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10 Best Paper For Acrylic Paint in 2023 [Artist & Beginner Grade]

Artist drawing with acrylic paint

How does the paper make a difference in any painting? Is there a specific type of paper you should be using for the best results with acrylic paint?

When it comes to acrylic artworks, the canvas is the go-to option. There are many options available in the market, each with varying features. Picking the right canvas is the first step in creating a masterpiece.

Without further ado, let’s get to the product reviews.

Best Paper for Acrylic Paint

Best Paper for Acrylic Paint 1

  1. Blick Premier Cotton Canvas

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 At the numero uno spot on our recommendations is the Blick Premier Cotton Canvas. It is available in three different depths – Traditional Profile (0.875”), Gallery Profile (1.5”), and Museum Profile (2.375”). Each canvas measures 12” x 12”, and is handmade with utmost care and craftsmanship to ensure that artists have seamless painting experience.


We extensively used each of the three varieties of Blick Premier Cotton Canvas to get a complete understanding of its win-win features. The sturdy, ergonomic canvas is one of the best out there in the market and comes at an affordable price.

We especially liked the luxuriously smooth surface with the right tooth. The optimal finish of this -canvas comes from the meticulous handmade procedure that combines best-in-industry craftsmanship with immense attention to detail.

If you use oil or acrylic paints, this is the best canvas for you. You will appreciate the artist-grade surface that genuinely makes your art stand out!

There are a couple of features of the Blick Premier Cotton Canvas that convinced us to keep it at the top of this list. Each canvas is back-stapled and gallery-wrapped with generous selvage and uncut corners, allowing you to re-stretch it in the future. The thoughtful inclusion of keys for tension adjustments is a big positive.

The canvas is hand-splined on the back with negligible staples and zero corner folds. It is ideal for hanging tight to the wall, so if you are an artist who prefers hanging your paintings on the wall unframed, this canvas will not disappoint.

  • Triple-primed with acid-free, professional-grade gesso
  • Handmade using cotton grown in India
  • Features straight edges and sharp corners
  • Ideal for use with oil and acrylic paints
  • Made from natural materials, storing it horizontally may cause it to shift or stretch over time
  1. Art Alternatives Stretched White Canvas

Art Alternatives stretched White Canvas Super Value Pack-11...
  • Economical super value pack
  • 4 oz. cotton canvas plus gesso priming equals a finished...

Taking the second spot on our list is the Art Alternatives Stretched White Canvas. It comes in a multi-pack consisting of seven unbleached 4 oz. cotton canvases. It is ideal for use with oil, acrylic, and alkyd paints. We have reviewed the 11 inches x 14 inches canvas that has a depth of 0.5 inches. 


First of all, we have to mention how affordable this canvas is. If you are a beginner and do not want to spend a lot in your initial painting ventures, this is a perfect choice. We especially liked the careful individual plastic packing of each of the seven canvases in this pack. 

The lightweight canvas almost mimics linen, and at a thickness of 0.5 inches, you get the option of displaying it with or without a frame. We like the gallery wrapping of the canvas that allows you to apply paint to the sides. The corners are a perfect square. 

We recommend that you do not use very heavy layers of paint on this canvas as it is not hand-stretched and may sag. If you find the canvas to be a little loose, you can spray the back and corners with water and let it dry to make it tight as a drum. 

  • Suitable for professionals as well as beginners
  • Multi-pack of seven canvases makes it highly affordable
  • Unbleached cotton gives the canvas a natural look
  • Each canvas is individually wrapped to prevent contamination until you need it
  • Not as tightly stretched as other hand-stretched canvases
  1. US Art Supply Stretched Canvas 4-Pack

U.S. Art Supply 18 x 24 inch Black Stretched Canvas 12-Ounce...
  • Pack of 4 - Professional Artist Quality: 3/4" thickness...
  • 100% Cotton Canvases: Pure cotton canvases with medium...

US Art Supply Stretched Canvas is available in two variants – Black 4-pack and White 6-pack. We have chosen the Black 4-pack and used it extensively to give you a comprehensive and accurate review. US Art Supply offers this canvas in various sizes. In the Black 4-pack, we have reviewed, each canvas measures 8 x 10 inches with ¾ inch depth. 


The US Art Supply Stretched Canvas pack is ideal for use with all kinds of oil and acrylic paints. We liked the hand-stretched canvas that is tight enough for multiple layers of paint. The 0.75-inch profile of these canvases coupled with staple-free edges allows for convenient frameless display on walls.

We liked the smooth finish of the canvas, thanks to three layers of environment-friendly, acid-free acrylic gesso. The triple primed canvas ensures that none of your acrylic paint is soaked up. You will appreciate the fact that these canvases are hand-stretched over stretcher bars obtained from environmentally managed forests.

The black finish of these canvases is well-suited for creating night-time landscapes or deep space scenes. Each canvas weighs about 12 oz after priming and is 100% cotton.

  • Black color makes it perfect for painting night-time sceneries
  • Multi-pack of four canvases provides optimal value for money
  • It is triple-primed with acid-free acrylic gesso
  • Each canvas is hand-stretched over kiln-dried stretcher bars
  • Canvases are not individually packed and may stick together at times
  1. Darice Cotton Stretched Canvas, Pack of 2

Darice, Mediu Cotton Stretched, Pack of 2 – 16” x 20”...
  • STRETCHED CANVAS – Every masterpiece begins on a blank...
  • VERSATILE – This medium-weight, wood frame canvas is...

Darice offers the Cotton Stretched Canvas in eleven different sizes and ten pack variants. We have selected the pack of two 18” x 24” canvases and reviewed it. Darice has been providing affordable art and craft supplies for over 60 years and is a renowned brand trusted by artists worldwide. 


We believe that a list of the best canvases for acrylic paints cannot be complete without the Darice Cotton Stretched Canvas. The brand is known for its art and craft supplies, and we were not disappointed. Each medium-weight, acid-free canvas is ideal for use with acrylic paints.

The canvas is double primed so you do not have to worry about high absorption and can start painting as soon as you unpack it. We liked the affordable price tag on this top-notch canvas pack, and we recommend it to artists operating on a tight budget.

The canvas has an ergonomic design and is back-stapled to allow you to paint on the sides as well. In case you find the canvas to be a bit loose for your liking, it comes with stretcher keys that can be used to tighten it.

  • Thoughtful inclusion of stretcher keys allows you to re-stretch the canvas
  • Canvas is available in a wide array of sizes, making it suitable for all kinds of paintings
  • Double primed canvas provides a smooth surface with reduced absorbency
  • Packaging can be improved to protect the canvases better
  1. Masterpiece Artist Canvas 43018 Monet PRO

Masterpiece Artist Canvas 43018 Monet PRO 1-1/2" Deep, 8" x...
  • This 8 x 10" size is in the 5:4 Aspect Ratio.
  • Canvas Depth: 1-1/2", Canvas relief: 1/2" (Space between...

Masterpiece Artist Canvas from the Monet Pro Line is available in various size options and styles. We have reviewed the 8” x 10” Cotton 10.5 oz. – 3X – Carmel Portrait Smooth variant. It is made from 100% cotton and has a depth of 1.5 inches. 


We loved the Masterpiece Carmel Portrait Smooth Canvas. It is based on 100% cotton, medium weight canvas and is sized and double primed with archival quality, acid-free acrylic gesso. You will not have to worry about the paint being absorbed too quickly by the canvas surface.

You will appreciate the versatile use of this canvas – it goes with oils, acrylics, and alkyds. A significant reason for including this canvas in our list was the additional procedure undertaken to make the canvas texture incredibly smooth.

In addition to the usual features that are common in most high-quality canvases, what sets this specific canvas apart is its “Canvas Relief” feature. There is ½ inch space between the stretcher bar and the canvas surface to prevent the possibility of pressing the fabric and touching the bar underneath.

You get the option to re-stretch the canvas, if needed, with the help of pre-installed corner and brace keys.

  • Stretcher bar of this canvas is made from sustainably obtained wood
  • Double primed with archival quality, acid-free acrylic gesso
  • Stretched up to 50% tighter than other canvases
  • Comes with pre-installed corner keys and brace keys
  • It is relatively expensive, especially for beginners
  1. Arteza Stretched White Blank Canvas

Arteza Paint Canvases for Painting, Pack of 6, 16 x 20...
  • Cotton Painting Canvas Ideal for Many Types of Media: Your...
  • Sturdily Constructed Canvas in Bulk: These 16x20 canvases...

From the house of Arteza, we bring to you the 11” x 14” Stretched White 100% Cotton Canvas. It can be used by all types of artists – beginners, hobbyists, and professionals – and is ideal for use with oil, acrylic, water, tempera, and gouache paints. It comes in a super value pack of eight canvases, each having a 5/8” profile. 


There are a few features of this canvas pack from Arteza that are worth highlighting. First of all, each canvas has a highly sturdy construction with the fabric being stretched over and stapled onto pinewood stretcher bars.

Secondly, each canvas comes coated with 8 oz of acrylic, acid-free titanium gesso primer. You can start painting your favorite art as soon as you unpack this canvas. We especially liked the thoughtful individual packaging of each canvas in this set. We recommend this canvas pack from Arteza for gifting purposes, owing to its win-win features.

The Arteza Stretched White Canvas comes in a wide array of dimensions, making it convenient for anybody to find the perfect size they need. You will appreciate the 100% money-back guarantee that Arteza offers with this canvas set, which goes to show how much the company values customer satisfaction.

  • Each canvas is primed with acid-free, acrylic titanium gesso
  • Each canvas is individually wrapped to ensure safe storage
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, providing consumer satisfaction
  • Highly affordable; thanks to the super value pack containing eight canvases
  • Having only one coat of acrylic gesso primer, this canvas can be improved by adding another layer
  1. CONDA Artist Stretched Canvas

CONDA 5x7 inch Stretched Canvas for Painting, 6 Pack of...
  • 100% PURE COTTON CANVAS: Cotton Makes the Ideal Art Surface....
  • PINEWOOD STRETCHED BARS: These stretched canvases are...

CONDA offers the Artist Stretched Canvas in three size variants. We used the 5” x 7” canvas pack that includes six pieces. It is made from 100% unbleached cotton and is acid and oil free. It is ideal for oil as well as acrylic painting. 


We had an enriching experience using the CONDA Artist Stretched Canvas pack. Each canvas is triple-primed with acrylic gesso to ensure that the color holds on the surface and there is no chance of the paint seeping through to the back of the fabric.

We especially liked the traditional handmade design of the canvas, which is tacked and has wooden wedges to adjust tension. A significant positive of the pack is that each canvas is packed individually so you can safely store canvases not being immediately used.

You will want to buy the CONDA Canvas pack as it offers top-notch quality at an affordable price. The wooden frame of each canvas is made from pure fir wood with the utmost care and craftsmanship to guarantee a sturdy and stretched canvas.

We recommend this canvas pack to anybody who is just starting on their artistic journey, only because of how inexpensive it is.

  • Pack of 10 canvases, making it reasonable for beginners
  • FSC certified
  • Each canvas is made from 100% unbleached cotton and is acid-free
  • Includes wooden wedges that allow you to adjust the tension if needed
  • The texture on the canvas fabric is a bit rough, and some professionals may not like it
  1. The Edge All Media Cotton Canvas

Edge All Media Cotton Deluxe Stretched Canvas - Gallery...
  • FEATURES: 14oz primed weight, 8oz. raw weight before...
  • PERFECT FOR: Painting, oils, alkyds, acrylics, painted edge...

The Edge All Media Cotton Canvas is available in dozens of sizes and two depth variants – 1.5” and 2.5”. We have reviewed the pack of three 24 inches x 36 inches, 1.5 inch deep canvases. Each canvas is perfect for alkyds, oils, acrylics, frameless artwork presentation, and mixed media works. 


This list would be incomplete without the Edge All Media Cotton Canvas offered by Creative Mark. We especially liked the “tuck-n-roll” style of its construction, that leaves the edges staple-free and clean for painting and frameless display. 

A particular highlight of this canvas is the unique primer developed and used by Creative Mark that is significantly better than other primers and allows your paintings to preserve their vibrant colors with maximum adhesion. 

You will be pleased to know that each of the three canvases in this pack is hand-stretched by skilled craftsmen to ensure that the fabric is not loose. The material is stapled in each corner at the back. The raw canvas weighs 8 oz., and the primed canvas weighs about 14 oz. 

We also liked the durable construction of the wooden stretcher bars in this canvas. If you take our word for it, buying this canvas is a no-brainer. 

  • Better than average durability and texture
  • Top-notch triple priming of this canvas ensures optimum results with oil and acrylic paints
  • It is back splined, stretched and stapled at each corner for a tight and sturdy finish
  • Ideal for painting on the edges and displaying without a frame
  • It is not one of the most pocket-friendly options
  1. Masterpiece Elite Portrait Smooth Linen Canvas

Masterpiece Artist Canvas 35409 Elite 1-1/2" Deep, 12" x...
  • State-of-the-art construction from kiln dried solid wood
  • Patented keyable bracing system

The Masterpiece Elite Portrait Smooth Linen Canvas is not for everybody. If you are a beginner or a hobbyist, spending close to 80 bucks for a single canvas is not going to be possible. All that being said, it is undoubtedly an excellent canvas for professionals. 


This is the ultimate canvas for you if you are interested in portraiture, thanks to its ultra-smooth surface. The canvas is conservator-approved for archival quality and allows for seamless use of oil and acrylic paints with a brush.

We especially liked the Belgian linen fabric used in the canvas. It is primed by hand with your choice of acrylic or oil primer and hand-stretched for a flawless tight finish. We appreciate the modest depth of this canvas at 1.5 inches.

You will find the solid wood stretcher bars to be one of the sturdiest in the market. The stretcher bars and cross-braces are made from a renewable environment-friendly source.

If you choose the acrylic primer, your canvas comes with two size coatings and four gesso primer coatings, with a final weight of 14.4 oz per square inch.

  • Features a meticulous and best-in-industry construction
  • Has perfectly square corners
  • Artist-grade professional canvas, designed for optimum performance
  • Belgian linen surface is neither too tight nor too loose
  • It is not a reasonable option and is better suited for art professionals and experts
  1. Daveliou Stretched Canvas

Daveliou 12”x12” Stretched Canvas for Painting, Triple...
  • Premium Stretched Canvas — Create unique art with Daveliou...
  • Durable Non Toxic Materials — The individually wrapped...

The Daveliou Stretched Canvas is available in a pack of five pieces in three sizes – 8 x 10 inches, 11 x 14 inches, and 16 x 20 inches. It is made from 100% pure three-ply/280-gsm cotton. It has a 5/8” profile and is suitable for use with oil and acrylic paints. 


At the final spot on our list of recommendations is the Daveliou Stretched Canvas. We extensively used the 11 inches x 14 inches canvas pack and were convinced to include it in our list. The canvas features staple-free edges and a perfectly firm surface. 

We especially liked the top-notch build of this canvas. It is made from pure cotton, which is meticulously stretched and wrapped on a kiln-dried, beveled stretcher bar frame. You will not face any problems with this canvas regarding its tightness. 

A significant highlight of this canvas from Florida-based Daveliou is the use of their proprietary gesso primer, which adds just the perfect absorption and tooth to the canvas surface. 

You will be pleased to know that this canvas comes with a one-year money-back guarantee, making it a definite customer favorite. 

  • Relatively reasonable, especially being a five canvas pack
  • Each canvas in the package is individually wrapped
  • Ideal for all types of media
  • It comes with a one-year money-back guarantee
  • Some discrepancies have been reported about products having loose corners 

Paper For Acrylic Paint Buyers’ Guide

Paper For Acrylic Paint Buyers’ Guide

We have shortlisted ten of the best canvases from the hundreds available in the market. When it comes to picking one of these ten products that will perfectly meet your requirements, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Primed for Perfection?

When it comes to canvases, it is not rocket science to add a coat of primer. Most of the products we shortlisted come with two or three coatings of acrylic gesso primer, which ought to be sufficient in most cases. To be on the safer side, you should consider applying an additional coat of primer before you paint.

A perfectly primed canvas prevents absorption of paint and allows you to create your art without unnecessary hassles.

  1. Opt for Bulk Buying

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it makes sense to buy your canvases in bulk. Having a decent stock of painting materials and canvases proves to be cost-effective in the long run.

Like everything, there is a learning curve when it comes to using canvases. Bulk buying ensures you get used to painting on a specific surface. When buying in bulk, we advise you to go for individually packed canvases to avoid damage and wastage over time.

  1. Absorption and Tooth

Absorption and Tooth are the bread and butter of canvases. Gesso primer coatings help to build up the tooth on the surface of a canvas, which makes it smoother and provides a good texture.

Another essential factor to consider is the absorption. You do not want to buy a canvas that soaks up your paint as soon as you apply it, as that can make detailed art nearly impossible to create.

Best Paper For Acrylic Paint Final Thoughts

Best Paper For Acrylic Paint Final Thoughts

Each of the ten products we reviewed has been selected primarily because of its ease of use and versatility. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished artist, you will find each of these ten products to be viable options.

We hope you found the ideal canvas for your painting projects with the help of our buyers’ guide.

Till next time, happy painting!

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