece links back to the source with a byline credit to the artist.

Without further ado, we invite you to browse our gallery and begin your creative journey!

Medieval Buildings, Towns, Cities and Castles Concept Art Illustrations Follow

Talking about castles, we can’t help but list down the first one that comes to mind - the one from the animated movie Hotel Transylvania.

Yes, we’re drawing inspiration from Drac’s crib! It’s hard to ignore the haunted ruins of this giant castle. Take a look at the picture and see for yourself!

Who wouldn’t want to paint this famous imaginary and isolated tower?

Image via sylvain-marc.com

How about a castle with a lot of scenery complementing its beauty? You can barely see the castle but the point is to make it stand out and be the focus of the painting.

It also looks like a tower from a magical land which exists in an unknown realm, which makes us more interested in doing a painting of it.

Image via  Syntetyc

If you want to create a dynamic painting of a castle, this is one of the options. Keep your audience in awe with another imaginary castle that looks more like a huge fort in a fantasy kingdom.

Notice that it has the touch of animation to it, but you can actually modify your piece however you want to.

Image via imgur

Let’s now take a look at a castle that’s large enough to form a small town. The structure of the building here makes it look haunting and desirable at the same time.

If this idea doesn’t bring you a sense of longing, or perhaps nostalgia, then we don’t know what does. However, there are more ideas coming up so there’s no need to worry about what catches your attention. Overall, we assure this one will keep your audience’s eye locked on it.

Source Unknown

Create a fictional world with a fictional castle of your own. Look at the picture and tell us if that does not take you to another universe - one which is probably imagined and depicted only in movies.

There are a lot of us who are drawn towards something that doesn’t exist as a form of exploring the possibilities, so choosing this will draw their attention.

Here, the painting has a lot of minor details which in case you’re a seasoned artist, you can try to pull off something similar of your own by using unique tricks.

Image via khang-le.com

This one here looks like a castle in a kingdom that’s doomed, or perhaps ruled by a tyrant. You can see there’s no sunlight shining through and everything else seems dead.

One look at this painting, we would think the land is barren and not a single soul has experienced true happiness in a very long time; waiting for a kind of redemption to come soon.

The point is you can create something which triggers people’s imagination such as this one.

Image via artcobain

This one portrays an astounding palace standing on a rock in the middle of a waterfall.

We think the best form of art is one which is open to interpretation, allowing people’s minds to also get creative while analyzing the piece. And the same thing applies to painting.

If you’re wondering what kind of painting ideas will intrigue your viewers, we would suggest going for something that’s pretty much similar to this.

Image via Sviatoslav Gerasimchuk

From all the ideas listed down, we personally think this one is the quickest to grab our interest. And you might know why.

Yes, it has a scene in it which can mean anything. In this case, our interpretation would be that these soldiers and monks are rushing towards the castle hastily.

In this example, each and every part of the painting gets the focus of the audience, yet, the focus is still directed towards the main subject - the castle.

Image via Oh kyung rok


Take a look at this painting and you’ll see how the castle seems to be standing alone in the midst of a new era.

It appears as if there was a point in time when it was glorious in a prosperous kingdom but as time passed, it had fallen to ruins. And in the painting, only a part of it is visible, as if to hint its abandonment.

There is also another subject facing the castle and the meaning behind it is, again, open to interpretation.

Image via imgur

For this one, we’ll focus more on the details. From the way those clouds are portrayed to every single cut on the rocks, this painting is so far the most realistic.

To achieve a realistic painting as this requires putting in a lot of time and energy.

We also have to put it out there: a lifelike piece with a lot of details will really test your patience in the painting process. Therefore, it’s important to take this point into consideration if you are ready to tread on this path.

Image via Rafael Falconi

If you desire to paint a beautiful haunted fairy tale castle, focus on the effects of this one. Notice how there are a lot of colors used in the painting to make it appear magical and spooky.

However, remember to always give a touch of originality to any painting that you’re doing but just be sure to learn from experts while you’re still practicing.

Image via Mai Anh Tran

We will take some time to analyze and describe the meaning behind this painting.

The first thing we noticed about this piece is that it displays a castle whose structure differs from a normal one. Yes, this might be another idea of a castle in another universe.

What grabs our attention is the human figure which is staring at the castle’s direction, hence, leaving us wondering about the storyline behind it.

Our personal interpretation would be that this being has come a long way to reach his destination (being the castle, in this case).

Image via Pinterest

Then we have here a palace which is covered in ruins - one of the best ideas to keep for display, right?

There are many of us who admire something else besides the usual. And in this case, it is an imaginary palace which may have had a long history behind it.

Image via Pantelis Politakos

Tell a story through the strokes of your brush like this painting does.

As it is with one of the paintings we mentioned before, you’ll see that these soldiers are marching towards the castle, which is the main subject of the painting.

We also cannot leave aside the effects which this painting carries - bold, detailed, and precise.

Image via Rob Brown

Alright, this one reminds us of some castles we’ve seen in movies. The Witch’s castle from Narnia and Elsa’s ice castle from Frozen are a few to name some.

What do you see when looking at it? We would say that it seems unwelcoming because of the pointed rocks covered in snow. Not only that but it also appears to be very intimidating.

Image via fallen-eye

The way this painting is portrayed looks like a scene from a movie - one which keeps us on the edge of our seat, wondering what happens next.

Yes, it has a sense of suspense to it and that makes this piece more beautiful and interesting.

But most importantly, we like the overall mood of this painting, especially the mist effect.

Image via Jose Ivan Lopez Romo

It may seem like a simple painting at one glance but if we look closely, it is actually not.

We think this is the best part of the painting because you actually require to spend some time with it in order to appreciate it.

All the big and small details in this painting make it come to life.

Image via Sergey Zabelin

We don’t know about you but this one reminds us of the Van Helsing movie. If you have seen it, you will know what we mean. The stunning similarities include a small dark town with rugged buildings.

The castle in this picture is like the church where everything takes place in the movie.

It’s something that will leave the audience in a state of excitement, don’t you think?

Image via Twitter

Talking about dark castles, here’s another one.

What we like about this is that it portrays a brilliant castle standing in the valley of death and decay. It can be a symbol of finding hope during trying times or it simply tells a tale of what is going on in the painting.

Image via Whendell Souza

Yes, we have a lot of abandoned castles on our list - each very different from one another and bewitching too.

If you observe the painting, you’ll see two human figures heading towards the castle. What does this mean? We can only guess.

It looks as if something terrible had happened and destroyed the whole place while a firm castle stands alone, providing shelter to the ones who need it.

Image via Weston T Jones

If you are looking to surprise your observers with a unique castle painting, why not try something like this?

Yes, anybody will be drawn to a piece that shows strength in the midst of tough situations just like this castle is standing still in the middle of a waterfall.

Let’s not also forget that it looks very appealing to the eyes with its fantasy theme.

Image via Tumblr

So, let’s focus on the style of painting with this one. From what we have analyzed, this can either be a digital or a traditional acrylic painting.

We find this to be very pleasing with its outlook as a whole. Moreover, the different usage of colors makes it look like a dreamlike palace from a fairy tale.

Image via Joan Pique Llorens

For a more realistic painting which looks as if it stands somewhere on earth, take a look at this one.

What you can do is look up existing castles and study their features. At the same time, don’t forget to add a little bit of your own original touch to the painting.

Image via Ahmad Firdaus

We have been talking about castles and what stories might lurk behind them.

In this painting, you can clearly see a witch on her broom making her way to the gigantic beautiful castle.

We don’t know what the rest of the story is or what the witch’s intentions are but at least we have a clear hint.

Image via Bigball Gao

We very much wish to see something like this exist. A castle that’s attached to a town shows how prosperous and united the kingdom is.

The location of the castle is what catches our attention first. So, we would suggest planning your painting carefully if you want to achieve something similar.

As it is with other suspense paintings that have a meaning behind, you’ll see on the left corner a man is standing and staring at the town’s direction.

Image via Kent Davis

This one displays a sense of pain and suffering, yet at the same time, appears to be glorious.

Personally, we think it hints of what the kingdom has gone through. The colors and scenery complement the whole mood.

We also like that only a little part of the enormous castle is shown so that our mind can imagine the rest of it.

Image via fantasyartworks.tumblr.com

An abode in the clouds along with marvelous structures - what else can make you feel more royal and divine than that? Talk about the homes of gods and demigods, right?

Our thoughts on the meaning behind this would be somewhere in the lines of power, glory, and responsibility of whoever are looking after the whole kingdom in order to protect them.

Image via Jonathan Lam

Well, this does not look much like a normal castle but that’s the whole point to it.

In the world which the artist creates, perhaps structures like these may be considered as castles, where rulers reside.

Then, you’ll also see two guards awaiting the for the stranger to arrive, which automatically makes this a scene.

Image via Instagram

We have here another dark castle painting that hints a story of a person who as walked miles to get to this specific castle. To us, he looks likea hero who has unfinished business to be dealt with.

We love the effects used for the rain and the mist because even if they go unnoticed through the conscious mind, they still create a great impact on our subconscious one, which will make anybody say that this is a great painting.

Image via Timothee MATHON

Bear with us because we will keep giving references as they can be exciting when they’re mutual. And this one here looks so similar to that castle from the movie Jack The Giant Slayer.

If you want to paint something similar, look up castles during ancient times, especially from the medieval period, and you’ll find many similar results.

Image via Pietro Chiovaro

Completely different from what we have looked at lately, this one drew inspiration from East Asian architecture. It is from a game Age of Conan and is known as the Kithai Warmonk Monastery.

We added it on this list of castle ideas because of the fact that we found it to be rather amusing and close enough to be called a castle.

Image via videogamesartwork.com

Here is a castle painting with many textures and colors. With this one, you can actually experiment many kinds of effects in order to achieve different concepts.

We love the beautiful sunset textures as well as those of the rocky mountains. You’ll notice that the only subject with a completely different texture is the castle, which is also the main focus in this painting.

Image via Isabella De Ocampo

If you want your audience to get intrigued by what they see, here is a sample painting you can follow. It portrays a castle burning in flames which can actually mean anything.

Our take on this would be that there was a war or an attack going on in the painting. There had been countless similar situations to this in the past.

Go for an actual event that happened if you want to paint history.

Image via Philipp Dobrusin

We like to think this painting is about a castle that stood in a merry land far away.

Although the kingdom was not as rich as it should have been, we somehow see unity and cheerfulness surrounding both the kingdom and the town.

But then disaster struck (as you can see the ruins) and everything is abandoned.

Image via Tumblr

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this painting. If you know about the Kizkalesi Castle in Turkey, then you’ll know that these two have a lot of resemblance.

We love this one because of its serene and peaceful atmosphere.

This is one way to attract audience who has a desire for quiet places. But it only works if you have the same desire towards such places too.

Image via Sonny Do

The details in this piece of art are spectacular. Although the focus is on the castle, somehow it’s hard to not notice every single detail about this painting.

It comes in a full package because it tells a story about a journey and contains amazing textures, along with various effects. Overall, the painting required a lot of time and patience.

Image via Tumblr

With the snow and a dark theme, we think this painting is done beautifully.

It is as if the castle here is attached to the army camp, preparing for an upcoming war. You can see the red hot fires burning within the fort.

If you think of creating a castle which is guarded and armed, this would be one option to draw inspiration from.

Image via Charles Northrup

Just one look at this piece and it takes us straight to Wonderland. There is a scene from Alice Through The Looking Glass (2016) which portrayed a castle with its surroundings and it looks exactly like this one.

No, the tale is not overrated and you can create paintings about Wonderland with your own imagination.

Image via Karlsimon

Picture yourself creating your own different dimension using this painting as a reference.

It’s amazing that the artist combines actual human architecture with that of imaginary alien structure to create a whole new castle altogether.

Keep in mind that you have to pay attention to the details and the various effects.

Image via fromupnorth.com

This right here is a piece of a larger project that the artist is working on, which is a marvelous artwork, by the way.

We like that it has a very realistic effect. The structure and the surroundings also remind us of the period when industrialization is at its peak.

Image via Christian Hecker

Are you looking for some painting ideas to excite the audience and keep them on the edge of their seats? Well, we feel the same way looking at this painting.

It is not hard to create something that will give your viewers that rush. If you observe very closely, you’ll see that there’s a lot of action and motion in this painting. From the flowing lava to the flying dragon - that’s how this piece of art extracts excitement.

Image via Dani Haynes

Keep aside all the fancy castles for now and have a look at this one. It reflects a kingdom that has gone through a lot of pain and struggle. However, this looks pretty amazing, given the concept and the effects.

Also, notice how the artist uses only very few colors in this painting and gives it a serious appeal.

Image via cruzine.com

We have another painting of a castle in ruins. Contrary to the previous one, this contains more colors and textures.

If your concept includes reflecting the beauty of fallen castles, we assure you this would be a really good idea to draw a few inspirations from.

Image via Kamil Tondera

How about adding another magical castle to the list?

This one is a dreamy castle with a lot of designs and structures. It’s a great idea for artists who like to create non-traditional designs and have fun with their paintings every once in a while.

We love how spooky and beautiful this appears to be at the same time.

Image via wangrays.com

Do you want to paint an imaginary castle and make it seem as if it’s somewhere here on earth?

Great! Because this one is a perfect sample of such painting. You’ll see there is some activity going on as well, which makes it come to life.

Image via Pablo Vidal

You probably have seen a lot of castle paintings such as this one. There’s always a giant fortress with someone heading towards it.

However, trust your instincts and add personal style to your piece. It may appear simple but it never goes out of style once you learn to make each piece a unique one.

Image via Miguel Angel De Juan Romero

What do you think of a castle which is located in the same place where the town is? Yes, we have mentioned it before but for this one, we are focusing more on unity and community.

If the concept is representing the strength of a kingdom, then you have found your idea right in this artwork.

Image via Alayna Lemmer-Danner

Again, if you wish to come up with a painting that does not include too many colors, you’ll surely love this idea.

Observe how the artist successfully creates a painting with a color of different shades without making it boring

Image via Tommy Scott

What a unique design this would be if it actually stands somewhere on this planet. The first thing we would do is actually visit, then paint it later.

The techniques used to paint this beautiful piece are not that hard compared to other detailed artworks, which makes it easier for any beginner.

Image via Dejan Mijatovic

Ah, here’s another painting that will keep your viewers excited and intrigued.

If you remember that we already talked about motion and action, you’ll instantly know this is another sample of those paintings. Also, see how the focus revolves around the main subject with all the dragons and those knights.


If you want your painting to highlight the beauty of the landscape where the castle stands, something like this concept can help you get more ideas.

It does not matter which kind of paints you use for such paintings, as long as the concept is clear.

Image via Mirko Mastrocinque

How about a painting of a castle which stands alone, separated from the kingdom? It may not seem like a practical concept but it probably has a meaning behind it.

You can come up with any meaning for a painting like this. For instance, we personally would associate it with power that breeds loneliness.

Image via Martin Lawrence Agleron

We have one word to say about this castle painting - excellent!

So far, we have reviewed some realistic painting ideas but this one has exceeded our expectations in a very amusing way.

It’s crucial to pay attention to even the smallest details or textures if you want to paint something very similar.

Image via Waldemar van Deurse

Alright, this one looks pretty simple but it actually demands both technique and patience for it to be appealing to the eye.

If you want to excel in paintings which seem like abstract 3D animations like this, the obvious but important thing to do is to practice.

Image via Elie Servantie

Speaking of 3D animations, this painting also has a digitally-designed feel to it.

We like the view from this angle so we would recommend taking this sample and create something similar with oil paints. The result will vary largely, in the sense that yours can actually look much better.

Image via Heewon Jang

Creating a fairytale-like castle will not be complete without the sea beside it, and this idea never fails to capture those with dreamy hearts.

How else do you soothe the audience’s mind with a castle painting except by creating peaceful scenery?

Image via Leonardo Tomba

As a total opposite to our previous castle, this one signifies the reign of terror. If the purpose is to instill fear and excitement in the minds of the audience, then you would look forward to settling for this idea.

We have to admit the textures and the sharp rocks did take away our peace of mind while glancing at this.

Image via Milos Radojkic

Keeping aside castles fancy and terrifying castles, here is a sample of an average-looking one. Painting something like this can actually work when you’re trying to hint historical events.

We admire the details done by the artist, whom we’re sure to have spent a lot of time and energy on this painting.

Image via Jens Kuczwara


What comes to your mind seeing this castle? We’re not sure about you but this takes us straight to Dracula’s lair. Does it provoke as much morbid curiosity in you as it does in us?

The best feature we love about this painting is the scary mood that it evokes.

Image via Maxime Lisch

In an alien civilization, this is what the artist imagines the castle would be. If you do a similar painting, it will gain the audience’s appraisal about your creative imagination. It definitely captured our undivided attention as well.

However, we recommend using multiple other colors if you’re going to create a colorful concept.

Image via Cedric Cunanan

We find this one to be a paradoxical painting. We like that there is a touch simplicity and a few complications at the same time.

What’s simple about this is that there is only one subject in the big picture - which is the castle. On the other hand, the subject contains a lot of tiny details and textures as well.

Image via Maxime Lisch

We have here a castle which looks like it just came straight from a comic book.

What makes this different from the other paintings we’ve discussed is that the castle here stands at the background and does not have many details to it. But still, the soldiers symbolize that they belong to the royal palace, which again makes it the main subject.

Image via Martin Pique Yakoubsohn

Whether this painting is of a real or imagined castle, it pretty much represents the normal ones which we would find back in the old times.

And this artwork contains a fair amount of effects, yet a lot of details. We admire the effort put in by the artist to create every single detail to finally come up with this finished look.

Image via Mohammad Qureshi

Just one look at this painting gives us the chills of seeing something so powerful getting consumed by the forces of nature.

We are not completely certain of what this may represent because it can either be literal or figurative.

But as we have mentioned, paintings are open to interpretations and the same applies to this piece.

Image via David Tilton

If you are an advanced artist, we would recommend taking this idea for the upcoming project.

Within this painting, there are many visible textures which add to the whole theme. The idea is to make the surface pop up by creating different multiple patterns on it.

You might even enjoy this kind of technique once you get the hang of it.

Image via Adrian Bobb

Finally, we’ll wrap up the list with this last castle painting.

Both the castle and the landscape remind us of a few after-doomsday movies, which we are sure you have some in mind too.

What’s interesting about this piece is that it has a story to it, judging by the figure who is facing towards the castle. Similar concepts to this will never lose the observer’s curiosity.

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