Hidden Secret Storage on a Budget for Small Apartments & Small Spaces Design

minimalist interior design in a breathtaking black and white apartment

There are a few that would consider the idea of living in a small apartment rather unappealing, whilst some would take advantage of a small to the fullest, appreciating it`s warmth and coziness. Today`s examples is an extraordinary black and white apartment of just 26 square meters designed in a minimalist interior design, an unique black and white minimalist interior design.

The apartment is located in Lazard, Poland and has been envisioned by Mili Mlodzi LudzieIt`s entitled  “Peter’s Flat” and it comes with an extraordinary highly modern black and white minimalist look that hides an extraordinary storage solution for practical living, all within a budget of only 8000 euros from top to bottom.

To enhance the feeling of space in such a small apartment design the light has a big importance and as  a result everything is wrapped in white stark to keep the light on bouncing, everything unimportant it`s hidden from sight to make the space seem larger.

The design line is literally materialized trough black lines that are piercing the furniture trough the apartment, all directed by section planes trough the volume, as displayed in the 3D bellow.

 “Desk, TV, storage space and kitchen are hidden within the white front panels. Handles along with the lines on the ceiling and walls, are arranged in a broken, designated intersection of four non-orthogonal planes of walls and panels. Modest budget and Peter’s love for minimalism brought us to this design solutions“, explained the designers.

The strongest accent trough out the black and white minimalist apartment design is in the living room, where a colorful positive geometric carpet has been strategically placed. To further enhance the space a small bedroom has been materialized over the bathroom, accessible trough a minimalist black ladder.

What do you think about small apartment? You find it pure and extraordinary or intriguing in a unhappy manner?
small apartment design in a black and white apartment design

small minimalist black and white apartment design

black and white apartment design

minimalist simple interior design

extraordinary black and white interior design apartment

small spaces design in black and white

high end apartment design in a beautiful setup

minimalist interior design in a breathtaking apartment

simple minimalist breathtaking design

perfect apartment design in black and white

small black and white apartment design

simple detail shot

extraordinary simple black and white apartment interior design

cool black and white bathroom interior design

black and white apartment interior design cool bathrooms

section planes trough a black and white apartment

section plane blueprint and floorplans of the black and white apartment

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