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37 Free DIY Tiny House Plans for a Happy & Peaceful Life In Nature

If you have ever dreamt of building and living in your own tiny home then this article might just make your dream come true. It is not hard to see why Tiny Houses are a thing these days. Not only does it let you avoid huge sums of debt, they also let you embrace life in the serenity of nature. So in this article, we have a list of 37 DIY Tiny House Plans that are pretty easy to build without incurring too much expense.

Free DIY Tiny House Plans for a Happy & Peaceful Life In Nature

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DIY Tiny House Plans

1. The Homesteader Cabin

The Homestead Cabin is among the most popular tiny house plans thanks to the gorgeous exteriors and a decently spacious interior that will ensure a life of peace and tranquility. The house itself is a 12’x24’ one with a 12/12 roof and a loft. The lower level of the house has enough space to fit in a living room, a small kitchen, a bathroom, and even a laundry closet. The loft, which spans about half the house, can either be left as it is or utilized to construct a second floor for even more space.1. The Homesteader Cabin

Complete instructions at tinyhousedesign.com

2. The 8x12 Tiny House

This tiny house plan is for all those folks who want to stick with a basic design that provides a high level of utility. While this house, measuring 8’x12’, is significantly smaller than the previous one – its primary advantage lies in the simplicity of the design. This is definitely a great choice for those of you guys that are somewhat apprehensive about the idea of building your own home. The design is easy to implement and, with a little creativity, this home can really be turned into a show place.


Complete instructions at www.tinyhousedesign.com

3. Tiny Market House

If you happen to own a small, mobile business that requires you to move your mobile stall around a lot, then this is the plan for you. This isn’t exactly suitable for living but serves great as a mobile market. You can easily set this house up at different farmer’s markets or other vending areas where you can conduct your business. The Market House itself is a very compact 5’x8’ house and features a glass window in the front, next to the door.


Complete instructions at tinyhousedesign.com

4. The 8’x8’ Tiny House

This tiny house is perfect if you plan on living solo or maybe even as a couple. The tiny 8’x8’ house cannot hold a family but will surely suffice for two persons. The house itself is extremely minimalistic and is pretty easy to build as it does not have any complex structures. It has just enough space for the basic amenities such as a bathroom, a small kitchen and a sleeping loft which is accessed above the main living area.


Complete instructions at tinyhousedesign.com

5. The Tiny Solar House

This one’s for all those who love to live life without having to depend on any agencies for basic needs. Self-sufficiency is what this house offers you as its design has been based on the idea of being run on solar power. This is especially great if you’re looking to live off the grid in a place that does not have access to electricity. So if you’re a person who loves the idea of living in solitude in a self-sufficient manner, this is just the house for you.


Complete instructions at tinyhousedesign.com

6. The 8’x20 Solar House

Yet another solar-powered tiny house for those of you who prefer living self-sufficiently in a far-off place. This house is significantly bigger that the previous one, measuring about 8’x20’ and designed to run strictly on solar power. While the design may be a little more on the complicated side as compared to a lot of others in the article, it does offer you quite a lot of facilities for a house this small. Besides the plan has been prepared to show you how the home would look in both 2D and 3D which will ensure you know exactly what you’re going for.


Complete instructions at tinyhousedesign.com

7. The Writer’s Cottage

As the name suggests, The Writer’s Cottage is a safe haven for all those aspiring writers that dream of living in a state of blissful solitude and expressing their thoughts and beliefs on paper, undisturbed by the bustle of the city. This is almost like a tiny little paradise for people that dream of becoming a writer someday. The house itself looks very warm and welcoming, featuring all the basic amenities such as a small kitchen, a Sun-Mar composting toilet system, ample space for books and even a small folding writer’s desk.


Complete instructions at thesmallhousecatalog.com

8. The Sago Plan

The Sago Plan shows the house is a whopping 670 sq. feet which are quite big for a tiny house. This is perfect for those that plan on moving into a tiny home with their family and living in a cozy little home that has everything you need to live a wonderful life. The house even comes with its own little porch apart from a few other luxuries such as a basement with a cold cellar, a fireplace, and a full-sized kitchen. If you wish to live big in a tiny house, this is what you should be looking for.


9. The Ash House

The Ash house is a tad smaller than the previous house, coming in at an impressive 480 sq. feet of living space. The design itself is quite basic but pretty to look at and it is very easy to build without incurring many costs. This is great for singles, couples, and retirees that wish to live a minimalistic lifestyle. However, you do get everything you need in this house - a decently sized kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, and even a basement.


10. The Backyard Bungalow

As you might already have figured out from the pictures itself, the plan of this tiny house is very similar to the previous one and offers you pretty much the same amenities as the last one. The primary difference between the two homes is in its design which has been tweaked and modified to make it more suitable as a guest home in your backyard. The house features a crawlspace instead of a basement and is perfect if you plan to put up a small bungalow in your backyard for guests.

THE BACKYARD BUNGALOW tiny house plans

Complete instructions at smallhousecatalog.com

11. Cascadia Cottage

The Cascadia Cottage is probably one of the most adorable designs on the whole list and offers you more room than most other houses in the list. It has around 560 sq. feet of living space where you can comfortably spend your life. The house is designed to have only a single floor which comes with just one bathroom and a bedroom. If you are a true believer in living simply and have downsized your possessions to the tiniest extent, then you should definitely check out this plan.

CASCADIA COTTAGE tiny house plans

Complete instructions at smallhousecatalog.com

12. The Bohemian Style Home on Wheels

If you are someone that loves to be on the move constantly and don’t want to restrict your home to just one piece of land, this is the home for you. The Bohemian-style home is on a trailer which will allow you to move it around as you, please. The house itself is quite spacious and cozy for a tiny house and has an organic flair to it thanks to the cedar shingle siding and a curved roof.


Complete instructions at smallhousecatalog.com

13. Texas Round House

If you’re someone who loves to go against the norm and prefers unique designs over the same old boring stuff, then the Texas Round House should be your ideal choice. Round houses aren’t just unique but they also hold up better against the elements of nature as compared to traditional designs. The design of the house looks super cool and has a commendable 616 sq. feet of living space inside.


Complete instructions at smallhousecatalog.com

14. The Ladder House

This is yet another unique design that serves great as a tiny house. The ladder house features two stories which equate to an impressive 531 sq. feet of finished space. Additionally, this house also comes with a basement underneath the building which can serve as a root cellar. So if the idea of owning a two-story tiny house that also comes with a root cellar excites you, you should definitely check out this design.


Complete instructions at smallhousecatalog.com

15. The Tamarack Tiny House

This is yet another house that is on wheels and is perfect for anyone that is on the move constantly. If you love traveling or your job requires you to move around a lot, you can easily take this house along with you and not have to worry about checking in to a hotel every time. This way you can cut down on your traveling expenses and also cut down on your living expenses as a tiny home requires a far lower monthly expenditure compared to a regular house.


Complete instructions at smallhousecatalog.com

16. The Hydrangea Tiny House

The Hydrangea Tiny House is definitely one of the biggest houses in our list of the best tiny house designs. This house has a whopping 908 sq. feet of finished space which is definitely enough for a small family. The house comes with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and is perfect if you plan on moving to a tiny home along with your entire family. It also comes with a full-sized kitchen and high 8 feet ceiling.


Complete instructions at smallhousecatalog.com

17. The Rolling Bungalow

Not all people have the luxury of taking their house along with them wherever they go. But you definitely can do so with this amazing design that is engineered to be mobile. You may have your own reasons to not lead a traditional settled lifestyle and hence this house has been designed keeping people like you in mind. The house itself is fully featured and comes with a bathroom, kitchen and a sleeping loft apart from a few other amenities.


18. The Forest Rose Tiny House

The forest rose house is, in my opinion, the most adorable design on the whole list. Being a tiny home does not stop this house from being as charming and aesthetically pleasing as a luxurious mansion. While the house may appear tall, it actually only has 440 sq. feet of living space with just one bedroom and one bathroom. This house will perfectly assure you a comfortable life if you plan on staying solo or as a couple.


Complete instructions at smallhousecatalog.com

19. Quartz Tiny House

Yet another tiny house that is on a trailer and designed to be on the go constantly. The design of the house is quite adorable and measures 24 feet in length while having a width of about 8’6”. That is an impressive amount of space for a house that is on a trailer. The real beauty of the house lies in its interiors which is beautifully designed to provide you with all kinds of convenience.


Complete instructions at ana-white.com

20. The Lookout Cabin

The Lookout Cabin is one of my favorite designs on the list simply because of the second-story balcony that comes with it. With just around 460 sq. feet of space, this cabin conveniently fits in two bathrooms, one bedroom, an all-purpose room, and a balcony. Besides, the cabin comes with a stairwell which is rarely seen in a tiny home. This can serve as an amazing vacation home for up to a couple of people.


Complete instructions at todaysplans.net

21. Pump it up

Among all the unique and even bizarre designs that we have come across, this house is one of its own kind. The tiny home is actually a fully working amplifier and you can plug in any musical instrument of your choice into it. The best part is that the deck of the house itself can serve as a stage. The main part of the L-Shaped house is a 400 sq. foot stationary one while the “amplified” side can be attached to a trailer and taken on an adventure.


Complete instructions at countryliving.com

22. A Greenhouse and a Porch Swing

This is definitely one of the most amazing houses that I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. This tiny home comes with its own little greenhouse and the entire house can be moved around by attaching it to a trailer. The design itself is nothing short of a masterpiece and the house can easily accommodate a couple for a comfortable lifestyle. It has a total of 323 sq. feet of living space.


Complete instructions at tinyhouselistings.com

23. Tiny but Mighty

This tiny house, known as the Nugget, is definitely the most livable 12-foot home that you’ve ever seen. It is complete with full off-grid capabilities and you can easily use this as a weekend gateway or a travel companion and even live in it comfortably as long as you are alone. The house comes with a full bathroom, a lovely bedroom, and a huge kitchen sink.



Complete instructions at moderntinyliving.com

24. Quaint Little Cottage

This cottage is one of the coziest-looking houses that I’ve seen in my life. Living in this adorable little home, which you can also move around on wheels, must be a sweet experience. The size of this little home is enough for a couple to live comfortably and it also comes with all the basic amenities that you’d expect out of a tiny house.


More details at tripadvisor.in

25. Farmhouse Chic

The Cheddar Mountain Tiny House might look small when observed from the outside. However, a little peek into the house will reveal a big and grand farmhouse-style design that is bound to impress you. This house features repurposed accessories, subway tiles, rich hardwood floors, and shiplap walls, all of which combine to give it the perfect balance between a rustic-chic and modern convenience.


More details at amazon.com

26. Gorgeous Backyard Getaway

This design has been engineered by a Dallas-based designer named Paige Morse who renovated two century-old sheds in her backyard to create this comfy little home. This can serve as an excellent little guest house, in case you lack one in your own home. It has two rooms and 250 sq. feet of space which is sufficient for a single person to live comfortably.


More details at amazon.com

27. Dreamy Tree House

As a child, did you ever dream of living in a tree house? Observing nature from the midst of the wilderness and living a life of full freedom. Well, the day has come when you can finally make that dream come true. This amazing tree house looks like something straight out of my childhood dreams and boasts of an impressive living room, an office and a comfy little bedroom.

DREAMY TREE tiny house plan

More details at amazon.com

28. Pop out Porch

This definitely is one of the sleekest and most unique tiny house ideas on the list and if you are someone who loves to travel, then you are bound to love it. The house is attached to a trailer and comes with 200 sq. Ft of living space. The tiny home features a farmhouse sink, shiplap, and subway tile all crammed into the tiny house. However, the most defining feature of this house is the sliding glass garage door that has a deck that pops out and can be used as a porch.

 POP OUT PORCH tiny house plan

More details at countryliving.com

29. Bestie Row

The Bestie Row was created by four couples in Texas it basically is a mini neighborhood that consists of four houses. The houses are all very basic and minimalistic consisting of just one bedroom, a bathroom, and a living room.


More details at countryliving.com

30. The Cabin by the Woods

This one is a dreamy little house nestled in the midst of the quaint wilderness, undisturbed by the chaos of civilization. The design of the house revolves around self-sufficiency and hence comes with solar panels on the South-East facing porch. The house looks warm and cozy and boasts an impressive 550 sq. Ft of space which is ample for a couple to live comfortably.


More details at amazon.com

31. Pequod House

Named after the ship from Moby Dick, The Pequod is a prime example of creative living. It features some of the basic modern amenities and has upscale materials and looks nothing short of a work of art. The Pequod is 26 feet in length and weighs around 11,500 pounds and is perfect for all those artists that wish to live life off the grid.


More details at countryliving.com

32. Electrically Colorful

Two mobile trailers were cleverly turned into one 400 sq. foot home by the owner of this Austin tiny home. Just one look at the house will reveal all the artistic details and vibrant colors that speak a ton about the owner of the house. The two trailers are connected only by a deck and look like an excellent little place to lay back and relax during the weekends.


More details at countryliving.com

33. Mobile Farmhouse

A warm and cozy wave of sweet country characters greets you as soon as you step inside the 250 sq. Ft tiny home. The design is one of the neatest and most organized ones that I have seen in the hundreds of tiny house ideas that I have scoured through. The house features farmhouse-inspired wooden accents and is always teeming with natural light throughout the daylight hours.


More details at countryliving.com

34. Bright Colors

This is certainly one of the most vibrant tiny houses featured on the list. Known as the “Savannah” this unique little house is one of the many such masterpieces in Oregon’s Mt. Hood Tiny House Village. The house features yellow cedar planks that are accentuated by the red shutters and white rim.

BRIGHT COLORS tiny house plan

More details at countryliving.com

35. Bold Design

The Indigo tiny home by Driftwood Homes USA boasts of bold and contrasting interiors that lend a sleek and modern feel to it. Careful choice of colors and smart utilization of space sets this tiny 280 sq. Ft home apart from the rest of the crowd. The house is definitely an amazing place to lay back and take a break from the hectic life in the city.

BOLD DESIGN interior tiny house plan

More details at countryliving.com

36. Minimalist Lifestyle

This tiny home is a true minimalist’s paradise which is clad in a siding that is made of recycled pallet wood. The 196 sq. ft home feels spacious despite it being one of the smallest in the entire list. It is beautifully lit in bright incandescent lighting and comes with all the basic amenities required to live a cozy life.


More details at minimotives.com

37. Enviresponisble Shelter

Ending our list with one of the most unique and environment-friendly designs is this beautiful little home designed by Broadhurst Architects. The design of this tiny home is inspired by American Corn Cribs which were used for storing corn. This 250 sq. foot tiny home includes a sleeping loft, a fully functional bathroom an expandable kitchen wall, and even a living room. The entire house is constructed of sustainable and recyclable materials which can be dismantled and relocated elsewhere.


More details at www.thecrib.info

What do you think about our tiny house plans collection? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

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