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11 Best Composting Toilet of 2022 | Reviews & Guide

Best Composting Toilets

When nature calls, the eco-friendly composting toilet answers! 

So when we decided to review the top performers, we only chose composting units that are easy to use, well-constructed, and, most importantly, give you the best value for money. Also, since we wanted to separate the paydirt from the stinkers! We went through several options to find the most hygienic and odorless toilets. 

And it was only after countless hours of research and discussion with experts, we narrowed down to 11 best composting toilets that will perfectly serve your purpose.  

Now further ado, let’s begin, shall we?

Best Composting Toilets

Best Composting Toilets 4

  1. Nature’s Head Composting Toilet with Spider Handle

This model from Nature’s head is our top choice and the overall best performing composting toilet, in our opinion. Although it was initially designed for marine use, the unit is suitable for all compact and tight spaces. So if you need an environment-friendly toilet for your boat or RV, we recommend this high-performance product as it also comes within an affordable price range. 

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with Close...
  • No one - and I mean no one - will beat my customer service...
  • Easy to install by any reasonably handy person.

Why Did We Like it? 

First and foremost, we like the innovative design of the toilet, which can essentially work in any compact space. And since the unit doesn’t require a sewage or water supply connection, the installation process is a breeze. 

Furthermore, this is probably one of the most durable models on the market and comparatively quite lightweight. And both these features are practically indispensable for people who mostly live life on the road.

Apart from that, we like how easy it is to remove and empty the waste containers. All you’ve to do is unhook the clips on either side of the liquid tank and then simply take it out by the handle. However, this is not a chore that you’ve to do often as the container can last for about 90 uses before it needs emptying.

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But the smartest feature on this toilet is the spider handle that is cleverly engineered for use in compact spaces and can be mounted on either side of the unit. 

What Could’ve Been Better? 

The toilet seat can be a tad uncomfortable if you have to engage in a particularly long session. Especially for tall users, the space on the seat can be a bit too cramped and hard to sit on for long. Other than that, we are very pleased with the product as it can do the job without requiring a lot of maintenance. 

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy to disassemble container
  • Spider handle can be mounted on either side
  • Can last for 90 uses at a time
  • Toilet seat is a little uncomfortable
  1. Sun-Mar Excel Self-Contained Composting Toilet

This model from Sun-Mar works perfectly well in residential areas, camp, cabin, cottage, or pool house. Besides, the overall design of the toilet makes for comfortable user experience and sets the bar for water conservation and waste recycling. Therefore, if you’re looking for a high-capacity commode, capable of providing comfort and saving water, we suggest you invest in this item.  

Why Did We Like it? 

When shopping for a composting toilet, odor management is a primary concern among buyers. But this Sun-Mar product will ease your mind as it addresses the issue with practical features aimed at eliminating smells.

To begin with, the Excel model is a class apart from other composting units as it comes equipped with a thermostatically controlled heater that quickly evaporates liquids, thereby reducing odors. Furthermore, the rear fan on the toilet also helps in odor management by channeling a flow of air across the evaporating chamber before releasing it out a vent stack. 


Apart from that, this product is an NSF certified waterless toilet system. Meaning it had been continuously tested at maximum capacity for 6 months and produced no odor during this assessment. It has bagged this award as it is capable of generating safe and clean compost without any undesirable smells.

Lastly, this model is designed to handle heavy use and can accommodate 2-3 people in residential use and 5-7 persons for vacation use.

What Could’ve Been Better? 

The Excel model comes with a step in the front, which some users may find precariously tiny and lacking in quality. We would’ve preferred if the step was replaced with a slightly wider and more stable alternative as it seems kind of flimsy to sustain the weight of a full-grown individual. 

  • Equipped with thermostatically controlled heater
  • Odorless function
  • NSF certified product
  • Can work in both residential and vacation setup
  • Small step in the front
  1. Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle

For our third entry, we’ve yet another excellent option from Nature’s Head, which is actually quite similar to our top model feature-wise. However, one distinct difference between the two is the design of handles. Unlike our top unit, this model has a standard crank handle that adds nearly two inches to the width of the commode. 

Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank...
  • Hand crank agitator in base for fast composting
  • User friendly

Why Did We Like it? 

First off, we like the waterless, self-contained operation of this toilet system that allows users to install the unit in any location. Besides, the lightweight and compact construction of the item works seamlessly, whether you want it at home, in the boat, or the RV.

Apart from that, we like that the sturdy design of the hand crank agitator at the bottom of the commode facilitates extra fast composting. Furthermore, the crank is not only easy to install but also convenient to clean and maintain. Also, to simplify the assembly process, the package includes a 5-inch vent hose and a 12V power plug that gets your toilet up and running wherever you need. 

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But that’s not all as the model also comes with an option of using an electric fan, which would be beneficial if the ventilation shaft has any bends. The fan usually draws little power, but if you opt for 110V power, then you will need an adapter.

What Could’ve Been Better? 

This Nature head item missed the top two places because of its handle structure, which adds more width to the overall unit. The crank handle might be slightly easier and quicker to operate than the spider design one, but it ends up occupying more space. Therefore, you must check out the space you’ve before attempting to install this unit.

  • Self-contained model
  • Much faster composting
  • All accessories included
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Handle takes up more space
  1. Centrex 3000 Non-Electric Central Composting Toilet System

The Centrex 3000 model is a high capacity unit from the house of Sun-Mar that is designed for heavy residential or cottage use. Besides, it is a non-electric unit that can be extremely useful in off-grid applications where there is a lack of power supply. So if you require a reliable model that can work independently of electricity, this is a great option. 

Why Did We Like it? 

Firstly, a central composting system is the most effective solution if you need a high capacity unit since it comes equipped with a considerably larger composting system. On that note, the Centrex 3000 NE model is a fully assembled toilet that can handle 5 adults for residential use and up to 8 adults for seasonal applications.  

Besides, to set it up, you only need a connection to a gravity flush toilet of your preference that uses one pint (or less) per flush. Apart from that, we are impressed with the number of uses it can accommodate at a time before the unit has to be emptied. 


Unlike other self-composting models, this product requires emptying once every few months for full-time use and twice a year for occasional use. Therefore, we recommend investing in this item if you want to avoid the hassle of emptying the toilet quite often. 

What Could’ve Been Better? 

One of the preconditions for this central system to work is that it needs to be installed below the level of the toilet in terms of elevation. Even if it’s installed outside the house, it should still be underneath the toilet level. This could be an inconvenience, especially if you don’t have crawl space under your establishment.

  • High capacity self-composting unit
  • Ideal for off-grid applications
  • Does not require frequent emptying
  • Can handle up to 8 adults for occasional use
  • Has to positioned below the level of the toilet
  1. Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC

The Separett Villa 9215 model is one of the best electric composting toilets available in the market. It comes equipped with a single-speed electric fan that can be easily powered by the DC supply from a battery pack, solar panels, or wind turbines. Likewise, it can also run on AC power if required.

Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC
  • Composting,Waterless,Urine diverting, off-grid, toilet

Why Did We Like it? 

Let’s just start by saying that this high-performing product features a unique pressure-sensitive seat. The moment it senses an individual sitting down, it will open the solid waste bin and later rotate the waste so that the contents are mixed. Consequently, the process streamlines the waste decomposition process and does not require manual operation of a handle.

Besides, the fact that it doesn’t include a handle for mixing the contents means that it is truly space-saving and ideal for use in a small bathroom. Other than that, we like the simple procedure involved in emptying the waste bin. Unlike in other electric toilets, in this case, all you’ve to do is remove the toilet seat layer and then put the lid on the waste container to seal the bin.


However, the most functional aspect of this unit is the separate containers for solid and liquid waste that prevents smells. This way, even if you decide to live off the grid, you’ll never have to deal with unpleasant toilet odor. 

What Could’ve Been Better? 

This model is quite a throne for the bathroom, at least price-wise. You may have a royal time using it, but it surely is one heck of a pricey unit. That being said, we recommend using this if you are too squeamish about manually operating the handle on a composting toilet.   

  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Self-composting model
  • Separate containers for solid and liquid waste
  • Easy and quick waste removal
  • Very expensive unit
  1. Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained Composting Toilet

If you want a composting toilet that you can squeeze into a small space, we suggest considering this Sun-Mar Self-Contained model as it can undoubtedly nail the job. Its elegant and low-profile design allows users to install it in the tightest of spots, making it quite popular among cabin and boat owners alike. 

Why Did We Like it? 

First off, we would like to highlight the patented Sun-Mar Bio-Drum, which is actually what makes this composting unit smaller. The drum comes equipped with an agitator handle that is used to stir the contents properly. 

Furthermore, this front operating handle syncs perfectly with the compact construction of the toilet as it does not increase the model’s dimensions and is also easy to use. 

The best bit? This toilet does not require water to work. So if you plan to go on a long road trip and will probably be away from a steady water supply, you can count on this unit. However, it’s not just the roadsters who can benefit from this model, but it’s also suitable for boat owners and small portable offices as well.   


Also, we recommend this unit for residential use if you need a composting toilet for a small household. And since its a comparatively low capacity model, it can accommodate up to 2 persons. 

What Could’ve Been Better? 

The compact proportions of this Sun-Mar unit is a compromise on its capacity. Therefore, you have to empty the drum quite often as it can sustain a minimal number of uses. Nevertheless, it is still a highly functional unit that you can depend on whether you’re on or off the grid.  

  • Sleek and compact unit
  • Features a front operating handle
  • Ideal for boats, recreational cars, and portable offices
  • Suitable for small households
  • Has to be emptied frequently
  1. Sun-Mar Spacesaver Electric Self Contained Composting Toilet

If space is a luxury for you, we recommend this electric, water-less model from Sun-Mar that can seamlessly fit into any tight spot. Moreover, it not only occupies less room but also requires minimum space for installation, something that you cannot say about every other composting toilet on the market.    

Why Did We Like it? 

To begin with, The Sun-Mar Spacesaver model truly lives up to its name as it is literally one of the most compact units that you can find on the market. And that’s why it is a fail-safe option for boats, small RVs and tiny houses with limited bathroom space. 

Other than that, we like that this unit does not need a lot of space for installation. Since it is merely 19.5 inches wide and 23 inches deep, the Spacesaver requires a total depth clearance of only 38 inches. Whereas most other composting toilets demand up to 46 inches of clearance for installation.


Lastly, we are pleased with the capacity of this unit as it is quite satisfactory given its restricted dimensions. Long story short, it can be used by 3 adults for seasonal use, but if you plan on using it full-time as a residential system, it’s more suited for 1 adult. 

What Could’ve Been Better? 

We could not help but notice a few possible concerns regarding some of its design features. Chief among them is the position of the toilet seat and the small step attached in the front. Some users may find the seat a little too high and may not be comfortable with the tiny step. 

  • Excellent space-saving unit
  • Works great in boats and RVs
  • Requires minimum depth clearance
  • Accommodates 3 adults for seasonal use
  • Toilet seat too high
  1. Porta Potti 550E White Thetford Corp

As funny the brand name may sound, this unit is a top of the line composting toilet suitable for use in RVs, boats, trucks, camping and off-the-grid ventures. Furthermore, it is a low-priced model with a futuristic design that has all the desirable features you’d want in a portable toilet. 

Porta Potti White Thetford Corp
  • [VERSATILITY]: Award-winning, top-of-the-line portable...
  • [DESIGN]: Sleek, modern, and homelike look, Porta Potti...

Why Did We Like it? 

First off, we want to highlight the aesthetics of the 550E as it looks very similar to a space pod. Furthermore, the design features of this unit, including the spacious bowl size and the adequate seat height, take care of the user’s comfort and ensure maximum durability. 

Apart from that, we like that this model eliminates a lot of unnecessary guesswork as it comes equipped with a tank level indicator to prevent overflowing. Also, the tank compartment features an easy to carry handle for simple and efficient disposal. Besides, with this composting unit, there are zero chances of leakage or odor as the toilet includes a sealed valve.  


However, what we like best is that the product comes with a battery-powered flush system that allows you to use it anywhere with no power supply. The unit itself can hold 4 gallons of fresh water and 5.5 gallons of wastewater, which is a good capacity on a portability model like this. 

What Could’ve Been Better? 

We are, for most parts, satisfied with this unit’s performance and design. However, we feel that sitting on this toilet could be a little awkward for tall people as there is no space to tuck their feet in. But that is not a major inconvenience as this Porta Potti item is still one of the most practical non-electric toilets available.   

  • Futuristic and sleek design
  • Equipped with a tank level indicator
  • Portable unit with easy to carry handles
  • Comes with a battery-powered flush system
  • Could be a tad uncomfortable for tall people
  1. Centrex 3000 Electric Ultra High Capacity Central Composting Toilet System

We may seem a little partial towards Sun-Mar products, but then they do have an exceptional range of composting units. And on that note, we’ve chosen Sun-Mar’s Centrex 3000 Electric model for our ninth position. Therefore, if you’re looking for the ultimate high-capacity unit for residential, we suggest you invest in this superior product. 

Why Did We Like it? 

For starters, this electric model is an extra-high capacity composting toilet system designed for very heavy residential or heavy cottage use. So if you have the required space and uninterrupted power supply, investing in the Centrex 3000 would be a smart move. 

Furthermore, this unit can handle the needs of up to 6 individuals for residential use and 9 people in occasional use. Hence we recommend this product if you need an odor-resistant composting toilet to accommodate a bigger family.   

Apart from that, we also want to highlight the streamlined function of this product. To explain further, we like the autoflow design of this model that moves composted contents along into a collection chamber. This is a unique mechanism that you will hardly find in other high capacity composting systems.  


Besides, this design element eliminates the typical ‘drawer’ apparatus that has to be emptied in case of other composting toilets. Instead, the collection chamber simplifies the disposal of finished compost. 

What Could’ve Been Better? 

Performance-wise, we are very impressed with this electric composting system, and there’s hardly any flaw we could point out. However, it is an exorbitantly priced unit, and that may seem unfair, especially when you’re trying to care for the environment. So we suggest you consider this option only if you do not find an economical alternative with the same performance standards. 

  • Ultra high-capacity unit
  • Features an autoflow design
  • Meant for heavy residential use
  • Odor-resistant model
  • Product is too pricey
  1. STANSPORT Portable Camp Toilet

If you did not like the price tag on our previous item, you’ll surely appreciate this option. That being said, this portable toilet from Stansport is genuinely a bathroom on the go and also the most affordable product on our list. So if you’re on a shoestring budget and need a composting toilet for your next camping trip, this is a great buy.  

STANSPORT Portable Camp Toilet 14 x 14 x 14 in, Green
  • Bathroom ON-THE-GO Take the comfort of a commode wherever...
  • The Sanitary Alternative Not only will you raise yourself...

Why Did We Like it?  

For a budget composting toilet, this product works incredibly well and brings together all the amenities of a private restroom in one portable unit. But what we like best is that this model comes lined with disposable composting bags. 

Moreover, these bags are biodegradable and have to be disposed of after each use. So If you don’t mind making frequent trips to empty the commode, then using this Stansport item works as a great alternative to conventional composting toilets.

But that’s not all! We also like how sturdy and well-made it is as it features a full-size seat and built-in handles that allow you to carry the product with ease. Furthermore, this unit can handle a weight of up to 350lb, which makes it more of an inclusive, one size fits all item. 

Lastly, for a composting system at a fraction of the cost, give this luggable unit a shot for your next camping trip, RV ride, or weekends at your off-grid cabin. We are sure that you’ll appreciate this clean and sanitary alternative while staying close to nature.  

What Could’ve Been Better? 

Don’t get us wrong, it is a very functional and sturdy composting toilet. However, it is not meant for long-term use. While its small size and dependence on biodegradable bags make it unsuitable to serve as a full-time composting toilet, it’s still a good alternative for short-term use or occasional needs.

  • Compact and portable design
  • Comes with biodegradable bags
  • Feature a full-size seat and built-in handles
  • Can support weights up to 350lb
  • Unsuitable for full-time use
  1. Camco Portable Compost Toilet

Now that we’ve reached the end of our list, we would like to finish off with another budget option and this time from the house of Camco. This portable composting toilet is designed to make life easier while camping, boating, or touring on the RV. Hence, if you need a low-cost, reliable unit for your close to nature escapades, this is one of the best options.

Camco Portable Toilet | Ideal for Camping, RVing, Boating,...
  • Portable Travel Toilet: Provides a convenient bathroom spot...
  • Stops Leaks and Odors: The locking lid helps stop spills and...

Why Did We Like it? 

First and foremost, keeping solid and liquid waste separate is an important aspect of compost toilet technology. And this Camco toilet attempts to do it by keeping the flush tank disconnected from the waste storage tank. Besides, these two compartments are linked by two secure latches that prevent contamination.

Moreover, these latches are cleverly designed to keep the toilet seat from sliding off while in use. However, their mechanism is quite easy to slide apart when you want to empty the 5.3-gallon waste tank. Furthermore, the sliding valve that separates the two tanks is both waterproof and odor-proof. 


Therefore, you can lift the entire unit without worrying about smelly accidents. Other than that, this toilet holds 2.5 gallons of fresh water and only uses a few ounces per flush, unlike conventional systems. Lastly, this model has a very comfy seat and is easier to clean and maintain compared to other portable units. 

What Could’ve Been Better? 

We are more or less satisfied with the performance of this unit, but the design of this Camco item is not the most practical. We don’t like that this model is top-heavy as it can easily tip over and create a mess. So make sure that you install it in a secure location or pack it safely if you are taking it for a camping trip.

  • Separate flush and waste storage tanks
  • Uses few ounces of water per flush
  • Features a comfy toilet seat
  • Easy to clean unit
  • Top-heavy model; can tip over easily

Best Composting Toilets 3

Best Composting Toilet Buyers’ Guide

With composting toilets, the more you know, the better as you do not want to be stuck with an unsuitable one. That’s why we put together this comprehensive buyers’ guide so you can figure which one among 11 excellent options works best for you. 

We have carefully listed out the various factors you need to consider when investing in a composting toilet.

Read on to know more.

Self-contained, central or bucket style

The primary difference between the first two options is that the self-contained unit composts the waste within the tank connected to the toilet. Whereas the central system connects the toilet to a larger tank in a different location.

Therefore, self-contained models are a better choice for small households and compact locations. Conversely, toilets connected to a central unit work better for larger groups, since it has a larger capacity to compost more waste. 

But if you need something more portable and low-maintenance for your next camping trip, the bucket style model is a great versatile option. However, bucket toilets take a little longer to compost everything compared to the other two options. 


The capacity of the toilet is an important consideration as it indicates how much waste it can hold and process without overflowing. Furthermore, the capacity you need will largely depend on how frequently it will be used, and by how many people within a given time frame.

If you need a toilet for your remote cabin that is not frequently visited, and will be most likely used by a few people, then you can get a lower capacity unit. If, however, you are looking for a toilet for residential application, you might want to purchase a larger capacity toilet that’ll sustain heavy use. 


Conventional toilets do not demand a lot of maintenance. But that’s not the case with these eco-friendly options as you’ve to literally take out the trash and clean the unit for subsequent use. Besides, if you invest in an electric model, you will need to regularly check up on the connections, as their failure could result in the toilet malfunctioning.

Price Range

Going through our itemized reviews, you already know that composting toilets come in a wide range of prices. Obviously, they are far more expensive than their traditional counterparts, mainly because they are a bit more technical to build. That being said, you can opt for a central system if you want to accommodate a bigger family, even though they are quite pricey. Alternatively, you can look for budget options if you need a toilet for short-term use. 


A composting toilet is surely the way to go if you intend on minimizing your footprint on the environment. They not only save tons of water but they also help make fertilizer which you can use for flower beds and green spaces.  

On that note, it’s a wrap on your brief and informative buyer’s guide. And we hope that you could find the most suitable unit from among our top-notch selection. 

But before head out, let’s go for a quick recap. Nature’s Head Composting Toilet with Spider Handle is the best overall, while the Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained Composting Toilet is the best portable option. Whereas the STANSPORT Portable Camp Toilet is the best budget buy, and the Centrex 3000 Non-Electric Central Composting Toilet System is the most eco-friendly option.

Let us know in the comments section below if you liked our reviews. 

Till next time!

Best Composting Toilets 1

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