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7 Best Face Painting Kits of 2023 | Reviews + Guide

11 Best Face Painting Kits of 2019 Put to the Test 1

Face and skin painting is a genuinely fun activity for everyone – the artist and the subject! 

Kids especially are very excited whenever the words “face” and “painting” are put together. 

However, it’s effortless to start painting on faces without giving it much thought – face paints must be chosen with as much care as possible, just because it’s people who are being affected. 

Since skin and face paints are in constant direct contact, selecting face/skin paints that are soft on the skin and do not yield any reaction like rashes becomes crucial. 

You’ll be surprised to know that depending on your specific use case, such as painting bellies at a baby shower, you can pick a paint set of your choice! 

Today, that’s what we will be talking about – we have picked 11 of the most value-for-money, safe, and high-quality painting kits on sale today. Without further ado, let’s begin with our discussion! 

Best Face Painting Kits Of 2023

Best Face Painting Kits

Whether you’re a professional face painter or a beginner looking to get started, you’re sure to find the perfect kit for your needs. So without further ado, here’s the list of the 7 best face painting kits.

1. 24 Face Paint Crayons by JOYIN – Best for Children’s Parties

JOYIN 24 Colors Face Paint Safe & Non-Toxic Face and Body...
  • Face Paint Includes 24 Vivi Assorted Colors Makeup Face...
  • 24 Bright Colors are Pure White, Light Gray, Bright Yellow,...

The best part about face colors is that they come in several variants, including crayons. This set of 24 face painting crayons is a beautiful method of putting face paint! There is a substantial variety of colors on offer. Further, these colors are elementary to paint with and require minimal effort. They are water-based and come with the safest and best ingredients. 


The primary application of these paints is during children’s events and parties, and you can be sure they’ll be a hit there. These are soft but do not break off the face surface and wash away very quickly. These colors contain zero parabens and are non-toxic. Not just this, but they’ll be very safe for children with sensitive skin. Rest assured, for simple face paintings, these are perfect. 

For doing simple designs such as whiskers from bats and cats, animal designs, face tattoos, etc. – these crayons will be more than sufficient. All that’s needed to get rid of them is a sponge, a spot of soap, and some warm water! They come in six metallic shades, which can add that extra touch to your face paintings. 

If you’re looking for an excellent, value-for-money, yet safe product, this is your best bet. 

  • Extremely safe to use, especially for children and those with sensitive skin
  • Comes off with just a sponge and warm water in a matter of a few minutes
  • Metallic colors add a different dimension to your face paintings
  • Harder to make more complex designs using crayons, it is best for casual use
Number of Colors: 24 | Type: Crayons | Safety: Yes | Brushes Included: No | Glitter Included: No

2. Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack – Best All-in-One Kit

Snazaroo Face Paint Kit Ultimate Party Pack
  • HIGHEST QUALITY - Snazaroo face and body paints are...
  • SKIN SAFE - Snazaroo face paints are specially formulated to...

If you’re not new to this space, chances are you’ve encountered this product earlier. That’s all because Snazaroo makes incredibly high-quality, value-for-money and safe products, suitable for all age ranges and skin types. Even though this is wet paint, it doesn’t chip or break off and comes away cleanly with not that much effort. It also comes bundled with a lot of stuff! 


There’s very little that the Snazaroo objectively gets wrong as a set of face paints. There’s a good variety in the shades on offer (12 different, yet vibrant and punchy colors), as well as two paintbrushes and four sponges to help you get the color on! They do give you the entire set of things you might need – outside of a palette, but that’s an optional item. 

Then, we come to the safety aspect of the paint. It’s very, very safe – it protects the painted person or child from a variety of toxins and is safe for sensitive skin as well. It’s compliant with the FDA, free of any toxic fragrance components and pungent odors, and also adheres to the most common regulations on cosmetics. The application and removal are also reasonably straightforward. 

All in all, you get a fantastic all-in-one kit for not a lot of money. One of the best products on the market today! 

  • Comes with literally all that you need to get started with face painting
  • Decent variety of paints on offer, and colors are very high quality
  • No compromises on safety, smooth application of paint
  • The volume of paint is slightly lesser than most other sets on the market
Number of Colors: 32 | Type: Water-based | Safety: Yes | Brushes Included: No | Glitter Included: No

3. Face Paint Kit by Zenovika – Best for Added Features

Zenovika Face Painting Kit for Kids - Non-Toxic and...

Are you looking for a funky paint kit that looks cool and performs just as well? Zenovika has a beautiful offering in this department, one which gives you 81 components! There are more than 50 stencils, 15 paints, two glitters, 2 chalk hair colors for that extra zing, and two sponges to ensure the paint spreads evenly. Except for a brush, you get everything you need! 


You get more than what you can reasonably use at once with this set. Further, your components can last you much longer than just the paint, so this kit makes much sense for someone who is looking for a no-nonsense addition to their face painting toolkit. It costs a dollar and a half per bottle of paint barely, and as such makes for an excellent value proposition.

You’re also getting several other components that are very likely to make your painting experience much more fun and easy for all involved – including yourself and your subjects! The variety of stencils especially makes this kit worth the outlay. The package includes glycerol as a primary binder, as well as candelilla wax as a preservative for the paint on the skin.

Both of these components come tried and tested and help further the case for getting this kit, especially if you’re starting with face painting!

  • Unbelievable amount of stencils on offer – make your job much easier
  • Comes with chalk hair colors and glitter, which help you deliver a more comprehensive face-painting experience
  • Colors are trusted when it comes to health and safety
  • For more specialized colors, you may need a palette or procure paints individually
Number of Colors: 16 | Type: Water-based | Safety: Yes | Brushes Included: Yes | Glitter Included: No

4. Blue Squid Face Paint Kit

Face Paint Crayons for Kids, Blue Squid 36pcs XL Face & Body...
  • 𝟯𝟲 𝗟𝗢𝗡𝗚𝗘𝗥 𝗖𝗢𝗟𝗢𝗥...
  • 𝗦𝗔𝗙𝗘 𝗙𝗢𝗥...

If the kit above does not feel comprehensive enough, the new kid on the block claims to provide a solution – particularly when it comes to brushes. Blue Squid set up shop just two years ago, but their Face Paint Kit gets you to work faster and better. You get 30 stencils, two brushes, four sponges, two pans – white and black, two glitters and 12 punchy colors to boot! 


This particular kit is well-known both because of the quality of its paint as well as the variety of stencils they have on offer. Since Blue Squid is a new company, it doesn’t stop at merely giving you the products and hanging you out to dry; you also get several tutorials on its website. These tutorials range from stencil use to full-blown character designs like Darth Vader!

Paraben-free, non-toxic, FDA-compliant, hypoallergenic, and most importantly, vegan – these are the paints that are the least likely to cause damage to the skin of the subject. These paints are incredibly safe, and the vibrancy of colors is better than most others can offer. The glitters add to the pizzazz of face painting, and the pans are useful for mixing paints.

  • Much safer and more eco-friendly than other comparable paint sets
  • Online tutorials are wonderfully detailed, can make intricate designs simply by following them
  • Comes with many stencils, which make life easier in events of scale
  • Just 12 paints might feel insufficient for some painters
Number of Colors: 14 | Type: Water-based | Safety: Yes | Brushes Included: Yes | Glitter Included: Yes

5. Professional Face Paint Kit by Bo Buggles

Bo Buggles Professional Face Paint Kit. Face Painting...
  • Presenting Bo Buggles Classic Color Palette No.1... the face...
  • Make 100s of designs with large 10g paint pots. Bo...

For those of you looking for more professional face painting kits and taking your skills up to the next level, the Professional Face Paint kit by Bo Buggles presents an excellent opportunity. You get sixteen different pots to store your paints in, and the set comes with a brush. The painting set arrives in a luxurious case too! 

The exterior case makes it perfect for those who travel frequently. 


This kit leaves no stone unturned in ensuring you get an enjoyable painting experience. There are twelve vibrant and punchy paint shades on offer, and four shiny yet understated glitters to make the experience that much better. All of the colors Bo Buggles have on offer are compliant with FDA norms, safe for all kinds of skin, and are glycerin-based. 

These are not oil or acrylic paints – instead, they are based on water! They also include 30 stencils for the most common patterns and shapes you can expect to work with during events. These make your life much more convenient and last long even after the paint is finished. 

There are a few problems too, however – one of which is the lack of a sponge with this set. The other problem is that since this isn’t a cake, you can’t use the paints without using a palette or a tray in between. 

This set makes for a strong competitor to most other intermediate-level face painting kits out there. 

  • Comes with a luxurious exterior cover for paints, very traveler-friendly
  • The brushes included are of very high quality, the same goes for the colors and glitter too
  • Stencils are very useful while face painting en masse
  • Does not have a sponge as part of the standard kit
Number of Colors: 12 | Type: Water-based | Safety: Yes | Brushes Included: Yes | Glitter Included: No

6. Mehron Paradise AQ Pro Face Paint Kit

Mehron, Paradise AQ Pro Face Paint 30 Color Palette Holiday...
  • 30 color Paradise Makeup AQ Palette Holiday Gift Set gives...
  • The colors included in the Paradise Makeup 30 Palette are...

This kit aims explicitly at those wanting to create a career out of face painting. It is incredibly expensive compared to all the other painting sets we’ve reviewed and does not come with anything other than just paints. Twenty-six different shades in thirty bottles, to be accurate. 

These paints are leagues ahead of what you get in other kits, however, both in quality and mixability. 


These are the paints you find on Broadway plays!  These paints perform incredibly well when it comes to being painted on faces and bodies. These paints contain the very best of face painting materials – Avocado Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Cucumber Extract and so on. 

Hence, you can see that these paints are not your supermarket-variety paints, and will deliver a fantastic experience even though they’re water-based. Make sure you use a setting spray after you’ve finished painting! 

These paints come tested with over 90 years of experience by makeup artists all over the globe, including use in Hollywood and Broadway who are the largest consumers of this particular kit. 

The Paradise AQ range is the top-of-the-line and hence makes zero compromises in any arena. If you can afford it, we suggest getting your sponges, brushes, and mixing palettes as well. Welcome to the world of professional face painting! 

  • Best quality paints found anywhere on the market
  • Used in the best places for nearly a century, comes with the trust of Hollywood and Broadway alike
  • Variety of shades on offer and mixability is unmatchable by any other face painting set on offer
  • Does not come with any other besides the paints, you must have your painting items beforehand
Number of Colors: 30 | Type: Water-based | Safety: Yes | Brushes Included: No | Glitter Included: No

7. ARTacts -Professional Artist Paint Brush Set

ARTacts -Professional Artist Paint Brush Set for Watercolor,...
  • .12 UNIQUE QUALITY FACE PAINT BRUSHES – This face painting...

A few kits above focussed solely on the paints. Here, we do something a little different and move toward the end of our discussion with a set of professional face-painting brushes. There are 12 brushes in this set, all made out of high-quality synthetic materials which are also non-toxic.  They come with a lifetime guarantee on their quality, to top it off. 


These paintbrushes are not your average, run-of-the-mill paintbrush set. These are made specifically for face painting and hence come with bristles that vary in size and width, though their lengths are the same. Some brushes are pointed, some are straight, others are frazzled – each brush has its purpose, and does it very well!

They’re built using solid wood, and the ferrule is all aluminum and holds the bristles tightly.

These brushes establish that you don’t need to splurge too much on brushes to get quality brushes that last you years without breaking or bristles falling here and there. The material of the bristles is quite soft so using them on children’s faces won’t be an issue for anyone. Paint tends to stick well on the surface and to get it off isn’t a source for trouble as well.

All in all, it’s a beautiful set of brushes for those interested in face painting. To avoid the mess sponges make, go for these paintbrushes!

  • Comes with 12 brushes which are all different in shape and purpose
  • Brushes have a solid wood handle, and the ferrule is aluminum so no rusting issues
  • Synthetic, high-quality bristles make life much easier
  • Does not have a round brush, which one generally expects to see in every brush set
Number of Colors: N/A | Type: N/A | Safety: N/A | Brushes Included: Yes | Glitter Included: N/A

Best Face Painting Kits Comparison Table

ProductNumber of ColorsTypeSafetyBrushes IncludedGlitter Included
24 Face Paint Crayons by JOYIN24CrayonsYesNoNo
Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack32Water-basedYesNoNo
Face Paint Kit by Zenovika16Water-basedYesYesNo
Blue Squid Face Paint Kit14Water-basedYesYesYes
Professional Face Paint Kit by Bo Buggles12Water-basedYesYesNo
Mehron Paradise AQ Pro Face Paint Kit30Water-basedYesNoNo
ARTacts -Professional Artist Paint Brush SetN/AN/AN/AYesN/A

Buying Guide For The Best Painting Kits

A good painting kit can make a significant difference in your artwork, whether you’re a beginner or a skilled artist. This comprehensive buying guide focuses on factors to consider when purchasing the best painting kits, ensuring helpful, reliable, and people-first content.

1. Types of Painting Kits

There are different types of painting kits based on the medium, skill level, and purpose:

  • Acrylic Painting Kits: For versatile use and quick drying time. Water-soluble, making them easy to clean up.
  • Oil Painting Kits: For rich and deep colors, with a longer drying time. Ideal for those who want to spend more time working on details.
  • Watercolor Painting Kits: For transparent, delicate hues and blending. Best for landscapes and abstract art.
  • Gouache Painting Kits: For opaque and vibrant colors. Gouache lies between watercolors and acrylics.

2. Skill Level

  • Beginner Painting Kits: Provide basic paints, brushes, and a surface to paint on. Often come with instructions and tutorials.
  • Intermediate Painting Kits: Contain a wider variety of colors and brushes, suitable for those with some experience.
  • Advanced Painting Kits: Include high-quality materials, a broader range of colors and tools, for experienced artists.

3. Contents of the Kit

  • Paints: Choose a kit with a good range of colors, catering to your preferred medium (acrylic, oil, watercolor, or gouache).
  • Brushes: A variety of brush sizes and shapes is essential. Ensure brushes are of good quality to avoid shedding.
  • Canvas or Paper: Look for a kit that contains a canvas, stretched or unstretched, depending on your preference, or high-quality watercolor paper.
  • Palette: A palette for mixing colors. Plastic or disposable palettes are good for beginners, while advanced artists may prefer a glass or wooden palette.
  • Easel: A small tabletop easel can be included in some kits, whereas others might provide portable, full-size easels.
  • Accessories: Additional tools such as palette knives, sponges, paint cups, and cleaning materials can also be part of a kit.

4. Quality and Price

  • Budget: Determine your budget and find a kit that meets your needs while not sacrificing quality.
  • Brand Reputation: Research reviews, ask for recommendations, and choose a kit from a reliable brand known for quality materials.
  • Refillability: Some kits come with refillable paint tubes or pans, a cost-effective option for long-term use.

5. Usage and Portability

  • Portability: If you plan to paint outdoors or travel, consider a compact and lightweight painting kit with a carrying case.
  • Storage: Ensure that the kit contains a proper storage solution, like a case or a tray, to keep the accessories organized and easy to access.

Important Tip

Always invest in the best quality materials you can afford, as this will greatly impact your finished work. High-quality materials yield better results and can motivate you to continue painting.

Face Painting Kits FAQ's

  • What should I look for in a good face-painting kit?

    When shopping for a face painting kit, you should look for high-quality, non-toxic paints that are easy to apply and remove. You’ll also want to consider the variety of colors and tools included in the kit, as well as the durability and portability of the carrying case.

  • Are face painting kits safe for children?

    Yes, most face painting kits are safe for children, but it’s important to choose a kit that uses non-toxic paints. Always read the label and check for any warnings or precautions before using the kit, and never leave children unsupervised while using the kit.

  • How do I use a face painting kit?

    Using a face painting kit involves applying the paint to the skin using a brush, sponge, or other applicator, and then using stencils or freehand techniques to create designs and patterns. It’s important to follow the instructions included with the kit and to practice proper hygiene, such as washing your hands and tools before and after use.

  • How do I remove face paint?

    To remove face paint, use a gentle cleanser or makeup remover and warm water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or scrubbing the skin too vigorously, as this can cause irritation or damage.

  • Can I use a face painting kit for other types of painting?

    While face painting kits are specifically designed for use on the skin, the paints and tools included can also be used for other types of painting, such as canvas or paper. However, it’s important to note that some paints may not be suitable for use on certain surfaces or may require additional preparation or treatment. Always check the label and follow the instructions carefully.

  • 11 Best Face Painting Kits of 2019 Put to the Test 4



    Thank you so much for spending your valuable time reading our article on the best face-painting kits. We hope this guide has made the colorful world of face painting just as exciting for you as it is for us! Choosing the right face painting kit can bring endless fun to family gatherings, community events, or even to your hobbyist pursuits.

    Out of these 7 best face painting kits, here are the top three expert recommendations:

    1. Best for Children: 24 Face Paint Crayons by JOYIN: Since this set is incredibly easy to use, requires minimal effort, and is extremely safe for children, it is an ideal option for kids’ parties or casual face painting sessions. These crayons come in a variety of colors, including six metallic shades, which can add that extra touch to your face paintings.

    2. Best All-in-One Kit: Snazaroo Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack: The set’s excellent value, high-quality components, and the inclusion of everything you need to start face painting (besides a palette) make it a good option for those looking for an all-in-one kit. Snazaroo delivers high-quality paints in 12 vibrant colors and includes two paintbrushes and four sponges.

    3. Best for Added Features: Face Paint Kit by Zenovika: If you desire additional stencils, chalk hair colors, and glitter to create a more comprehensive face-painting experience, the Zenovika kit is the right choice. It offers great value with its 81 components (including more than 50 stencils) and ensures a fun and easy experience for artists and subjects alike.

    We hope these recommendations help you find the perfect face-painting kit for your specific requirements. Remember, the most important thing when choosing a face painting set is to find one that meets your needs, is safe to use, and provides a creative outlet for both you and others. No matter which kit you pick, face painting promises hours of colorful fun and self-expression. Happy painting!


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