Storage should be something easy and simple so why is it that a lot of us are having a hard time finding all the right spot to keep stuff at our home? Well, this could really be due to a couple of factors: one is that you have too many stuff and the other is that you really just have little space. The dilemma even gets bigger when both these factors are your problem.

Nonetheless, there are several ways of organizing your home; from storage ideas for rooms, garages and even bathrooms and pantries, there are cheaper and even easy DIY ways to maximize space and keep everything within reach for convenience. There are neat and simple storage projects you can take on as your next DIY.

Here are some of the best storage ideas you can and should implement around your home, have a look.

1. Hanging small baskets for extra storage space



One of the most neglected areas of the home may be under the sink. It’s usually where rugs, mats, home sprays such as insecticides or air fresheners are kept along with other cleaning products. And since it’s under the sink and no one except family members open that part, nobody really takes the time to organize it. However, it’s a must as cluttering these products together can be dangerous. So, to save space and keep the family safe, adding two hanging baskets and keeping products by group can do the job.

2. mounted magazine rack for foils and plastic wrap



It’s quite annoying when your box of plastic wrapper or foil gets destroyed and soon enough, the wrapper and foil itself gets ruined as well. You would have to buy another one as it may be unsafe to use the old and ruined ones. This could be because of wrong storage. To separate it from others and to quickly see it when you need to, simply mount a magazine rack inside a cabinet in the kitchen. However, be sure that you can still close the cabinet well even with the mounted rack.

3. wooden flip-down wall shelf for shoes



Shoes are among the items that clutters everywhere. If you have no proper storage area for your shoes, it could get pretty messy. This flip down storage area is the perfect solution. When not in use, it can serve as a cool wall decor. However, you can flip down several of the wooden panels and simply place your shoes. It saves space, as it’s mounted on the wall. but does not take much space like a real shelf and you can fold it again when not in use.

4. a simple storage idea for cutting boards



Cutting boards should be kept well, not just to avoid clutters in the kitchen but also to help avoid getting it exposed to different factors that could harm the family’s food. Keeping it in a safe cupboard will do the trick. But if you’re having a hard time organizing your kitchen stuff, you can always add a little space on the cupboard door where you can keep things such as cutting boards safely away.

5. plastic storage containers for the garage



Storing a lot of stuff in a tiny space can be challenging. But using storage bins can prove to be really helpful.Instead of simply organizing yours stuff on a shelf, why not get some storage bin and place your stuff in there? You can designate a storage bin for each member of the family so they can look for what they need easier. Also, segregate the stuff you’re putting on these bins. Then it’s the time to place these bins on a shelf so the space will be maximized.

6. create your own reading nook while saving space



Always dreamed about having your own reading area but since your space is smaller, you just give up and allot it to a shelf/drawer? Well, you can actually combine those two. You can turn a shelf into your own reading nook. You may need to work your way on this and get some drawers that could fit the spaces on your shelf; but the end result would be convenient and lovely.

7. simple mudroom storage idea



Since mudrooms are made to be a place where stuff are left, there ought to be certain elements that should be included. Of course, hooks are important. These are where family members or guests hang their coats and jackets. A bench with three compartments can also be great as guests can comfortably sit down to take or wear their footwear while the compartments can be extra storage space for outdoor stuff.

8. organizing baking tools with measurement reminders



If you’re a person that loves to cook, you may be familiar with these cooking tools. Storing these could be easier, as you can stack them all together and then place them on a cupboard. But you can level up your storage idea by adding these measurements that can help you when baking or cooking. Again, convenience and saving space is what you should aim for.

9. foldable closet for board game storage



Although video and mobile games are popular, some people choose to play board games still. Whether these are old or new, these could be among the things that can get easily lost. A cool technique is to use a foldable closet to store these board games. Simply hang the closet in a free space and then stack the games on space. Just organize them so they can all perfectly fit. Plus this idea makes it easy to choose a game and take it.

10. use adhesive hooks to store lids easily and safely



Adhesive hooks are versatile. You can place one on various parts of the house and you can have somewhere where you can hang coats and jackets, hats and scarves, keys and whatnot. But you might not have thought it would work well on the kitchen cubpoard as well as a way to safely tuck the pots and pans’ lids away as it can get pretty challenging to store these with your pans and pots.

11. door organizers as closet storage enhancers



Door organizers are must-haves when you are thinking of easy and effective storage system. You can place these organizer on any door, like for example your linen closet. There, you can place bottles and sprays you don’t want to mix with your linen and other smaller stuff you don’t want to get lost on a hidden vortex in your closet. Plus, this easily saves up space.

12. hanging storage bags and hangers for DIY fans



Crafting and making some DIY stuff usually leaves out the most piles of clutter around the house. From the waste to the materials you are still going to use, there are stuff that gets left behind on a crafts table. This tends to end up in confusion; thinking where did your scissors go. Apparently, it got buried under the ribbons and the cloths. That is why it is important to keep your materials safely stored whenever you are not using them. These hangers are great instruments you can use.

13. Check the labels



Always check the label. See if you’re getting the right thing from the right place. Whether you are organizing the kitchen or your table, you may want to put a label on your containers. This can easily help you locate what you are looking for.

14. easy hat storage idea you can do on your own



Looking for a cheap way to organize your stuff? There are actually storage hacks wherein you don’t need to buy something or if you do, it won’t be expensive. For example, this hat organizer can be easily done. With a hanger wide enough (so that you can place more hats if you have a collection) and hooks, you get to have your own hat organizer. It’s easy to take one and place back.

15. wall mounted crates as bathroom shelves



It’s time you get creative. Upcycling stuff you have can change the way your house looks and functions. You may have wooden crates lying around and instead of leaving them rotting outside, you can upcycle them and create a two-layer wall mounted shelf for your bathroom. You can place bathroom towels, linens and tissues that guests and family members can use. There’s no need to hide these stuff somewhere far.

16. unused jars as holder for your vanity table



A lot of women have their own vanity tables. And if that woman is into makeup, there’s a chance maneuvering through the chaos in that table can be ridiculous. Organizing makeup is easy as there are makeup kits available. However, you can choose to create your own style: by using unused jars and mounting them on the wall. Now it’s easier to keep your stuff from the table while making your place look chic.

17. battery storage with pill boxes



Batteries, although very useful, can also be dangerous especially for children. As much as possible, keep these safely stored away. If you have a stock of unused batteries, you can take a big old pill box or whatever you have that has divisions and place your batteries according to their type. This can help you know what to get in case you need one.

18. adhesive hooks inside cabinet doors



Those electric iron curlers and hair straighteners are great. But when you store it, the cords make it almost frustrating. To keep tangled cords away, you can use adhesive hooks on your cabinet. Roll the cord safely and securely around the stuff and simply hang them. It’s also easier to use later one.

19. mounted glass jars to store smaller things



We all have those little things that we need around the house such as safety pins and nails. However, these can be dangerous if there are kids on your home. To resolve that problem, use jars you are not using anymore. Mount the lids on a higher place, like a shelf for example. It would be easy to close and open the jars with the mounted lids.

20. recycle your tissue tubes



Don’t thrown those tissue tubes away. These could prove to be useful storage enhancers. All you need to do is to tape them all together and place them in a box. Then you can roll cords and then place one in a tube. This helps avoid unwanted tangles that often ends up in frustration and even broken cords.

21. bathroom storage behind mirror



This is a genius bathroom/storage hack that you would really want in your own home. This works when you have a smaller space or even a wide one. It’s basically a full-length mirror when you normally look at it, but it can be opened like a cabinet and behind is a storage area for anything you will need in the bathroom. You can stock shampoos and soaps, face and body products as well as sanitary products you will need.

22. diy hidden storage area for canned goods



Canned good are the likely ones to be hoarded just because these can stay for a long time. However, your cupboards may not be as big as others so it will be hard for you to keep canned goods stored. But if possible, you can have this cool hidden compartment that can be done beside your pantry cabinet. It’s a narrow sliding area wherein canned goods can be stored easily.

23. outdoor shoes storage idea you can put on mudrooms



Shoe shelves are rather important if you’re quite a big family or perhaps you’ve got a big shoe collection. It’s important that everything is organized, even your shoes. The wrong storage can ruin a good pair. If your mudroom is rather secure, you can keep your outdoor shoes there with the help of this cool shoe shelf where you can place dozens of pairs of shoes for everyone.

24. kitchen storage idea for knives



Always keep sharp stuff away from the reach of children, especially knives. If you want to keep these safely away from kids, you can have a customized cabinet with a small drawer under the cupboard for knives. Be sure that it also has something to protect you from the sharp edges like for example, the wooden piece with slits where the knife can be placed.

25. bathroom hanging shelves



You can choose various shelves for your home. Having one for your bathroom would be essential. Now, saving space for bathrooms will be a great idea. Unlike rooms, bathrooms tend to have limited space. Hanging shelves can help maximize your space so you can always choose one that you can mount on your wall.

26. bedside shelf/table and baskets



Storage will usually start in the bedroom. You will need a secure place where you can put your personal stuff. A cube shelf is one of the most popular shelves that can be great for bedroom storage. These cube shelves are versatile. A small one can also serves as bedside table. Aside from that, the spaces makes it possible to store baskets where you can place your things or perhaps act as a bookshelf.

27. cheap bag holder for wrapping paper and craft items



When you’re into craft, you will likely have rolls or wrappers and papers you will need sooner or later. These are the hardest to store. You can buy a small container where you can place them there and keep them rolled to avoid wrinkles and save space. Have it mounted near your craft materials so it’s easier to reach for it when you need it.

28. use shoe organizer to hide harmful chemicals and sprays



You don’t want harmful products scattered around your home, especially when you have kids. To keep these securely away from them, you can use a shoe organizer and hang it on your laundry door or somewhere your kids can’t get to easily. Place all of the sprays and chemicals you have on the organizer. The pockets will make it easier to store each one.

29. storage hack for people with too many clothes



The problem with drawers and having too many clothes is that it can easily turn to chaos. No matter how often you fold your clothes neatly and tuck them away, sooner or later it would be a confusion of clothes. To help avoid that and the panic of looking for a t-shirt when your busy is to create a divider. In this, there are several smaller areas for every item of clothing.

30. cube storage shelves for bedrooms



As mentioned, cube shelves are very helpful. Each cube can contain different items. It would be particularly great if you can acquire this cube shelf that can be place around the bed. All your stuff can be placed here so your closet or cabinet can be exclusively for your clothes only.

31. hooked baskets on laundry area



For easier laundry days, your dirty clothes should already be separated into colored, whites, denims and blacks. Having multiple baskets can help you achieve that. However, having multiple baskets can be chaotic and will take much space. What you can do is to acquire S-shaped hooks and have the baskets hooked.

32. towel racks on bathroom doors



Wet towels can’t get mixed with your clothes. However, some places do not have a separate rack for towels, so these are often left on chairs, on the bed and sometimes on the floor. To avoid these messy and unhygienic practices, you may want to keep towel racks behind the bathroom floor. Apart from having a place where wet towels can be dried, those who are taking a bath can have their towels within reach without getting it wet.

33. magnetic strips for easy-to-store-easy-to-get tweezers



Tired of your tweezers lying around? Or do you have a bunch of bobby pins scattered all over your vanity table? Your problems are solved, you can now store these easily. All you will need is a strip of magnet and have it glued on a wall near your vanity table. Most of the tweezers you have (so long as its metal), nail cutters, bobby pins and other beauty paraphernalia can be attached to the magnet.

34. wall file organizer used in the kitchen



Wall files are usually mounted on walls so papers and magazines will have somewhere to end up in when not being in use. However, wall files can also be used in the kitchen. You can simply mount it on your kitchen cabinet and then you can start hiding cutting boards, plastic ware lids and anything that you can place there when not in use.

35. how to organize stuff under the sink



Organize your under-the-sink storage. As mostly of your products may come in sprayers, you can create an area where you can hang them. This can be achieved with the use of a rod. Also, smaller bins can help store other items such as gloves, chemical products that are on bottles, rugs and other household items you place under the stink. Then simply place products you don’t use often or are not yet using on the back.

36. easy storage hack for cupcake wrappers



Keep your cupcake wrappers tucked safely away with the help of a jar. You may want to choose a bigger one that fits the wrappers. Since you are using these wrappers to prepare for food, make sure the jar is clean and tightly sealed to avoid getting insects inside.

37. fridge hack to save space



Knowing how to store your food items on the fridge will help you place, cool and store as many products are you need. getting those divisions and even a Lazy Susan will do the trick. Of course, make sure that the products are all divided according to what type of food they are.

38. storing the ironing board with hooks



Your ironing boards are likely foldable. If that is the case, it makes it easier to keep them tucked away when not in use. If you have a laundry room, you can place two hooks right at a clear spot. Then you can simply fold the board and hang it up when not in use.

39. trays for under the sink organizing



If you have a taller under the sink storage but it’s a little narrow, you can always make use of trays. This helps you store as many items as possible. Labeling each layer of tray can help organize your stuff. For example, the bottom layer can be for toothpaste, the middle one is for razors and the top can be for shaving cream. Just keep them all organized well to avoid any confusion.

40. cut pvc tubes as garden tool organizers in the garage



If you have some extra PVC tubes, you can definitely recycle them to help with your storage problems. You might have just placed your shovels and gardening tools around the garage. But if you want to keep them all at one corner without taking too much space, cut the PVC tubes and nail them on the wall. Each tube can carry one or two gardening tools easily.

41. attic storage idea with plastic container bins



The attic can get a little more chaotic than the rest of the house as it usually becomes a storage area. Attempt to keep it as organized as you can since you will never know when you might need to look into the stuff you have stored over the years. To make it a little better, you can create a space in the corner with two layers of shelves ready to receive bins full of already organized stuff, again, labeling them could help you.

42. sink caddy baskets and adhesive tape for small packets



If you’ve got some small packets that usually gets lost in the pile, save them by adding some sink cady baskets on your your pantry cabinet. Place all of them there and it will get easier to see and access them when needed.

43. easy and cheap diy storage shelving



Buying a wall mounted shelf can be expensive and if there`re not sufficient funds, you can actually make use of several plastic crates. Connect your crates together after you`ve chose their size and number and attach these to the wall securely and voila you have a wall mounted shelf that can now receive toys and other light items.

45. cabinet space for cleaning tools



Your cleaning tools do not need to be stored in a big place. Keeping your cleaning tools hidden when not in use can help maintain them so you can use them for a longer time.

46. storage idea for a small laundry space



A laundry space needs to be as spacey as possible. Even if the room is not as big as the others, you can still leave more breathable space by organizing your items. Make use of dead space by adding layers of shelves and keeping your products neatly tucked away. Also making use of baskets will be of great help.

47. magazine holders transformed to vegetable storage



Some vegetables don’t need refrigerating. Keeping them in room temperature will actually make them stay longer. Potatoes and onions are among these vegetables. But where do you keep them in your kitchen. Old magazine racks can do the job. Just simply add a label and keep your onions and potatoes in a corner that is safe from insects and rodents.

48. elaborate filing area from bench or chest



You can turn a bench or a chest into a filing area. Every document you need should be placed on folders with labels. You can also keep some stationery on provided dividers. Adding a little space on top for memos and notes is also possible.

49. a shelf for nail polishes or beauty products



Who said shelves are only meant for pictures and books? If you have a wide collection of nail polish and you can’t really afford a nail polish rack at the moment, you can turn an unused shelf into your collection’s storage area. It’s even quite cool and you can pick out a desired color much easier.

50. fridge hack to store more food



Want to hide more grocery on your fridge? A Lazy Susan can help with that and placing one helps you fit as many products as you can without taking up too much space. Thus you won’t have to disarray your food just to get the one you need in the back corner. Just turn the thing around and you won’t have to struggle anymore.

51. hidden storage idea for your keys



Keys are important and as much as possible, you would want to hide that from strangers that may come into your house or perhaps keep them away from children. The back of pictures is one of the best places to place a little hook where you can hand your key chain.

52. floating shelf from a wooden magazine rack



Got an old magazine rack and need a little shelf? You don’t have to spend too much anymore. You can simply polish your old magazine back and then mount it on a corner where you likely want a shelf. If you have a couple more, you can even create three layers of floating shelves.

53. recycled hangers for slippers and sandals



This project will only work with metal hangers that are small and thin.Basically, you will be creating a slipper/sandal hanger that can help with storage. Instead of lining your slippers/sandals side by side, hanging them will leave you with more space. Simply take the lower part of the hanger and then curl the sides.

54. adding a lazy susan to your pantry storage



Pantry cabinets usually just have these U or L-shaped shelves on the walls. You can then place your stock there. However, Lazy Susans can apparently make your pantry look better, stock better and be more convenient. Adding these on the corners will make it possible to place more canned and bottled goods and other food items easily. Then you can simply turn it around to get the item you need.

55. pvc pipes for shoe storage



When you have extra PVC pipes on your hands, you can cut them into pieces, long enough to fit your shoes and connect them all together in layers. The width would really depend on where you are placing it and how big the PVC pipe is (just as long as a shoe fits). You can paint it if you want or let it be, but the end result should let you use it as a shoe shelf.

56. storing the cords and labeling them



Cords are important for all your electric devices but usually rolling them too tightly or getting them tangled with other cord tends to break them. You may want to simply bundle them all together and the best way to distinguish which cord is for which is to place a label on every single one of them.

57. importance of labels in the kitchen



Putting your kitchen ingredients into containers can minimize the use of space but without their own packages, you may have a hard time knowing what is the sugar and the salt. So as not to end up putting salt on your coffee, labels are important. You can create them on your own but some are now available on stores.

58. garage/working area storage idea



Got pipes, timber, aluminum and other long materials on your garage? Try to get them carefully stored and organized somewhere your children cannot reach: preferably overhead with these simple racks.

59. using a wine rack in the bathroom



If you have an unused wine rack at home and you don’t want to throw it away, you can just clean it as best as possible and use it in the bathroom. What good will it be for? You can use it as a towel rack, both body and face towels can easily fit on this.

60. floating shelf over the toilet



Over the toilet storage area is the best idea when your bathroom has a smaller space. It allows you to have everything within reach but without the need to use up every corner or wall of your small comfort space.

61. storage idea for children’s toys



If you have kids, you definitely know the struggle of having a messy home filled with children’s toys, books, clothes and even your own furniture  scattered around. However, this should not make you give up cleaning. In fact, it should inspire you as clutter could be dangerous for your little ones. Having extra shelves low enough so your kids can place their toys and books is a good idea.

62. over the toilet shelving for bathroom necessities



Again, small bathroom spaces need the utmost convenience while making sure space isn’t taken up too much. Overhead shelves are the best way to have that much needed storage space while making sure your tiny bathroom isn’t crowded.

63. garage power tools storage



Garages are mostly turned into work spaces and so you end up with power tools lying around the table. Whether you have smaller kids or not, keeping these tools cluttered around could inflict harm. The first project you might want to create is this handy shelf with power tool storage area at the bottom, thus making it easier to keep and take the tools you need.

64. how to keep garden hose stored



This could be a common storage hack in the garden. Most people are still stressing over how they can likely keep their hoses from getting tangled or lying around the whole garden where somebody could trip on them accidentally. If you have an extra basin, you can use that. Roll the hose and simply tuck it on the basin. Of course, you can use this when you need to wash something.

65. how to keep a deck of cards easily



Decks of cards, no matter if they are the usual ones we play or card games like UNO, are among the objects that easily get lost. Try to maintain the order in your home while making sure your playing cards are complete by getting a soap holder, one that has a lid. Place your cards there and just close it when not in use.

66. overhead garage storage area



Overhead racks and shelves are going to be extremely beneficial for your garage. Even with boxes and container bins, it would be quite messy and crowded when they are stacked on the floor. Overhead storing space makes it easier to store unused or seldom used stuff without taking too much space. This specific overhead storage area also makes it easier to hang bicycles, ladders and such.

67. using cereal boxes for storage



You might simply throw away that box of cereals once you’re done with the contents. Of course, why would you stack boxes of cereals? Well, now you have a reason to. If you are having problems with organizing your drawers, these cereal boxes are the best solution. Just cut them out and wrap them in paper if you want, then simply arrange them in your drawer. Now it’s easier to divide your drawer into different areas for your items.

68. chic bathroom storage shelf



A bathroom shelf doesn’t need to be big, all you need is something that can do the job quite well. It should be able to hold items you are using in the bathroom such as towels, scrubs, unopened products, tissues and bathrobes.

69. easy makeup storage hack



If you’re a makeup addict, you would most likely have all sorts of cosmetic products. You’ll have individual eye shadows to eye palettes, blushes and highlights and so on. It can be quite difficult to store and organize them as you are using them daily. However, you can create your own magnet board from an old frame you have, then place pieces of magnets underneath the makeup products and you would be able to place them easily on the magnet board and take them out quite fast as well.

70. organizing files and manuals



If you don’t have a big shelf or chest to file all your important documents, a container bin will do. Simply put your folders there and label the bin and tuck it safely away where you can quickly grab it when you need to. Don’t forget to organize your files as well and create markers to help you easily find what you need.

71. storing your game controllers and remotes



Always wanted to keep your game controllers and TV remotes organized but you can’t find the space for them? Just take two pieces of Velcro, have the first one glued on a shelf wall, the other one glued to your controllers and remote. When you need to store these away, tape the Velcro together.

72. space saving platform bed + storage



It’s now rather popular to have a bed space that can also become your storage space.

73. jewelry storage idea



Hooks and hangers are your best ally when it comes to organizing your personal accessories. From organizing hats to undergarments, these are totally versatile and can also help organize your necklaces and bracelets. This helps prevent misplacing your jewelry and makes it easier to grab one you need without having to untangle them all.

74. stationery organizer – cans for markers



There are definitely stationery addicts around the world; those who collect various stationery items such as markers and pens even without using them all the time. But no matter what you are buying your stuff for, always make sure they have a decent storage area. As much as possible, not taking too much space will help to brighten up the room. Unused cans can be recycled as pen and marker holders.

75. garbage bag dispenser under the sink



To keep a clean home, you would need garbage bags and bins. To keep your unused garbage bags stored but ready to use, keep them rolled under the sink in a dispenser that’s much like a tissue dispenser you see on your own bathroom.

76. giant peg board for arts and crafts



Crafting will require a lot of different tools and materials so it’s very easy to scatter them around especially when you’re working. The challenge is keeping them all safely away and organized to help you do other jobs you need . Creating a peg board will make it easier to keep all you need for your art projects.

77. makeup brushes and how to store them



You will most likely need a place to keep your brushes safely away. One of the best ways to do that is to get a clear vase, fill it with either small pebbles, marbles or in this case, clear glass balls and then place your brushes upright. It will do the job while making it easy for you to choose one and get it when you’re doing your makeup.

78. full length mirror with jewelry storage area



Full length mirrors with storage area behind are is not only bathroom-exclusive. You can also choose to have one in your bedroom and instead of a storage area for shampoos and the like, you can have a bigger space for your jewelry, accessories and scarves. It’s easy to change your look and see the results with this.

79. creative bathtub storage area



This amazing bathtub storage hack is ideal for those who want to avoid a crowded bathroom filled with shelves and areas for various body products. Once you’re in the tub, it can be quite hard to get up and get those soap. This creative storage area will make it easier to grab what you want even when you’re relaxing in your tub.

80. organizing linens and the ironing board



Know how to store your ironing board but no idea where? If you have a linen closet (which is usually under the stairs), you can attach the hook on the closet’s door and hang it there. It’s away from the eyes of guests and visitors but handy when you need it.

81. stairwell bookcase



Book lovers will know the struggle of storing their books. This stairwell book case makes it possible to have more space where you can keep your collection.

82. laundry area organizing hack



Most laundry areas just have one basket for the dirty clothes. When it’s time to wash them, you have to make your way through these to organize them. This hack, however, will change your laundry game forever. Keeping baskets with labels of what clothes should be placed where would make it easier and faster for you on washing day.

83. easy way to keep undergarments



Most bras shouldn’t be folded as it could destroy the natural shape of the undergarment. That is why most women hang it around wherever they can.To avoid any embarrassing moments when guests come over, hang it on your closet with just one hanger and with the help of hooks.

84. cube shelf for closet storage



Cube shelves can also greatly help with closet organization.

85. pantry storage hack for canned goods



Want to make it easier to store your canned goods in the pantry and easier to take one when you need it? Arranging your goods this way can do the trick. You may want to arrange the goods according to their expiry date and keep the ones that are closer to that day in front so you can get and use them first.

86. staircase bookcase and shelf



If you have great trouble on storing your book collection and the first stairwell bookcase is not really the best option, this bookshelf may be the best solution. Of course, you can place other objects there as well.

87. storing firewood



For places that experience colder seasons, firewood is essential. However, these are usually placed somewhere outdoors, where it can get wet from the rain. This creative and even stylish firewood shelf can help you organize your wood better.

88. easily organize important documents



Color coding your folders for your important documents will make it easier to know which is which. Designate a color to a group of file, but never forget to place big and bold labels as well. This can help even our elderly who have poor eyesight.

89. pan rack to save space in the kitchen



Sure, it’s easier to store frying pans in the cupboard. You can simply stack them all together and it will do the job. However, it’s quite hard when you need to get the one you need for cooking. Say, you need the wider one, you will have to take off all the pans and take the one you need. This pan rack will organize your pans the way you want to but makes it easier to get what you need.

90. bathroom hacks for beauty products



It’s dangerous to have electric tools and devices near you sink, where water is running. But in the event you really need to use hairdryers and the like in the bathroom, be sure to keep them away from the water. Also, these little baskets mounted on the wall can become a great storage area for these tools. Be sure to keep cords too away from the water.

91. customized table for storage



If you’re really missing space for more storage but don’t want to risk losing space for more important furniture, why don’t you combine the two? Just like combining a bed with shelves, it is possible to combine a table and a storage area. This solves storage and space problems.

92. creative shelf with sliding doors



This creative rustic shelf is the perfect space for the TV and the entertainment system. The TV can be placed in the middle with surrounding cubes filled with boxes for storage. When you’re watching the TV, you can simply slide the door open to reveal it. It has additional space under to place your players and consoles if you have them or just a simple storage space.

93. cupboard space for frying pans



If you get modern cupboards and kitchen cabinets, some of them will have these little feature that make organizing and storage better. This one has a little space for frying pans. It has hooks so you can easily hide your pans.

94. how can tabs help in storage



Do you know that those little can tabs could actually help in your storage woes? This makes it easier to hang clothes in your closet especially if you have too many. Hang the can tab on the neck of a hanger,the other side of the tab that has a small opening and you can use another hanger.

95. upcycling an old dresser into a crafts table



Again, combining different furniture can help create a more innovative and convenient piece For example, you can upcycle an old dresser and turn it into a crafting table. You can keep your clothes on the dresser part and have your crafts materials underneath the table.

96. improve kitchen storage with labels



As previously mentioned, labeling jars in your kitchen will avoid confusion. You can create your own labels, write them down on a piece of paper and tape them or simply buy labels from stores.

97. great storage idea for keys



Every home should have a spare key that is hidden outside their homes in case they get locked out. However, it should be someplace inconspicuous to help avoid break ins. A little pill container can be of great help. Glue a stone that is slightly bigger than the container. Put the key in the container and then close the lid (the one with the glued stone). Just hide it somewhere that won’t be too obvious.

98. hiding an unsightly garbage bin



Most homes have problems with garbage bins. While some hide it away in the kitchen,others have found a way to keep it hidden. This can improve the look of your home while still making sure every corner is clean. You can build your own trash cabinet or have an old cabinet upcycled.

99. PVC Pipes to store power tools in the garage



PVC pipes can actually be good materials for storage. For power tools cut out a smaller part of the PVC pipe and make sure that your tools can hang well on these pipes without falling. Then nail them someplace near your working table for easier access.

100. easy storage hacks for toys



Shoe organizers and baskets mounted on the wall are great toy organizers. Have these on your playroom if you have one or your child’s room. It will make it easier for you to get what they want and clean after them as well.

101. cute jewelry storage



You might have found those cute candy containers on a dollar store once and bought them, maybe because you need one or you find it hard to say no to cute dollar store items. Nevertheless, if you have one, it would make a good and cute bracelet container.

102. how to organize the pantry



The pantry is where you keep your food items. May it be big or small, it should be able to store all you need. To make sure every grocery item you bought is stored well, you can designate each level to a different type of food. Using baskets, jars and dividers will also help organize your pantry well.

103. simple mudroom idea



Mudrooms should be simple, but they should be a place where it’s possible to hide shoes and outer gears well. Hooks should never miss as this is where coats and jackets can be hanged. Then, boxes would be a great addition for any other gears you want to hide away.

104. over the toilet storage for small comfort rooms



Once you have a small comfort room, it’s not possible to place a shelf. Trays could work, but shelves are definitely a big no as it could eat up the space. Overhead shelves would rather make it work.

105. simple blanket ladder



Got a ladder you don’t really use that often and don’t know where to place it? How about cleaning it first and then placing it on your room as a blanket rack? It’s easy to do, cheaper and could be a great and stylish way to keep your bedroom organized.

106. cube shelf for your home office



Cube shelves are not just a place for your picture frames. If you have a home office, you can use the cube shelves to organize papers and documents you need for your work. These can also be good places to hide stationery materials you would also need.

107. add more storage space on your cabinet



Want to save space? Adding more drawers under your cabinets can help. Even a couple of these drawers can hide more stuff such as cooking and baking tools you don’t always use.

108. bathroom hacks for storage and convenience



Don’t have any shelves or a tray in your bathroom? Hanging your products on the curtain rod will actually make it more convenient for you.

109. organizing bathroom necessities with recycled jars



Jars are something you can’t simply throw away as there are other uses for them. For example, you can clean and design them if you want and then use them for bathroom or vanity table use. Your buds, cotton balls, brushes and the like will now have a place to avoid clutter.

110. convenient storage ideas



Storage bags should be kept close by in case you need one. But don’t take away the boxes. Instead, open the lid and attach it to a wall or your pantry door. It’s now easier to take a storage bag and even easier to store it.

111. small closet, more space



Under garments can be organized well in your closet. You will simply need to create a box with divisions and then organize your personal belongings.

What are the best storage ideas for your home? Feel free to share your projects in the comment section below.

Nicole Rose Tingson