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Genius and Lovely Hat Storage Ideas for Your Home

Richel Ann Bolos / December 10, 2016

Everyone has his or her little vanities in life that cannot be given up and require their own allocated space at home. While some people prefer jewelry, perfumes, bags or shoes, others prefer hats. A hat does not only make an outfit complete, it also protects the head from the nasty heat of the sun orRead more

Colorful and Playful DIY Baby Mobiles Ideas

Richel Ann Bolos / December 8, 2016

For parents who are excited to welcome a new member of the family, having everything set up before the baby arrives is essential. Clothes, the crib and the toys inside the nursery room are all important. One accent in the room that is equally important and creates a lovely effect inside an infant’s nursery is the babyRead more

Leaving a Lasting Impression Through Faux Painting

Richel Ann Bolos / December 7, 2016

A home is never complete without a lovely paint finish to complement the whole design of the home, be it a modern or a classic design. And while many would opt for a solid, plain color for the walls, there are others who opt to be more creative even on a simple way. Faux paintingRead more