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Weber Spirit vs. Spirit II [All You Need to Know]

Weber is already well-known for its appliances and the kind of quality and performance that it offers. But which Weber product will you choose?

Weber Spirit vs. Spirit II

While they make excellent grills, they offer a variety of options, and it can be confusing to decide on one. Now, the Weber Spirit is the original series released earlier, while the Spirit II is an upgraded and slightly advanced version. The latter comes with a set of new and improved features that were released a few years later. 

In the following section, we will explain each of the models of both series in detail. Read carefully to know all about them and then make an informed decision. 

Dive in now! 

Weber Spirit II E-210 And Weber Spirit E-210 | A Comparison


In this section, we will be comparing both these models and will tell you about the pros and cons of each. They are similar in many aspects, but there is a slight difference which will be discussed. 

Weber Spirit E-210

This is one of the smallest models that are available in the market, and it is very cost-effective. Released in 2013, the E-210 has been very popular among consumers who were looking for a grill for their small flat or dorm room. We will discuss its features in the section below. 

  1. Performance

This is a small and basic grill that comes with dual-burners. The burners are protected by heavy grates, and the best part is that they are not prone to catching rust. Plus, the surface is fade-resistant, and the color will stay for years to come. 

Moreover, the grates will ensure that the heat spreads well, and you will get proper grill marks on your food. You can cook steaks and patties just like professionals. 

Below the grates is something that Weber especially adds to its products. There are porcelain enamel bars that help in diverting the grease from the flames. This will protect your burner and ensure that it lasts long. Grease on the bar gets smoked, and this adds more charcoal-like flavors to a dish. 

It also has a built-in thermometer which will help you keep track of the temperature at all times. You can ensure that the food never gets overcooked, thanks to this. 

  1. Cooking Surface 

We will now move on to the cooking surface of this compact device. It comes with 360 square inches of cooking area with a 90-square-inch warming rack. 

Although it is the smallest option, it will still provide you with ample space to cook meat and vegetables together. You can even cook a large turkey of 20 pounds at once on this. 

  1. Build

Moving on to the build, it is a small product that is 50 inches in width and 32 inches in length. If you are working with an open lid, this will come to a height of 63 inches. You can use it for small and tight spaces, and it will easily fit in any kitchen. 

Next, it is designed like a closed cart and has a small cabinet for the propane tank. There are hooks on the side to hang your cookware. The entire product is placed on 4 wheels which will let you move it around easily. What’s more, the wheels can be locked in place if you only want the body to move from front to back. 

Coming to the materials, this is made of excellent quality stainless steel with cast-iron grates. The cooking area has a layer of porcelain, making it sturdy and attractive.

  1. Assembly

The majority of the product is already assembled, and you will not have to spend too much time on it. There are only a few parts that need to be attached after it arrives. You will take half an hour to put them together, and you will need a screwdriver for the job. 

Once you put the items in place, it might be a bit heavy. But the wheels will let you move it around easily, and you should not be facing any troubles.

  1. Usability

Controlling this product is very easy, and you can work with the knobs in the front. A simple twist is required to switch on the burner, while another knob will help you control the temperature. 

Moreover, it comes with a crossover ignition system that is powered by a battery. The flames are automatic, and this makes it easier to handle the grill. You will find the grill heating up very quickly, and that reduces the overall cooking time.

Also, AA batteries and a fuel gauge are provided with the pack. The batteries will let you begin cooking immediately, while this product’s gauge will help you understand the amount of propane that is left. 

Overall, we found this to have a great build, and it was straightforward to use. The only downside was that the burners could not be lit up separately. Both would light up together while cooking.

Weber Spirit II E-210

This model was released way later in 2018, and the company brought it out as a form of upgrade. It is known to be one of the latest products that Weber has to offer. This one has a few similar features, but some stand out. Read on to find out about them. 

  1. Performance

So, when it comes to performance, the E210 works with a GS4 grilling system which makes it stand apart from the former option. The GS4 grilling system includes flavored bars, a grease management unit, easy ignition, and burners. There are 2 burners with an output of 26,500 BTU. Again, this is similar to Spirit 1, and the burners are well-spaced to allow for easy and even grilling. 

The flavor bars are also similar, and there are 3 of them which prevent grease from falling into the flame. You will be getting a smoky flavor because of this, and you won’t have to worry about flare-ups.

Now the feature that stands out the most here is that it is compatible with iGrill 3. This will allow you to monitor the cooking temperature with your phone. It is a very successful feature that the present generation loves, and you won’t have to bother about undercooking or overcooking your meal. 

  1. Cooking Surface

The cooking space provided here is 360 square inches with a 90-square-inch warming rack. This is pretty similar to that of the previous item, and you should have an error-free experience. 

  1. Build 

While the previous product was known to be the most compact when it was released, this one quickly took up the tag. It measures 48 inches in breadth and 26 inches in length. When the lid is open, the height is 57 inches, and you can easily place it anywhere. 

Next, it comes with 2 side tables, but one of them can be folded down. This is entirely designed to look like an open cart which is pretty different from the closed cart design of the former option. This allowed better accessibility to the propane tank. However, it also has hooks on both sides of the table to hang your cookware and accessories.

Moving on to the materials, the Spirit II E-210 is made of stainless steel with cast-iron grates and a porcelain enameled top. 2 giant wheels have replaced the 4-caster design of the previous model. The wheels are accompanied by 2 thick legs that help in placing them on any surface. You can move it on rough surfaces and grass, thanks to this. 

  1. Assembly

Like the previous option, the Spirit II E-210 comes partially assembled with a few parts that need to be attached later by you. It is not very difficult, and you can call customer care representatives in case you face any issues. 

  1. Usability

This product also has 2 knobs which you can use to control the temperature. The best part is that you can adjust the temperature of both burners separately. That will give you more control. You can cook something on high heat on one side while you can grill another food item on a low flame on the other. 

Moreover, the Spirit II E-210 is equipped with an infinity ignition system which works better than the crossover one, which is present in Spirit E-210. This one will ensure that the grill ignites whenever you want it to. 

Further, its fuel gauge remains similar, and you will get the same benefits of a propane scale that will help you measure the amount of fuel left. 

So, in conclusion, we found that the Spirit II E-210 model is just a fancier version of the Spirit E-210 because of the variety of features that are offered. You will get a few differences, and there is a major change in design too. There have also been some improvements in the process of operation. 

But the only issue is that you will not be able to fold one side of the table as we already mentioned. That might make it slightly difficult to store away in case you have to. 

Weber Spirit II E-310 and Weber Spirit E-310: A Comparison

Just like the Spirit E 210 models, the Weber Spirit II E-310 and E-310 also have certain similarities and differences. The E-310 was released in 2013, and that was followed by the Weber Spirit II E-310 in 2018 with some upgrades. In the next section, we have discussed them individually for your benefit. 

Weber Spirit E-310

This is a model that was initially released as an alternative to the E-210 and has been very successful in the market. We have discussed its features in the section below. 

  1. Performance

This product comes with 3 burners instead of 2 like the previous models and boasts 32,000 BTU per hour when it comes to cooking power. You can rest assured that the heat will be evenly distributed and the food will be cooked completely. 

Next, there are angled flavorizer bars that prevent the grease from dripping into the flames. The grease then creates a flavorful smoke that adds more taste to the dishes. Also, the excess grease is directed towards a funnel that then leads to a drip tray below. This makes the food healthy, and you can easily clean the grease by taking out this tray. 

Moreover, it keeps the burner flames in check and prevents flare-ups. The burners do not clog as the grease does not reach them, and you can expect it to work for a long time. 

  1. Cooking Surface

Although it has a compact body, this has one of the largest cooking surfaces. You will be getting 529 square inches of cooking surface. This includes 105 square inches of warming area, and the rest can be used for cooking.

Moving on, you can use this for making meals for 5-6 people easily. There are hooks on both sides where ladles and spoons can be hung so that you can reach out to them quickly while in the process. 

  1. Build

This is another compact unit, and it measures 52 inches in breadth, 32 inches in length, and 63 inches in height. Hence, it will not take up too much space, and the best part is that there are 2 foldable side tables. This helps in storage, and you can fold them down when not in use. 

Coming to the materials, the item is made of stainless steel with a porcelain-enameled top which is very sturdy. The grills and the flavor bars are made of cast iron and then coated with porcelain. This makes it look attractive, and it can withstand high heat easily. 

Now, when talking of storage, the Spirit E-310 has a lot of storage area, and you can keep your cookware easily. There is a steel door which will hide all the kitchen equipment away, giving you a clean look. 

Then 4 casters will ensure easy portability. You can move the grill about easily, and the front wheels can be locked too. This will prevent it from moving side to side and provide more stability while using it. 

  1. Assembly 

This is one area where there is a slight drawback as the device does not come assembled. The manual is not very clear, too, and you might take some time to put this together. This is heavy and weighs 120 pounds, and we will suggest taking the help of a friend or spouse to put it together. 

Once it is completely assembled, there is nothing more to be worried about. 

  1. Usability 

There are knobs placed right at the front, which will let you adjust the temperature of each burner. This is possible with 3 separate knobs. Also, it features an electronic crossover ignition system, and that makes it easier to switch on. All you have to do is push a button, and that will ignite all the 3 burners.

This single button added to the convenience offered, and we did not have to spend much time on it. 

Next, we will talk about its fuel gauge, which is built-in and which will help you understand the gas level in the tank. If it depletes, you can immediately refill without disturbing the grilling process. 

And that’s not all, you also get a thermometer placed in the hood, and that will measure the temperature. This will let you achieve the perfect temperature while preheating or cooking. 

Weber Spirit II E-310

This is an improvised version of the previous model that we discussed. We were impressed with the excellent performance, reliability, and quality offered. And now we will be discussing all of it in the following part. 

  1. Performance

The Spirit II E-310 has 3 burners but a slightly lesser heat capacity of 30,000 BTU per hour. Now we will not hold this as a drawback as the difference is not much. Moreover, the 3 burners can be operated separately, and you can manage the heat settings differently for each. They are spaced out and allow equal and even heating throughout the surface. 

Next, you will find cast-iron grates that have a layer of porcelain. These can be reversed and used and will help the food get those perfect grill marks. It also retains heat and will keep your food warm for a while. 

Coming to the flavorizer bars, they remain the same and will provide you with similar protection from grease. 

Next, there is another feature that stands out and that is Weber’s iGrill 3 Bluetooth thermometer. This is introduced in the new model, and it will help you monitor the cooking temperature and fuel level via your phone. But yes, you will have to purchase it separately. 

  1. Cooking Surface

This provides a large cooking area of 425 square inches with 105 square inches of warming rack. The cooking space is very similar to that of the previous model, and you can expect similar results. 

  1. Build

The Spirit II E-310 is slightly more compact than the previous model and takes less space. It measures 52 inches in length, 26 inches in breadth, and 57 inches in height with the lid open. So, now you know that it is smaller when compared to the E-310 original option. 

Now moving on to the side tables, this one poses a slight problem as only one of the side tables can be folded. The other one remains in place, and that means in case you want to store it, more space will be required. 

Further, the grill is designed like an open cart with enough storage space. You can keep all your accessories and kitchenware in the cabinet. The gas tank here is kept outside this cart and not in a closed place like the previous device. This makes it easier to access the tank. But yes, it is best to keep this away from kids. 

The next point of difference is the wheels as this one comes with 2 large wheels and 2 thick legs. The wheels will allow easier movement on rough terrains, while the legs will provide it with more stability. 

This is accompanied by a 10-year warranty which makes it a very cost-effective choice. 

  1. Assembly 

The griller is more compact and lighter than the previous model. However, the installation and assembly process is a bit complicated, and you might require a lot of time to get this in place. We will suggest that you call up customer care in case you face any difficulties. But once you have set it up, it will work out well. 

  1. Usability

Like the previous product, this has 3 knobs which will let you control the different burners. This is also similar to the previous option, and then there is a thermometer in its hood which will help you check the temperature. 

Further, the igniter has gone through a transformation, and you will be getting an infinity ignition system. This is way better and more reliable than the crossover system. 

Weber Spirit Grills Specifications

Having extensively reviewed each grill, let's delve into the similarities and differences between these grills. Key similarities include the shared fuel type, the number of side tables, and the type of grates used. Regarding differences, both E-310 models come with an extra burner, and are larger in all dimensions, providing a more expansive cooking area and a larger warming rack. The Spirit II models are slightly smaller in size, albeit with more weight. Listed below is a table of the Weber Spirits Grills compared in BTU per hour, dimensions with the lid open and the lid closed in inches, cooking area in square foot, weight in lbs, number of burners, type of fuel used, side tables and grate provided:

ProductBTU/HourDimensions (Open Lid)Dimensions (Closed Lid)Cooking AreaWarming Rack AreaWeightBurnersFuelSide TablesGrate
Spirit E21026,50063"H x 50"W x 32"D45.5"H x 50"W x 24"D360 sq ft90 sq ftN/A2Liquid Propane2Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates
Spirit E31032,00063"H x 52"W x 32"D45.5"H x 52"W x 24"D424 sq ft105 sq ftN/A3Liquid Propane/Natural Gas2Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates
Spirit II E21026,50057"H x 48"W x 26"D44.5"H x 48"W x 27"D360 sq ft90 sq ft103 lbs2Liquid Propane2Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates
Spirit II E31030,00057"H x 52"W x 26"D44.5"H x 52"W x 27"D424 sq ft105 sq ft114 lbs3Liquid Propane/Natural Gas2Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates

Weber Buyer’s Guide

You must have seen that each product comes with several factors, including advantages and disadvantages. We were initially overwhelmed with so much information, and then we decided to break it down into points. This should help you make an informed decision in the long run.

  1. Size And Build

It is essential that you check the amount of space that is available in your home and then purchase a product. If you want to keep your grill outdoors, then look for a convenient space and measure it. Compare the space with the size of this and then only go on to purchase. 

Further, decide whether you want to keep the grill in one place or take it around. If you plan to move it from the house to the yard often, then get one with strong and big wheels. The wheels should be able to move on even rocky surfaces too. 

  1. Number Of Burners

This will depend on the number of people that you plan to cook for. If you have a family of 2-4, 2 burners should be enough as that will allow you to cook for 2-3 people at one time. On the other hand, a bigger group would need you to purchase one with 3 burners. 

Now some products have burners that can be individually controlled, while in some, this feature is missing. Your choice should depend on the kind of requirements that you have. 

Next, you should look at how the burners are placed as that will ensure even cooking. In the case of Weber grills, the burners are distributed over the entire area with equal gaps in between. This ensures uniformity in heat distribution, and we were happy with the results. 

  1. Grates

Now, grates are an essential part of grilling, and they are responsible for providing proper grill marks on the food. Bad or inefficient grates would lead to the burners clogging up and the food getting burnt. So, always opt for cast-iron grates with porcelain enamel or thick stainless steel ones. These are durable and offer excellent heat retention capacities. 

Also, porcelain grates are very easy to clean, and you can simply wipe them. We would recommend this to save you time while cleaning. 

Next comes flavorizer bars, which are present along with the grates. These bars prevent grease from entering the burners and clogging them. The grease that collects on it is smoked, and that adds more flavor to the food. Also, it leads excess grease away from the gas and into a drip tray. 

  1. Materials Used

If good material is used to make a grill, it will last longer and provide more value for money. We suggest that you choose an option that is made of aluminum as it is pretty sturdy and resistant to rusting. It can also be made of stainless steel, which is a great alternative and provides enough sturdiness. 

Since these products will see a lot of moisture and stains, they have to be resistant to both. Hence, it is best to get grates that are coated with porcelain. 

  1. Cooking Area

While purchasing a product, you will have to take into consideration the size of the grilling area. If you have a small family, then an area of 250 to 350 square inches should be enough. This is perfect for 2 people, and you can cook at one go. 

But if you have a medium-sized family, then you can opt for 450 to 500 square inches of cooking area. And for parties and large gatherings, purchasing one with 500 square inches or more is the best. That way, you can cook in large batches and get done with the process faster. 

How Long Do They Last?

Weber grills can easily last for up to 10 years or more if you keep them clean and take care of the parts. Some will come with a 5-year warranty, while others will come with a 10-year warranty. 

Where Are These Grills Created?

Most of these grills are made in China or the USA. It mostly depends on which model you choose, and the country will be determined according to that. 

What Are The Color Options?

Black is the most common color that people choose, but there are other options too. You can choose among red, ivory, black, sapphire blue, smoke, and crimson red. There are limited pieces in copper color too.


The quality of a grill is the most important thing that you should look for while making a purchase, and Weber provides you with excellent quality. You must have learned about the 4 models in the previous sections, so choose as per your requirements and that should work out well. 

Moving on, there are some differences among the Weber models, but all of them will give you a smooth experience. However, the newer and more advanced ones come with a few extra features and can be a bit more efficient than the original ones. 

But in case you are looking for a simple grilling device, the older ones will serve you well too. With this, we will take your leave. 

Let us know if you have any further queries in the comment section below. Until next time. Happy shopping!