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20 Wood Carving Ideas For a Rustic Home Decor

Marva George-Sampson / January 22, 2016

Wood carving involves the chiseling away of wood to create the desired figure by the carver and is one of the world oldest crafts. Before carving a piece of wood, the craftsman has to determine where the grain is in order to learn the weak and strong areas of apparatus. Some of the best woodRead more

20 Oil And Acrylic Painting Ideas For Enthusiastic Beginners

Marva George-Sampson / January 20, 2016

It is common knowledge that oil painting commenced centuries before acrylic painting was even invented. After all, famous paintings like the Mona Lisa were done using oil paint and the procedure of mixing small amounts of color to bring about the desired affect. Acrylic painting according to history did not begin until the early 1940’sRead more