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49 Epic DIY Dinning Table Projects For Your Home

DIY Dinning Table

In the core of our home, the kitchen, the living room and the dinning room reside, these spaces shape our everyday life, every celebration, any event, any family. In here we discuss ideas and problems alike, here we hear sad and happy news and in here we welcome and entertain our friends, family, loved ones; it goes without saying that these space are of utmost importance.

To build on the extraordinary opportunities presented by the DIY community we have curated a gallery of epic DIY dinning table projects for your home, they`re mainly smart transformations or items built from scratch with small budgets, tailored in hardwood,  they bring an immense coziness and warmth into the picture, cast a glance and find your next dinning table, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Epic DIY Dinning Table Projects For Your Home


1. Craft an epic inexpensive farmhouse table


A budget of 65 dollars for a dinner table of eight sounds like a great deal, especially when the result looks like the image above, the natural wood is by default a big win through its warmth and resilience. In wood you can work easily, choose your own way, choose your own finish and create something epic.

via shanty-2-chic.com

2. Elegant diy farmhouse dinning table

 49 Epic DIY Dinning Table Projects For Your Home

Emphasize on “that actually fits in your house”, it is a common problem, especially for designer items. Be your own designer and create something epic, your local hardware store has absolutely everything your need and the tutorial below will aid you throughout the process.

via rogueengineer.com

3. Celebrate your interior design with a change


A simply dinning table can be revamped through new paint and new upholstering on your chairs, the process will take a bit of time but will certainly not break the bank. Needless to say that you are already comfortable with you current setup and the change will come only on an aesthetics level which seems to be a great trade.

via blue11interiors.blogspot.com

4. Naturalness in farmhouse dinner delight


Hardwood all the way, simply extraordinary result with a pretty straightforward process, everything can be customized, everything can be bent to your needs.

via delightfullynoted.blogspot.com

5. Modern take on a wooden table


Simple, neat, bold edges are sending the wooden texture directly in contemporaneity, an elegant design language subdues the ever-present wood coziness in a memorable setup.

via Megan R.

6. Upgrade your dinning/coffee table

 49 Epic DIY Dinning Table Projects For Your Home

A new counter may change the object entirely, a wooden top is simple to realize but there are multiple options, gotta consider them all.

via niftythriftymomma.blogspot.com

7. Adopt the herringbone pattern


This super simply pattern changed the designed world and happily it is versatile enough to be nestled as a solution in pretty much any project. Here the wood seems worn out reason for which the counter gains extraordinary aesthetic values brought in by a sense of memory, experience, history that enriches the element.

via run4woodz.tumblr.com

8. Modular iron pipe structure with wooden top


The iron pipe can be used easily to modulate your desired structure, get creative and do things differently. The solution above seems to be able to comfortably fit 10 people but you can scale up or down freely.

via indulgy

9. Farmhouse dinning table


Woods naturalness and the stark white finish highlights a great balance between the elements, the wood seems to float, the white on the bottom part greatly emphasizes the feeling of space and creates a bridge between the floor and the wooden top of the bench and table. Beautiful balance in a diy project definitely worth pursuing.

via Honey Bear Lane

10. Beer-coolers integrated dinning table 


Summer nights of festive entertaining will definitely be enhanced by a dinning table that incorporates a beer-cooler, simple solution to a simple problem.

via theownerbuildernetwork.co

11. Wooden pallets dinning table


It is easy to realize, it is insanely inexpensive it can be customized a great deal even though the example above is left bare.

Source Unknown

12. U-shaped legs and hardwood top


A minimalist, clutter-free look that can be achieved through simple means.

via lemonthistle.com

13. Full-board stacks dinning table


Salvage wood and tailor a patchwork of elements, the different essences and shades will highlight an elegant contrast in a one-block dinning table that simply looks amazing.

via ahouseandadog.com

14. Thin metal legs supporting great textures


The top texture is insanely beautiful, the thin metal legs are supporting the composition here seamlessly, effortlessly subdued, not challenging any element in the scenery.

via homeadore.com

15. Old wooden table emphasizes a chic setting


A shabby chic composition is entirely different of a composition containing a “few” shabby chic elements. The image above definitely falls in the first category and therefore every element has a great responsibility in relation with the other, to maintain balance and complement the chromatic in a natural, seamless way.  While the dinning table surprises through volume and sculptural details its presence is not challenging the ambiance, it supports everything around it.

via koektrommel.nl

16. Experience translates into beauty


Every item captures experience as it ages, it anchors in our memories and our daily experiences. Cherish these elements, cherish experience.

via uniqueshomedesign.tumblr.com

17. Splendid shabby chic in a balance of elegance

Farm Table Tutorial

Wooden textures and a palette of white describe a great setting, the one above can be considered flawless thanks to this recipe and its balanced nature, here flooded by light.

via missmustardseed

18. Vintage balance expressed in stark white and wood

Vintage Dining Room Table Tutorial

Simple yet graphic and inexpensive.

via ourvintagehomelove

19. Contrast wood with black

Dining Table Made from a Reclaimed Door

A simple contrast recipe that emphasizes the wooden texture through a solid color.

via instructables

20. Oak farmhouse table and bench

DIY Solid Oak Dining Table

Bring forward a beautiful texture on a white structure and emphasize the feeling of space through a cozy, wooden insert.

via rogueengineer

21. Revamp your old dinning set

Shabby Chic Refinished Dining Set

Play with color options but save the wooden texture here and there, its particularity should never be hidden under thick paint layers.

via lovesthefind

22. Modern rustic boosting naturalness

Plywood and Lumber Table

A simple design language with an organic, natural component that defines it. Industrial chairs are disrupting the ambiance but complement it elegantly, subdued to the wooden texture.

via decorandthedog

23. Patchwork of salvaged wood

Shipping Pallet Dining Table

A superb example of how simple things can become extraordinary, salvage wood, collect memories.

via littlepaths

24. Block of wood supported by iron pipes

Dining Table from Salvaged Beams

The contrast between volumes can sculpt an intriguing play in your interior.

via thisoldhouse

25. Yellow and hairpin legs on a sublime dinning table

DIY Dining Room Table With Hairpin Legs

The immense amount of yellow highlights a bold personality, one diverse enough to have unique chairs around a superbly sculpted dinning table with hairpin legs.

via abeautifulmess

26. Simple bold rustic volume

Ikea Hack Farmhouse Dining Table

The thickness of wood and its layout defines the perceived volume, use these simple constructs to create the dinning table that you envision.

via eastcoastcreativeblog

27. Pallet dinning table boosting practicality

DIY Square Pallet Dining Set

Wood is an extraordinary resource and pallet wood is an insanely inexpensive resource that simply redefined the world of do-it-yourself projects; put it to good use.

via 101palletfurniture

28. Bring wood in airy settings

Knock Out A Farm Table For 50

The impeccable ambiance flooded by light above simply exudes a sense of purity, of calm and peace, one beautifully anchored by the weathered wood table. Attempt to consider perception and the big picture in your design process and the results will be without a doubt, extraordinary.

via curbly

29. Epic and inexpensive farmhouse table

DIY Farmhouse Table For 100

A high end item with a small production cost, in the process memories will be shaped, the item will be the result of an awesome weekend spent with friends and loved ones and it will also be used surrounded by the same group, a really particular bond is created.

via honeybearlane

30. Shabby vintage dinning table

Vintage Style Dining Room Table

White bottom, natural wood top in dark finish, simple formula for awesome results.

via removeandreplace

31. DIY pallet wood dinning table

Wood Pallet Table DIY

A plywood surface enhanced with pieces of salvaged wood elevated of the ground with hairpin legs. A project that can be realized within a day but with a design that will last a lifetime.

Source Unknown

32. Wooden structure table with a concrete top

DIY Concrete Dining Table

A concrete top naturally requires a far sturdier wooden structure, here enforced with a X in the middle. Pursue the design of choice and your home design will flourish.

via uncookiecutter

33. DIY modern-rustic dinning table

DIY Modified Modern Farmhouse Table

Wood in a simple, modern formula, the mundane becomes the extraordinary.

via daveandjoi

34. DIY pottery-barn inspired dinning table

Pottery Barn Inspired Dining Table

One could pursue the image presented by big brands in their magazine, anything is achievable, anything is doable.


35. Iron and hardwood dinning table

DIY Plumbing Pipe Table Tutorial

Add wheels to emphasize the practicality of your dinning table, it will make the process of moving far easier thus encouraging you to move around the yard and terrace, to mix and match festive entertaining.

via 4men1lady

36. Epic $100 hardwood dinning table

DIY Restoration Hardware Dining Table

Sturdy wood presence able to redefine your space, use it wisely.

via shanty-2-chic

37. Brilliant farm table transformation

Curbside Table Turned Farm Table

Note the elegant sculptural legs, weathered, tested by time carrying a beautiful wooden surface.

via mycreativedays

38. X-Frame farmhouse table

X Brace Farmhouse Table

The X-frame structure will become a sculptural, graphic element in itself.

via cherishedbliss

39. $20 sawhorse dinning table 

Salvaged Sawhorse Dining Table DIY

It might be a small table but the price tag is small too and yet the result is big.


40. Elegance in minimalist dinning table

DIY Trendy Dining Table

A simple design language in a clutter free décor simply looks extraordinary.

via stylizimoblog

41. Simple wooden dinning 

Wooden Dining Table Tutorial

Follow a swift detailed tutorial to create the dream table that you actually want and need, you will love the process and cherish the results for years.

via ehow

42. Wooden table with sculptural legs

DIY Dining Table with Turned Legs

You defined the sculptural presence, here the rustic look is enhanced by the boldness of the wooden legs used, how do you see this relation?

via shanty-2-chic

43. Simple dinning table inspired by west elm

West Elm Inspired Dining Table

Your interior design can beat that of any catalog, never underestimate the power of the DIY community and the power within you.

via mountainmodernlife

44. Bar area doubling as dinning table

DIY Built In Breakfast Bar Dining Table

A kitchen isle doubling as a bar, doubling as a dinning table at demand, a versatile solution worth considering.

via kammyskorner

45. Wood naturalness emphasized on the edge

DIY Live Edge Dining Table

You can play with the edges of your dining table, it is your artwork, define it.

via huntedinterior

46. DIY pecan farmhouse dinning table

Pecan Farmhouse Dining Table

A really neat result, the X-frame structure is present but subdued, it enhances the overall look in stark white beautifully.

via domesticimperfection

47. Iron pipe structure with glass top

Conduit Pipe Table DIY

Iron can carry glass with ease, the industrial composition above might not be everyone`s cup of tea but it is modular, scalable and it definitely emphasizes the feeling of space through transparency, a solution definitely worth considering.


48. Door-dinning table transformation

Door Turned Dining Table DIY

Use an old wooden door to bring memories onto a simple dinning table, the top can be finished with a glass counter and the light-play coordinated by the glass and the door surface will impress beautifully. A sharp result with simple, inexpensive elements.

via thehandmadehome

49. Splendid suspended outdoor dinning table


Suspend your dinning experience, make sure that everything is sturdy enough to remain enjoyable. The floating experience is unique and you have a lot of leg space, a big plus.

via ceremonyblog.com

The dinning table is considered by a few a far too big project to consider for DIY and while the volume may be, the principles behind it are not. It requires time and patience but thanks to the hundreds of great tutorials out there the rest is easy peasy. What do you think? Will you take on a DIY dinning table project?

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