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9 Best Window Cleaning Robots In 2023 | Reviews + Guide

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With passing time the human race has been hugely successful in exploring even greater depths in the world of technology. Automation is the name of the game, as tasks that seemed impossible before are now easily performed with the help of a robot.

In addition to the convenience in our lifestyle, the technology of today is revolutionizing the way we do things. The further the technology advances, the better off us human beings are. One example that indicates the advancement of technology is the development of robot appliances that cut our work in half.

With new ideas flowing through, robots like all other technological results are becoming more advanced day by day. Such is the extent of the growth of this technology that the field of robotics today is not limited to any one industry.

All facets of life today are dependent in some way or the other on robots. While the significance of robots to different industries is unquestionable, we will study the creation of a new chapter in the home-help industry.

One aspect that the home-help industry really focuses on is making lives easier. The technology prioritizes innovation and creation that result in long-lasting products for users keeping them away from household chores.

Let’s face it; no one really enjoys doing a household chore like window cleaning all day long. In addition to looking for reasons to avoid chores, we most certainly want someone else to do them for us. Just a few decades ago we would have no other option than doing a chore ourselves, but today things are different.

Window cleaning robots are one of the great additions to the list of robot appliances made to make our lives easier. With window cleaning robots you will not have to worry about cleaning inaccessible parts of your windows, as the models can clean each and every nook and corner.

How Window Cleaning Robots Work

Robotic vacuum cleaners are fairly easy to operate. The robot vacuums constitute of cleaning pads, a solution to clean the windows and a power adapter to charge the device. In addition to the basic components the robot vacuums come with safety tethers that ensure the device does not fall off when in use.

The robotic vacuum cleaner moves from side to side to clean the whole window including the edges. The cleaner works in a systematic way to clean the entire area of the windows, the end result of which is a clean window free of stripes. Removing all stripes of dust is something that is not possible if you are looking to clean the window yourself.  

Robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to play an audible tone once they are done cleaning. This is to let you know that the cleaning is complete and it is time to move on to the next window. You will practically have to do nothing, apart from adding the solution to the machine.

Best Window Cleaning Robots

Domestic robot cleaning glass window on high rise building. Personal robot housekeeping futuristic concept. Best Window Cleaning Robots

Now that you are aware of the basic method of operation of a window cleaning robot, you probably cannot wait to get your hands on one of the models.

This is why we have put together a list of the best window cleaning models in 2022. Go through the following products to help you decide which one best suits your needs.

1. Ecovacs WINBOT W950

The Winbot 950 from Ecovacs is one of the best window cleaning gadgets in the market today. The excellent quality of the product is backed with a high price tag, but the product is a classic case of you get what you pay for. 

The robotic window cleaner comes with an extra battery that allows the device to stay on the window even after the main battery loses its power. As an extra measure of security the WINBOT comes with a safety cord that is a fail-safe in case of battery malfunction. The cleaner is designed with a comprehensive four-stage washing system that ensures no spot of your window is left untouched. 

The Smart Drive concept is one of the only negatives that is found in the system. Although the feature is an advanced concept for window cleaning robots, it may need refining in the future models. Customer reviews openly claim that the product gets stuck occasionally, until it is turned around manually. 

Despite the manual flows the end result of the product is excellent. The producers of the WINBOT950 are fully confident of the abilities of the product and provide a full one-year warranty to all owners. 


  • Safety cord and a backup battery to protect against dangerous situations
  • Less noisier than many of the smart window cleaning devices
  • The WINBOT comes at a very high price
  • The Smart Drive causes the product to sometimes get stuck in one section of the window

2. HOBOT-198 Glass Cleaning Robot

HOBOT-198 Glass and Window Cleaning Automatic Robot with...
  • AI-technology, works ONLY with power cord. Embedded UPS...
  • Minimum surface size - 13х13 inch. For any glass thickness...

The HOBOT 198 is a unique model that uses technology to clean your window by moving up and down a window in a diagonal route. The two holes on top of the device allow the attachment of a safety rope.

The design of the product includes multiple lights, a vent, an on and off button, and a DC power adaptor. On the bottom of the power adaptor there lie two washing rings and three small lights.

Although the model is smaller than the others mentioned in the list, it contains a powerful motor that provides the product with a firm hold on any window. The device also involves an app as it allows the user to control the product with the help of a smart phone. The artificial intelligence on the other hand provides the product with the option of identifying the size of the windows and then developing an efficient cleaning pattern.

The Hobot 198 also features an uninterrupted power system that guarantees the product will stay attached in case of battery or power failure. 


  • Provides an excellent cleaning performance
  • Can connect to wifi device and can work on an app
  • Some customers feel that the robot takes too much time to clean a window
  • The high price of the model makes it out of the reach of some customers

3. HOBOT-268 with Remote Control

The Hobot-268 is a much more advanced continuation of the previous versions. The cleaning device comes with a robot that has a much more specific and improved design, including artificial intelligence technology version S 1.0. Hobot also boasts of the performance of the model, by calling it the quickest window washer. 

Although many argue that the design and the appearance of the model are similar to previous models, the technology is vastly different. The strong vacuum motor is reliable to hold the gadget to any surface, as the two extra washing wheels increase the speed of the motor. 

Even with the considerable increase in the moving speed the Hobot268 is able to clean as effectively as previous models.  The laser sensor in the machine is designed to ensure that the surface remains spotless and can clean as much as possible. The laser further assists in holding the product firmly to any kind of surface. 

Customer reviews suggest that the users are impressed with the smart window cleaning technology. The technology is highly efficient at navigating surfaces and can wash them quickly and effectively. 


  • Excellent artificial intelligence and safety features
  • Highly efficient at window cleaning
  • The robot is a little noisy
  • The robot has a limited surface area that needs adjustment for moving the machine

4. Mamibot Iglassbot W120-T Robotic Window Cleaner

Mamibot W120-T Window Cleaning Robot Vacuum with iGLASSBOT...
  • Why Choose W120-T: Intelligent cleaning routes, Clean your...
  • Easy Operation: Control your robot in three simple ways:...

If you are looking for a robot cleaner that is less expensive but provides the same features as some of the others on the list, then you don’t need to look beyond the W120. The device is connected to a smartphone app that brings in several functions and features to the table.  The functions include, start, stop, and select washing mode and manual control of the device with directional controls.

The W120 is capable of washing a large operating area. Additionally the product is capable of cleaning framed, unframed and inclined windows. Therefore, the device can function perfectly as a skylight washer.

The window washing robot has proved its metal against filthy surfaces. Customer reviews of the W120 report that the surfaces are blotch and streak-free. The reviews for the less expensive window cleaning robot are overwhelmingly positive making it a fan favorite.


  • Provides users with great value and a 5-year guarantee
  • Commanding through the application generates an immediate response from the device
  • The dynamic applications of the device are capable of cleaning skylights
  • The product also functions as a robotic map
  • The device does not come with a cleaning or washing fluid

5. Alfawise S60 Window Cleaner Robot

The S60 from Alfawise is another product that focuses on providing the users with quick window cleaning. For customers who are looking for pristine windows, the Alfawise is for the perfect choice.

For starters the size of the device is enormous, and it comes with a remote control, extra washing pads and an AC adapter. In case of an accident you don’t need to worry because the packaging also includes replaceable pieces and a safety component. These components ensure the device does not fall in case of loss of power.  

However, let’s assume the device ends up losing power, for this the manufacturers have added a feature that keeps the device stuck to the window for up to thirty minutes. This feature will give you ample time to safely remove the robots before any dangerous situation occurs.

The Alfawise is considerably smaller than the other robots mentioned on the list, however, it makes up for its lack of size with excellent speed. The efficient motor design of the product powers the speed resulting in its great performance.

The robotic window cleaner has an excellent suction that aids to the efficiency of the product. However, the same suction is the reason for the noise it produces during operation. Customers are not impressed with the sound the model makes with users claiming that the sound of the robot is heard outdoors even while cleaning indoor windows.

Keeping the downsides of the product aside, its most impressive feature is artificial intelligence. Owners have the option of choosing one of the three behavioral patterns. These behavioral patterns allow the S60 to learn the dimensions of the windows avoid all obstacles and mystify owners by what it is capable of doing.


  • Advanced artificial intelligence allows the product to learn the dimensions of your home
  • Can remain attached to a window for thirty minutes without power
  • In comparison to the size of the windows the product covers, it is high priced
  • Loud noise when compared to other window washing robots

6. Alfawise WIN660 Window Cleaning Robot

One of the major disadvantages of manual window cleaning is that it takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Additionally the challenge of cleaning the window completely by reaching awkward positions is dangerous for the cleaner.

The Alfawise WIN660 can complete difficult, awkward cleaning jobs effortlessly while leaving the owner satisfied with their investment.

The machine can clean both quickly and efficiently, as customer reviews suggest, the product is ideal for users who need to keep their windows spotless. The device is useful in both a commercial and domestic setting. The product is used in households, office buildings, shopping malls, storefronts and hotels.

The versatility and the design of the Alfawise make the product a powerful window cleaning capable of fulfilling all window washing needs.


  • The product is highly effective with large windows
  • The backup battery ensures that the device will not fall
  • According to users the device leaves behind stains

7. Ecovacs Winbot X Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

The Winbot X from Ecovacs was one of the first robotic window cleaners in the market. The product design aids it in functioning brilliantly on large windows or areas of glass. Instead of a safety cord the Winbot X comes with a suction pad that keeps the device stuck to the surface. However, regardless of the countless features the model offers it comes with a price tag that is unaffordable for most. 

The model comes with two main cleaning modes, the auto-mode and the deep-cleaning mode. While the auto-mode is faster of the two, the deep cleaning mode will ensure a better result. However, in comparison to the models present today, both the modes are said to take significantly longer time. 

Customer reviews suggest that the users with the honesty of the manufacturers as the product functions exactly as advertised. Additionally, the device is also very simple to set-up and use. 


  • Simple setup and design
  • Excellent for spaces difficult to reach
  • The device takes a long time to clean the surface
  • You need to buy cleaning pads and solution frequently

8. Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

The Gecko robot cleaner from Gladwell is a tremendous addition to the Gladwell family. The product is considerably smaller but more efficient than the previous models. The device also comes with a back-up rechargeable battery that guarantees the cleaning job will continue regardless of the loss of a battery. 

The robotic window washer is ideal for both framed and unframed window surfaces. The multi-faceted device can be used in bathrooms, tiled walls, showers and floors. The manufacturers provide the user with a supply of replaceable parts, in addition to the provision of a 1-year guarantee. 

The smart window washing features contain a variety of safety measures that guarantee the product won’t fall from the surface and injure someone close by. 

Furthermore, the Gladwell Gecko is offered at a reasonable price and is affordable by many of the users looking for window robot cleaners. 


  • The purchase includes a backup rechargeable battery
  • The product has a reasonable price that is affordable for many users
  • No apparent limitation

9. Cop Rose X5S Window Cleaning Robot

Cop Rose X5S Window Cleaner Robot Smart Robotic Window...
  • [New Water Spray Function] Water spray direct from down...
  • [Strong Suction] Powerful connect with cord, and stay on...

If you are looking for a product that can work on a variety of surfaces, then the Cop Rose X5P Window Cleaning Robot is what you need. The device is one of the rare machines that are controllable with the help of remote control, touch or mobile application. 

The machine does not come with a battery as the user must plug it with the help of a power cord. The machine is also simple to set-up and gets going; the only additional work for the user involves moving the product from one window to another. 

Users are impressed with the versatility of the X5P. The product can work on a variety of surfaces some of which are made of glass, wood, tiles and walls. Many cleaning robots including some mentioned in the list cannot cover this many surfaces. 

Professionals and businessmen thank the product for saving them thousands of dollars by completing jobs that would take several humans to do. 


  • Multi functional device
  • The product comes with a built-in back up battery
  • Wheels become faulty after single use
  • User manual does not explain how to use remote controls

With such wide range of models available, choosing the one that suits your needs the best can be an uphill task. While the list above makes deciding the best product for your consumption much easier, the following buyer’s guide further simplifies the process.

Window Cleaning Robots Buyer’s Guide

Now that you are aware of the best in the market, let’s take a look at the factors that you should consider before deciding to buy one for your home.

1. Type of Connectivity

A window cleaning robot uses two common methods to connect itself to the surface of a window. The first method is the suction and the second method is magnetic. The magnetic connectivity will need you to have access to the opposite side of the window. This means that if you have an area that is inaccessible from the other side, the window cleaner will not be of much use.

Suction cleaners are easier and much more convenient to use. The connectivity type however, is prone to failure.

2. Battery Life

Most of the window cleaning robots work only when they are connected to electricity, but such robots will also come with a battery that acts as a power backup.

This is because most suction type window cleaners use the model to develop suction that can defy gravity. If the power was disconnected immediately, the machine will have no way of staying on the window.

This is why many manufacturers include a battery that keeps the window cleaner safe on the window in case of a power failure. As a buyer you need to know how long the battery will keep the cleaner on the window if this were to happen. The longer the battery lasts the better it is for the user.

3. Controls

The next thing that you need to ensure is the controls of the product. A window cleaning robot should ideally clean the window without any input from your end. However, it is common to find spots on the window that need more passes to remove the stain completely. This is where you need a window cleaner that gives you the option of automatic cleaning so that you can make passes.

Most models come with a remote control that is very convenient in this case. Others have a smartphone app that makes the process even more convenient for the user.

4. Availability of Spare Parts

Just like the robot vacuum cleaner, the user will also have to replace some parts of the window cleaner. This is because as the product cleans, the cleaning surfaces are gradually exposed to wear and tear causing the need for replacement.

It is ideal for window cleaners to have replacement parts that are readily available in local stores. Before you look to buy a window cleaner don’t forget to ask about the replacement parts. If you feel that there will be a problem getting the replacement parts look for another model.

5. Window Design

Automatic window cleaners are not the same throughout. Some models work well in different settings than the others. Given the specifics, it is crucial to consider the window surface they are going to clean before making a decision.

Some window cleaners, for example, will fall off the surface of frameless windows, while others will work just fine on the same kind of window. Some window cleaners will not be able to clean the corners properly if you have rectangular or square windows.

Therefore, it is important to choose a window cleaner according to the surface of your window and its design.

6. Power Cord Length

The power cord that comes with your window cleaner determines the distance the cleaner can reach without the need for extension cables. Although most window cleaners come with long power cords, they are not sufficient when the outlet is far from the window.

Tall windows may also cause a problem for the power cords. This is why it is essential to ascertain the length of the power cord sufficient for your home or office.

7. Noise

Although most window cleaners are generally quiet, it does not mean that they all are like that. A window cleaner that makes a loud noise can easily become a distraction for the user especially in a workplace or around children.

If noise is a problem for you choose a model that is silent and has low noise levels. Ideally a machine that produces sound of around 60dB works fine in the office.

8. Cleaning Process

Each window cleaner uses a different process to clean your windows. Some window cleaners use cleaning pads to wipe off any dust or dirt, while others use brushes, cleaning liquids and squeezes to get the job done.

If your window is affected from different types of stains you are better served by using a cleaner that uses two or three cleaning steps. Simply dry cleaning is not sufficient in this case.

9. Speed of Cleaning

Although the models are automatic, they are not able to move from one window pane to another. The cleaning may be perfect but you need to be present on the spot to move the device from one pane to another.

A window cleaner that is quick in its operations will ensure that you are done with the chores faster so you can go back to doing other things. When going for speed, you should ensure that it is not at the expense of the cleaning performance.

10. Safety Options

Window cleaning robots are an expensive product; any damage to them will cost you a hefty sum. This is why when buying one look for a product that has a tether to ensure no damages occur if dislodged from the surface.

These are some of the factors that you need to be wary of when making the decision of buying yourself a window cleaning robot.

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