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35 Tree Trunk Ideas For A Warm Decor

tree trunk
Codreanu Andreea / April 30, 2016

Wood is the perfect material to add equilibrium, coziness, warmth and elegance to any given interior design, be it modern or classical in essence. For ages it has been used as the primary base material for furniture design and even though the modern contemporary age nestles and encourages plastic, acrylic and other synthetic materials, peopleRead more

16 Do-It-Yourself Fairy Garden Ideas For Kids

Marva George-Sampson / April 26, 2016

If you’re not the ‘diy crafty person’ then coming up with fun ideas for your kids to engage in during their spare time might seem a bit of a task. Kids love to act out in reality what they see on T.V, which is why constructing a fairy garden with them would be an adventureRead more