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49 Super Cool Things To Draw On A Whiteboard

Things To Draw On A Whiteboard

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Whether you are attempting to engage a classroom or using it for personal study, a whiteboard comes in handy for daily drawings.

If you are in charge of making daily announcements, scheduling class or club meetings, and also happen to love drawing, the whiteboard is the perfect tool. Get creative with your drawings and turn them into a fun regular project that you and everyone else can enjoy.

However, if ideas aren’t exactly rushing to you at this moment, don’t fret because we have plenty of awesome ideas that you can try out for 49 days straight! Take a peek at some of our favorite things to draw on a whiteboard… 

Things To Draw On A Whiteboard

Things To Draw On A Whiteboard

  1. Dragon With Horns

Let your creativity loose with a drawing of a striking dragon right from the depth of your nightmares. This drawing is perfect for when you’re practicing character sketches and experimenting with new lines. The option to add colors or small details like green eyes and scaly skin is entirely up to you.

Besides, a sketch like this one gives you the opportunity to bring to life a character that was so far only looming in your imagination!

Dragon With Horns

Image Source

  1. Frankenstein’s Monster

The next whiteboard drawing idea is an invitation to a kids’ haunted house event. And we must say, the illustration is perfect for the theme in question. Halloween marks the return of creepy monsters, and no other creature is as famous as Frankenstein’s monster. Besides, this close-up version is easy to draw.

Alternatively, you can try drawing werewolves, vampires, witches with pointy hats, mummies, or even goblins for a spooky October season!

Frankenstein's Monster

Image Source

  1. Totoro With Umbrella

One adorable drawing you can try on your whiteboard is Totoro with a pink umbrella. This is a depiction of Totoro after Satsuki offers him the umbrella, but you could easily draw him with a tiny leaf on his head. 

The good thing about this particular depiction is the use of simple lines and curves and a few color variations in some places. But, overall, drawing this one should be easy for beginners.

Totoro With Umbrella

Image Source

  1. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a Disney character many children grew up watching and loving. His iconic ears, which were also used as a motif on the Disney channel logo, are distinctive and relatively uncomplicated to draw. Thus, copying this image onto a whiteboard should be the easiest thing to do with just one black marker.

And it won’t take much time too since the lines are simple and there are very few details.

Mickey Mouse

Image Source

  1. Hungry Dinosaur

Let’s move on to drawing something horrifying and cute at the same time.

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? They are great fun to draw and do not require much skill either. Especially one in a funny cartoon format that would be sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Usually, people draw the entire dinosaur body, with long tails included. However, if you want to make things more interesting, try making a dinosaur trying to eat another one!

Hungry Dinosaur

  1. Godzilla

There is no doubt that cartoon characters you have grown up with are the most fun to draw. One such famous monster we love is Godzilla. Try to recreate him destroying half the city while unaffected by any attempts to stop him. 

Of course, you can draw him to be as ferocious in the movies, but you can also add a playful touch by transforming him into a cute character!


  1. Cute Cats

Cats are not known as meme creatures for no reason; they can arrange themselves into various shapes that give you so much to draw. Due to their fluid body movements, they can stretch out like a mat, curve into a fluffy ball, and arch their backs to appear taller. And we haven’t even mentioned their facial expressions yet!

However, if drawing cats in their actual silly form is too challenging for you, try going for something like this.

Cute Cats

Image Source

  1. Lilo And Stitch

Lilo and Stitch make a great duo, and they can be pretty fun to draw too. You can sketch a scene of their adventures together or a heartfelt interaction of the two like in this interpretation. Drawing Lilo is straightforward; you just need to copy her red dress with white leaves and her long black hair. 

Stitch, the alien, can be more challenging to draw because of his exaggerated features.

Lilo And Stitch

Image Source

  1. Grumpy Cat Saying No

Remember the time when a grumpy cat became a meme? Yea, this cat continues to hold the internet’s unofficial title of the world’s grumpiest looking cat. And, of course, with the internet, everything has to become a meme.

Drawing this grumpy cat with a “No” signboard on your classroom whiteboard is a humorous way to reject students’ bathroom breaks. It gets the point across, and everyone can have a laugh over it too.

Grumpy Cat Saying No

  1. Doctor Who

“Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey… stuff,” says Dr. Who when asked to explain the meaning of time. Applause for that because we could not have explained it any better. Drawing Dr. Who with the Daleks makes for a fun idea for updating a daily whiteboard.

Plus, drawing Dr. Who will not take much time if you select a simple version. For example, in this drawing, the characters are used to add interest to the weekly Friday monologue or recitation class.

Doctor Who

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If you are going to draw something new every day, might as well draw your favorite childhood cartoon characters, right? The teenage mutant ninja turtles are a fun bunch of superheroes that make for cool drawings. Select a group pose with all weapons visible, and the end result will surely look amazing.

Try adding a bit of their personality, like Michelangelo being the clown that he is!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  1. Marvel And DC Unite

You might never actually see Marvel and DC characters in each other’s universes, but that shouldn’t stop you from drawing them as a team on a whiteboard. Select your classic favorites from each universe and combine them to see the team you come up with. 

For example, this drawing has The Hulk and Iron Man from Marvel, with Wolverine from another Marvel universe. To add to the mix, we have the Dark Knight himself, i.e., Batman from DC comics.

Marvel And DC Unite

  1. Grinch From How The Grinch Stole Christmas

While the rest of us may love Christmas, Dr. Seuss’ character, Grinch, seems to hate it! If the winter holidays are just around the corner, you can use this character creatively in your classrooms. The green, diamond-shaped face with a grin is all you need to recreate him.

In this example, the Grinch tells students to stay put, not pout and not take unnecessary bathroom breaks since the semester tests are about to begin.

Grinch From How The Grinch Stole Christmas

  1. Futurama

While there are plenty of relatable comic characters and cartoons you can draw on whiteboards, the ones from Futrama are the easiest to recreate. Try using the main characters Fry, Leela, and the robot Bender with the Professor in a captivating drawing about your event. 

In this example, the creator has focused on getting the shapes right for each character and used minimum color.


  1. Peanuts

Peanuts are for everyone since anyone can enjoy cute and witty comic strips no matter the age. However, you can personalize the characters to your theme by adding extra elements. In this example, Charlie Brown is shown getting scared of a spooky pumpkin head man. 

Along the same vein, it’s possible to inject objects and even characters from different comics for the drawing to stand out.


  1. Riley And Robert Freeman From The Boondocks

The comic, The Boondocks, could be the inspiration for your next drawing on the whiteboard. And, there are many exciting scenes you can use to express the thought of the day with students or classmates. To get the appearance right, you need to pay close attention to their clothing and hairstyle. 

Of course, Riley’s eyebrows are a distinct feature on his face, so make sure you don’t miss that. To complete the picture, you can even add Riley’s older brother, Huey Freeman, to your drawing.

Riley And Robert Freeman From The Boondocks

  1. Ed, Edd And Eddy

Drawing this silly trio can give you many opportunities for adding fun to the class. This Cartoon Network show features three characters, each more ridiculous than the other, and their failing schemes and misadventures. Since it’s their favorite snack, you could also draw a jawbreaker.

Here, we have Ed, Edd, and Eddy looking at Jonny’s imaginary friend Plank holding a signboard in this drawing.

Ed, Edd And Eddy

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas

If you are assigned with whiteboard drawing duty before the Christmas holiday, what would you draw? We know that we’d draw a version of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. Not only are the original drawings a work of art, but any recreation close to it is bound to mesmerize audiences. 

There are numerous themes to be drawn from this fantasy movie, but the easiest one is drawing Jack Skellington with his hollow eyes and pointy collars.

Nightmare Before Christmas

  1. Avatar- The Last Airbender

Speaking of fantastical, legendary stories with a heroic lead character, the young Avatar Aang is one that comes to mind. As the only survivor of the Air Nomad’s nation (the Last Airbender), he has been given many challenges in his journey. 

As such, drawing his adventurous on your whiteboard gives a lot to work with. You can also show Katara the Waterbender alongside other main characters, Sokka and Zuko.

Avatar- The Last Airbender

  1. Dragon Ball Z

Goku is not one to back down from a fight against injustice and to protect his loved ones. This gives his character various fight scenes with the addition of his ability to fight in Super Saiyan mode. That means you have plenty of ways in which you can draw the main character of Dragon Ball Z.

Additionally, you can draw the majestic Shenron or Dragon God or some of Goku’s friends, Bulma or Master Roshi.

Dragon Ball Z

  1. Winnie The Pooh

For those of you who love cute cartoons, it is impossible to miss out on Winnie the Pooh or Pooh Bear. Although he is naive and slow to understand a few things, he is an incredible friend to Christopher Robin and Piglet.

In this drawing, we see Pooh with Tigger, his troublemaker of a friend who loves to jump on others!

Winnie The Pooh

  1. Elsa And Olaf From Frozen

One of the more popular Disney princess movies of recent times is Frozen, featuring the princess sisters Elsa and Anna. Heiress to the throne of Arendelle and controller of snow and ice alike, Elsa makes for the perfect winter princess for your drawings.

To complete the picture, try adding her sweet and loyal sister Anna with the loveable snowman Olaf that Elsa created with her powers.

Elsa And Olaf From Frozen

  1. Looney Tunes

Take a trip back to memory lane, and you will find that Looney Tunes have been a regular part of your childhood. With its loveable characters and unforgettable music, this cartoon is perfect for recreating on a whiteboard. 

Whether it’s the cool Bugs Bunny, irritable Daffy Duck, or Porky Pig stuttering “That’s all folks!” all of these will make captivating and nostalgic drawings.

Looney Tunes

  1. Powerpuff Girls And Mojo Jojo

When Professor Utonium tried to create the perfect little girl by adding sugar, spice, and everything nice, he accidentally added Chemical X. 

Now, the three have individual personalities and dedicated colors that make them fun to draw. With oval faces, large eyes, and stubby arms and legs with no noses, drawing them is super simple. 

Powerpuff Girls And Mojo Jojo

  1. Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters, or The Real Ghostbusters (as they were called in the TV series), is a group of famous paranormal investigators. Adapted from the comics, the group of four, with the assistance of Janine Melnitz and Slimer, run a supernatural ghost hunting business.

Their travels and spooky adventure make for awesome drawings, and you will surely have fun drawing your own version of Slimer. Check how this drawing shows each character in their element.


  1. Grumpy Cat

A little bit of humor in class, clubs, or group meetings never hurts. And, if you have been given the task of making a creative drawing for each session, you cannot go wrong with sketching a grumpy cat. 

In this example, the grumpy cat is unamused by the class they are about to attend.

Grumpy Cat

  1. Joker And Harley Quinn

Who said that you could only draw superheroes on your whiteboard? Villains make for compelling drawings, and the crazy combination of Joker and Harley Quinn from DC comics is a truly cool way to draw attention to your message.

The best part about this couple is the many versions and costumes they have. You can choose your favorite version for showcasing this dysfunctional couple.

Joker And Harley Quinn

  1. Homer Simpson With A Donut

Speaking of crazy characters, Homer Simpson is another kind of whimsical cartoon who loves to eat donuts. In fact, it’s a trademark of his character that he cannot live without donuts. And, you can draw this quirk in your own way for the whiteboard. 

With this example, The O in Monologue is a donut Homer could not resist eating.

Homer Simpson With A Donut

  1. Tom And Jerry

The age-old story of a cat chasing a mouse is portrayed in the cartoon show Tom and Jerry. Even though this duo could never get along, their chase and tricks against each other are what made this show awesome for kids. 

When it comes to drawing these cartoons, you may have to pay attention to the limb movements because these two are constantly in action. Tom chasing and Jerry outsmarting him makes up most of the action in this much-loved cartoon.

Tom And Jerry

  1. Minions

They’re tiny, they’re adorable, and they’re yellow! We’re talking about minions, of course. They mostly look the same, but you can distinguish them based on their eye gear, height, and hair. Drawing them in a straight line over the text is an excellent way to add cuteness to your overall theme.

With a simple color scheme of yellow and blue, you can recreate these potato-shaped minions in no time.


  1. Adventure Time 

The fantasy animated show Adventure Time features Finn the human and his best friend Jake the dog. We had fun following them on their missions in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo with other friends, but drawing them is just as fun.

Actually, the drawing style is pretty straightforward, although Jake may look strange with his pupil-less eyes. You can also add instructions to the bottom of the whiteboard with Finn and Jake reacting to it.

Adventure Time

  1. Beavis And Butt-Head 

Next, we have the two main characters called Beavis and Butt-head from the show of the same name. The story of this animated comedy show for adults revolves around two silly teenagers who are immature, lovers of heavy metal, and fail to attract women. 

The dialogue Beavis utters, “Are you threatening me?” is used in a creative way for the whiteboard. You can do the same with this quote for your project.

Beavis And Butt-Head

  1. Jessica Rabbit

From the novel “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?” we know of this character Jessica Rabbit. Probably one of the most sensual characters in animation, she’s also widely recognized as Roger’s wife.

When drawing her, you need to note a few things. She is known to appear from head to toe in red, with even her hair and heels in the same hue. The gloves complete the look, and you can add exaggerated eye makeup to match the original character.

Jessica Rabbit

  1. Ryuk From Death Note

For anime fans, we think you should draw the iconic and scary character Shinigami Ryuk. His devilish face and strange body shape make him a unique character to draw, and you can have Light Yagami stand next to him too. 

Moreover, adding the Death Note in either of their hands will add a nice touch to the drawing.

Ryuk From Death Note

  1. Scooby-Doo With Johnny Bravo

Scooby-Doo! Where are you? He’s right next to Johnny, bravo in this drawing. You, too, can use your imagination to put together two cartoons from different universes next to each other. The same way we put Marvel and DC heroes in the same team.

What’s next, Courage the Cowardly Dog in Dexter’s Laboratory? We leave that up to you.

Scooby-Doo With Johnny Bravo

  1. The Legend Of Zelda

Next up, we have splendid ideas for drawing characters from Legend of Zelda. This popular video game series has been an inspiration for many, and it can be your drawing inspiration too. Make your version of Link with his green outfit and sword out on a mission to save Princess Zelda and the kingdom of Hyrule. 

You can experiment with other characters and create a scarier version of the massive monster Ganon.

The Legend Of Zelda

  1. Pinky And The Brain

Yet, another kid’s cartoon show you can use is Pinky and the Brain for your whiteboard drawings. These genetically enhanced mice are always trying to take over the world (mostly Brain and ideas), but they end up failing because of Brain’s impossible schemes.

Drawing them requires a keen eye to get all their features right, but once you get it, it’s a pretty good idea for a whiteboard.

Pinky And The Brain

  1. Regular Show

Regular Show follows the lives of Mordecai the blue jay and Rigby the raccoon. Whenever they try to solve a problem, the efforts always backfire, which is what makes for many funny scenes. Select any of these scenes or just the two hanging around to make an interesting drawing of the day.

Regular Show

  1. Invader Zim

While Invader Zim is an alien on a mission to rule the Earth, GIR is his malfunctioning robot disguised as a green dog. Both these cartoons make for interesting drawings, and their art style was also critically acclaimed when it came out. 

So, try your hand at one of the characters from this animated TV series.

Invader Zim

  1. Spongebob Squarepants

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Well, Spongebob Squarepants, of course. Yes, he is a bit dim-witted, but he is the most excited sponge you will ever meet in your life. Drawing him is a piece of cake since he has square edges, and the same goes for his buddy Patrick Star who, as his name suggests, is a starfish. 

Spongebob Squarepants

  1. Monsters Inc

Have you ever heard of monsters having jobs? Yes, James Sullivan and Mike Wazaoski are best friends and professional monsters tasked with the work of scaring children. They probably do an excellent job of it, but they are pretty friendly to fellow monsters, so we get to see two sides of these characters.

Try drawing these two buddies or any other monsters since they all have interesting shapes to them.

Monsters Inc

  1. The Ren And Stimpy Show

The cat and dog duo of Ren and Stimpy is another cartoon you can recreate for daily drawings on the whiteboard. While Stimpy the cat is good-natured but dimwitted, Ren the Chihuahua is short-tempered and somewhat psychotic.

The contrast in their emotional state is something you can show in the drawings.

The Ren And Stimpy Show

  1. Phineas And Ferb

Phineas and his stepbrother Ferb are always finding a new adventure during their summer vacation. Their out-of-control projects, methods to entertain themselves, and other shenanigans are looked down upon by their sister Candace.

Another mysterious character you should draw is Perry the Platypus, who is an undercover spy.

Phineas And Ferb

Image Source

  1. Steampunk Firebug(Adam Butler) From Killing Floor

If you are looking for something cool to draw, look no further than DLC characters from Killing Floor. Adam Butler, or Steampunk Firebug, is characterized by his protective gear of a gas mask since he is a pyromaniac on the streets of London.

You can be sure to find fire wherever he goes, which, combined with his cool suit and weapons, are fun for drawing.

Steampunk Firebug(Adam Butler) From Killing Floor

  1. Rowing A Boat

Sometimes, you just want to draw something calming and laid back. While there are a plethora of sceneries that you can draw, this sketch of two men on a boat is quick and requires only black markers. You can add or remove certain details based on your preference.

Rowing A Boat

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas Countdown

As a reminder for a Halloween party or any spooky event, you can use this complex design that includes all characters from Nightmare Before Christmas. You can artistically incorporate the members around a circular calendar marking a countdown.

In this example, they have also mentioned the days remaining till Halloween.

Nightmare Before Christmas Countdown

  1. Girl Looking Over Shoulder

Drawing human faces will always come in handy, so start practicing this on your whiteboard. For drawing someone looking beyond their shoulders, you need a keen sense of direction and depth. If this is not the case, the face may look asymmetrical, and the direction of the gaze may not be clear.

Either way, using a fine marker should be good enough to reproduce this face and expression.

Girl Looking Over Shoulder

  1. War Machine

If you like cool superheroes, here’s another one for you- War Machine. As you may already know, James Rhodes is close friends with Tony Stark in the Marvel Universe, and he also has a weaponized exosuit. The way his suit makes Tony Ironman when Rhodes dons the suit, he calls himself war machine. 

Try this superb illustration the next time you go to the whiteboard.

War Machine

  1. Mandala Design

The word “Mandala” is said to be a circular figure representing the universe in some Indian cultures. Originating from a Sanskrit word, the Mandala has recently gained popularity as a form of relaxation and self-expression for all age groups. 

Since it is intricate with a larger focus on accurate circles and lines, it can take some time to draw. But, it is also one of the easiest things you can draw as a beginner.

Mandala Design

Image Source

Final Words

So, that was it!

A whole lot of ideas for you to pick and choose from and recreate. We hope this guide gives you plenty of creative ideas to draw the next time you take up the task of handling the whiteboard.

Also, it does not have to be a presentation for anyone; you can simply practice drawing on the whiteboard with your favorite characters. Most of these ideas are easy enough for beginners, so go ahead, grab that marker and start drawing!

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