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Top 3 Hairpin Legs Nightstand Options and Design Ideas

Is your home furniture looking old and worn out of late? Or have its legs rotted away already, leaving it unfit for use?

Top 3 Hairpin Legs Nightstand Options and Design Ideas

Well, then instead of throwing them away, why not give them a new life while at the same time giving them a fresh look?

And if you’re asking us as to how that can be possible, well the answer is quite simple really. Not only do Hairpin Leg Stands provide old furniture with the much-needed support base, but these also allow such antique pieces to make an elegant fashion statement.

But choosing the right leg stand can be rather difficult.

So, to help you out, we have tried out a lot of stands and chosen our top 3 favorites for this guide.

If you`ve found the hairpin legs for nightstands below interesting we invite you to check various other articles on the subject, we have curated lists of the best hairpin legs for table, hairpin legs for desk, hairpin legs for dinning table, hairpin legs for bed , hairpin legs for side-table and last but not least hairpin legs for end table; below we also list a couple idea guides that showcase hairpin option as a solution for the task at hand.

And we’re confident that at least one of them will be able to cater to all your needs.

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Best Hairpin Legs Nightstand Options

  1. SMARTSTANDARD HPL0916BK 16" Heavy Duty Hairpin, Black

SMARTSTANDARD 16" Hairpin Furniture Legs, Metal Home DIY...
  • 【Heavy Duty Solid Steel Construction】 SMARTSTANDARD...
  • 【Pre-Drilled Mounting Bracket】 The mounting bracket for...

In recent years, SMARTSTANDARD has grown to be the go-to home hardware appliance store for many homesteaders.

They are indeed one of a kind in selling home improvement DIY products like hardware kits for sliding doors and hairpin legs, which are not only affordable but of high quality as well. And their HPL0916BK 16" Heavy Duty Hairpin Coffee Table Legs is the latest addition to their lineup.

Our Experience

The HPL0916BK, much like the other SMARTSTANDARD products is pocket-friendly and made of high-quality materials. But what impressed us the most, was its fantastic sturdy design and also the fact that it has an extremely easy DIY set up.

And what made setting it up so simple was the highly detailed visual instructions that came along with the set. It was easy to follow and showed all the necessary steps required to help us attach the hairpin leg stand to any furniture of our choosing.

SMARTSTANDARD also double inspects their products before shipping them off to the market, this allows them to maintain a high standard of quality along with excellent customer support.

The HPL0916BK has a heavy duty steel body with a matt black surface, which makes the stand quite durable and support heavier weights of up to 220 lbs. So if you are planning to use them for narrow coffee tables or larger study desks, the HPL0916BK will remain stable enough to support them all.

Making your own furniture is perhaps one of the most amazing feeling for any homeowner. So, if you have a backyard with a lot of spare wood and you like making your furniture out of them, especially tables, then the HPL0916BK is sure to complement any design.

The steel body and the matte finish gives it a somewhat rustic yet modern appeal and helps it to go with any décor no matter the setting.

And even though it comes with a beautifully durable kit, the screws that come with the set are somewhat disappointing. They are sheetrock screws, which are pretty cheap and is not capable of holding up heavier weights all that well.

They are too long for tops which are less than 1 ¼- inches and also not as large for big butcher block desks. But this is by no means a deal breaker, and we recommend that you buy your screws separately.


The HPL0916BK can be the right fit for you if you are a lot into DIY-ing your own home furniture. It has a great suburban feel to it and is sure to complement your coffee tables along with giving it steady support.

  1. Alpha Furnishings Brass Gold Hairpin Furniture Legs

Metal Furniture Legs Round Tapered Brass Gold 6 1/4" H...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Heavy-duty 6 1/4" H, 1.4”-2.5"D tapered...
  • BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED: with thick mounting bracket,...

This is the most expensive hairpin stand on our list today, and perhaps also the most decorative. The Brass Gold Hairpin Furniture Legs 6” 16" for Sofa Couch Coffee Table is truly one of the best when it comes to giving your furniture and living space an instant facelift.

And over the years it has become quite a popular choice in urban design for many interior decorators. Its bright golden shine can not only improve the aesthetics of your living space but looks sleek enough to be the main topic of conversation in social gatherings as well.

Our Experience

Apart from its fantastic modern design, the Brass Gold Hairpin impressed us by a lot of its unique features, that puts it a step ahead of the rest of its competition.

Don’t be fooled by its elegant exterior, the Brass Gold Hairpin might look like it can’t handle much weight, but it is as sturdy and as stable as they get.

At 16" height, the legs are made of 3/8" solid raw steel with a polished brass finish, which makes them incredibly robust allowing them to have a weight capacity of 150 lbs per leg. Additionally, the glossy brass finish keeps them durable and resistant to corrosion and rust.

Angulation is another crucial factor we looked out for when trying out the Brass Gold Hairpin. Balancing the center of gravity of the furniture along with the additional weight that may pile on top of it, is an important aspect of any reliable hairpin legs stand design.

And the Brass Gold Hairpin has an ideal 6-degree angle from the base to the floor, that allows any type of furniture to be mounted on top of it. It can reliably balance the most uneven form of weight distribution without much effort.

Its installation is relatively easy as well. The kit comes with five pre-drilled holes in the mounting plate, which makes installation quick and effortless. The provided screws are of pretty high quality, and fits perfectly across a variety of furniture types, from coffee tables to sofas and study desks.

But all of these amazing features come at a pretty high price, and the Brass Gold Hairpin is much more expensive than the other legs stands of its class. It may not be affordable to a lot of customers who want a more pocket-friendly option.


If you can look past the initial expenses, then the Brass Gold Hairpin can be the perfect pick to give your old furniture a new style. Not only will it be able to brighten up your living space, but it can be the centerpiece to your home as well.

  1. DIY Hairpin Legs: 2 Rod Hairpin Legs - MADE in the USA - Commercial Grade

The company DIY Hairpin Legs are quite renowned for providing their customers with one of the largest selections of hairpin legs, which are primarily built with the DIYers in mind. But that doesn’t mean that it's not suitable for other fields, as they are perfectly capable of catering to professionals and designers as well.

The hairpin legs, especially the 2 Rod Hairpin Legs, are available in over a dozen colors and in sizes ranging from 4" to 40". It’s a fantastic product that goes well with all your furniture projects.

Our Experience

What caught our eye about the DIY Hairpin Legs’ 2 Rod Hairpin Legs was how these were able to take a medieval classic look and give it a much needed modern spin. The idea of hairpin legs for a table top or a desk is a rather timeless concept, and DIY Hairpin Legs modernizes it by giving it a very industrial touch.

A rather fun and amazing DIY project in itself; these 2 rods and 2 pin designed table legs can help you create a variety of things: from a custom coffee table to a laptop desk and a nightstand- all is possible.

The 16" metal table legs come with a 3/8" diameter that allows it to have the perfect angulation from the base to the floor and be stable even under considerable weight.

As DIYers are their primary customer base, DIY Hairpin Legs have tried to make assembling the legs as easy as possible. Hence, their 2 Rod Hairpin Legs come with 4 pre-drilled holes in the attached mounting bracket for hassle-free setup.

And this bracket is unique in itself as well, unlike its competitors it is a rather large one that can handle more lateral torsion, making the overall stand more secure and sturdy.

The robustness of the legs are increased primarily by its industrial build. These hairpin legs are American and are made using commercial grade, cold rolled steel, that lasts almost a lifetime. That’s why all DIY Hairpin Legs products come with a lifetime warranty and a fantastic customer service.

But the only drawback about the 2 Rod Hairpin Legs is that the legs are sold separately and doesn’t come in the same packaging. So a lot of customers might think it to be a tedious task to purchase them individually.


The 2 Rod Hairpin Legs is the ideal site where the traditional meets the modern. And if you’re looking to give your modern household furniture a reinvented classical feel, then the 2 Rod Hairpin Legs might just be the right pick for you.

Hairpin Legs Nightstand Design Ideas

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Hairpin Legs Nightstand Conclusion

There are a variety of hairpin leg stands available in the market with unique traits, where each feature caters to a different customer need. We hope that we were able to help you out today with our comprehensive guide.

Till next time!