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7 Best Toilet Auger | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you run a house, you might already have a plumber’s number as an emergency contact. But we have a cheaper solution right here.

Best Toilet Auger

Toilet augers can be kept in the house, and you can use them yourself. There is no need to call up professional plumber services, which would mean spending a lot of money. You will get products with additional cable length, which can be used to clear both difficult and simple clogs. 

Some crank manually while others run on a battery. You can toggle among variable speed trigger modes that will help in clearing the drainage pipe well. Some products come with multiple plumbing tools to help you take care of the bathroom sink, toilet bowl, and kitchen sink. 

We have made a list of the top options that will help you find the best toilet auger, 11 toilet augers were tested in the group review but 4 did not make it through due to their low quality overall or weak performance.

Let's get started! 

Listed below are the Best Toilet Augers:

  • Cobra Products: The Cobra Products 40030 is ideal for hands-on homeowners, installation ease meets professional results. Initial use may require extra patience.
  • Ridgid: The Ridgid 59787 is durable and kink-resistant, it guarantees longevity. Repeated usage may be necessary for hard clogs.
  • Gulrear: The Gulrear Toilet Auger optimizes user control with robust grip and affordable pricing. Large obstructions may pose slight challenges.
  • FEIYABDF: The FEIYABDF Toilet Plunger is a high-pressure design that efficiently clears multiple drain types, though instructions may puzzle beginners.
  • ‎Liboyixi: The Liboyixi Drain Clog Remover is multi-functional and priced economically. Recommended for use with safety gear.

1. Cobra Products

If you are looking for a tool to clean your toilets well, the Cobra Products 40030 will be a brilliant choice. It can be installed easily, and you can get clean toilets without calling for professional help. Please keep reading to know more about one of the best toilet auger options available today. 

While blockages in pipelines are a very common thing, it can cost a lot if you have to call up professionals to do the job. This toilet auger will give you the liberty to remove the blockage yourself without having to call up professionals. 

Next, this toilet auger is very easy to install and use in a toilet bowl. The 3 feet by ⅜ inch spring wire will allow easy movement, which will help in cleaning up a clogged toilet. 

A big issue that can occur with toilet augers is that they can cause scratches. But the poly safety tube is safe to use inside a ceramic toilet bowl. It will not lead to any scratches on the surface, making it a great choice. 

Moreover, the drain snake only weighs 1.2 pounds, and hence, it will not lead to any hand fatigue during usage. It comes with a non-slip grip, and you will be able to hold it well.  

If you have never used a toilet auger before, then this product may take some time to get used to. You can ask someone who has used it to show you the right way. But once you get the hang of it, our hands-on review showed that it’ll be a breeze to work with this tool.

Material: Metal | Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 8 inches | Weight: ‎1.2 pounds | Adjustable Length : No | Cable Length: 3 feet

2. Ridgid

One of our top suggestions for cleaning porcelain bowls as well as tough blockages is the Ridgid 59787. Affordable and easy to use, you can use this toilet auger for water-conserving, water-efficient, along with WaterSense toilets. Additionally, it is reliable enough to be kept as an emergency tool in the bathroom.

We have used many augers in the past and we have noticed that they kink after a few months. This means spending more money and purchasing a new one. However, this drain auger has proved to be very different in our tests, it was and still is durable and is kink-resistant, making it an incredible choice. 

Moving on, the toilet auger features a sturdy compression-wrapped inner core cable, which comes with 3 wrappings. They are wrapped separately around the cable at the core. This mechanism will help you clean stubborn clogs and power through them. 

Furthermore, the product comes with ergonomically designed handles, which makes it easy to use. The tube is also resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal option to remove clogs. 

Plus, it is 3 feet long, which makes it easy to reach blockages without any extra effort. Just wear proper safety gear while using the toilet drain auger, and you should not face any other issues. 

While toilets can be cleaned with this auger, you will need to use it multiple times in one area to clear it out properly. This might take a little more time than expected, but it will work well. Now that you know this, we will not be holding this as a drawback. 

Material: ‎Vinyl | Dimensions: ‎47.99 x 7.99 x 5.98 inches | Weight: ‎‎4.18 pounds | Adjustable Length: ‎No | Cable Length: 3 feet

3. Gulrear Toilet Auger

The high-quality Gulrear Toilet Auger makes for a perfect choice for those looking for a safe way to clean toilets. It comes with a premium handle along with a telescopic rod, which will help you clear away all waste from the inside.

This home toilet auger will help you clear out clogged drains, remove a blockage in pipes, clean dryer vents, and reach objects that cannot be accessed by hand. It is meant for heavy-duty use and is 51 inches in length. The body contains a steel hose along with a spring-loaded cable. 

Moving on, you will get a thick non-slip handle. It is made of red ABS plastic, which is thick to ensure proper grip. The toilet auger comes with a telescopic rod, which makes it easy to adjust the length. Paired with a quadruped claw design, you will be able to achieve a better and strong grip. 

Moreover, this is a much cheaper option than most other products on the list. You can end up saving a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on using chemicals and calling up professional plumbers for help. 

Through our trial and error, we discovered that while the drain snake will work very well for smaller blockages, it may not be the best choice for bigger obstructions as the claws are not able to hold something large. Just keep this in mind before purchasing and check if the item will serve your needs. 

Material: Stainless steel | Dimensions: ‎‎16.22 x 5.47 x 1.38 inches | Weight: 0.89 pounds | Adjustable Length: Yes | Cable Length: 6 feet

4. FEIYABDF Toilet Plunger

If you are looking for a drain unblocker that is known for its high efficiency, then the FEIYABDF Toilet Plunger will work well. There’s a good chance that you will love the high-pressure equipment, which is capable of dealing with tough clogs easily. Read on to learn more about its bells and whistles. 

First of all, we love the versatility that is offered, which makes it possible to use it for multiple occasions. It can be used for showers, toilet drains, kitchen sinks, and floor drains. You can remove all kinds of dirt, including tea leaves, soil, grease leaves, hair, along with cloth bits. 

Further, you have an ergonomic handle that can be used to operate the product easily. The tool has buttons and pumps, which are also very easy to work with. You will just have to put the pump into the product before pressing the airbag. After that, insert it in the blocked drain and tap on the air button. It should clear out the toilets well. 

Another thing that we liked in our tests was the air pressure. It will easily loosen and help in clearing out any object that you may have dropped in the drain system. You can keep your toilet bowl safe, thanks to this.  

The instruction manual provided with this pack is not very useful. Now, the plumbing snake works well, but you will have to know how to use it for maximum benefit. Such a device is not very difficult to get accustomed to, but you might have to ask customer care to help you with the instructions. 

Material: Rubber | Dimensions: ‎‎N/A | Weight: ‎2.42 pounds | Adjustable Length: No | Cable Leght: N/A

5. Liboyixi Drain Clog Remover

We have reached the middle of this list, and it is time to introduce the ‎Liboyixi Drain Clog Remover. It comes with a pack of 6 + 1 toilet augers with different auger cable length designs. You can use it around the house for the entire drainage system. 

First of all, you will get a toilet auger that will help remove heavy-duty clogs from the drain. There is a set of 2 drain cleaners measuring 24 inches, which can be used to remove hair from the inside. Also, there is a pack of drain strainers along with a pack of 3 hair removal tools, which measure 20 inches. 

With so many options, you can easily clear different bathrooms and sink drains. You can bend the drain auger so as to approach obstacles that are in the path. The auger cable is made of stainless steel, which will easily remove food, garbage, hair, and other bigger objects. One of the cables comes with a 4 claw retractable grip, which can be used to grab the items.  

While you are using the toilet augers for different purposes, it is best if you wear safety gear. Otherwise, you might get the mess that is being taken out on your hands and body, which is not needed, do ask us how we found this valuable trick in the comment section below.

Material: Stainless steel | Dimensions: ‎10.79 x 7.48 x 1.57 inches | Weight: ‎0.83 pounds | Adjustable Length: Yes | Cable Length: 2 feet

6. Populo Toilet Auger

Up next is a product that runs on a battery, making the entire process of cleaning heavy clogs easy. The Populo Toilet Auger is ergonomically designed and ranks high in providing comfort and control. You can have a smooth working experience with this in the house. 

This is indeed one of the best toilet augers because it is powered by a lithium-ion 20 volts battery. You will get a long run time, and the battery fuel gauge is very easy to check. 

Moreover, you can look at how much power remains so that it can be charged in time. The battery does not need to be replaced, and that will save you from spending a lot. 

Next, you will get a flexible cable that measures 2.5 feet. This can go inside drains with a width of ¾ to 2 inches. We were able to use it for multiple projects. 

Moving on, you will get a built-in LED light that will amplify the working experience. The light will allow you to work in the dark and will provide you with more precision and control. 

This toilet auger functions very well, but you will have to get used to working with it. The brand provides a user manual, and it is best if you read through the manual very carefully before starting out. The manual will help in slowly understanding the use of every button. 

Material: N/A | Dimensions: ‎‎17.24 x 9.85 x 7.5 inches | Weight: 8.8 pounds | Adjustable Length: No | Cable Length: 2.5 feet

7. DrainX

One of our final recommendations is the DrainX EHX1-1010. This product is known for the versatility offered when it comes to cable lengths. You can use it for deep clogs and blockages without having to call a plumber. Read on to know more about this toilet auger. 

The best toilet auger is supposed to unclog your pipes in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. This one offers a cable length ranging from 25 to 50 feet, which will work for all kinds of situations.

You will get a grip handle along with a turning knob that can be used to push the pipe into the toilet bowl. One can use it for bathroom and shower drains too. 

Next, the product comes with very durable housing. You will get a grip handle, which will make it easy to use. Also, you will get gloves to work with, ensuring that you do not have to spend more money purchasing them separately. 

Moreover, a drawstring bag is provided to keep the entire unit in one place. You will not misplace any of the parts, and the bag can be stored easily.  

After trying it in various situations we had some queries, and we wanted to talk to customer care regarding the same. However, we could not find the customer care number anywhere. Ultimately, we took to Youtube to find answers. It would be great if the brand looked into this. 

Material: Steel | Dimensions: ‎‎‎11.81 x 8.86 x 7.28 inches | Weight: ‎4.29 pounds | Adjustable Length: Yes | Cable Leght: 25 feet

What is the Best Toilet Auger?

The following table offers a comparison of some of the highest-rated toilet augers currently available. These tools are evaluated based on their material, dimensions, weight, whether their length is adjustable, and the length of their cable. All dimensions are given in inches, weight is measured in pounds, and cable length is indicated in feet.

ProductMaterialDimensionsWeightAdjustable LengthCable Length
Cobra ProductsMetal3 x 3 x 8 inches1.2 poundsNo3 feet
RidgidVinyl47.99 x 7.99 x 5.98 inches4.18 poundsNo3 feet
Gulrear Toilet AugerStainless steel16.22 x 5.47 x 1.38 inches0.89 poundsYes6 feet
FEIYABDF Toilet PlungerRubberN/A2.42 poundsNoN/A
Liboyixi Drain Clog RemoverStainless steel10.79 x 7.48 x 1.57 inches0.83 poundsYes2 feet
Populo Toilet AugerN/A‎‎17.24 x 9.85 x 7.5 inches8.8 poundsNo2.5 feet
DrainXSteel11.81 x 8.86 x 7.28 inches4.29 poundsYes25 feet

Buying Guide For The Best Toilet Auger

The best toilet auger will always be able to take care of all your pesky clogs without making the process very difficult or messy. Remember that the most expensive option will not necessarily come with all the benefits. You will also find a lot of toilets clog removers on the market, which can be tried. 

Also, you will find information about the things to do when the toilet does not flush.  Read through the factors listed below for better clarity.

Manual Auger V/s Battery Operated Auger

There are many kinds of drain snakes and augers on the market, and you can choose manual augers or battery-operated ones. Manual ones will work in removing toilet paper along with other smaller objects. 

But if you need more pressure and want to clear deeper clogs, then you will require a battery-operated one our tests show. These have different speeds, ensuring that you can shift depending on the need.

Length Of The Toilet Auger

The best toilet auger will fit your toilet needs, and the length should be good enough for you to work with. Please check the description along with the toilet auger reviews to find the right option. The length varies depending on the brand that is picked. 

Also, check for a flexible down head that can be used inside the U-trap. It needs to be able to move to take out the more serious clog from the toilet bowl.

Safety Guard

The toilet auger should be such that it does not lead to scratches inside the bowl. To prevent scratching, you need to check the edges of the toilet auger, flexible cable head, and teeth. They should have rounded edges that will eliminate scratching. A clogged toilet does not need external scratches or breakage of smaller parts to worsen the problem. 

Hence, you should check if the end is protected with a vinyl guard. That should keep the porcelain or tiles safe, and you can work easily. 

Some products come with interchangeable tips. In this case, you need to check for vinyl coverings for all the tips.

Ergonomic Grip

You will want a comfortable handle to hold on top while working, making this a very important factor. Please check the grip and the size of the handle before purchasing. It should provide enough space for your fingers to wrap around the handle. Plus, you should not have to suffer from hand fatigue at the end of the day.

Corrosion Resistance

Most toilet augers will be made of plastic or metal. The metal needs to be corrosion-resistant as it will be exposed to water and moisture whenever used. Also, rust should not build up on the product, hence, it should be coated well. 

The best toilet auger will come with an efficient spring coil, which will allow you to reach inside the drain easily. Now, remember that the best drain snake may work well with smaller or medium-sized obstructions. 

They are lighter and smaller in length. A toilet auger can be longer, which will work with tough toilet clogs as well as blockages. However, they are very similar and can act as an alternative. 

Before we wrap up, let us take you through our favorites of this test group: Cobra Products is our topmost choice because of the efficiency offered. On the other hand, the Ridgid toilet auger works well for tough blockages. 

While the Gulrear Toilet Auger comes with an easy-to-use handle that works really well. You will also find toilet plungers that may help in the job. And we will soon be back with more informative reviews. 

Until next time!