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11 Best Fertilizer for Citrus Trees | Reviews + Guide

Citrus fruits can be highly beneficial when included in your daily diet. And if the fruits are from your own garden, there’s nothing like it! 

Fantastic views of the beautiful tree species in Italy. Sicily.

However, to get fruits that are healthy as well as tasty, you will have to ensure that your plants get adequate nutrition. For this, a good citrus tree fertilizer must be used. 


But like all other products nowadays, hundreds of options are available for citrus tree fertilizers. Hence, choosing an ideal fertilizer may become difficult. In this article, we make this task easier for you by presenting a list of the 11 best citrus tree fertilizers available out there. 

So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the reviews. 

Best Fertilizer for Citrus Trees

Here’s the list of the 11 best fertilizers for citrus trees to ensure your garden yields healthy and delicious fruits effortlessly.

1. Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Plant Food - Best for Long-lasting Feeding

Miracle-Gro Shake 'n Feed Citrus, Avocado and Mango Plant...
  • Contains added potassium, magnesium, sulfur and iron to help...
  • Use on new or existing in-ground citrus, avocado and mango...

Containing several beneficial minerals, this fertilizer readily improves deficiencies in common but essential nutrients. It comes in a container of 4.5 lbs and offers plant food that is released continuously. This implies that the recommended amount of liquid applied once can feed the plant for a long time. 

Why Did We Like It?

While using a fertilizer, you have to be absolutely sure that the right amount is being applied. Fewer amounts shall not give you the desired results, while too much of the fertilizer may contaminate the soil and even harm the plant. Besides, fertilizers often need to be applied more than once within a short period of time.

But with the Shake ‘N Feed, we didn’t have to worry about any of these problems, as we just had to use the recommended amount once. It was sufficient for feeding the plant for as long as 3 months. So, any guesswork for feeding was completely ruled out!

What we also loved about the product was that we could use it both in the ground as well as in containers. You can also use it on both existing as well as new in-ground trees. And on using the directed amount, it would never burn. As little as 1.75 tbsp of the product has to be sprinkled on every 4 sq. ft. of an area for best results.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although we loved how the product turned out to be, we found that the efficiency varied with different product batches. Some of the packs we purchased recently even seemed to be formulated differently. This was because we observed some blue pellets and brown shards of some substances in the mixture.


  • Can be used on new or existing in-ground trees
  • Suitable for mango, citrus, and avocado trees
  • Increases water efficiency of plants
  • Comes in a 4.5 lb. pack


  • Efficiency of different production batches can vary

Specific Uses: Plant Food | Dimensions: 4.25 x 13.5 x 7 inches | Weight: 8 pounds | Form: N/A

2. Jobe’s Organics Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer - Best for Organic Fruit Production

Our next pick for you is this granular organic fertilizer from Jobe’s Organics. It is listed by OMRI as being safe for use in organic food production. You can choose from 1.5 lb, 4 lb and 16 lb bags of this fertilizer according to your fruit production needs. 

Why Did We Like It?

With this product at home, you can enhance, maintain as well as restore the soil in your fruit garden. It is specially formulated for helping citrus, nuts, and other fruit trees bear more fruits. Besides, applying this fertilizer also reduces the risk of drought, diseases, and infestation by insects in the soil. 

We were especially fond of this product for its rich Jobe Biozome content. This Biozome is a combination of Archaea, healthy bacteria and Mycorrhizal fungi. And it is these constituents that help in the long-term betterment of soil quality. 

For enabling a continuous release of this fertilizer, you must apply it every two to three weeks. Be sure that it will not harm your citrus trees and help in more abundant fruit production during the growing season. 

Most importantly, you will get all these benefits without having to deal with any synthetic chemicals. This will create a healthy ecosystem for your family, your garden, and the environment as a whole. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although this product works wonderfully in most cases, it may not be suitable for indoor plants and smaller plant beds. You might see some fungus growing in the plants at your home or small areas and they might even dry up and die eventually. In such cases, you better go for other products. 


  • Reduces risk of insects, diseases, and droughts
  • Contains no synthetic chemicals
  • Increases fruit production in growing season
  • Restores soil quality


  • Not suitable for indoor plants

Specific Uses: Organic, Plant Food | Dimensions: 3.25 x 7.1 x 13.6 inches | Weight: 1.52 pounds | Form: Granules

3. J R Peters Inc Jacks Classic Citrus Food Fertilizer - Best for Professional Results

Jack's Classic 20-10-20 Citrus Feed Water-Soluble Fertilizer...
  • 20-10-20 Analysis - Great for producing vibrant green...
  • Many Ways to Feed - Citrus FeED can be used as a foliar or...

This Citrus Fertilizer from JR Peters comes in a bucket of 1 pound which has a resealable lid. As a brand, JR Peters has utilized its experience of more than 70 years in the industry to come up with an innovative range of fertilizers. Hence it is quite a trusted name among customers.

Why Did We Like It?

We were absolutely impressed with how the product worked equally well on lemons, mangoes, oranges, grapefruits and limes. It delivers professional results to home gardens. This is owing to its advanced formulation of 20-10-20 which uses high-quality nutrients in optimum quantities.

An interesting fact is that this fertilizer focuses on increasing the levels of micronutrients in your citrus fruits. As a result, your trees get greener leaves, stronger branches and more fruits. Also, if used in the way as directed, this fertilizer lets the plants uptake nutrition through both the leaves and roots.

You can apply the product at a rate of 1 tbsp in one gallon of water every 7-10 days for getting the best results for a few trees. Besides, the label on the tub containing instructions and other details is water resistant, allowing you to refer to it anytime you need.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although we were more than satisfied with this product, we felt the quantity of 1 tbsp in one gallon of water was not sufficient for many trees together. At times, a very large area may lead to a whole tub being spent in one day. So, for more trees we would recommend buying a 25 lb bag that is also available.


  • Enhances micronutrient level
  • Water-resistant label
  • Produces strong branches and vibrant leaves
  • Gives professional results


  • 1 tbsp. per gallon not enough for many trees

Specific Uses: Resistant | Dimensions: N/A | Weight: 1 pound | Form: Granules

4. Down to Earth Organic Citrus Fertilizer Mix - Best for Bountiful Fruit Production

Down to Earth Organic Citrus Fertilizer Mix 6-3-3, 1 lb
  • Down To Earth Citrus Mix is a one pound box of fertilizer...
  • Formulated with primary and secondary plant nutrients like...

Our next pick is this entirely organic fertilizer with a 6-3-3 formula from Down To Earth, which comes in boxes of 1 and 5 pounds. It is another great option for all types of citrus trees and may also be used in feeding other fruit trees as well. 

Why Did We Like It?

You get a completely organic formula for nourishing your citrus trees both in indoor or outdoor containers and home orchards. Believe us when we say this, you would really find your trees in the ‘happiest mood’ from after barely a few months.

Importantly, this product contains secondary as well as primary nutrients such as iron, calcium, zinc and sulfur. Such nutrients promote fragrant flowers and a bountiful production of fruits. Besides, selected micronutrients are also present in the fertilizer.

Interestingly, the product contains several other beneficial ingredients such as feather meal and fish bone meal. On one hand, nitrogen in the feather meal sparks intensive growth of roots. Whereas fish bone meal provides calcium and phosphorus which are key nutrients.

For applying the product to new trees, you must prepare a transplant hole and then mix half or 1 cup of this fertilizer with the backfill soil. Filling this soil around the trees and watering them well would give you the best results.

What Could’ve Been Better?

This product did quite well in improving the health of many of our trees, but the result was different for a few of the potted trees. We found that one of the potted lemon trees developed moldy soil after using this product.


  • Abundant green foliage and fragrant flowers
  • Fish bone meal, feather meal content
  • Has selected micronutrients
  • Promotes intensive growth of roots


  • Moldy soil may develop on potted lemon trees

Specific Uses: Organic, Potting | Dimensions: 4.25 x 2.12 x 5.5 inches | Weight: 1.4 pounds | Form: N/A

5. EcoScraps Citrus & Avocado Plant Food - Best for Balanced Nutrition

EcoScraps Natural and Organic Citrus Avocado Plant Food
  • OMRI Listed - Meets Highest Organic Gardening Industry...
  • No Chemicals, No Manure - Kid & Pet Safe

This product from EcoScraps is used in all kinds of citrus trees as well as grapes, flowering vines and palm trees. It contains a nutrient mix that is crafted for delivering a balanced as well as continuous nutrition to the trees. 

Why Did We Like It?

What impressed us the most was the all-on-one fertilizer particles that made for an even and clean application. The process is also very easy and requires sprinkling a single layer on the trees. Each particle consists of the full analysis of nutrients required for uniformly feeding the plants. 

Another amazing fact about the product is that it contains recycled material obtained from the food processing industry. Thus it is very eco-friendly in nature unlike many fertilizers containing harmful chemicals that do more harm than good. 

Ultimately, what you wish from a citrus tree would be nice tasty fruits and this is exactly what you would get by using this product. We were absolutely overjoyed by the taste. Due to the balanced nutrition the trees get, the fruits turn out to be extremely healthy. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

Though we were extremely satisfied by the product, we found it to be really very harmful for dogs. It can cause them to vomit several times and in case of smaller dogs may even lead to death. 

They might get lured towards it, since there is some ingredient included in it which appeals to dogs. Hence, it should be kept away from their vicinity. 


  • You get very tasty fruits
  • Eco-friendly
  • Offers uniform feeding
  • Clean application


  • Not pet-safe

Specific Uses: Organic, Plant Food, Plant Growth | Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 13.5 inches | Weight: 3.94 pounds | Form: Granules

6. Jobe's Organics Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer Spikes

Jobe’s Organics Garden Fertilizer Spikes, Easy Plant Care...
  • Package contains 6 organic fruit and citrus fertilizer...
  • Plant fertilizer is formulated with a 3-5-5 NPK to provide...

This organic fertilizer sold in the form of spikes is another excellent choice that you can go for. It is specially designed to be applied on potted citrus trees and is much more efficient than fertilizer sprays since it needs no mixing. Plus, each package consists of six spikes.

Why Did We Like It?

We loved how easy it became to apply the fertilizer. All we needed to do was to insert the spike into the soil while abiding by some directions for placing it. For getting the best results, we recommend using the spikes when the plant is potted.

Note that the ideal number of spikes that you must insert depends upon the size of the pot or the container. You will find those instructions in a chart that is mentioned on the pack.

Interestingly, these spikes are pre-measured and provide just the right amount of nutrients without any fertilizer runoff. They also help to improve the quality of the soil in the long term by promoting growth of beneficial microbes.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We were more than satisfied with the results that the product gave. However, in the case of a few trees, we found mold growing around the spikes. So, you must keep a watch after you put the spikes for the first time.


  • Spikes provide the right amount of nutrients
  • Promote beneficial microbes
  • Six spikes in one pack
  • Zero fertilizer runoff


  • Mold may grow around spikes

Specific Uses: Organic | Dimensions: 6 x 2 x 9 inches | Weight: 0.63 pounds | Form: Sticks

7. Southern AG 01902 Citrus Nutritional Spray

Southern Ag Chelated Citrus Nutritional Spray, 16 OZ
  • Size: 16 OZ
  • Corrects and prevents deficiencies that cause yellowing.

Our next pick is this product from Southern AG which helps in preventing yellowing of plant leaves. It is also capable of curing the yellowing disease already present in any plant. This fertilizer comes in a bottle of 16 oz.

Why Did We Like It?

With this product, you can give your plants all the essential nutrients they require to thrive. Most importantly, these nutrients are balanced together to ensure that the plants get the right amount needed. These are sulfur, zinc, magnesium, iron, and manganese.

Such nutrients are supplied to the plants to correct the deficiencies that bring about yellowing of the leaves of plants. This disease, if spotted in any plant, should not be ignored at all as it can ultimately destroy the plant altogether. Also, this fertilizer can control other minor element deficiencies as well.

Note that the product must always be sprayed on the plants. As a normal preventive spray, the ideal time to apply the product is during winter. Make sure that it is applied thoroughly as a cover spray.

What Could’ve Been Better?

We were really impressed with how the product turned out to be. However, the only issue we had with this fertilizer was that it left a residue on some of the leaves. Removing the residue was a bit difficult but eventually we managed to get rid of it.


  • Corrects nutrient deficiencies
  • Controls minor element deficiencies
  • Nutrients balanced together
  • Easy application by spraying


  • Leaves a residue over leaves

Specific Uses: All ornamental, Fruits trees | Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 6 inches | Weight: 1 pounds | Form: Liquid

8. EarthPods Premium Fruit & Citrus Plant Food

EarthPods Premium Fruit & Citrus Plant Food – Easy Organic...

EarthPods has gained substantial popularity for its range of plant food products that minimize environmental impact. Similarly, this product is also quite environment-friendly and provides a unique solution for ensuring that citrus plants get sufficient nutrition.

Why Did We Like It?

Even spraying a fertilizer requires some preparations like getting hold of a spray bottle and pouring the liquid. Sometimes you may also have to prepare the liquid by dissolving it in the recommended proportion in water.

But for this one, you won’t have to do any of this. It comes as a pack of 100 capsules and you just need to push one into the potting soil or soil around a tree. Make sure it reaches near the center of the plant and then just water it. Your job is done!

This fertilizer contains a special proprietary formula to ensure superior results. It includes a range of organic plant nutrients, soil life, humates, and trace minerals. All these components are present in a form immediately available to the plants.

What Could’ve Been Better?

There was nothing as such that we didn’t like about the product. However, we found that the large plants sometimes required more capsules than were recommended. While the said number was 4-8 capsules, larger plants sometimes may require 9-10 capsules.


  • Capsules enough for many potted plants
  • Boosts root and leaf growth and flower production
  • Proprietary formula
  • No foul smell detected


  • Larger trees may require more capsules than advised

Specific Uses: Plant Food | Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.75 inches | Weight: 0.25 pounds | Form: Capsules

9. Espoma Citrus-tone Plant Food

Espoma Organic Citrus-tone 5-2-6 Natural & Organic...
  • FOR USE ON: Use Citrus-tone organic fertilizer for all...
  • CONTAINS: Citrus-tone is a rich blend of the finest natural...

This plant food product from Espoma is also entirely made from natural ingredients and helps a tree to grow and develop correctly. Formulated based on recommendations by universities, this fertilizer comes in a 4-pound bag. 

Why Did We Like It?

This product provides balanced feeding which is continuous and also has a long lasting impact on your plants’ health. As many as a few thousand living Bio-tone microbes enhance the effectiveness of this fertilizer. Moreover, it is a very safe food source for the plants. 

Fruits may often not have the right flavour if the plants don’t get the correct nutrition. However, with the ingredients in this plant food product, your plants would exactly the nutrients that it needs. As a result, the fruits are very flavorful and grow in abundance. 

Besides, you will also not find any sludges or fillers in the product since it is made from completely organic ingredients. You can use it on all citrus trees as well as other fruit and nut trees. 

What Could’ve Been Better?

We were really impressed by the results that the product gave. However, it doesn’t have a very pleasant smell, so we refrained from using it for the plants while they were kept indoors. To avoid this problem, using it during the summer when plants can be kept outside is the best. 


  • No fillers or sludges
  • Safe food source
  • Continuous and balanced feeding
  • Can be used on all citrus trees


  • Unpleasant smell

Specific Uses: Gardening | Dimensions: ‎7 x 3.25 x 12 inches | Weight: 4 pounds | Form: Granules

10. Dr. Earth 708P Organic 9 Fruit Tree Fertilizer

Dr Earth started its journey 29 years ago as an exclusively organic gardening products brand. In fact, it introduced the first probiotic fertilizers and soils to the gardening industry. This fertilizer is one among its many high-quality plant food products. 

Why Did We Like It?

It is the healthy roots of a plant that ultimately brings about its ideal growth and development as a whole. So, ensuring that the roots get the required nourishment is extremely essential.

This can be achieved by microbes along with end and ecto mycorrhizae present in the product. As many as seven powerful strains of useful microbes are included in the fertilizer.

Also, this product can feed the plant for several months after a single application. Hence you are freed from the hassle of adding fertilizers every few weeks.

Note that this plant food product does not contain any sewage sludge, GMOs or chicken manure. Thus it addresses the food safety concerns for all organic gardeners as well.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although this product gives just the result that you would desire, you must check the product formulation on the label once. This product is available in two formulations. At times, you might find a pack with a 5-5-2 formulation inside the box for the 7-4-2 fertilizer.


  • Feeds for several months
  • No GMO, sewage sludge or chicken manure
  • Stable plant growth
  • Fruits grow in plenty


  • Box of 7-4-2 fertilizer may contain the 5-5-2 product

Specific Uses: Root Development | Dimensions: 2.5 x 7.3 x 10 inches | Weight: 4 pounds | Form: Sticks

11. Happy Frog Citrus and Avocado Organic Plant Fertilizer

The makers of Happy Frog have designed this product specially keeping avocado and citrus trees in mind. Beneficial nutrients in this plant food product help maintain the freshness of the fruits and make your trees ‘healthy and happy’ in the true sense.

Why Did We Like It?

When it comes to fruits, you will always want them to be tasty and juicy and to retain their freshness for a long time. This fertilizer will give you just what you wish for. Thanks to its rich nitrogen content, it promotes robust vegetative growth in the plants.

Sulfur and calcium are also present in this product, which provide the right nourishment to the trees to make them beautiful as well as bountiful. Mycorrhizal fungi included in the fertilizer help in increasing the efficiency of the roots. They even enhance water absorption of the trees.

Furthermore, you can also purchase the product in 3-unit, 5-unit or 6-unit packages. Going for any of these options will be cost-effective as well, if you need the fertilizer for a large area.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although the fertilizer worked really well with our citrus trees, we found that the large-sized trees required more than the recommended amount. At least 4 cups of the fertilizer were required, contrary to that mentioned on the label which was 3 cups.


  • Gives tasty and juicy fruits
  • Promotes robust vegetative growth
  • Cones in 2, 3, and 6 unit packages
  • Enhances water absorption


  • Larger trees might need more than the amount advised

Specific Uses: Organic | Dimensions: 12.52 x 8.82 x 4.09 inches | Weight: 4 pounds | Form: N/A

Best Citrus Fertilizer Comparison Table

ProductSpecific UsesDimensionsWeightForm
Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Plant FoodPlant Food4.25 x 13.5 x 7 inches8 poundsN/A
Jobe’s Organics Fruit & Citrus FertilizerOrganic, Plant Food3.25 x 7.1 x 13.6 inches1.52 poundsGranules
J R Peters Inc Jacks Classic Citrus Food FertilizerResistantN/A1 poundGranules
Down to Earth Organic Citrus Fertilizer MixOrganic, Potting4.25 x 2.12 x 5.5 inches1.4 poundsN/A
EcoScraps Citrus & Avocado Plant FoodOrganic, Plant Food, Plant Growth6 x 4 x 13.5 inches3.94 poundsGranules
Jobe’s Organics Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer SpikesOrganic6 x 2 x 9 inches0.63 poundsSticks
Southern AG 01902 Citrus Nutritional SprayAll ornamental, Fruits trees4 x 2 x 6 inches1 poundsLiquid
EarthPods Premium Fruit & Citrus Plant FoodPlant Food2.5 x 2.5 x 2.75 inches0.25 poundsCapsules
Espoma Citrus-tone Plant FoodGardening7 x 3.25 x 12 inches4 poundsGranules
Dr. Earth 708P Organic 9 Fruit Tree FertilizerRoot Development2.5 x 7.3 x 10 inches4 poundsSticks
Happy Frog Citrus and Avocado Organic Plant FertilizerOrganic12.52 x 8.82 x 4.09 inches4 poundsN/A

Buying Guide For The Best Citrus Fertilizer

Growing a citrus tree is not a difficult task, but it does need a substantial amount of time and the right gardening tools. Most importantly, it requires you to be patient and take regular and proper care of the plant.

Choosing the right fertilizer for your tree is also equally important as it gives the nourishment needed by the plant. Here are some factors to consider while you choosing a suitable fertilizer for you citrus trees:

Methods of Application

Fertilizers are sold in the form of spikes, sprays or granules. Before you proceed to buy one, you should decide which form you will go for. Granules are easy to handle as they just have to be sprinkled directly on the soil.

As for spikes, they have to be shoved into the soil, but you must be careful of the distance of that point from the tree center. On the other hand, sprays are not ready-made and need to be diluted with water. While spikes can be used if you are too busy and don’t wish to walk around, sprays have greater longevity.

The Tree You Would Use It For

Citrus trees include a wide range of trees such as grapefruits, lemons, limes and oranges. So, before you purchase a fertilizer, you should check whether it is suitable for the citrus tree you have.

Though most of the times you will find the products to be suitable for all citrus varieties, in some cases a particular type may be excluded. However, all the products included in this article are suitable for every citrus variety.

The Feeding Time

This is an important factor in choosing a fertilizer, as it tells you about the frequency of applications in a certain period of time. A fertilizer which can feed the plant for 3 months would be an efficient choice.

 If the right nutrients are present in the right amount, this would be an effective solution to the need for growth and development for your plant. Besides, a feeding time for a few months would also prove to be cost-effective.

Citrus Fertilizer FAQs

  • Why do citrus trees need fertilizer?

    Citrus trees have specific nutrient requirements to thrive and produce high-quality fruits. Fertilizers help provide these essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, along with other micronutrients. Fertilizing citrus trees ensures they receive adequate nourishment for vigorous growth, improved disease resistance, and abundant fruit production.

  • How often should I fertilize my citrus tree?

    The frequency of citrus tree fertilization depends on the specific fertilizer product and the tree’s growth stage. Generally, it is recommended to fertilize citrus trees three to four times a year. Start fertilizing in early spring before new growth begins, then repeat every 6-8 weeks until late summer or early fall. Avoid fertilizing in late fall and winter when the tree is dormant.

  • Can I over-fertilize my citrus tree?

    Over-fertilizing can be detrimental to citrus trees. Excessive fertilizer application can cause nutrient imbalances, salt accumulation in the soil, and root burn, leading to tree stress and poor fruit quality. Follow the recommended dosage and application guidelines provided by the fertilizer manufacturer. It’s always better to slightly under-fertilize than to overdo it.

  • How do I apply fertilizer to my citrus tree?

    Sprinkle the fertilizer evenly around the drip line of the tree, which is the area under the outer edge of the branches. Avoid direct contact with the trunk to prevent burning. Water the area thoroughly after fertilizing.

  • Is it necessary to use a citrus tree fertilizer for fruit production?

    Using a citrus tree fertilizer is highly recommended for optimal fruit production. Citrus trees have specific nutrient requirements, and a well-balanced fertilizer helps ensure the tree has the necessary nutrients to produce healthy and flavorful fruits.

  • Verdict On Fertilizer For Citrus Trees


    With this, we come to the end of our guide and we hope it will be easier for you to choose the right fertilizer for your garden now. 

    But before we sign off, we would like to recap our favorites from the list. The Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Plant Food is an ideal option that provides continuous nutrient release and can be used on various trees. The Jobe's Organics Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer is a good option for organic fruit production, enhancing soil quality and increasing fruit production.

    Lastly, the J R Peters Inc Jacks Classic Citrus Food Fertilizer is the right choice for professional results, improving micronutrient levels and promoting healthier trees and more abundant fruits.

    Consider these top picks to give your citrus trees the nourishment they need for optimal growth and yield.

    Let us know whether you agree with our verdict in the comments section below. 

    Till we meet again! 

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