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6 Best Spokeshaves Of 2023 | Reviews + Buyer’s Guide

Today's review will be especially appealing to DIY enthusiasts because we're discussing spokeshaves. 

Best Spokeshaves

For those of you in the woodworking business, spokeshaves are vital components that help remove scratches from the surface of the wood. Moreover, they help carve the wood into intricate shapes to handle various projects. 

It'll please you to know that thanks to the advancements in design and planning, these tools are more efficient than ever. One of the eye-catching aspects is the streamlined design that delivers flawless cuts, thereby making it user-friendly. Also, the high adjustability ensures that you can fine-tune the spokeshave according to your needs. 

That said, how will you choose from the many models available out there? We've narrowed down the nine best units that are making all the right noise. Besides, there's also a buyer's guide section to clear any lingering doubts. 

So, let's begin, shall we?

Here are the five best spokeshaves from our list.

  • Swpeet Spokeshave. The Swpeet Spokeshave stands as a beginner-friendly tool offering standout features such as heat-treated blades and double-screw adjustment, promising versatility and striking results.
  • Robert Larson Spokeshave. The Robert Larson Spokeshave ensures precision and durability by focusing primarily on the strength of its construction. This tool allows the user to adjust the blade settings providing seamless progression from task to task.
  • Glarks Spokeshave. The Glarks spokeshave represent an ideal balance of durability and cutting depth, providing a reliable and adjustable tool equipped with an additional blade for wood crafting, carving, and numerous other woodworking projects.
  • Anndason Spokeshave. The Anndason Spokeshave excels by offering users comfort while working due to its hardened blades and contoured handles, making it a suitable tool for all users due to its adjustable cutter ideal for shaping various forms.
  • Stanley Spokeshave. The Stanley Spokeshave stands out by offering a fine grey iron body construction suitable mostly for convex surfaces, providing a commendable tool with twin thumbscrews for adjusting the blades based on the type of cut needed.

Get ready to enhance your woodworking projects with precision and finesse. Without further ado, here’s the list of the 6 best spokeshaves.

1. Swpeet Spokeshave - Best for Beginners and Versatility

If it's your first time using a spokeshave, then we recommend giving this model a try. Swpeet has made significant strides to create a product that delivers the best results even with the most inexperienced hands. Plus, with features like heat-treated blades and double-screw adjustment, you can make your projects stand out.

This 10-inch spokeshave has 46mm carbon steel blades, so you get incredible power and durability for a reliable experience. The designers have ensured that the blades are sufficiently hard at 58-60 HRC, complete with contoured handles and corrosion-resistant epoxy coating. Therefore, you'll find it comfortable to work for extended periods. 

We liked the double-screw adjustment mechanism, which allows you to adjust the thickness of the lock stable for smooth performance. Hence, it proves useful for dealing with different tasks, highlighting incredible versatility. Besides, the blade has been subjected to heat treatment to retain its sharpness for a long time.  

What’s more, the streamlined design delivers faster cuts for improved output. Plus, it's easy to use, permitting seasoned professionals and first-timers to get the desired results.

Initially, you might struggle to get the correct blade depth because it takes time to make the right adjustments. Also, after regular use, the soft brass of the tensioning screw may start to wear down, thereby causing issues with tensioning. So, we suggest keeping spare components close by. 

Blade Material: Steel | Blade Width: 1 ¾" | Adjustable Mouth: Yes | Overall Length: 10 ¼" | Handles Material: Hardwood

2. Robert Larson Spokeshave - Best for Durability and Precision

Our next model has focused a lot on durability, but that doesn't mean its other functions have gone for a toss. There's a lot to like about it; no wonder this spokeshave has made fast progress to rank among the best products. This is one of the most popular units available out there.

It has several exciting functions but let's start by looking at its precise performance. Robert Larson has added two adjustment screws that play a pivotal part in shaping the wood as per your needs. You can accurately adjust and change the settings of the blade based on different tasks. 

You'll also find this model easy to use, and all you need to do is pull and push the spokeshave to smoothen the surface of the wood. So, it has an advantage over a hand plane, and we can understand why buyers have taken a liking to it. 

When it comes to sturdiness, it features a hardened steel and cast iron body that will last a long time. Therefore, it's suitable for daily use, and rest assured, you can get consistent results without any hassle. 

Meanwhile, components like step stools are included with the unit to save you the trouble of additional expenditure.

Although it includes all relevant components, you'll have to fine-tune the various parts to get the desired results. We must also mention that you're likely to experience a slight chatter along with high-pitched screeching, which isn't ideal. It could lead to buyers opting out of the purchase to look at other models. 

Blade Material: High-Carbon Steel | Blade Width: 1 ¾" | Adjustable Mouth: Yes | Overall Length: 10 ¾" | Handles Material: Hardwood

3. Glarks Spokeshave - Best for Cutting Depth and Reliability

We're at the halfway point of our list, but there are many quality units we're yet to review. Next up is this unit from Glarks, offering the perfect combination of durability and cutting depth. Therefore, it's highly reliable, assuring a fantastic return on your investment and generating substantial buzz in the market. 

The Glarks spokeshave is a versatile model, ensuring you can handle various tasks. There's an additional blade for quick replacement and reliability for wood crafting, craving, and other woodworking projects. Therefore, it's an all-around unit that has most bases covered, which will surely please customers. 

Coming to its other aspects, we found the 10-inch size ideal for supporting the 45mm blade, providing more maneuverability. What's more, the high-grade metal and steel construction improves the lifespan of the blades, ensuring it doesn't break down in the middle of work. In that regard, the 2mm thickness proves efficient, permitting you to quickly complete work. 

As seen with other models, the double handles deliver greater control and are well-supported by adjustable screws for precise output. Lastly, the blades have been heat-treated and covered with a corrosion-resistant epoxy coating for longevity. So, you get consistent output daily. 

These blades can't be used out of the box and require a fair bit of effort to get ready. The main problem is with the paint, and you'll need to sand the paint off completely to get an even alignment. Other than that, the blades need sharpening and should be kept in an oil bag. 

Blade Material: Steel | Blade Width: 1 ⅝" | Adjustable Mouth: Yes | Overall Length: 10 ½" | Handles Material: Hardwood

4. Anndason Spokeshave

Anndason Spokeshave has raised the bar in terms of quality, thanks to features like the hardened blades and contoured handles. While most units have looked at delivering accurate cuts, this brand has allowed users to get much-needed comfort while working. As a result, buyers are queuing up to check out its features. 

First and foremost, this spokeshave is suitable for all users irrespective of whether you're a professional or a first-timer. And we would like to highlight the adjustable cutter to back up our claims. This cutter is ideal for shaping chair legs, and seats and working on other curved surfaces, making it extremely efficient. 

Moving on, the unit weighs 5.28 ounces, but that doesn't compromise the sturdiness of the blades. It's quite hard, having a 58-60 HRC value to support the carbon steel body. Hence, it can endure the demands of daily use while the 44mm length allows you to make fast and accurate cuts. 

Other than that, thanks to the heat treatment, the edges retain their sharpness. And for more control, the designers have added double-contoured handles, reducing stress and making work more manageable despite a longer runtime. 

Both the blades are painted, which leads to unevenness, as seen with other models. So, it's important to flatten the surface to get the desired output. Also, users have encountered adjustment issues since the nuts and the slot of the base don't align. 

Blade Material: Carbon Steel | Blade Width: 1 ⅝" | Adjustable Mouth: Yes | Overall Length: 10" | Handles Material: Hardwood

5. Stanley Spokeshave

We hope you're enjoying the guide because there are more quality units lined up. Next up is the Stanley Spokeshave, which has many similarities with other models; however, the fine grey iron construction has left a mark on customers. Seldom do we come across a tool that offers versatility and precision in equal measure. 

So far, we've looked at several tools that work well on different curved surfaces, but this unit has taken versatility to a new level. It's primarily suited for operating on convex surfaces, something that's not seen with other products, thereby giving it an edge. 

Furthermore, this spokeshave has a fine grey iron body, which looks good and proves robust for daily use. Rest assured, it will last a long time, and there's no need to worry about it breaking down in the middle of work. Thus, it's extremely reliable and reduces work time. 

We loved the twin thumbscrews that deliver a smooth experience, ensuring you can adjust the blades depending on the type of cut. Not surprisingly, most users have spoken highly about accurate output, which is essential for woodworking. And speaking of accuracy, the metric system is a wonderful addition to making precise measurements. 

Firstly, this blade needs sharpening before you can work on more demanding projects. Users didn't face problems while making fine cuts, but the chattering proved to be an issue when shaping thicker wood. So, it's essential to be patient as it takes time to get used to it. 

Blade Material: Steel | Blade Width: 1 ⅝" | Adjustable Mouth: Yes | Overall Length: 10 ¼" | Handles Material: Rosewood

6. WoodRiver Spokeshave

One of the first things buyers look at is the weight of a spokeshave because these are diminutive tools. The challenge for engineers is to incorporate all the functions without making them heavy, and this unit is a testament to their hard work. All the components are in sync with each other for optimum output. 

Of all the products on our list, this spokeshave is perhaps the most elegant and attractive-looking unit. Even more pleasing is that it has the functions to back up its appearance, making it suitable for various woodworking tasks. As a result, you get fine, smooth surfaces, highlighting the efficiency in handling different projects. 

Now, the overall weight is a meager 1.05 pounds, delivering excellent maneuverability to work from several angles. In that regard, the adjustable shoe proves useful, ensuring you can make the necessary changes for the best results. Meaning it improves control, allowing you to shave the wood single-handed or with both hands. 

Another aspect that deserves mention is the cast-iron body delivering durability for long-lasting performance. It can withstand daily use, permitting you to complete work and enhance efficiency. Furthermore, the corrosion-resistant coating along with the high-carbon blade helps maintain quality while reducing wear and tear. 

We noticed that the foot and the flat of the bed were slightly uneven, and you'll need to flatten them before beginning to work. Now, it isn't a major issue, and neither does it take time to achieve the desired evenness. However, it doesn't bode well in terms of user experience. 

Blade Material: High-Carbon Steel | Blade Width: 2" | Adjustable Mouth: Yes | Overall Length: 10 ¾" | Handles Material: Hardwood

What is the Best Spokeshave?

Below is a comparison table, efficiently assembled to highlight the significant characteristics of the leading spokeshaves available. The table assesses elements like blade material, blade width, whether the mouth is adjustable, the overall length of the tool, and the material of its handles.

ProductBlade MaterialBlade WidthAdjustable MouthOverall LengthHandles Material
Swpeet SpokeshaveSteel1 ¾"Yes10 ¼"Hardwood
Robert Larson SpokeshaveHigh-Carbon Steel1 ¾"Yes10 ¾"Hardwood
Glarks SpokeshaveSteel1 ⅝"Yes10 ½"Hardwood
Anndason SpokeshaveCarbon Steel1 ⅝"Yes10"Hardwood
Stanley SpokeshaveSteel1 ⅝"Yes10 ¼"Rosewood
WoodRiver SpokeshaveHigh-Carbon Steel2"Yes10 ¾"Hardwood

Buying Guide for The Best Spokeshave 

It's time to focus on the buyer's guide, where we'll help you distinguish between the top models based on some essential aspects. Without further ado, check out the points mentioned below. 

  1. Sturdiness 

To survive the harsh work environment and daily demands, the spokeshave needs to be durable. It should feature a sturdy construction that won't wear down easily and can withstand rusting or breaking. 

  1. Adjustability 

Any spokeshave must have the necessary user-friendliness allowing you to fine-tune it according to your requirement. So, you can work on different shapes and carve the wood as per your needs. 

  1. Price 

Finally, it shouldn't be too pricey, allowing most users to bring the model home. We understand that a quality unit will be priced higher, but the cost shouldn't be exorbitant. The manufacturers must look to balance the functions and the price, leading to increased demand.

What are the different types of spokeshaves?

There are several types of spokeshaves available, including flat-bottom spokeshaves, round-bottom spokeshaves, and compass or concave spokeshaves. Flat-bottom spokeshaves are versatile and suitable for general shaping tasks. Round-bottom spokeshaves are ideal for shaping curved surfaces, while compass or concave spokeshaves are used for creating concave shapes or hollowing out wood.

How do I use a spokeshave?

To use a spokeshave, hold it firmly by the handles and position the blade against the wood surface you wish to shape. Apply gentle pressure and push the spokeshave across the grain to remove the material. For curved surfaces, use controlled and steady strokes to follow the contour. It’s important to maintain a sharp blade and take light passes to achieve smoother results. Practice and experimentation will help refine your technique.

How do I sharpen a spokeshave blade?

Sharpening a spokeshave blade involves honing the bevel to a keen edge. Start by securely clamping the blade in a vise or a sharpening jig. Use a sharpening stone or a honing guide to maintain a consistent angle while sharpening. Begin with a coarse grit to remove any nicks or dullness, then progress to finer grits for honing. Ensure the blade is properly aligned and honed symmetrically on both sides for optimal performance.

Can a spokeshave be used on different types of wood?

Yes, spokeshaves can be used on different types of wood, including hardwoods and softwoods. However, the hardness and grain orientation of the wood may affect the performance and ease of use. It’s important to adjust the depth and angle of the spokeshave to suit the specific wood being worked on. Experimentation and practice on different wood species will help you become familiar with the tool’s behavior.

We're down to the final section in our guide, and all that remains is to provide a few pointers. 

While we've covered most of the points in the product reviews and buyer's guide, one last thing needs mentioning. We've decided to highlight the top models in different categories to help you make an informed decision. 

After looking at the products, we felt that the Swpeet Spokeshave is the most balanced among all the units and delivers a seamless experience. Apart from that, the Robert Larson Spokeshave is quite noticeable for its incredible durability. 

That's all the time we have, and hopefully, we'll be back reviewing more exciting tools. Until then, enjoy the finer adjustments and smooth performance of the spokeshave.