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87 World’s Coolest Pallet Bar Ideas to Realize Right Now

Pallets are known to be quite an extraordinary resource when it comes to DIY projects or any activity around the household that requires wood as they're relatively easy to find, inexpensive and quite modular, easy to disassemble, and easy to scale at the same time. They usually contain a mix of hardwood essences filled with grain making them quite graphic yet rustic in look and in outdoor furniture and indoor rustic interior design they really shine; they're really sturdy, and resilient. An extensive gallery of epic pallet bar ideas follows to showcase how this wooden resource can be used indoors and outdoors as a bar that can emphasize your event easily and rapidly.

Pallet Bars

The DIY pallet bar is a project that in theory you would be able to realize alone in a few hours, It requires simple power tools to craft swiftly and all safety precautions and protection gear ought to be used at all times.

Cast a glance at the gallery below and find the bar able to suit your event and needs!

Pallet Bar Ideas

Here a simple bar stick-wood has been used, Stick-wood is a very graphic finish that can be purchased and applied everywhere as a sticker, it contains natural wood and the result is flawless yet easy to use, no tools or DIY skills needed. The pallet above contains no pallet wood indeed yet the same principle of embellishing a bar with wood you can realize in a DIY project, plank by plank.

via stikwood.com

Three pallets can be used as they are, two-three nails can keep them together in a U-shape while counters can be realized in a matter of minutes constituted out of OSB or MDF or any other piece of wood wide enough. The simple pallet bar design can be used indoors for various celebrations yet outdoors the design makes great sense, surrounded by greenery and possibly emphasized by string lights to create a really air, surreal design.

via etsy.com

A small portion of pallet can emphasize your entertaining experience rapidly, it can hold your liquor and special glasses in flashy, dedicated shelf behind the bar, at your grasp.

via spaceshanty.hubpages.com

An experienced DIY enthusiast will see wooden pallets as an extraordinary wood resource and with the right tools this can be brought to perfection. The farmhouse-look is cozy and warm despite its neutral colors.

via 2perfectiondecor.blogspot.com

The great benefit of the wood in pallets is their diversity, you never know what you're gonna get! Use this to your advantage and shape a patchwork look ready to emphasize.

via s-s-pallet-creations-llc.myshopify.com

Three pieces of wood angled can help you form a connection between wooden pallets rapidly, the transverse pieces of wood can now become shelves, counters behind the bar with no effort, you obtain a pallet bar within minutes, ready to use, ready to entertain !

via imgur.com

Wooden pallets components can be treated differently within a pallet bar, here the bottom half that consists of pallets used as they are have been painted-only while the counter-top features a ceramic finish that gives the project a really exquisite look.

via randyelrod.com

Pallet bars are a great tool as they're inexpensive, graphic, and easily customizable. Use them as a point of interest in your event.

via etsy.com

One could craft the pallet bar for his man-cave in the workshop or garage to reduce waste. The rough looking pallet above is a great fit for a man-cave !

via 99pallets.com

Bars constructed with pallet wood can be quite rigid, sturdy. Use natural wood to your advantage and sculpt the extraordinary.

via infarrantlycreative.net

Use two wooden pallets with a simple counter to create a pallet bar cart that can be moved around. Two three shelves can be constructed within the pallets too.

via mypinterestinglife.com

Your entire yard could receive a make-over powered by wooden pallets, an entire bar area can be constructed, a terrace is an option too. Anything that wears wood can be translated into quality, embrace it.

Source Unknown

A pallet bar can contain a fish tank, a really nice feature that could enhance your setting and space.

via Pinterest

Wooden crates and simple pallets make a great team, here the white piece of cloth creates the illusion of suspension for this diy wine bar. A really sensible setting.

via thepoorsophisticate.blogspot.com.au

An L-shape pallet bar can be achieved quite rapidly with minimum effort and the wood's sturdiness vouches for the item's resilience. How do you see this bar?

Source Unknown

Two pallets tied together by a few nails use concrete tiles as a counter to serve drinks in style, a very fast and rewardful craft to take on for your next event !

via stackeddesign.blogspot.fr

You can create a cocktail pallet bar with a really professional look by treating the wood contained as a resource, use the right tools, you have something extraordinary at hand.

via Pinterest

The simplest pallet can become a pool bar rapidly, get the party started !

via craftyincrosby.com

Tiles on the counter of two pallets can bring a really elegant look to an otherwise rustic element. The color chosen complements the design beautifully.

Source Unknown

Use light sources within simple pallets overlapped, finished off with a sheet of glass as a counter and you'll have the simplest, the most inexpensive, and the coolest pallet bar in town in a matter of minutes.

Source Unknown

Wooden pallets with exposed concrete shape a brilliant combination with following.

via  internationaltimber.tumblr.com

The simplest pallets can shape the coolest bar, bring in a countertop that looks exquisite and you're all set.

via Pinterest

An outdoor pallet tiki bar might require 5-6 pallets yet the extraordinary result is definitely worth the effort invested; here string lights contribute greatly.

via 1001pallets.com

To shape your own patio bar can be a challenging project if you're not using pallets, with pallets, everything changes.

via amittenfullofsavings.com

A pallet bar can represent simple shelves with the appropriate content.

Source Unknown

In outdoor celebrations pallet bars are a great fit, greenery emphasizes their presence, wood brings in coziness.

via mtsteele.tumblr.com

Multiple colors can work to one's advantage yet the wooden grain needs to remain present, and visible.

Source Unknown

The silhouette of this bar and chairs are astonishing, a subtle and elegant pallet bar design definitely worth following.

via stackeddesign.blogspot.fr

Construct a bar and grill with pallets, you can shape something to enhance your nights of festive entertaining beautifully.

Source Unknown

The simplest craft can be encourage by its surroundings.

via diyready.com

All bars ought to be illuminated in a special way, find your own balance!

Source Unknown

You can use the patchwork surprise of wooden pallets in a portion of your pallet bar; here the countertop receives new wood with the grain carefully aligned thus creating contrast with the bar's vertical plane.

via furnishlyst.com

Use stone and a special resin to obtain something unique. Iron pipes have also been used to give one the chance to rest his feet while he enjoys a drink at the bar.

Source Unknown

Chevron patterns, chevron patterns everywhere. They're here for a reason, they simply work. Above in a setting that uses concrete and wood the pattern adds a certain dynamic.

Source Unknown

Swift, rapid and highly graphic pallet bar.

via etsy.com

One's flag is worth cheering and drinking for, raise your glass ladies and gentlemen!

Source Unknown

A small bar with the grill at hand, adorable, beautiful.

via scoop.it

A lemonade pallet stand is something that could help your child a great deal in the near future, pin this image now for later use!

Source Unknown

Scale the pallet bar to fit your event needs.

via 99pallets.com

A finish that builds on the wood's coziness, warmth, and rustic look.

Source Unknown

Oddly graphic, rough and small rustic pallet bar design.

Source Unknown

Use bottle caps on your counter-top to send a cool message, it can be a fun craft to enjoy with friends.

via woodesigner.net

Customize your pallet bar with anything that you find interesting, shape your own interior design.

via Pinterest

Photo Courtesy to  Machin Chose

An entire wooden wall can be shaped with pallets to hold drinks, glasses, everything you need to keep your friends and family entertained.

via dumpaday.com

Shape a new bar with a refrigerator box, it will help you keep things cool.

Source Unknown

via woodesigner.net

Metal sheets can be introduced in a pallet bar too, use them wisely.

via woodesigner.net

The patchwork look brought forward in a simple pallet bar design.

via palletideas.info

Intricate custom pallet bars can be designed too, the project takes more time than the craft itself but the result is extraordinary, worth considering.

via jackplanwood.net

A contemporary take on the pallet bar, it looks modern, premium, and flawless thanks to the light that emphasizes it. The rustic component remains at a really small scale thanks to the wood's grain. Simple and cool.

via 1001pallets.com

Chevron patterns can be realized with wood from pallets too,  sort the planks by color and create a functional piece of art.

via discardeddevelopment.blogspot.com

The simplest design may bring forward the greatest memories.

via imgur.com

Indoors the wood bar ought to be treated a tad different, more time should go into its sanding and finish to ensure a high quality surface.

Source Unknown

A high quality resin can finish your counter top beautifully. Here the rustic component is sustained by a partially rusted sheet of metal.

via 1001pallets.com

Pallet bars can be painted too and with white stark you can bring forward and airy look, give pallets a chance regardless of your design line.

via stevedowood.tumblr.com

One old fridge can become your super cool outdoor bar, fitted with a chalkboard to present the menu, an immense cool box and sufficient counter-top to serve anything, the bar above is nothing short of extraordinary.

via feelitcool.com

Simple, swift, graphic.

Source Unknown

Well established businesses can use the pallet bar too, simply design it and execute it with greater care if the regulations require it.

via 1001pallets.com

via etsy.com

A pallet bar can function as a dinning table if need be.

via palletprojectspro.tumblr.com

via rusticdecorhq.com

Great attention to details shaped the pallet bar above, notice how the nail caps create a pattern in this design.

via 1001pallets.com

Light builds even further on the wood's coziness and warmth, use it!

Source Unknown

This pallet pit looks like a great place to be, a super cool corner to enjoy a drink with friends and family .

via 1001pallets.com

The color here complements the exquisite counter top, splendid combination with a space-efficient footprint.

via etsy.com

The rustic component of wood can be enhanced through different means, use them if this is what you are aiming for.

via imgur.com

A full bar can be created with wooden pallets, shape it and underline it with light.

via julietmckeephotography.co.uk

The smallest bar can gather smiles, laughter and joy, materialize it.

via afwonline.com

Luck served with beer in a rustic bar, nothing cooler for your man-cave.

via etsy.com

Bamboo on the edges can really highlight the "tiki bar" title. A really beautiful and exotic lemonade stand for your little one.

via palletsdesigns.com

Blue paired with wood might not be everyone's cup of tea yet the design above looks remarkable and the color of the LEDs involved is surely controlled by a remote behind the bar.

via  101palletideas

The grill bar with pallets can take many shapes yet the graphic design above is one of the simplest methods you can adapt, highly rewardful craft.

Source Unknown

A pallet garden bar can serve as a potting station providing you with the counter-space and shelving that you need in your garden operations.

via recycled-things.com

A pallet's structure is quite sturdy making it easy to use as it is in bar projects. Here the counter has been beautifully finished thus greatly enhancing the quality of the end item.

via palletprojectspro.tumblr.com

In tiki bars too color should be nestled, use it to share a colorful, joyful state with your friends.

Source Unknown

via recycled-things.com

via roselypignataro.com.br

via imgur.com

The vertical plane in pallet bars can be used to nestle various type of art, messages or color plays.

via palletprojectspro.tumblr.com

Source Unknown

Pallet carts can help you a great deal, rolling around for all the right reasons, sharing drinks and joy.

via drewnolot.pl

Last but not least pallet bar in our collection showcases an extraordinary balance using all kinds of wood and typography to its advantage.

via Pinterest

The pallets are epic. Pallets are brilliantly used even to shape epic DIY chicken coops and a pallet bar is a bargain honestly, one that you actually tailor for the perfect fit.

Your next celebration might require a bar, What diy project do you use to obtain it?

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

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