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Learn How to Use Acrylic Paint as Fabric Paint Right Now

Learn How to Use Acrylic Paint on Fabric Paint Right Now

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I recently found myself in a dilemma when I had to paint a couple of t-shirts as  gifts for my friends.

I usually paint with acrylic paints, and I had a lot of different colors stacked in my cupboard. But to paint on t-shirts, I had to buy brand new fabric paints and in huge numbers as well for a punctual job.

I was wondering that if in any way I would be able to re-use my acrylic paints for the job. The goal was to minimize the number of fabric paints I’d have to buy for the job.

Luckily, there’s a way to do it. And today, I am going to show you how.

Featured Image via Steve Johnson@steve_j

Can You Use Acrylic Paint on T-Shirts and Fabric?


The trick is simple. You’ll have to prepare a mix to use acrylic paint on fabric.

In the medium the key is a special fabric medium, you need the fabric medium, a solution by Martha Stewart, honestly, a solution that simply works.

To prepare the solution, mix 1-part fabric medium with 2-parts of the acrylic paint of the color you want.

And voila! You have the answer.

Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Fabric

Image via Antenna@antenna

The fabric medium mixes with the paint with ease. The solution may be a little thinner, but it doesn’t dilute the paint in any way.

Now, there are certain caveats of the trick that you have to keep in mind.

First, the solution will be of a thinner consistency than before. So, if the job is on a thin piece of cloth, then you’ll have to cautious about the surface you want to paint on. The color may seep through and get on the surface below it. Use some old newspapers for the purpose for an easy fix.

Obviously, wash the piece of cloth and dry it before painting. The solution doesn’t sit well with dirt and stains.

Now after the painting job is done, let it dry. You’ll have to put the t-shirt under the heating process to make the color permanent. One easy way is to use an iron for the job.

Once the paint is dry, put a stray piece of cloth on the painted section. Make sure that it’s clean and dry. Now iron over that piece of fabric. It’s necessary because otherwise, the paint may chip and get on the hot iron.

Another way to do it is to turn the t-shirt inside out and then iron it. But be cautious of what you are using as the ironing board. The paint may get on the surface if you are not careful enough.

When ironing, make sure that the iron is continuously moving and not stuck in one place. Also, if you want to avoid the hassle, you can also just put the fabric in the dryer for an hour. It should do the trick as well.

how to use acrylic on t shirts

Image via Alice Achterhof@alicegrace

Final Words

That’ll be all. The trick is laid out, and now it’s time for you to get crafty!

Remember that it’s 1:2 ratios. The paint will be thinner so be careful while painting and make sure it doesn’t seep through.

Also, be careful while ironing and drying up the cloth.

And with that, I hope this guide was helpful to you and happy painting!

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If you changed your mind about the medium and fabric or T-shirts are not what you`re looking for, here you can find the best paper for acrylics.

Happy painting!

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